Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Armed Granny Edition

A 65 year old small business owner in Garden Grove California decided five armed robbers weren’t going to make her a victim. Those five guys apparently put their collective brain cells together and thought it would be an early Christmas for them. They entered her business, Continental Jewelry, with pillow cases to fill up their quota. But our heat-packin granny had a better idea . . .

Facing five armed men, she got off two shots in their direction, making her point to the would-be Dillingers that they weren’t getting out without a fight. Apparently they were so scared, they were fighting with each other to get back out the front door. The getaway driver didn’t even wait for three of them to mount up before speeding off in their SUV.

No one was injured or hurt in this incident and the store employees were calm through the whole ordeal. But here is the real kicker: the local police felt a bit taken aback by citizens actually defending themselves. In a rule four reminder issued to business owners, Lt. Jeff Nightengale said, “Just like a police officer, when you fire that weapon and those rounds go down range, you have to be accountable for where those rounds end up.” Thanks, Lt. Jeff!

At the other end of the reaction spectrum was local Sheriff’s department rep, Jim Amormino: “They certainly have a right to defend themselves.” Refreshing, especially for California. So we need to congratulate our small business owner who despite being out numbered and outgunned stood up and defended herself and her employees.


  1. avatar jwm says:

    brave lady. get’s lectured for defending herself. no surprise there. notice how at the first hint of payback the bad guys unassed the place. they want helpless victims, no surprise there. the surprising part is the politicians and msm working over time to provide them with helpless victims.

  2. avatar Kelly in GA says:

    After all the discussion of boycotting Cinemark and the Chik-Fil-A ruckus, I’m thinking that we should make it a point to become patrons of stores where this happens. Just as a show of solidarity to the owner. Even if it’s just a watch battery, give this lady some extra business as a thank you for a job well done for our cause.

    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:


    2. avatar Texicans says:

      +101, i bought ice cream at chick-fil-a just for that reason.

      1. avatar Dex says:

        +100 (boy you’re counting 😀

        I support same-sex rights and marriage (in that the government should get the f–k out of marriage), though find the actions by a few individual protesters and the far left PC machine to be appalling. I bought some ice cream to support a fellow private business and its owners’ rights to freedom of speech and expression.

      2. avatar Austin says:

        I agree with Chick-Fil-A guy’s right to say what he said. Just disagree with what he said. That is why I won’t ever buy any ice cream from him.

  3. avatar IdahoPete says:

    “Police caution that downrange, there is often an innocent bystander.”

    Help me out, here – can anyone cite one verified instance of a store owner defending themselves who hit an innocent bystander? Seems to me that the innocent bystanders are in much more danger from the criminals than the honest people defending themselves. And wouldn’t this 65-yr old store owner be considered an “innocent bystander” when the 5 [count ’em, 5!] punks decided she was an easy target? Col. Cooper used to call this “a severe failure of the victim selection process”.

    Way to go, lady.

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    That video was hilarious. When they stacked up against the door in their rush to get out, it looked like a Three Stooges or Keystone Kops routine.

    1. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

      Agreed, that was a funny moment.

  5. avatar SCS says:

    When Lt. Jeff made his statement my response was “STFU Lt. Douchebag” and clicked stop. Good for the store owner. It would have been better if they hauled a couple of those “men” off in body bags.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    idahopete makes a good point. i wonder how many innocents have been run down by bg’s making a tire squalling escape from a crime scene over the years as opposed to innocents being hit by stray bullets by citizens defending themselves. i;m willing to bet the vehicles have a huge lead in damage caused.

  7. avatar Jason says:

    That’s only slightly more funny than the shot of her chasing them down. Serious fighting spirit on that granny. Makes me laugh with delight. Never mind waiting for the Punisher or Batman, if half the senior citizens in America had guns and that much gumption, the streets would be clean in no time.

  8. avatar Accur81 says:

    Well done! I’m curious how the criminals tell these stories to their friends later.

    1. avatar Will says:

      Not wanting their buds to know they filled their shorts because of one elderly lady, they’ll say… “Honestly, We go in and all of a sudden it was a whole platoon of po po shootin’ at us, we lucky wese esacape wit our lifes dere wasso many.”

