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Tim Murphy's Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (courtesy

After taking the required safety class, Mother Jones writer Tim Murphy has a Utah concealed carry permit. This bothers him. “My achievement doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons. One, I don’t live in Utah. I’m a resident of Washington, DC, a city that holds concealed handguns in roughly the same esteem as working escalators. I’ve never shot a gun. And in distinctly un-Utahn fashion, I’m nursing a hangover. Fortunately, none of that matters here. After four hours at Dukes Defense [MD], I have a completed application and a snazzy graduation certificate for my wall. Sixty days after my application is processed, I’ll be able to carry a concealed weapon in no fewer than 32 states. It’s great for road trips.” Ego trips too. Here we go . . .

As Dukes walks us through a long list of precautions, it’s clear that he’s passionate about safety. It’s equally clear that I don’t know the first thing about how to responsibly handle a firearm, let alone carry one in public. Jenny invites us to come up front to practice loading a handgun with fake rounds. When my turn comes, I struggle to load more than a few before they’re ejected halfway across the room. But that’s not going to stop Utah from giving me a permit.

Because whether or not a man with a hangover can load a magazine with inert cartridges into a firearm without ejecting a few rounds is a valid test of whether or not he should be able to exercise his natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Actually, it’s about your right to bear arms, for which Mr. Murphy has seemingly endless contempt, based on personal projection.

A few weeks after my graduation, I call up Dukes. My application is still being processed, but a question has been nagging at me: What did a seasoned instructor think about the fact that pretty much anyone could walk in and get a Utah permit without demonstrating a lick of proficiency with a gun? While he seems disappointed that I signed up for the class with no actual desire to protect myself, he hardly hesitates: “The Constitution doesn’t say you need it.”

No it doesn’t, does it? Nor does it say we need slovenly journalists distorting facts to undermine Americans’ firearms freedom. But there you go.

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  1. Put on 30lbs and we got a new Michael Moore. It amazes me how hard left wing journalists always try so hard to halfass gun ownership.

    • Roger and Me is a great movie. It shows how the Republicans screwed up Detroit and allowed American jobs to be lost and the CEO making big bucks. I guess you are okay with that.

      • Michael moore can’t be a crusader for right and a crusader for wrong at the same time. Roger and Me. Bowling For Columbine. He’s either 2 faced or a schizo.

        Or just maybe he’s another soulless money grubber trying every angle to enrich himself.

        • “Or just maybe he’s another soulless money grubber trying every angle to enrich himself.”

          ^This x 1000^

          Somewhere after his failed attempt of being a Hollywood insider in the early 1990’s, he realized that the American public often mistakes the term “Documentary” for the term “Fact” and thus his new cash flow was born.

        • As Mr. Pudgy McDrunkGuy is desperately trying to do: find the new formula for MoJo-launched fame and fortune. “Look how stupid these people are! I can out-stupid them and pose as smart!”

          I’d say that a far bigger problem than Americans still having the Bill of Rights in our corner is guys getting intoxicated then applying their impaired judgment to assessments of how the rest of us should be allowed to exercise those rights.

          As we know from drunk drivers, and apparently people too stupid to operate a modern pistol and too socially disconnected to learn properly, they think they’re correct, skilled, and invincible.

        • I think he’s a little more worried about his grub than his money.

          And I think he could do with a little less “enriching” and some more time at the gym.

      • Shawn, puh-lezze don’t try “blame Detroit on the republicans”! Detroit, which in 1961 had had the highest per capita income in the WORLD-has not had a repub mayor since 1960. Detroit IS the logical end of liberalism!
        Lions fan ’til I die!

  2. Hmm. I wonder if it’d be easier/cheaper to get a license for a state other than TX that recognizes reciprocity…I may need to dig into our laws

    • Easier, yes. I good idea, probably not. The Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 (amended in 1995) stop you from carrying within 1000 feet of a school unless you have a permit from the state the school is in, reciprocity doesn’t count. Given the proliferation of schools, get a permit for the state in which you spend most of your time. Local cops aren’t likely to enforce a federal law, but you never know when the feds will get a hold of a report on a traffic stop.

