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Rebecca Schoenkopf (courtesy

SS writes:

The following excerpt was written by Rebecca Schoenkopf, editor/owner of your fave website of all time,  She’s launching, which is less focused on politics, and more general in scope. In this piece, she’s describing traveling to Long Island NY via train to visit a friend. Apparently, she finds it terrifying – see the below quote. I think it goes to what I’m discovering (yeah, it’s been a long journey) is the typical liberal mindset: she/they would rather be a powerless victims than take responsibility for their own protection. The rest of the article is funny (to me) but irrelevant . . .

I am not a girl who cries about rape culture. Waaaaah rape culture! The men, they looked at me, and maybe said a thing, on the street! But that train was fucking terrifying, y’all. It was a moveable rape feast, the women all huddled at the back of the car, trying to escape the notice of the band of wilding white men who shouted and whooped and chanted their clever remarks about “cheesecake” the entire hour, their piercing hyena screams as predatory as their phallic bald heads (and police department T-shirts). You guys, it was awful.

RF: I’d just like to add that no one is suggesting that a woman should brandish a firearm as a first defense against sexual harassment. But a woman should be able to protect herself through force of arms. By being able to do so she increases her confidence level; she doesn’t think of herself as a victim. So she’s less likely to act like one. So she’s less likely to become one. My .02.

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  1. Hmm, nothing about moving to another car (avoid stupid people doing stupid things) or using the emergency call buttons located by LIRR doors.

    • She could write about the wild white men. If she were on a subway in Harlem, Queens, bronx, philly LA, etc and they were WHITE men, she would have never had a chance to tell the fairy tale.

      • If they were black men, being the libtrard that she is, she would have only said that they were “men”.
        Color is only brought up for race card victimhood, or to emphasize evil WHITE…MEN (libtard fems hate men as well).

  2. What train was she riding? I’m on those trains all the time and except for St. Patty’s day and the vomit expresses (Thursday, Friday, Saturday last two late-night trains out of NYC) they’re as safe and quiet as the library in a monastery.

    Did those “wilding white men” actually hurt anyone? Or were they just being obnoxious Long Island A-holes? I think Shakespeare wrote a play about this.

    • Well, even during rush hour you sometimes get people with issues, at least on my line. I’ve got the video to back that up too. That said, the scenario she portrays is “odd.”

    • Its not just LI – a-holes, there are a lot of CT and College a-holes too. And when it comes to college kids, the women/girls can be just as bad when they are drunk.

      New Haven to Grand Central work time rush hours is usually packed but tame M-F unless you have a Yankee game going on then it is drunken bravado. Even after a Yankee game taking the subway or train is full of blow hard types. Usually they are load and obnoxious but rarely to the point of getting physical.

      The vomit expresses (Thursday, Friday, Saturday last two late-night trains out of NYC) can always be interesting but usually because of the drunks. I have seen Metro North Cops on those runs and they seem to have no problem forcing people off even at unscheduled stops and forcing them to fend for themselves. A lot of people get on the trains without buying tickets which usually gets them booted at the next stop.

      In general, load, obnoxious jerks but very rare does anything get physical.

      Sometimes it is a matter of perception or the eyes of the beholder — almost anything can be scary

      Regardless, trains are gun free zones so you need to keep your eyes open and if means getting off early and taking the next train, then that is what you need to do..

      • “Regardless, trains are gun free zones…” Unless you’re LE of some kind. “(and police department T-shirts)” Then you flash your tin for the free ride.

      • I’ve been on those trains after Yankees games wearing my Boston sports shirts. And I’ve had people try to pick fights with me, but man, I’m just trying to enjoy a ride with my family, and I really don’t hate your teams – it’s sports man… how about this awesome city you live in, blah blah blah…

        Confidence. And I didn’t even need a gun (I’m a huge motherfucker).

        But yes to this article. Quit BEING a victim.

    • Was this the same train where in 1993 Colin Ferguson walked through calmly shooting everybody?

      “Colin Ferguson (born January 14, 1958) is a black supremacist mass murderer who was convicted of murdering six people and injuring nineteen others on the Long Island Rail Road in Garden City, New York.”

