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Joseph Amaya's mug shot (courtesy

“Joseph Leo Amaya [above] approached the victim, a college student, last October at the store where she worked and tried unsuccessfully to get her phone number,” reports. “He eventually left, but returned hours later while she was getting to ready to close the store and forced his way in as she attempted to lock the doors, according to the DA’s office. Once inside, Amaya barricaded the entrance, dragged the victim by her hair to the back of the store and repeatedly sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said. Surveillance video and audio and DNA evidence linked him to the assault, the DA’s office stated.” Amaya was caught, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced on the following charges . . .

Two counts of forcible rape, two counts of sexual penetration by foreign object and one count of assault with intent to commit a felony. A special allegation of aggravated kidnapping was also “found true.” Amaya’s sentence: 125 years in prison.

While justice is served, wouldn’t it have been preferable if the college student had shot the gang banger right there at the store’s front door? Whether or not she would have killed Amaya, a result many readers would celebrate, she would have had an excellent chance of preventing her assault and rape. And the attack’s lifelong psychological devastation.

More than that, this case highlights the moral and practical bankruptcy of the gun control advocate’s cause.

Disarming Americans would do nothing to prevent this kind of brutality, and much to encourage it. Note: the college girl’s attacker didn’t have a gun. And yet he still managed to perpetuate his heinous crime. Equally, Amaya had to have known that his target was unarmed. The convenience store is in LA; a city that’s implemented a de facto ban on concealed carry.

The antis argue that if a victim has a gun – especially a woman – it might be used against her by a more powerful male. (A sexist presumption but there you go.) They believe that a woman facing a violent attack is better off without a gun – even though they are less than forthcoming about identifying suitable self-defense alternatives.

Here’s my question for gun control advocates like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America their paymasters at Everytown for Gun Safety: have they ever asked a female victim of a violent crime if she would have wanted a gun at the time of the attack. Would they have used it?

No, they haven’t asked that question. Why would they? They know what the answer would be. There’s your gun sense for you. Or not.

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. Why didn’t she just pee herself or tell him she was on her period?

    Too bad he gets three hots and a cot. Shoulda been one round and in the ground.

    • ” Would they have used it?”

      Better question,, Would they-MDA- hope their daughters would have (could have) used it?

    • “Too bad he gets three hots and a cot” plus more sex than he ever dreamed of, except he will be catching, not pitching.

  2. “Have they ever asked a female victim of a violent crime if she would have wanted a gun at the time of the attack. Would they have used it?”

    I recall the poor young lady who testified in Colorado that she WOULD HAVE PREFERRED TO BE ARMED during her attack and was told by that ignoramus who was forced to resign rather than face the THIRD recall election that “statistically” she would have been safer without it. Unbelievable.

  3. Liberals tend to reject the following premise: I would rather risk death, than be raped. Therefor it makes sense to them that being disarmed and being raped as a result is preferable to the risk of having your own gun used against you.

  4. Just think, The perp would have got 5 more years if he had a gun. See, not having a gun can improve your well being! sarc/

  5. Actually, he has not been sentenced yet. The article reports that his sentencing is scheduled for September 22nd.

    He is facing a maximum of 125 years, and one can only hope he receives the maximum.

    • It kind of makes you wonder how stupid or broken inside someone would have to be to do something like this.

      He had -0- chance of getting away with it.

      I guess I should be happy that some criminals are this stupid, but the mind boggles at how bad someone’s impulse control is to hurt another human being to this degree over a rejection, and do it in such a way to throw one’s freedom away forever.

      I just don’t get it. And now this moron is going to cause the taxpayers ridiculous amount to money a year to keep him alive for no good reason.

      • As far as I can tell, he did get away with it. He got what he wanted, which was her. The fact that he was caught didn’t change the fact that he got what he wanted.

        • So you really think in his mind he came to the realization that:

          All the girls in the world and the rest of my life < Random girl working at the gas station


      • Nearly all criminals assume they will get away with it. If we looked at his past, chances are that he committed a number of crimes that he got away with. He finally escalated the severity of his crime enough to be taken seriously by the Criminal Justice system.

    • I am willing to bet he will eventually get 5-8 years and an early release due to overcrowding. Maybe the prison will notify the victim when he is released like some jurisdictions do in my neck of the woods. He might be a bit tougher from working out in the prison yard, too. So much for rehabilitation. My deepest sympathy for the victim.