        • As someone who just took the Utah course myself, the paperwork pretty clearly states that a permit for the state you reside in is required BEFORE UT will issue their non-resident permit.

          Not sure how it applies in states like MD, but in VA, I needed a VA permit before applying for UT…

        • (Tried to reply to Andy, but no “Reply” link for his comment.) You need a valid permit from your state of residence only if that state has reciprocity with Utah or recognizes Utah carry permits. D.C. does not. Here’s the relevant portion of the Utah requirements according to

          Senate Bill 36 was signed by the Governor on 3/23/11 and Non Residents must meet additional requirements. This new law becomes effective for first time non resident applicants May 10, 2011 and for renewal of non resident permits 1/1/2012.

          (4) (a) In addition to meeting the other qualifications for the issuance of a concealed firearm permit under this section, a nonresident applicant who resides in a state that recognizes the validity of the Utah permit or has reciprocity with Utah’s concealed firearm permit law shall:

          (i) hold a current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit issued by the appropriate permitting authority of the nonresident applicant’s state of residency; and
          (ii) submit a photocopy or electronic copy of the nonresident applicant’s current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit referred to in Subsection (4)(a)(i).

        • Robert,

          Copy. Thanks for the clarification… I knew as I was typing, I was missing something since it is ‘possible’ to get a CCW in MD, but I wasn’t putting together what it was I was missing…

    • Oh, I don’t know about that. There are so many of these “investigative” hit jobs, I’m beginning to think these lefty journalists secretly want a CHP. This “story” has been done so many times, if you want to know “how easy” it is to get a CHP, just Google it.

  3. His entire mental polarity is inverse to reality.His perspective is that gun ownership is so nuanced only SEAL teams have the competence to own such a powerful weapon of mass death that is the rapid fire handgun.

  4. Journalism as an ethical profession is long dead. Long live journalism!

    So, to summarize your case, Mr. Murphy: Because you’re an irresponsible fool, everyone in the world should be treated like one. A piece of advice for your own safety: go straight to the nearest police station and turn in all the pens, pencils, and other pointy objects you own before you hurt yourself.

  5. I know this will draw some hate, but part of me wishes they being proficient with a handgun was a requirement to carry a handgun, or even to buy one. The worst kind of person with a gun second only to a criminal is someone who doesn’t know how to use one. I am greatly aware about how unconstitutional the idea of a gun aptitude test would be, as well as how anti-gun states and political heads could make the process nigh impossible to create a de facto ban, but it still bothers me. A lot of urbanites have never handled a gun in their lives and now with guns more available than ever before I do worry if accidents are or will become more frequent due to people not respecting their tools. Be free to ease my worries.

    • Most gun shops i worked for would give about an hour long safety demo to first time buyers and go over all the lil buttons and how to load the magazine if they couldn’t do that we’d suggest a revolver or something along those lines

    • Define “proficient”

      That is the issue. The Basic NRA Pistol or Rifle Course goes over a lot and if done correctly, is an 8 to 10 hour course if you include the practical portion. Is the “proficient?” For many yes, for many no. Thanks to the new CT gun laws I have taught far more people than I expected this year.

      The issue with any of this is anti-compromise civilian disarmament industry which will use “proficient” to mean 16hour or even two weeks worth of classes as some of the anti-gun organizations have suggested. Then there are those who want levels of permits and on it goes.

      If everyone could agree that you need something like the Basic NRA Pistol or Rifle Course we would be good to go, the issue is get expanded to the point where the bar is so high nobody would ever get a gun which is the aim of the anti-compromise civilian disarmament industry.

      Other than that, I agree with you

      • Speaking of being “proficient”, let’s not forget that quite a few would-be bad guys were placed at room temperature thanks to somebody who felt threatened and purchased a firearm with little to no training and were still able to plug an uninvited guest full of holes.

