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“According to police, a man was walking to his car when he spotted a stranger pointing a sawed-off shotgun at him,” reports. “The car owner told police that he pulled out his pistol and opened fire on the stranger.” Result?

The shotgun holder was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

According to police, the driver holds a government issued permit to carry a firearm and will not be charged.

Whoa! A government issued permit to carry? So I guess that makes it OK. Which pisses me off.

The mention of the armed defender’s TX LTC suggests that only someone with a government permission slip is or should be “allowed” to shoot someone else trying to take his or her money or life. Or rape or inflict grievous bodily harm.

It sucks that Texas doesn’t have Constitutional Carry. Maybe next time.

Meanwhile, it’s great that we have an example of action beating reaction in a defensive gun use. Not that it’s always a great idea to draw on a drawn gun. But it’s not always great to not do so.

You carry your gun, you takes your chances. Same deal if you don’t.

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  1. Generally, action beats reaction. You have to wonder how the victim managed to draw his pistol, aim and fire before the guy with the shotgun. Moved to cover? Entered bullet-time?

  2. Go for the simplest ideas first. Shotgun not loaded or on safe or broken. Not a stretch for a criminal to steal a gun and never practice / test it. It is also possible the bad guy got distracted or was high enough his action time was slower then a sober / armed victims reaction time.

    • If it was a pump in condition 3 it’s possible that he fumbled with the bolt release and couldn’t rack it.

  3. It’s a myth criminals are good with guns. Most aren’t and they also are not better trained or capable of better reflexes, better shots, or even have better guns.

    • How do you figure Texas is among the “MOST RESTRICTIVE”, based on this list? Most of these elements are federal law, which apply throughout the U.S.

      As for the no unpaid taxes requirement, well, that one is just because we’re not two year olds? You get all your rights here, but you must concurrently bear all your responsibilities, like an adult. That means paying your taxes and paying your child support.

      What else is in there? Oh, you must be a legal resident. And? So what? Only a few states allow nonresident licenses. How is Texas atypical in that regard? There shouldn’t be such a thing as nonresident licenses anyway. Go get a license in your own state. Nonresident licenses are just a money making operation. If anything, they give incentive for perpetuating the entire ridiculous licensing scheme.

      • I don’t like the payment of child support one. Won’t argue it with you, but – women lie.

        TX has a way for juvenile felons and good ol’ boys who got in a misdemeanor scrape to regain their concealed carry privileges. That is NOT typical. I’d have to say TX is fairly lenient, overall.

      • How do you figure Texas is among the “MOST RESTRICTIVE”
        Well Texas CCW holders can get a out of state licence in Illinois, not even Californian’s can do that.

        For all of you Texas residents who claim Chicago is such a shit hole, just remember, you can carry there as long as you pay your 20 pieces of silver to the state.

        • Well, as a Texan who is in the process of getting an LTC (used to be called CHL, but we recently changed that since we allow open carry so the LTC doubles as a open carry and conceal carry permit.) Be great for some Constitutional Carry, imo, but we still have a very diverse group of people and Texas maybe the stereotyped place of people assuming it’s a great gun state, which it technically is on it’s leniency, but I know there are better states, I.E. Arizona. Love the 2 Gun Matches and Hard As Hell Challenges they have there. Plus the home of Forgotten Weapons and InRangeTV YT personalities Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda.

          Step at a time guys and it isn’t all that bad gun law wise here. Obviously more room to improve on it, but compared to NY and California… Texas is pretty good for a 24 year old gun nerd in college. XD

          Y’all take care yourselves. \m/

      • “There shouldn’t be such a thing as nonresident licenses anyway. Go get a license in your own state.”

        I live in CO; my family lives in VA. CO has Constitutional open carry, but permitted concealed carry; I have my CO Concealed Handgun Permit. VA doesn’t recognize my CO CHP, and doesn’t have Constitutional concealed carry. I’m not going to freak out my very elderly mother by OC’ing when I visit and take her to dinner. So, I picked up a Utah non-resident license, which, oddly enough, *is* recognized by VA for CC’ing by non-residents (and gives me more other states than a VA non-resident permit would). So, a non-resident license is what allows me to carry at all (given my personal positions).

