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You’re a seventeen-year-old girl. OK, statistically, you’re probably not. Not here reading this, anyway. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say you are. You’re home alone on a weekday and someone rings the doorbell. For whatever reason, you don’t feel like answering. Probably because you’re a seventeen-year-old girl. But then you see someone hop the fence in your back yard. . .

What do you do? According to, you grab something with which to defend yourself. Because seeing someone, like, try to, you know, get into your house through the dog door can be, like, kinda creepy.

She then saw a younger man reach through the home’s doggie door and attempt to unlock the latch, (Glendale police Sgt. Brent) Coombs said.

The 17-year-old armed herself and fired a shot at the doggie door, Coombs said. The suspect fled, although it’s unknown if he was injured, Coombs said.

We’ve said it before, residential neighborhoods on a weekday can be prime targets. It’s good that her parents gave her access to a gun and the knowledge to use it. The quick-thinking, unidentified girl wasn’t sure whether she’d hit the unsuccessful home invader or not and gave the cops a description. While they haven’t found anyone yet, police may want to concentrate their search on suspects running at high speed with noticeably stained boxer shorts.

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  1. Excellent work on her parents and the part of the young lady.Living in Chicago as a 17 year old young man I was taught to “give em what they want,your life isn’t worth the home”.Thank God that’s a memory and not my current circumstances.

    Let the Sunday Morning quaterbacking and the debate on warning shots commence in 5…..4……3……2……..1……….

    • What warning shot? She fired a shot at the intruder, who was trying to come in through the doggie door and it’s unclear whether she hit him or not. I saw no mention of any warning shot.

  2. Our doggie door is for “extra large” dogs. The door is big enough for a grown man to crawl through.

    I’ve often wondered if a would be thief would have sense enough to think about what might be encountered on the other side of a doggy door big enough for him to crawl through.

    As you can guess, we don’t worry about some fool trying to get into the house through our doggie door.

    Anyway, kudos to the girl not taking a chance. No telling what would have happened had she hesitated.

  3. She should’ve just called the police and waited for them to arrive with the ambulance and rape counseling team she no doubt would have needed…if she was still alive when they got there thirty minutes later.

    Right, antis?

    • +1, she should have just given him whatever he wanted. Hmm, young man, 17 yo girl, yep, whatever he wanted.

  4. The first thing that popped into my mind was the scene from Ferris Bueller where the principle faces his sister in the kitchen. Right after the dog in the back yard.

  5. Lots of folks (including, in the past, many WWI soldiers) really can’t bring themselves to shoot a person, so their first shot ends up being a defacto warning shot, though they won’t admit it afterwards. It worked out fine. No?

  6. As a seventeen-year-old girl-child at home alone…I think she did the right thing. I have to join the other commentators who asked: how she could have missed and where was the dog? I’d guess in Arizona, if this matter came to a trial, she would not be convicted – if I was on that Jury I would not vote to convict.

  7. They make doggie doors that only open to a sensor you mount on your pet’s collar. It’s mainly to prevent ‘coons and coyotes from paying a visit and certainly wouldn’t hold against a determined person, but would almost certainly force the intruder into forcibly breaking in, which might make all the difference in both giving you more of an advanced warning as well as help your legal defense if you had a dgu.

  8. I just read the original news website Dan liked to in the article.

    Oddly enough the assailant was not described as “a youth” but as a “black man”, followed by as full physical description as the would-be victim was able to provide.

    Wow! I’m impressed Cultural Marxism is not fully enforced in Arizona yet. Glad to see some “diversity” on news reporting. 🙂

  9. Oddest thing. Since I got this new baseball bat, every problem looks like a baseball… Even a burglar crawling through a doggie door.

  10. I have taught conceal carry to an 18 year old young lady. (She has to wait until she is 21 here in Colorado before she can get her permit.) She now practices home-carry. She is an excellent shot also.

  11. this is precisely why I want my now 6 yr old to learn to shoot. As she gets older and liberated from a babysitter, she should be able to defend herself. Hell, when is 10 and still subject to a babysitter, I hope she has the presence of mind to go grab something, rack the slide and put a mag into the intruder. at least that is what I will teach her. . . . . waiting for the antis to rant.

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