        Basic firearms safety is pretty widely known and basic firearms handling is not difficult. They may not be able to hit a target at 25 yards with a snubbie but for general defense most people can either suss it out or die. NOT doing something stupid with a firearm is surprisingly simple to, even if you can’t quote the 4 laws by heart.

    • It is OUR responsibility as People of the Gun, and promoters of the RKBA, to ENCOURAGE and assist people to get adequate training, or at least minimal training, to use and carry a weapon. IMO it should be a requirement before awarding a High School diploma. It is also our responsibility to discourage people like this moron from exercising their right since they are obviously not up to the responsibility themselves. We need to do all we can to encourage and to facilitate that education, but it is no one’s business, in the long run, to FORCE anyone to get training any more than it is our business to try to force everyone to carry.

      As in the case of criminals and the mentally defective (like this guy), if sufficient numbers of non-criminal, non-crazy people are armed the problem is eventually self-correcting. In Mr. Murphy’s case I suspect if he did try carrying the law named in his honor would catch up to him fairly quickly. Problem solved.

    • And in a quasi-rational world where legions of useful idiots didn’t try to use the term ‘training’ as a means to regulation to registration to confiscation, we probably could have that conversation. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a charity group that offers a free (optional) training course with every firearm purchase geared toward the type of firearm purchased (handgun, shotgun, rifle).

      • If you ask most gun shops will happily go over it all with you they will teach you everything you need to know about the gun you are about to buy.

    • So what “proficiency testing” do you recommend for people exercising the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments–all of which can be used to destroy lives and justify, threaten, or commit terrible crimes against people individually or in groups small and large?

      The whole point of the Bill of Rights was to lay out the basic human/civil rights we possess PRIOR to the constitution of any government, that governments must keep their hands off of.

    • “… part of me wishes they being proficient with a handgun was a requirement to carry a handgun, or even to buy one.”

      Part of me wishes that being proficient with words was a requirement to write a blog comment, or even to form an opinion.

      Wait, no part of me wishes that. That would be antithetical to freedom.

      • Bingo! We have a winner!

        Besides, who determines proficiency? What’s “proficient”? We would get stuck in a morass of interpretations of what “proficiency” means. Sounds like the argument that DiFi and gang were proposing, with regards to 1A and bloggers.

    • Imagine a world in which gun safety and proper handling were taught in grammar school. Safety beginning in the first grade and a refresher course every subsequent year, and safe gun handling in the sixth grade, including airsoft target practice for those who choose to do so. Imagine a world in which shooting skills were taught in high school including marksmanship, and ethical hunting was promoted.

      Imagine a world where the Constitution and Bill of Rights were taught as the foundation of a free republic instead of as obstacles to social engineering.

      Imagine a world where common sense rules and courtesy abounds. Imagine a world where your rights end where your neighbor’s rights begin. Imagine a world where the punishment really does fit the crime. Imagine a world where violent criminals were actually punished, and non-violent criminals had to pay restitution to their actual victims.

      This world is not possible in a Democracy. It is only possible in a Dictatorship with me as dictator: The Father of the New Republic!

  6. Mother Jones is a bunch of communist idiots that dont know how to or why they should take responsibility for their own actions. Just because YOU are an idiot, Tim does not mean I am. You worthless $hitbag of a person.

  7. Begin rant:

    Dear Journalist, I know its great to look at a computer all day. I do it too, but I also have these appendages at the ends of my arms called hands. Guess what, they will do AMAZING things. They can build, destroy, fix things, comfort people, and shoot guns. They can also save your life, if you choose to let them.

    I know that its hard to come into the sunshine and deal with reality, but the reality is that you are a citizen of the United States, and as such you have the right to exercise OR NOT EXERCISE your rights, as defined in the “Constitution”.

    I know, heady stuff, right?!

    But it starts with getting out of the world of the theoretical and into the world of reality: this involves stepping outside, interacting with people, and not writing all day about things you DON’T DO.

    • Double Rant:

      Our society has what I will term “minimum barriers to entry” for activities. Think of a drivers license. If you were to look back on a drivers license now, you would think the test is laughably easy. This is because you (probably) practice driving a car every day. Firearms ownership is no different.