        “Nonresident licenses are just a money making operation. If anything, they give incentive for perpetuating the entire ridiculous licensing scheme.”

        If you’re talking about the 2nd Amendment being the only “license” we should ever have need of, then I agree with you there. But, living in the real world, the particulars are a little different. I don’t like them, but they are what they are.

    • Texas is most restrictive?

      Does Texas require you to apply for and obtain a FOID card from the state before taking the compulsory training for a carry license?
      Does Texas require sixteen (16) hours of training, at a cost of $200 or so?
      Does the Texas LTC come with a $150 non-refundable application fee?

      Yeah… I didn’t think so.

      • As a lifelong Illinois resident, I too had to pay the same $352.00 Concealed Carry License TAX to exercise my inalienable right to self-defense. Moreover, the same “gun control” laws that eliminated all the violent crime in Chicago, restrict me too here in downstate Illinois. Even if we were willing to pay the $200.00 NFA tax, Illinois is one of the 12 states that does not allow Short Barrel Rifles (without a FFL), Full-Auto Weapons, suppressors, sawed-off shot guns, & etc.

  4. I think ttag would benefit from covering more DGUs. It seems there are more IGOTD articles than DGU articles. These stories are the reason we fight against every infringement.

    • THIS, right here, should be the main takeaway for everyone. On either side of the law, if you are not prepared to take a life, unpleasant though the concept is, you should not carry a gun. I didn’t say you should not be ALLOWED to, just that you, personally, should make the decision not to.

  5. “the driver holds a government issued permit to carry a firearm and will not be charged.”

    Those are two independent ideas. There is no implication that having a license to carry exempts the shooter from charges for having shot someone. The totality of the circumstances of the case determine that. It’s a license to carry, not a license to kill, and nobody is confused by that. At most, the sentence suggests that by being licensed, the shooter won’t be charged for carry the firearm in the first place.

    • In Denver, a convicted felon was acquitted by a jury of shooting a man. They believed it was self defense, and they were probably right.
      The prosecution dropped all firearms charges under the standard of self defense. I don’t know if that is statute, or precedent. Any lawyers out there?

    • ” At most, the sentence suggests that by being licensed, the shooter won’t be charged for carry the firearm in the first place.”

      That’s the way I read it. Someone without a license, carrying a firearm, gets charged. This guy won’t be charged because he had a license. Shuts up the pearlclutchers who shriek about how come someone had a gun and wasn’t charged with a crime?!??!@?@

  6. Could someone please explain a few abbreviations for a linguistic neophyte ?
    DGU – YT personalities – IGOTD – FOID – ttag –
    Thanks for the help.
    Purchased guns & got training after meeting a (not)man in a black mask – who had a knife – outside my opened window at 2 am on a hot summer night. Two sons about 9 & 12. Dad gone. “Good” neighborhood.
    To this day I believe the words came out of my gut, as my throat wasn’t working. “JOEY GET THE GUN !!! Of course I had no idea where that old 20 gauge bird gun they had inherited was closeted. Given several circumstances it was clear this male had cased my house on more than one night. But evidently he wasn’t prepared to deal with an hysterical woman who was never the less thinking clearly and had a gun in the house. (One kid came running with a bat, the other found the gun.)
    Later I asked the cop how to get a permit to carry. He said, you’re not going to get one. I asked, “Well what am I supposed to do, as he knows all about me & my house ?”
    I swear to you, he said to go to the dime store and get a hat pin. How stupid did he think I was?
    The second that I came face to face with that guy in the window, I knew that I was worth fighting for and he wasn’t. And if I had anything to say about it, he was going down first. The next day after work I went to the gun store.

    Then I helped the local CC group get a better law passed in MN.
    Just no education in the lingo.

    Grandma — Not going down easily. ; )

    PS: The son with the bat became a marine and then a cop. Now he’s a homicide detective in a large city. And he thinks everyone except the deranged should carry.
    : )


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