      So long as New York is a slave state I would say she has plenty of reason to be scared riding a train there. And all those “wilding” young men knew it too.

  3. Plan A: Cower and confirm the neanderthal belief that women are powerless.

    Plan B: grow a set of feckin’ ovaries, and as a group confront these idiots. Tell them it isn’t acceptable and to knock it the hell off. Remind them of their responsibilities as members of an advanced culture, then remind them their moms and grandmas would not be impressed by the monkey-at-the-zoo act they’re pulling.

    It’s called guilt. It’s a powerful tool in every woman’s emotional warfare arsenal. Why not use it?

    • Plan B doesn’t work with many men today. There is no more shame.

      If a woman happened to lean over and accidentally flash her CCW — that seems to work better.

    • Guilt usually only works on an individual, particularly in front of peer not participating in the activity. It also requires the perception of authority, either by office or by age. This tactic, employed by a young to middle-aged non-authority figure will not work on an in-group of males, and will likely escalate the behavior, not diminish it.

      • Yeah, this kind of behavior is all about putting on a show. Any kind of reaction from the females in the train car is more likely to escalate the bullshit, because they know you’re paying attention now.

        I do find it amusing that this woman’s liberal guilt required her to mention that the dudes were white. If they were black, she probably wouldn’t have mentioned their race at all.

  4. Ah Wonkette, where tough grrls go to complain about being victims of a “male-dominated” society that they now, obliviously, are mostly in total control of.

    • I still find it amusing that Wonkette, a website that started out with an obsession about backdooring, thinks it should be taken seriously about anything.

      • Forgive my lack of a solid grasp of modern vernacular, but are you saying backdooring, as in the intimate act, or is it some other thing that I am not aware of…? Because if it is the first, I am floored that there are people out there that do obsess about it…!

        • +1.

          Yup, wonkette was so over, about 4 or 5 years ago when she admitted she gave some politician a bj or something equally clever and new.

          Surprised anyone but wacky self-referential whiners, like this woman, read it or care.

    • Perhaps you should try reading it sometime after, oh I don’t know, 2006 maybe? Otherwise you just sound uninformed.

  5. Yeah, she’s an elitist Progressive WASP Princess, lying through her teeth or overstating a minor incident, notice the racist overtones and the desire to be the center of attention perhaps she needed a male relative escort and a burkha.
    She needs to take her Sexual Jihad somewhere else, like Syria

    • Curious statement about racist undertones when you use ‘WASP’ as a descriptive term? Mildly offended that you would use that term to describe her, as I am a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and I do NOT want to be associate with nut jobs like her, or for that matter those that describe her as a WASP….

  6. I went to Long Island once and I was terrified as well (rudest, most hateful people I have ever seen. Worse even than California). My solution: never go back.

    • That’s my policy with the entire northeast region of the United States. I’ve lived and worked all over the US, and the people I really, really dislike dealing with the most are all in the northeast. They don’t keep their word, you need a legal contract in triplicate to get them to do anything, and even then you’d better have your lawyer on speed-dial because they’ll try to steal you blind if your lawyer isn’t in the loop. They’re venal and corrupt and run their local governments like soviet-era kleptocracies, because it is in their nature, not because they might actually profit from doing so.

      By comparison, in the west, I’ve done six-figure deals on a handshake and both parties were always happy with the results and did repeat business.

      My wife tells me that California was a really nice place “until it was ruined by people from New York City and Boston.” And she’s pretty much right. Nevada used to be a nice place until the state politics were ruined by New Yorkers as well.

      • I have traveled far and wide for business. My observation is that the closer you get to big cities, no matter what part of the country you are in, the less civilized people get. Counter-intuitive for sure. NYC closely followed by Chicago, LA and Detroit are the least civilized places I have ever been. It’s not limited to the Northeast.

        I spent a few minutes reading a few of the Wonkettes posts and follow on comments. Their hatred of people like me; White, God-fearing, family first, Liberterian, gun carrying, and hunter is thick. Even the white people hate white people in her blog circle. I would be in fear of my life if stuck on the train with some Wonkettes I am sure.

