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The SIG SAUER P365 is the Austro-American gunmaker’s new “micro-compact” carry gun. The gun’s 1″ wide (at the controls). You can cram 10 rounds into SIG’s patent-pending narrow-neck modified double-stack magazine; delivering “nearly a 50 percent capacity increase over pistols in its class.” We micro-scoped it out at SHOT . . .

I checked out the P365’s trigger pull and ergos.

The trigger activates after a long smooth pull — there’s your safety — followed by a clean break and a positive reset.

The P365 fills my hand perfectly. The handle’s pebbled texture is grippy enough to provide traction without the prospect of tearing up my love handles. YMMV but the gun’s fit doesn’t (vary). You can have any backstrap you like as long as it’s the one it has.

There’s a 10-round mag with a pinky extension. Yes Pinky, we will rule the world of bad people!

Triskaidekaphobes note: if you want more capacity and grip than afforded by the flush-fit 10-rounder above, SIG also offers a 12-round mag for the P365. Load one in the chamber and . . . don’t break any mirrors.

SIGLITE tritium sights come standard, satisfying JWT’s dictum that ALL carry guns should have night sights.

The P365’s frame does have an accessory rail at the dust cover, but it isn’t a standard Picatinny spec. That’s because a Pic rail is wider than this gun. As SIG also manufactures weapon-mounted lights and lasers, they’ll be offering options for the P365. At a price, of course.

First up: a 100-lumen, grip-activated white light. It adds nothing to the height or length of the pistol and just the tiniest bit at the rail area to the frame width.

SIG wants potential buyers to know they don’t have to pull the gun’s trigger for takedown. I wonder why that is . . .

SIG P365 is an entirely new firearm; it’s not based off of a previous SIG model. Considering recent events, the SIG rep made a point of mentioning that the P365 has been through hell and back. It’s as drop safe as it gets, whether in standard testing protocols or otherwise (e.g., dropped on its butt onto concrete).

There’s a lot of buzz about the SIG SAUER P365, and I can see why. The small SIG provides lots ‘o capacity in a relatively small package. At a full-size price: $599.99 msrp (Brownells already has them on pre-order for $499.99.

TTAG is expecting a loaner in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.

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    • yes BUT IT’s A SIG!

      that makes it worth twice as much right?

      How does a p-11 compare to a PF9 I wonder? I owned a PF9 and it was very carryable but not very shootable. (Trigger sucks) I’ve heard the P-11s were better but I have no personal experience.

      I would like to see a side by side compare between this SIG and a PT111. The PT111 seems to be really small for a 12+1 doublestack. Unfortunately I’m a trigger snob and I don’t like the PT111 trigger.

      • The Kel-Tec P-11 comes from the factory, in sunny Cocoa, Florida, with a 10 round flush-fit magazine. An equally sized 12 round flush-fit mag is available as an option. A +1 mag extension is also available, giving a 12 + 1 total capacity.

      • I really liked my P-11, only reason I got rid of it was that I was able to trade it up, plus some cash, for a Glock 19. And the trigger, while heavy, is actually quite nice; i had no trouble shooting well with it, and I generally can’t shoot double actions very well. The muzzle flip is shockingly manageable too, especially since the gun weighs nothing

      • The trigger on P-11 is even worse than on PF-9. So much so that George hinted at taking the fire control from PF-9 and retrofitting it into P-11. But of course nothing came out of it. I think SUB is the only gun that Kel-Tec bothered to revise, the rest they just leave to die by wayside. But trigger aside I find it remarkable that SIG needed the fancy bottlenecked magazine to do the same thing that Kel-Tec did with a conventional magazine. P365 and P-11 guns are of the same thickness, as was already mentioned.

      • There is a saying that those who speak ill of a $300,000 car, have never driven a $300,000 car.

    • P-11 is fine, I guess, but has a nearly MA legal 9 lb trigger pull. Also, the Sig name means night sights are available (standard!) as well as lights/lasers and better holster availability in the near future.

      CPX-1/2 is also about the same size, but why with the finger grooves? Again, a DAO hammer fired gun.

      Are they similar, sure, but sort of in the same way that a 4 door Subaru WRX/STI is similar to a 4 door base model Toyota Corrola.