  9. avatar Mike G says:

    How many innocent people are injured when the cops engage in high speed chases?

  10. avatar Snachnim says:

    I was so happy that everyone was ok. I could stop laughing as they were trying to get away! I know you shouldn’t laugh but their girl friends must now think what a bunch of wimps! Or they are thinking how dare they try and rob a sweet innocent old lady!
    Way to go grandma!!!!

  11. avatar Joseph says:

    Notice how civilian shoots gun, bad guys run? I bet the pu##y in Colorado would have done the same thing.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Dollar signs would have worked better.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    No wonder the politically correct Cali po-po are upset. Five perfectly good Democrat voters just got chased through that door. Granny’s lucky that she wasn’t taken out of her store in handcuffs.

    1. avatar BuddhaKat says:

      That wouldn’t stop them from voting. What’ll stop them from voting is the fact that they can’t read the ballot. Fortunately, the dem’s will have someone vote in their name.

  13. avatar CarlosT says:

    I’ve had arguments with people before where they’ve held the position that while people have a right to self defense, they don’t necessarily have a right to handguns, because handguns are not synonymous with self defense.

    This is exactly the kind of incident that proves my counterargument. What other self defense implement could someone always have at ready, that would allow a 65 year old woman to fend off five armed men, without injury to herself?

    1. avatar Will says:

      They didn’t say exactly what they were armed with. I presume they were packing guns and I guess she was supposed to bring a knife to the gun fight (and lose so they can reiterate the spiel of playing the non-hero victim and not fighting back.)

      1. avatar jwm says:

        will, according to the news man they were armed with pistols. watching the video i saw what looked like a glock in one thug’s hand, couldn’t tell with the rest.

  14. avatar MotoJB says:

    Dang…a better ending would have been 5 well placed kill shots. Scumbags. Way to go Granny.

    1. avatar BuddhaKat says:

      Actually, there was another jewelry store heist the next day and that owner happened to put one in the brain pan of one of the guys. The cops thought the two guys that pulled off this heist might have been part of the group that tried to jack the old lady. I sent that info to Robert but it hasn’t been posted in the DGUTD section yet.

  15. avatar Aharon says:

    Watching the video it mentioned that the same thugs might have tried robbing a Vietnamese owned jewelry store the next day with the result that one of the attempted robbers got shot in the face by the store owner. These incidents with citizens standing up to criminals are heartening. Only WE the people can make our streets safer. Power to the Armed American Citizen.

  16. avatar Aharon says:


    If the 65 year old lady store owner and the 71 gentleman shooter, who defended the Florida Internet cafe from the thugs are both single, we should set them up.

  17. avatar Bob Williams says:

    Thank God granny had a gun. You can never tell what those savages would’ve done if she was unarmed. Just don’t let Jessy/Al/Obuttma (or the great spirit of St. Trayvon) hear about this… a white woman with a gun for SELF DEFENSE.

  18. avatar PK says:

    Hasn’t it been settled via the courts that if someone is attacked and uses deadly force to defend themselves the attackers are liable in the event of bystanders being harmed?

  19. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    way to go grandma…..LMAO on the door scene…. cop….STFU where were you to serve and protect…oh ya I forgot you were off duty… it wasn’t your problem…..

  20. avatar BuddhaKat says:

    was it just me or did it seem like the cop stated the official California lib line but his body language said he thought it was cool as hell?

  21. avatar bontai Joe says:

    No one mentioned that these knuckleheads also illegally parked in a handicapped parking spot, unless you can count being low-life mutant robbers a handicap. Just saying that total disregard for the law appears to be TOTAL disregard.

  22. avatar Propeller Beanie (Cap) says:

    Hey Jessie!

    This is an outrage! 5 inner city Yutes thwarted, Stymied (‘member him) held back from their “own initiative at betterin themselves” by a elderly female *offay* who thought she had the *right* to posses and use a firearm for self defense of the Biznezz that she built up from these aspiring young men who thought that they would help her by “liberating some of those evil gotten gains” that she had gathered…. what would you do in her situation?

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