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Don’t you hate it when actual events make liars of those who would limit your rights? “Police say an Iraq War veteran thwarted two would-be burglars at his northern Michigan gas station by kicking one of them and ordering them away with an AR-15 rifle.” D’oh! We sure hope “Double Barrel” Joe Biden doesn’t hear about this. The news would devastate him. According to, Shawn Schank was in his Shingleton, Michigan store Sunday morning…

…when two people wearing ski masks forced their way into the building and approached the cash register. Police say Schank kicked one of them, retrieved the AR-15 from his office and ordered the burglars to leave.

Guess what: they did. Right after begging for their lives. And all without firing a shot.

Police say they arrested a 17-year-old from Shingleton and an 18-year-old from Munising.

We sincerely hope they had a chance to change their Underoos before being nabbed by members of the local constabulary. Moral of the story: don’t screw with a store owner who’s been in the sandbox.

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  1. Well done, however the liberal MSM will never run the story. It goes against their dogma-AR’s are assault weapons with no defensive use. Or the other byline-guns in hands other than cops=no good.

    • I monitor every day. They haven’t been at all shy about reporting DGUs that come to their attention.

      They’re also good about reporting things the liberal MSM wonks always ignore oops I mean overlook.

      Great well reasoned opinion pieces too.

  2. it might be a poodle popper, but I would shut up and listen if one were pointed at me, 3200 fps aint no joke no matter how small the bullet.

    • 3200 fps?! That’s way too powerful for civilians. A .30-06 launching a 150 grain bullets is much safer than 55 grain full metal jacket assault bullet at 3200 fps.


  3. We here all know the facts about the good uses of our chosen tools.
    Unfortunately here as on other sites like this.
    Its preaching to the choir.
    Why would an anti actually want to see real facts??
    The story doesn’t begin with We who believe in “gun control”.
    Find this to be an aberration of the facts as we tell you they are.

    • I have talked a number of antis around.

      Over time, my own views have evolved.

      Don’t be too quick to dismiss all antis as cast in stone; while stupid is irreparable, ignorant frequently can be fixed.

      An anti is a pro who hasn’t yet learned – and there are no antis in a home invasion.

  4. OMG he pointed an assualt rifle at a child!!! That monster!!!


    Good job Shawn. Glad that no one was hurt. Now just be prepared for the parents of the 17 year old to start tossing around pics of him from 6th grade and crying about what a good boy he is.

  5. Who knows, maybe ARs have been waiting for this incident all along: their Shawn Schank Redemption.

      • No, Carlos wins that for today too. Carlos, please stop by the front office on your way out to claim your prize of “interwebs king for the day” and “punny-est joke”

  6. I think most robbers are familiar with handguns, and are moderately intimidated by the idea of getting shot. When confronted with a scary black rifle, I would guess the thought pattern jumps a notch from “oh dear” to “holy shlt snacks this guy’s gonna kill me”. The very features that gun control advocates don’t like about modern rifles are precisely what makes them so effective for defense.

  7. but wait, didn’t di fi say that all veterans are a danger to society or something? prove di fi and double barrel wrong in the same dgu. nice!

  8. I would like to petition to have the nomenclature of the AR-15 changed from “Assault Weapon” or “Defense Weapon,” depending on which side of the fence you’re on, to “Persuasion Assist Device” — PAD for short.. Feel free to add your own descriptive word at the head of the acronym, i.e. I-PAD, D-PAD, C-PAD, you get the gist..

  9. He kicked him? Did he call the perps parents before laying said boot to model citizen? Remember, when boots/shoes are outlawed only outlaws will have same. I take solace in the fact that at least the thug can collect SSD now, Randy

  10. It almost begs a response in the liberal gun-grabbers own negative terms.
    Assault weapon, in the hands of a law abiding citizen, thwarts robbery.
    I hate to use the term assault weapon, but in this case, a point can be made. It all depends on who you assault, and why.

  11. A couple of recidivists-in-the-making could have been cut down before they could embark on a long and illustrious career of victimizing the good folks of that town.

    Get a freakin’ job or face getting popped while trying to rob us working folk.

  12. You have to be a special kind of stupid to try to rob someone in the UP. There are a lot of guns, and a lot of people who know how to use them up there. And a lot of woods for someone to disappear in, too.

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