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A TTAG reader writes:

I have started a labor of love after not finding any website dedicated to the shooting needs of senior citizens. Found some articles scattered here and there but no dedicated website for the special needs of those who carry and shoot guns in our advancing years. I am not new to running websites but new to blogging. Need to work more on my writing style but I needed to get some content posted quickly to get things rolling . . .

If you can give us a mention that would be great and help out those of us who struggle with arthritis and other medical and physical ailments but still want to shoot and carry guns. Eventually I hope to get more people involved in the writing end but for now I am it. I only started the site last week and can only work on it in my spare time so for now I do  not plan on doing anything major other than word of mouth. I retire full time in a few years and then can devote a lot more time to the website and perhaps take it commercial then. Until that time I hope that it does not turn out like other similar ventures that ended up becoming a second job to the point that I gave the website away. J Thanks for reading this.

Regards, Old Dog
The Old Gun Hand

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    • Literally the first thing that popped into my head was something very similar my grandfather used to say:

      “Don’t quarrel with old men. They’re tired and if they don’t think they can win, they’ll probably just kill you.”

  1. Congrats, Old Dog. As a 65yo retiree, I think I’m right in the heart of your target audience. You keep posting, and I’ll keep reading.

    • Ralph,

      Perhaps you can even create a couple posts for Old Dog. I encourage a post reviewing the general legal nature of firearms and how there have been major changes in laws recently. (I figure a good number of the people in the target audience may not be as current on legalities as the Armed Intelligentsia.)

        • Good!

          Post them Ralph and I for one will be reading them.

          Thanks RF for sharing The Old Gunhand site gouge.

        • Got any reviews of old warhorse .45s and other classic guns? Perhaps a mention of getting a dog which will alert the owner of an intrusion? Weapon sights and red dots for aging eyes, flashlights near the nightstand, wrist and hand exercise to increase grip strength to hold a firearm, advice after a DGU, etc.

          otherwise feel free to drop me a line at [email protected]

  2. With you Old Dog. A touch of arthritis and age has altered the way I do things. In my younger days I was in some pretty hairy hands on encounters with hostile people. I’m not even delusional enough to think I can still hold my own in a hand to hand with a young drug fueled aggressor. Or 2 or 3 of them.

    My go too is 911 and then a gun. Facts of life are I value my hide and that of my wife more than some idiot that thinks we’re easy marks.

    • My go to is my 1911 and then my wife with her 1911. We’re sixtysomething retired military. She can still outscore me with pistol and that gets my goat.


  3. Just checked out a couple of articles over at TOG. Insightful and intelligently written. New bookmark for me.

  4. Old guy’s can be treacherous & have been know to take the legs right out from under a younger person. It might be the arthritis that makes ’em
    as mean as a bag of snakes, well maybe just in my case.

    Being a new gun owner, well in the past 50 years anyway, I find a place I can steer folks that need more info than I can provide and I’m happy to do so.
    Great site, great honest information and greatly appreciated.

  5. By the way the man in the picture is holding a Kel-Tec SUB-2000 pistol caliber carbine (available in 9mm and .40 S&W). I highly recommend them. My friend recently purchased the .40 S&W flavor. As soon as he got it home, he cleaned it and then took it out back to shoot it. Being a good husband, he invited his wife to come and shoot it as well. She liked it so much, after she finished shooting it, she smiled and thanked her husband for her new gun!!! Now he is scrambling to find another.

    The two key advantages are accuracy and low recoil. They are more accurate than a handgun of course because they are a carbine. And they weigh about four pounds which, coupled with the fact that they are pistol caliber, translates to really low recoil. These two characteristics are important for anyone, and exceedingly important for older shooters who are not as strong and accurate as they used to be.

    • My friends dad got one when they first came out in the 90’s in 9mm. It was a great carbine. I found one in .40 two months ago. Unfortunately It was not payday and it was gone when I returned to see if it was still for sale. They wanted a decent price on it too. They can make a good truck gun when folded up behind your back seat.

    • I have a 9mm Glock mags one that I just put up for sale on a local classifieds forum. If anyone from TTAG feels like they can’t live without it, shipping to your FFL is free:

      BTW just to add something to the actual blog conversation: a LOT of NRA’s armed citizen stories involve seniors defending themselves from home break-ins! Old folks are clearly a target to thugs and judging from how often they’re the subject of the armed citizen, thugs have no qualms about breaking into a home when an old person is present.