      • Sccy will remove the finger grooves if you send/bring the pistol back to the Daytona Beach factory, or so I read on their forum. They’re moving to East Tennessee in the future, I believe.

      • Either that or industry std. Not gonna force me to buy their proprietary light or laser. Thought we killed this proprietary rail crap 15+ years ago.

        • So you’d rather have no rail, rather than a rail that doesn’t get in the way and you don’t have to use? That makes complete logical sense.

        • You missed my point. There isn’t an industry standard rail for a pistol with a frame under an inch thick. So, it is either a proprietary rail or no rail, or a goofy rail that is wider than the frame of the pistol; which would you prefer?

        • Plenty of sub-compact type handguns on the market that don’t have rails; G26 and G43 come to mind. Others like the XD-S have an industry standard rail that’s unobtrusive.

        • Well any rail mount accessory is also wider than it’s rail/pistol.
          i can’t image no one would possibly 3d print or cnc an rail adapter spacer…`

      • I thought SIG put their own rail on there because Pic rail was too wide, at first. But then I remembered that PF-9 has a standard rail and is narrower than P365. It’s just offensive what SIG did.

      • “So, you would have preferred no rail?”
        I prefer no rail…at all!
        No need for any railed accessories on a pocket pistol. If for a holster, then sure, a rail. This gun is supposed to be pocket-able. No rails please.

    • I couldn’t care less about the rail. I’ve never found a rail useful on a sub-compact. I want less bulk on a sub-compact conceal carry gun, not more.

  1. I hate grip actuated anything. The XC1 is the best small light, but I’ve heard really bad things about the mounting hardware being junk. Proprietary rails are a deal killer for me. This gun a essentially a G26 that is a hair thinner.

    • It’s a lot thinner and much lighter. It’s even quite a bit shorter (slide length) than the Glock 43. Also comes with night sights.

  2. I am liking this gun a lot. For the right price, I’d buy one…for my daughter (who doesn’t live in California like I do where this gun will never make the Roster.).

  3. I am pretty much MEH on any Sig pistols to date, but the more I learn about the 365, the more I want it.

  4. Think it’s more like a G43 with a double stack mag and night sights. It has a proprietary rail because a picatinny rail would make it wider. . It’s narrower than a SCCY with a better trigger. It’s sturdier than a Kel-Tec P11. I’ll be upgrading my edc to this ASAP. It’s about time a higher end mfr came out with this size gun! And really not much more than the others when you factor in the sights and Sig quality.

  5. SIG is going to sell every one of these they make and own the segment for a LONG time.

    It’s about the size of a Kahr PM9 but holds 10+1—and when I say “about the size”, it’s a tenth of an inch thicker and holds four more rounds in the magazine. This is a game changer.

    Yes, the Kel-Tec P11 and SCCY have the same capacity but this is smaller and better made.

    This is the pistol Kahr could have made 10 years ago but chose not to. Now every manufacturer has to play catch up. The question is, who will be next out of the gate? I’m betting Smith and Wesson…

    • Yeah, I carry the Kahr too, and you really have to actually have them both in your hands at the same time to notice the size difference. Its really remarkable when compared to something like a Shield with the 1.25 stack.

    • This is .1 inches thicker than the Kahr, .38 inches longer, .3 inches taller, and 3.8 ounces heavier.

      I can admit those are great specs for a double stack carry gun, but this won’t replace my Kahr at all. I’m certainly not looking to add a gun that’s fatter, longer, and taller than my Kahr to my daily routine. I certainly would have looked at this over my Glock 26. This is smaller than the 26 AND it’s got standard night sights. If the trigger is decent then I WOULD have picked it over a 26 but I bought the 26 over a year ago and I’m not about to spend $500 to replace it when I like it a lot.

      I think you’re right in that it will sell well but the pm9 is still the tits for those of us who desire the absolutely smallest 9mm and don’t mind a single stack.

  6. I made the mistake of being one of Sigs mules or test dummies. I made the mistake of being one of the 1st to get a P238 back in the day. Besides its initial recall. Its been back to Sig CS 4 times over its 1st 3 years and 12K rounds. Reliable sort of with one load.
    Its been sitting in my safe only fired once in the last 4 years. Just to make sure it would go bang with its 1 reliable load. I then waited another almost 3 years for them to work the bugz out of the P938. That’s been my EDC for the last 3 years. Very reliable so far. Except for the night sights. They are already fading a bit.
    I don’t need this P365 but it does have me interested. Slightly.
    Someone call me in 2 or 3 years and let me know how it works out for you.

