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They closeted him
where he likes to keep his guns.
And they chose poorly.

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    • Only wish he had better shot placement and more crims to hit.. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

      • Beats the hell out of them all getting away and burning the house down to cover their tracks, with the homeowner still inside.

        • And had he offed the dude he did hit, the others would stand a better chance of getting away with it.

  1. I can see it in my mind’s eye. The homeowner says, “Please, Br’er Burglar, please don’t lock me in that closet.”

    If you don’t understand the reference, you never saw “Song of the South.”

    • And you probably can’t, now. Disney never did a home video release, and I bet they never release it again.

    • Because of P C
      Brier Rabbit can not be seen
      Except in Ralph’s dream

      All respect Ralph.

      • Woobs! Corrected re write

        In spite of P C
        Brier Rabbit can still be seen
        But not in Wide Screen

        • Not PC, but IMO the finest animation movie Disney ever made. Great mix of live action and animation. So good that the NAACP dissed the movie while praising its artistic merit.

          Most of the criticism was focused on the so-called romanticizing of slavery. The people who initially criticized the film didn’t understand that the period being portrayed was the Reconstruction.

          Zippity-Doo-Dah indeed.

        • “Zippity-Doo-Dah” is a song that has to be one of the most genuine celebrations of life I have had the pleasure of hearing. I feel sorry, well not a real lot, for people who cannot see the beauty of the love of life contained in it’s performance.

    • Yeah, a guy got busted for using his bodyguards gun and is facing 3 years for defending himself.

  2. Reminds me of the carjacking victim in Florida many years ago. Bad guys stuffed him in the trunk of his own car and drove him to a secluded spot. What were their plans in that secluded spot? No way to know.

    Guy that was jacked was on his way to the range and his guns were in the trunk. Bad guys popped the trunk and victim popped them. Good ending.

  3. Why do these stories almost always come from Texas, usually somewhere near Houston? I mean, I’m glad law-abiding people are defending themselves, but what the heck is going on over there that so *many* of them have to do it?

    I realize Houston isn’t all of Texas, but maybe you all should rethink that move-to-Texas-for-2A-freedom meme. There are all sorts of places in the West where you’ll have just as much firearms freedom, likely more…and you’re also a lot less likely to be forced to use your firearms to shoot somebody.

    On that note, I guess it’s time to start carrying consistently at home; if I’m ever unlucky enough to suffer a home invasion, I’d rather be able to shoot the invader *before* somebody gets forced into a closet. Also, I’m curious as to what the young man used to ventilate the robber. Was it a closet full of guns, or a single just-in-case pistol? From the nonlethal wounds, I’m guessing a pistol.

    • Ing, I home carry always. We’ve had a series of home invasions in the area. Just yesterday we had another, violent invasion.

      Let’s repeat the gospel “Where do 100% of home invasions occur?”

      • So far, they all occur at other people’s houses. 🙂

        This reminds me of something I was thinking about the other day — what makes the difference between someone who owns/carries guns and someone who may not be anti-gun but (like almost everyone I know) chooses not to own any.

        There are two very different and equally valid ways to look at the same thing. The odds of an armed home invasion ever happening to any given person are actually incredibly small (where I live, probably far smaller than the norm). Going by the odds, I probably wouldn’t need to worry about home carry in three lifetimes.

        Yet there’s also the question of what’s at stake in that game of chance — my life and the lives and welfare of my whole family.

        Choosing not have a gun accessible would be perfectly reasonable given the long odds against my ever needing it. Choosing to have a gun within reach would also be perfectly reasonable, considering that it’s always possible to lose a gamble on even the most favorable odds, and that in this case losing means death (or at least terrible trauma).

        I’d guess almost everyone here (me included) is looking at the high stakes of the game as being more important than the long odds against ever having to play.

        • Great line of thought, Ing. I choose to have the gun available for that one in a million probability. It’s too late to think of buying a gun at 1 am when you hear the sound of breaking glass.

          Most of us, myself included, do not live alone and our decision to not own a gun can be disastrous for the innocents that we have responsibility to protect.

          For whatever reason the Petit family decided they did not need a gun. And now there’s only 1 guilt ridden survivor left from that decision. And if he’s not guilt ridden, he should be.

    • I think that this happens all over. There are far more DGU than are reported. In one of the news stories, one of the neighbors said: “Gaddis hopes they got the message and don’t try to come back. “I say to that guy, ‘Tell your friends what happened to you,’” Gaddis said. “He’s got a wound in his neck that’s gotta hurt—I guess every time he looks left or right. He needs to remember what he did and what the consequences were.””

      I just think that in Houston they celebrate it a little more.

    • “Why do these stories almost always come from Texas, usually somewhere near Houston?”

      Answered with another haiku …

      Two things together:
      People who have their gun rights
      In a big city

  4. As the neighbor was extolling the virtues of guns it appears he was censored. Can’t have too much gun saved the day stuff. It is a shame that 2 model citizens got away, Randy

  5. Uhhh, hey Elmer, what’d ya do with the homeowner?
    Oh, I stuck him in a closet so he wouldn’t bother us none.
    Uhhh, what was in the closet?
    Ah dunno, looked like maybe some toy guns or whatnot.
    Uhhh, WTF??? BANG!! BANG!! OUCH!!!!!

  6. Can’t believe that male newscaster is still on! I remember watching him in the late 70s/early 80s.

    Good guy homeowner.

  7. I smiled when the newscaster said “that’s where he stores his guns.”


  8. It always gets me when the statist media, on the rare occasion that they bother reporting defensive gun uses at all, always mention in a tone of incredulity that the victim “will not face charges.”

  9. As a Sugar Land (just outside Houston) homeowner, this story is all too familiar. Home invasions and carjackings are frequent news items here. Not the wild, wild west, but we don’t play here. You’re taking your chances as a bad guy here. Many stories end “granny pulls gun, shoots bad guy.” My front window proudly displays a sign that says “I don’t call 911” with the muzzle end of .38 special shown. I also warn tresspassers that they are not welcome. If you tread where you don’t belong, you will pay the price of an unwelcomed visit.

  10. I have a question to the gun owners here:
    What would happen if a nice german tourist, who got lost, trespasses you´re property? Would you shoot him or would you warn him and if he can explain why he is there would you show him the way?
    P.S.: In the news here america seem very dangerous if you´re a tourist and get lost.

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