      I didn’t buy a firearm and expect to be Rambo. The first time I shot I was a little bit frightened by the noise and kickback from a pistol – now I know to expect and embrace it.

      His analogy would be that of a person getting their drivers license, and jumping on that awful, awful stretch of Route 95 in Jersey at rush-hour.

  8. Why do people get this idea if its not government mandated training it won’t work? I mean how many ppl with driver licenses are competent drivers?
    I learned to shoot from my dad, mostly shotguns and bolt action rifles because he was more hunter than gun enthusiast. But the first time I loaded a pistol mag I didn’t need instruction or guidance, it was common sense.
    I feel the writer invalidates his entire ‘writing’ career when he says he can’t load a magazine. I feel this way because he’s obviously incompetent not just in firearms but in life.
    My two year old son once watched me load AK mags before a day of shooting and he picked up a round and knew which way it went in the mag, even if he wasn’t strong enough to press it down.

    • “I feel the writer invalidates his entire ‘writing’ career when he says he can’t load a magazine”

      You do him a disservice, sir! He obviously knows very well how to load a magazine – he helps load Mother Jones full of sh!t every month.

      BTW, I expect, given the socialist, communist propaganda and agenda driven nature of this periodical that whatever problems he had with that magazine he was trying to load were intentional and done in a an attempt to make some point, including intentionally spewing cartridges across the room.

      • I guffawed at the “load a magazine” comment… 😉

        And you’re right, I’m surprised he didn’t shout about how George W. Bush made the cartridges racist.

  9. I’m 56 years old and have shot firearms for three-quarters of my life. I can load any firearm I own in the dark or blindfolded. I am at least proficient with everything I own (and I own a lot), I personally do not carry as I do not feel I have the skills needed to do so yet. I won’t carry until I get that training (which I’m scheduled for). The fact is, I don’t want that guy carrying a gun in public, yet I protect his right to do so. With rights come responsibilities. I guess they don’t teach that anymore, sadly.

    He has the right to own firearms and to carry/bear them. He also has the responsibility to operate them safely and effectively. Why is that so hard for these people to understand? One doesn’t lead to the other, which is basically the price of freedom.

  10. 16 yr olds are able to drive a car. No one. I mean NO ONE believes a 16 yr old is a good driver yet. That takes experience.

    Why do the Lefties believe its any different with a CC permit? Thats all it is, a permit that allows you to carry. It does not make you a better shot, a vigilante, or even less scared. It means you can now legally carry a gun, concealed on your person…how well you carry is up to you.

    • +1000….for my driving test when I was 16 I had to pull out of the parking lot, take two left turns, stop and back up 10ft then back to the parking lot to receive my license. Does this make me experienced enough to get one?? no but the real world application course I took at a performance driving schools did and so autocross racing. Practice practice practice!!!

      • +1000 more for autocross… Safest way I know to learn the limits of your car (and your driving).

        Also serves VERY nicely to get the speed jones out of my system so I DON’T drive like a raving idiot…

        Not sure how to cross this over to firearms- I guess something like 3-gun would be the closest equivalent…

  11. The whole “proficiency” thing is a catch 22. I knew next to nothing about safe gun handling when I applied for my permit. I certainly wasn’t a good shot. However, here in MA to get a gun you first need a license. Once I got my license I got my gun. Then I spent a great deal of time learning my gun, dry firing, disassembling and assembling and finally shooting it at the range. I did not run off carrying day 1, nor should I have, I wasn’t ready. However, without the licese I couldn’t train to become ready. That’s the catch 22 of having to demonstrate proficiency to get a license. Unless you have a mentor to teach you, and in Blue States, especially in the cities that’s going to be hard to find, you’re pretty much out of luck. Sure you can, and should, get professional training, however the class time only goes so far. There is no substitute for “homework”, applying what you learned in the class at home afterwards and repetitively drilling the various safety measures required.