    • That bites, Jay.

      My P238 eats everything on its plate, including all the different handloads I’ve made over the years for it. Two ends of the Sigma curve I suppose.

      Its my ‘hotter than hell’ AZ shorts-weather pocket gun. Carry a Shield otherwise, but I’ll be looking at how the 365 reviews over the next while. It looks like it could be right up my (non-summer) alley.

  7. I hope they offer the light with the switch on the light – I don’t care for the concept of a switch on the grip for a light on a handgun.

    I am interested, but I have to see how it fits my hand… with that one finger groove, it could mess me up. The Ruger LCPII with lipped magazine seems to have the best two finger grip for with me.

    • Search “top guns” YouTube channel. They are a retailer in Indiana who got in a shipment last week. Watch the “unboxing” video. Real hands on stuff, size comparisons and first shots. I’m 99% sure it’s a serialized trigger pack. But my memory stinks. In fact, come back and correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

  8. How does the 365 compare with the p320 subcompact? It’s 12+1. Maybe slightly thicker, but I don’t see any significant difference……

    • LOL. It’s SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than the shield and the same dimensions as the Glock 43, except the slide is shorter on the 365.

  9. Dammit. I just finally got rid of my P938, and thought I’d seen the last of Sig.

    Been carrying a 13+1 Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact, because it’s 13+1 and it fits in my pants pocket. Well, lots of pockets, but certainly not all; sometimes I have to drop down to my XD-S. But that little P365 is 10+1, and it’s a half-inch shorter front to back, and almost a half-inch shorter top to bottom. It looks like it’s as small as, or even smaller than, my XD-S. And while 9mm sucks (yes I carry it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck) 11 rounds of 9mm beats 6 rounds of .45. I might have to get rid of my XD-S and pick one of these new Sigs up.

    Dammit. Just when you think you’re out… they suck you back in…

    • You know you can just buy P-11 if the size is important to you, right? Same capacity and same size as P365, been on the market for years.

  10. Somebody drop-test that thing.

    And then call me when it’s on its third or fourth revision and they have the bugs worked out (like Jay in Florida said). If this thing proves reliable… hard to argue with. Beats the hell out of a six-shot .380…

  11. I expect that Sig will sell a zillion of these.

    I regularly switch back and forth between my Walther PPS (single stack, very thin) and my Glock 26 (double stack, not so thin). The P365 seems to be the best of both worlds (double stack, very thin).

    I hope the other manufacturers release similar products soon, so the competition drives down the street prices.

  12. I just added a rental gun to my shop and put about 100rds through it tonight. Myself and another staff member shot it back to back with some Remington garbage ammo and 50rds of HST. At one point we were shooting it with as few fingers as possible on the gun and with a limp wrist trying to get the gun to malfunction and it never did. The gun ran flawless and by the end we were both shooting groups that were impressive. Going to put some
    More through it side by side tomorrow with the shield and G43 and see if there is a noticeable difference between them. Only thing I noticed a was the way the gun fits in my hand the corner of the frame/mag has a slightly sharp point to it. When shooting I didn’t notice this at all. I have high hopes for the 365.

    • You and me both. In fact I can’t even positively tell you which of my guns do or don’t have a rail.

  13. For $206, I’ll keep my CPX2…with over 3k rounds of 100% trouble free operation during the past 4 years.
    I have two newer Sig pistols (P226 SAO Legion and P220 Super Match) both costing over $1K. Both have had problems within the first 160 rd!. Actually, the Super Match was broken…unable to be fired, when it arrived at my FFL. Factory defective. The 226 had it’s MIM extractor self destruct while firing factory, brass cased ammo. At 160 rounds!!
    These very expensive Sig pistols don’t even command quality parts and workmanship.
    Nope, unless it has W. German on the slide, I’ll not have any more (new!) Sig pistols.

  14. i could care less about rails..definately interested in this,not to replace my 43, but to add to it..saving my pennies

  15. Naming a every day carry (EDC) gun “365” was pure marketing genius. I guess on leap year you have to carry it with a +1 extension.

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