      • Those are the kind of people that either can’t be armed due to their past (tantrums can turn into felonies) or should not under any circumstances be armed. Do we really want a bunch of feminists with guns, shooting at people because there wasn’t enough whipped cream on their latte? They spew the false narrative that law-abiding gun owners would just snap and shoot at someone for any slight or insult because that’s exactly what they would do! These are the same people that don’t know you need a permit to rally on a capital! In order to get to the point where it would be a good idea for them to carry (where legal) they’d have to grow up quite a bit and change pretty much everything about their lives. They’re not about to give up the cushy job of being fake victims all the time.

        As we say in my line of work, they get exactly what they deserve. They do everything they can to be a victim so they can have stories to tell, or like this “incident” they make something up so they have stories to tell.

    • Dr. Maurice, you’re winner of teh interwebz today.

      BTW, the woman’s twitter handle? “@commiegirl1”

  7. Can you link to the original piece? I can’t find it at all on the ridiculously laid-out new site that she’s running, which, going by the top graphic, is still supposed to be about sex somehow.

  8. Hmm…I actually wasted 1 minute of my life reading the post from this beatch. Wow, what a sick demented piece of work. Laughingly talks about getting high, turning into a psycho at a party when getting hit on and has the overall impression of being a low life. If I want to read the ramblings of trailer trash I can probably find those on my own. RF you can do better for a post.

  9. “…the women all huddled at the back of the car…”
    — (big eye roll) Reads too much like a line in a romance fantasy. Apparently no woman was touched or approached by the wild-ones, during the entire hour long ride, or she would have sensationalized err reported it.

    Overall some very interesting comments above. It was nice not to read any knee-jerk white-knight reactions rushing to blindly support Ms.-Information Wonkette.

    • I’ve noticed that these sorts of reactions from women have increased as the feminists have won their war on men and chivalry. They want Big Sugar Daddy Government to “do something.”

  10. Yeah, I live in the NYC metro area and ride the trains all the time. This smacks of just a bit of small town girl in the big bad metropolis and a LOT of flat out drama laden BS.

    • She has no more cause to be offended by comments about her “great rack”, which was genetically passed to her and not of her own doing (unless she has been surgically enhanced, in which case she REALLY has no bitch coming), than she has to be offended by comments about her deficient intellect, also a genetic trait beyond her control.

    • Totally Agree…!!!! Just because she wants to be treated as more equal than men, she’s willing to lie, cheat and BS her way there…

  11. “By being able to do so she increases her confidence level; she doesn’t think of herself as a victim. So she’s less likely to act like one. So she’s less likely to become one. My .02.”

    There was am extensive crime study done whereby trained psychologists had career criminals watch videos of people and determine who would make the best victim. in 90+% of the time, the criminals chose people who had already been victims of crime, without knowing anything about the people they chose. I’m not about blaming the victims of rape, but proof absolutely exists that you can do a lot to lower your odds of being a victim before it reaches the point where you need a gun to stop things. Of course, you should still be allowed to have a gun, cause shit does and will continue to happen despite all other countermeasures.

  12. Nah…. Liberal women need to be passively cooperative. I’m guessing that means lay there and take it… No, not my first choice ladies… I would like you to blow their brains out….

  13. And they say the people who carry guns are the ones who are always scared. Sounds like she lives her life in a perpetual state of fright.

  14. “By being able to do so she increases her confidence level…”

    I’d opine that just the fact of increasing the level of confidence in oneself can be a deterrent. A potential molester is more likely to go after Mary Mousey, looking fearful and clutching her purse to her bazoom, that Amy Amazon, who strides proudly to her goal, radiating self-assurance.

  15. This sounds like the cliche narrative they always make up. I do find it funny she prefaces her work along the lines of “sticks and stones” then expresses an experience that was completely verbal. Sounds like she wants to run to mommy or teacher to tell on them.

    All the women huddled in the corner were just waiting for some big strong man to stand up for them and protect them, because there is no double standard. Liberal women can’t be expected to consider their own defense, they’re too busy trying to figure out what “equality” means they’re entitled to today. That was public transport, so most weapons are not allowed, but women need to take self-defense classes at least. Classes are usually offered for free to all females at colleges and universities, another benefit to an educated society.

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