  12. I don’t believe a word he wrote, and neither should any of you. Just because he says that he’s an uneducated lummox (gun-wise) doesn’t mean I will take his word for it. He writes for Mother Jones, which means that I shouldn’t trust him if he claims that the Sun rises in the East.

    • Then, apparently, Utah is more concerned with the actual text of the Second Amendment than Tennessee is. While they do have and apparently require some training in order to obtain a permit, including an out-of state permit, they seem to consider this as a necessary evil to ensure reciprocity with more draconian laws in other states rather than something required in and of itself. Since the Second Amendment says quite clearly “…shall not be infringed.” ANY state or federal requirement for classroom or proficiency training before exercising your right is by definition unconstitutional. In Washington there are no such requirements and as a result there are quite a few states that will not recognize my permit, including Utah. But if I went to Utah and got an out of state/visitor’s permit in addition to my Washington I would be covered almost everywhere.

      There is no “means test” included in the 2A and I suspect that the founders had very good reasons for this – basically because it is a natural right every person is born with and it is not up to ANYONE else to tell him he cannot exercise that right.

  13. The problem with using your own inability to handle a gun as a way of criticizing concealed carry laws is that guns are relatively simply mechanical devices, while laws are complex, opaque things written by lawyers for lawyers, whose actual effects in society become the subject of fierce debate between duelling sociologists. If you can’t figure out how to load bullets into a magazine – essentially one rung up the motor-skill ladder from fitting square pegs to square holes – why on earth should you be considered competent to comment on the law?

  14. It bothers me when people take potshots at Utah’s alcohol stigma.

    That said, he did a great job of half-assing this stuff. I took my class here in Utah back in March, and you bet your bottom dollar that not only did I take the class, but I supplemented my education by taking regular trips to a gun range with other experienced shooters.

  15. I know the type. I’d bet money that this guy was a drama nerd back in school.Anyway, now I’m looking really hard at a Utah nonresident permit. It’ll cover a couple of states to which i may travel that Va does not (the big one for me is Georgia).

    Never mind. After looking into it, even though Virginia has an education requirement, my permit isn’t good enough proof. I would have to take ANOTHER course because the one i took was A) not on the list approved by the state of Utah and 2) more than a year ago. There are no courses close enough as to not require an overnight trip. These opportunity costs are too high!

  16. That is fine; if one cant load a fire arm then they cant kill anyone with it unloaded. If he is serious about self defense it his moral obligation to educate and train himself.

    • Not true! An unloaded firearm can be a dandy club… I think they are potentially deadly…

      Oh, wait, never mind; fists and clubs are NOT deadly, just guns… [/sarc]

  17. I originally got my Utah license because Texas had a problem with delays in renewals. Because Utah issued a 7 year license, the Utah license would cover me until the Texas renewal came in. Soon after that, Texas streamlined it’s program so that this was not a problem.

    Still, it is a novelty. I also have a CCW Badge that looks like a real policeman’s badge (locked up in my save where it will not make any trouble). I have also thought about getting a Philadelphia PA CCW license because, it too, would be a novelty for a shadow box. NO, I DON’T CARRY ANY OF THEM! Yes, I do carry my Texas CHL and CCW just about everywhere.

  18. I get tired of people who attempt to demonstrate the supposed “ease” with which one can exercise their constitutional rights. For my part, to get a CCW in MA, I have done what was required by local laws, but I wouldn’t say it was fast or easy. On the plus side, he at least compliments folks from Utah, who, it is implied, are smart enough not to take part in firearms training while nursing raging hangovers.

    He’s probably the limp wristed type who didn’t realize that loading and changing mags is more involved than pressing the x button on his x-box controller.

