Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Be Prepared for Anything Edition

A Lavergne, Tennessee store owner is lucky to be alive after having a near-death encounter with a man armed with a box cutter. The owner of Discount Tobacco and Beer was outside behind his store talking with a friend when a man identified as Jamie Sellars approached them. Sellars then asked if they were still open . . .

The store owner told Sellars they were closed before he was attacked a box cutter, slicing his neck.

The owner of the store, who has a carry permit, shot Sellars.

Sellars fled the scene, but was later found dead a short distance away. The owner was treated at the scene for his injuries, but say that one of his main arteries was just missed by the box cutter.

Sellars is said to have had a criminal history. The store owner is not expected to face any charges.


  1. avatar JWM says:

    brought a box cutter to a gun fight. Good shoot.

  2. avatar GaPharmD says:

    And just to think another victim of gun violence dies due to a small penis, gun wielding psycho who didn’t know how to de-escalate a disappointed customer. If only he had given the man some booze and cigs everyone would be okay with a few small cuts and america would be SO much better…for the children….becuz..

    1. avatar dph says:

      Except they may still kill you even after you give them what they want.

  3. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Box cutter? That’s so ten years sgo.

    These days, bad guys are expected to use nail clippers and toothpaste.

    1. avatar JWM says:

      Fine print on toothpaste tubes says not to ingest that stuff. Weaponized toothpaste ain’t no joke.

  4. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    “Now authorities have confirmed the store owner has a permit to carry a gun” Ok that’s great. However NO permit is required to defend yourself.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Nor is a permit required while on private property.

  5. avatar Darkstar says:

    This is the second time in 6 months that place has been hit. Was watching this on the local Nashville news the other day, the news anchor kept stating that no charges would be filed on the store owner like she somehow couldn’t believe it.

  6. avatar James69 says:

    Glad to see the store owner is going to be ok. The bad guy finely got what he had coming prob for a long time.

  7. avatar Phil LA says:

    Another one bites the dust.

    1. avatar Patrick Wider says:

      More accurately – brought down to ambient temperature.

  8. avatar dan says:

    as the ‘economic recovery’ intensifies…more of these type of ‘wealth redistribution tactics will increase……imho

  9. avatar Cogitans says:

    Hopefully the report that the store owner is packing will decrease the number of thugs trying to rob the place.

  10. avatar Biff Baxter says:

    Feel-Good story of the day.

  11. avatar Evan says:

    He died from an “alleged” gunshot wound? How can there be an “alleged” gunshot wound? Chunks of lead and copper dont normally attain 1000 Fps and lodge themselves into thieves on their own.

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