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Twylia Smock of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a 92-year-old and legally blind woman. Still, using the great equalizer, she was able to successfully defend herself and her home where she’s lived for over 60 years. Smock’s neighborhood has been targeted recently after many of the homes were damaged by storms. She had just locked her back door one evening last week when she heard burglars attempting to break in . . .

“All of a sudden, someone is kicking and beating on my back door, trying to get in,” Smock said

She immediately retrieved her gun and let ’em know what they were dealing with

“I got up close to the door and said, ‘Come on in, boys! The police won’t take you away, the morgue will. I’ll take care of you,’” Smock told them.

She says that’s when the would-be thieves took off into the night.

“Someone has got to take them out, I hope it’s not me, but I will,” she said.

Smock is now in the market for more firepower and went shopping for a shotgun on Thursday given that five neighbors and a local church have been burglarized as well. Police say they’re working to catch those who are terrorizing the neighborhood, but in the meantime, people like Ms. Smock are their own first responders.

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  1. I only hope that should I ever find myself in such a situation, I could think to say something as cool as that.

      • +1

        I’d happily send her boxes of shells in whatever gauge or format, and be glad for the chance.


          • Seriously, I’m up for anything we can send that will help this lady and send a message. That sounds good. Easier to get hold of and deploy.

  2. Another DGU for Shannon to deny.

    Spell this out loud and clear for the anti’s; those who think guns have no place in society:
    disarm the public, and you disarm Grandma.
    Would anyone have liked to see that woman’s face bandaged and hospitalized on the news when the criminals made it in? They weren’t coming over to make her tea. They would’ve beaten her within an inch of her life. Do you think they would have left her in the shape to get up and call 911? Hell No!

    Excellent job, Ma’am.

    • Funny how the other side had commercials about our side wanting to throw Grandma over a cliff last election….

  3. Now who was that fool who was bitching about “legally blind” and physically unfit folks being allowed to carry guns? oh yeah, it was Mike the [Phony] Gun Guy….

    • Haha. First person I thought I’d as well.
      And I’ll even go so far to bet she hasn’t had any “training” either.
      She totally reminds me of my mom.

  4. So much for the gun grabbers who tell us that blind people should never own a firearm much less use one. This nice lady did just fine.

    I am thinking we should create an account at a funding website for this nice lady. Given her tender age, I am thinking that a 28 gauge shotgun would probably be even better than a 20 gauge shotgun. (A 28 gauge shotgun would create less recoil than a 20 gauge shotgun and yet retain plenty of stopping power for her application). The trouble is that 28 gauge shotguns and shells are pretty expensive — hence my idea for a fund drive.

  5. And this folks is the beauty of American. Had this wonderful ole lady been across the pound she would have been defenseless. Prime example of our second amendments utmost importance.

    • Across the pond covers a bit o’ territory, actually; in the Czech Republic, f’rinstance, she could’ve fed ’em 50 rounds in 3.75 seconds from a fully- automatic P90…

    • Yeah, aside from being legally blind, I’ll go out on a limb and guess that her physical co-ordination ain’t what it used to be. I seriously doubt she could pass a PD physical test. But then, I don’t think Mikey could either.

  6. Wasn’t it Jimmy Kimmel who did a condescending “comedy” bit where he took blind people to the gun range to humiliate them? Yes, it was.

    Hey, Jimmy — FOAD.

    • Yes … see my comment above along with the suggestion that the nice lady acquire a 28 gauge shotgun to minimize recoil while still maintaining the simplicity and most of the fantastic stopping power of a shotgun.

      Note: a .28 gauge shotgun barrel is supposed to be .55 caliber. I don’t imagine too many people are going to be moving after taking a .55 caliber slug at close range.

  7. Another grandma on my Hall of Fame list.

    The first, BTW, was a very restrained lady ambushed in her wheelchair in a park by three “joggers”, who gave them everything they asked for until they got physical — then she gave them ammo at muzzle velocity from the silver revolver in her wheelchair pocket.

  8. <sarc>
    See? Noone needs a gun; they just have to speak their bravado convincingly.

    Greatest Generation, y’know; thanks for showin’ ’em who’s boss, ma’am.

  9. This story of what the 92 year old did to protect herself is evidence of how the gun is the ultimate equalizer. What do you got to say now moms demand action?!

  10. This one hits CLOSE TO HOME….. My better half is also legally blind (20/200 corrected). That does not prevent her from the ability to put five in B27 at seven yards at the range with her little Colt. She also knows the drill for home burglary. I don’t know if she could top this “granny” for a punchline, though.

    • Except for the morons who don’t recognize sarcasm unless it’s pointed out to them.

  11. Burglar got a lesson from a Grandma
    Trying to break in the lady’s house
    Shannon Watts is chokin’ on her sandal
    Mention this, she’s quiet as a mouse

    Michael Bloomberg says no guns for Grandma
    But he’s got an armed platoon of guards
    Feinstein’s had a carry permit, you know
    But for you she wants to make it hard

    – T

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