  19. Good comments but the botttom line is that getting a permit in such a fashion simply adds fuel to the anti-gun factions. I was not aware that a Utah permit could be issued to anyone who’s primary residence wasn’t in Utah. Quite frankly, that little tidbit is troubling even to me. I agree with all the pro 2A arguments but keep in mind that we’re not dealing with a logical, reasonable faction. I also live in TN and took an 8 hour class for my permit with no reservations. Unlike Duke, we actually had to know how to operate and fire our class pistol. A couple of folks in my class failed their test because they couldn’t handle a firearm properly. I’ll take a wild shot here and say that yes I believe all have the right to own and carry a firearm. Practically, I know too many that I hope never take advantage of that right.

    • Quite frankly, that little tidbit is troubling even to me.

      Quite frankly, Mike, that’s your problem. Many states, not just Utah, issue licenses to nonresidents. Personally, I hold three nonresident permits along with my resident permit.

      I just couldn’t bear it if you were troubled by that, too.

    • Make sure you have detergent in the house because you’re going to need to wash some undies in a second, Mike.

      Washington has no training requirement whatsoever. No classroom instruction, no range time, no tests, nothing. Just fill out your paperwork, get printed, pay your fee, and wait for the background check to clear. If nothing comes up in the statutory maximum 30 days, then the issuing authority must issue the permit.

  20. Despite his incompetence, Mr. Murphy has the right to bear arms. And the right to vote, drunk or sober; and the right to free speech, despite the muddled thinking it reveals. It could be argued that we’d all be safer if he didn’t have all three.

    However, as a nation we recognize that it is better to safeguard each citizen’s rights rather than allow the government of the moment to judge which rights which citizens can be trusted with today.

    But hey, if Mr. Murphy would like to voluntarily surrender his Utah CCW card – and his voter registration card and his bully pulpit – he’ll earn the thanks of a grateful nation.

  21. The training requirement is supposed to be a minimum standard. Even if Murphy was too inept and stupid to gain from the course, showing up with a hangover proves he had no intention of learning. If he was a responsible human being and feels he is completely clueless about firearms, he shouldn’t have applied for his permit. No one forced him to take that next step. All he proved is that Timothy Murphy is irresponsible and untrustworthy.

  22. all the people shooting each other in Baltimore must have Utah carry permits, that explains it.

    Or, not.

    Incidentally, I’d bet lunch at Mortons that the 30ish states that recognize Utah CCW have on average a lower violent crime & homicide rate than the country.

  23. Biggest fail about that, is the fact that a concealed carry permit in Utah is NOT just for firearms. It is to be exempt from laws regarding ANY concealed dangerous weapon. So, as far as Utah is concerned, your lack of firearm knowlodge is no grounds for withholding a permit to carry any dangerous weapon.
    I know, because I was planning on getting a concealed permit, and live in Utah. Sad thing is, is that depending on how court goes, me and my brother can lose that right because we got in a small fight. What brothers haven’t? Now the county is trying to charge both of us for domestic violence. Which means losing a natural right that is meant to be not infringed upon. All because of jackassery like that douche bag, that has to use every excuse possible to keep people from a natural, civil, and constitutional right.

    And the drinking comments… Funny thing about that, is Utah has a stigma, yet laws are worse in Texas. No dry counties in Utah that I’m aware of, but I’ve lived in two different ones in Texas. Really idiotic to make someone leave the county just to buy beer… They do at least have beer, and not beer flavored water like Utah…

  24. Any relation to “Bleeding Gums” Murphy?

    Before you get too hatey on stories like this, I’d like to mention that the proximate cause of my getting my CWP was a story very much like this – “OMG it’s so easy, only 45 minutes downtown and it came in the mail!! The childrun!” I read it and thought “what an idiot. wait, really? only 45 minutes?” Next day I went and spent the 45 minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Just remember, every action has unintended consequences. Thanks, cowardly liberal article writer guy!

  25. As a UT CCW I’d like to point out that I can count on one hand the places that CC is forbidden: courts, jails/prisons, Post Office, LDS Places of worship, and private residences when given notice. So it only takes 4 hours to explain the rules. try to cover the SAFE act in that time.
    Note that bars, restaurants, and schools are not on the list. Also note that being intoxicated with a firearm IS illegal; we think its irresponsible to be drunk with a gun regardless of your location. As a side note, no students have been shot by teachers, even though they’ve been allowed to carry for years.