  6. That’s a great idea, “Geezers with Guns” , I qualify so count me in. There are serious issues that you never think of when you’re young and in good health that can really limit your choices as to personal protection gear.

    Maybe a swimsuit issue would kick it off?

  7. Hmmm… a core market for Scary Black Guns.

    Right now I could use my forehead instead of a shoulder to backstop my Mosin, but one day that’ll change.

    I know a few folks I can steer his way…

  8. Everyone seems to expect old guys (and gals too I guess) to pack double guns and revolvers. Nice to see this guy rockin a more modern firearm.

  9. GEEZERS with guns! Wish I had come up with that one. Since I am turning 64 this June, have a CCW, and carry 380. .38 super, .38/357, .40, .45 ACP, .45 LC, then this is a perfect venue for me, and those like me. I am also disabled, thanks to a raghead cab driver. So I am relegated to hand cannons.
    However I am more than competent with any given caliber, I have listed. In fact I have a cool $1,000.00 waiting for any body that is willing to shoot against me. Just put up your grand and whatever revolver/pistol you are willing to lose, in a shooting contest. The same rules apply to me. So far NONE of the big mouthed arm chair warriors have had the gonads to challenge me.

  10. The pistol caliber carbines are excellent; I have a 9mm Hi point used , ex air force owned. No recoil what so ever. HI Point carbines have much high degree of MFG STD than the hand guns. Mine was already signed in at 30 m. Can place all 10 rds within 1″; no joke. Also 9mm rds through a 161/2 barrel show 25-30% increase in V& E due to increased barrel length . Most test results are pistol barrel test (~ 5 in)
    Now on the ban list NY, Conn, Mass, NJ and would be if nation wide if Feinstein bills go through. Almost impossible to find

  11. Proves my point that a good pistol caliber carbine is probably the BEST home self-defense gun. Over-penetration not an issue, high accuracy across the house, light-to-no recoil, high capacity magazines available…perfect!

    • Richard,

      There is yet a third advantage to pistol carbines: they are significantly quieter than a handgun or rifle. Of course they are still loud and I would NOT shoot one on a range without hearing protection. But in a home defense situation where one rarely puts on earmuffs, it will minimize any permanent hearing damage.

      In case you are wondering, pistol carbines make less noise because the carbine barrel is about four times longer than a pistol barrel. Whatever the pressure would be when a bullet exits a short pistol barrel, that pressure is roughly four times lower when the bullet exits the carbine barrel which reduces the intensity of the report.

  12. Hell with the shooting, we need a good gum website, brushing tips, flossing, keepin the choppers ready for action like a pitbull on a quarter pounder. Oh well, a senior gun site is ok too, Randy

  13. I hope that old timer isn’t holding a .40 cal sub2000 or it’ll blow up in his face like mine did; just saying.

  14. No jury in the world is going to come down hard on an 80 year old who pops a 20s dirtbag. The old guys have a few cards in their hand young guys don’t.

  15. My dad always says “Youth and exuberance are no match for old age and treachery.”

  16. About time there was a site for us graybeards. Skimmed over the first page looks interesting. Will go back to check it out.

  17. The new Ruger LC380 looks about right for an old geezer carry piece – kind on arthritic hands and arms, hides well in old guy floppy pants belted up to the chest, and about the right size to hold onto.

    Old guys have less to lose than young thugs, less to look forward to except hospital bills and incontinence, and are grumpy all the time anyway.

    Just remember to clear the zimmer frame before blasting away.

    Whippersnapper muggers have been warned.

  18. hehee Kewl!

    I am under 50, but with the eyes of an 8o-something. I will prolly go on over to this site!

  19. I found an interesting site earlier today, with less then expensive pistols & rifles.

  20. I tried to access the blog at and only got a page with a blue background and some nonsense as follows: 2015 Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

    The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a third party. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

    Privacy Policy

    There was no blog, graphics or anything else on the site – I think Google AdSense is blocking everything unless I allow them to run amok on my computer – sorry, can’t do that.

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