  26. Mr. Murphy’s forward thinking intelligence is zero. To analogize, he is barely able to understand Chutes & Ladders; roll the dice, move you piece and either go up the ladder or down the chute. A game requiring looking at a bigger picture like checkers, let alone chess, is far beyond him.

    1. He has a non resident Utah permit, same as I do. Did I mention it is a non resident permit?

    2. The 32 states had to decide for themselves is they would honor the Utah resident and non resident permits, which the did. His home, DC had to make the same decision and did not, hence he can’t carry in DC.

    3. Any idiot can operate a firearm. Don’t believe me, look at the newspapers in major metro areas. Gangbangers and poorly educated citizens seem to be able to fire a gun. It is not that hard. No one knows exactly how they will react if they find themselves in a situation where they need to use the gun. Some will hit every shot, others may look like Fredo in The Godfather. Neither can be simulated at a range.

    4. I realize I am unrealistic in expecting more from Mr. Murphy or many other liberal, because as long as they feel good or morally superior about themselves, that’s all that matters to them.

  27. I, for one, would be grateful if Mr. Murphy never carried a firearm. Perhaps he could commit a non-violent victimless felony and make it permanent?

  28. When are these idiots going to realize that their desire to be “free from gun violence” gives them no standing to infringe on the rights of anyone else?

    I heard it said once that a conservative says “I don’t like that, I’m not going to do it.”

    Where a liberal say “I don’t like that, YOU’RE not going to do it.”

  29. It seems to me that every time we see one of these dufus’s and if you look at them and imagine what they looked like in high school you will understand why they are such pissed off a#sholes.

  30. He might want to be careful about publishing that permit. Based on the photo and his listed height and weight, I think there is sufficient evidence to suggest that he lied on his application. A man who is 5’09” and 190lbs isn’t going to wear as much of that weight in his face and neck as this guy is … If I had to wager a guess, I’d say he’s at least 215lbs, assuming that he’s actually 5’09”.

  31. Whew. Good thing we Utahns removed that mandatory gun rule from our CCW! You know, the one where the NRA ships you a military AR15 full auto shotgun within an hour of completing your course. That could have been a disater!

    While this did miss me off, I was quickly consoled by my trusty 1911, legally carried on my hip, the card in my wallet that affirms that particular God-given right, and the fact that I can still see my toes and my dick if I look down. As for tubby here, all he got was a second form of ID.

  32. This is as stupid as saying “Hey! Look! I got a drivers license and now Im gonna drive with my eyes closed because I can! Anyone can get a drivers license and do it. Isn’t life crazy?”…do the rest of us a favor and drive off a cliff, or finish learning how to load that gun and do what should come natural for a moron such as yourself. We can send someone by to clean up the mess later.

  33. I wonder what he thinks about the fact that the DMV gives me a permit to drive a motor vehicle without EVER seeing me drive… and then a license without me taking a car up to normal highway speeds.

  34. Ive never seen a pistol magazine shoot rounds across a room as this douchebag describes as happening in his little adventure, unless ofcourse the feed lips were bent outwards. This guy must think were all idiots. He looks like he should give up drinking and move out of moms basement, stupid ass micheal moore wannabe. Get a life loser.

  35. You know if it actually required more effort they’d just say it’s elitist and discriminatory. In their minds we’re wrong no matter what, they just have to decide how day by day. They don’t care they contradict themselves daily.

  36. Perhaps I’m just dense, but good does it do “fatso” Murphy to have the permit? It doesn’t grant him the ability to legally purchase a handgun in D.C., nor can he buy one legally in ANY other state, as a handgun must be purchased in your state of residence or shipped from the FFL to a FFL in your state of residence.

    So, yeah, he has a Utah CCW but no legal way to obtain a gun to conceal.

    What am I missing?

  37. Mother Jones libtard. Soft, fat, and stupid don’t give you the right to take our rights away.
    Now bend over and squeal like a pig….Deliverance style.


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