      • And if hecisnt a banger now, he will be, to survive in prison. He’ll be someone’s b1tch, or worse, and more dangerous when he gets out. Often someone doing this kind of crime was molested himself, and the chances of rehab are much smaller.

        What is the practical and most humane solution? Before = CCW for her, and shot placement.
        ahhh. its a tragedy all around, and sadly, all to predictable, and that means vote out the anti’s by telling these stories enough, that moms and dads who care enough about their kids, will hear and decide to teach the kids how to protect themselves, and realize the best way to do so, is legal ccw, and thus will vote for 2A rights to be restored, in places like LA.

        Kamala Harris. You are responsible for yet another victim…

    • no thanks, Ralph. California is the “sanctuary state”. We’re shipping all our violent felons to the west coast.

    • Unless he qualifies for the 3 strike rule, I bet 5 to 7 years. I bet he will stay in California where criminals can gets guns from their local street vendor without a pesky background check, and his victims cannot carry.

  6. Now what she needs to do is find someone in the joint with this young man who has family on the outside and could use a few bucks. Considering he’s a rapist, one of the most hated convict types, it should cost much to finish this off and save us 60+ years of housing him.

  7. I worked as a prison nurse for a while. Wont be long before HE will wish it was a DGU too! What goes around comes around. Still, for the young lady, my deepest sympathy for wounds she’ll spend a life time healing.

  8. LA County’s de facto ban on CCW is irrelevant to the case. There is no prohibition of carrying, openly or concealed, any firearm, loaded or unloaded in one’s place of residence, one’s place of business, or any other private property where permission by the owner/occupant has been granted. The real issue in these kinds of cases is that the employers prohibit the carrying of weapons on the premises. How many stories have been published here of clerks at convenience stores, gas stations and Walgreen’s who have been fired after defending themselves against an armed robber? Secondly, the story says that she is a college student; under the assumption that she is under 21, she would not be qualified for a CCW under state law, unless an exception is made (such as in the case of the young woman who was granted a CCW in San Bernardino because she was being stalked, but who has been refused permission by her Ivy League university from having a gun on campus).

    • And you’re going to use your Transporter to beam it from your home to your place of business?

      • Absent a transporter beam, any suitable carrying case will do, as long as the gun is unloaded. Enough with the melodrama.

  9. Only roughly a twelfth of all rapes/sexual assaults involve an armed assailant. The rest, 90+%, well, that’s just larger and/or more intimidating assailants exploiting their natural advantages over their victims, usually women.

    If rape is supposedly a crime of power, not of sex, then it can certainly be countered and prevented by the application of sufficient girl power. Three or four hundred foot/pounds of energy ought to do it.

    • Rape is supposed to be “all about power, not sex” but I still see these Federal SHARP (Sexual Harassment Assault Rape Prevention) training posters that say “The way she dresses isn’t an excuse to have your way with her” or something to that effect.

      • I contest the suggestion that a women’s manner of dress might invite an assault attempt.
        Even naked, if a woman straps on a .45, she is not apt to be assaulted.
        I rest my case!

        • Think I’ll get my girlfriend to help me test how “naked and straps on a .45” works tonight. Thanks for the idea. Might compare and see if 9mm makes a difference.

          • Just remember, an armed society is a polite society.
            Be polite with the girlfriend, be patient, take your time, and she’ll be niece to you.

  10. Just curious.
    Has that restaurant in Rifle, Colorado been held up yet?
    Has anyone been killed in the restaurant in Rifle, Colorado?
    Is there blood on the floor in the restaurant in Rifle, Colorado?
    Has ANY employee of the Rifle, Colorado restaurant been raped, or assaulted while working, going to work, or returning home from work?
    Hhmmm. Maybe there’s a solution somewhere in this story!

    • There might be a little blood on the floor, but that’s just because I like my steaks extra rare, and I tend to be a messy eater.

  11. I’d rather have my gun and fighting chance to defend myself along w/ a small risk of losing control of my firearm & having it used against me than be defenseless 100% and simply close my eyes & hope for the best.

    But that’s how the K-selected think.

    Anti-gunners are all r-types and cannot understand fighting back; they like any prey just go “into the zone” and allow it all to happen, waiting for it to be over.

    Ever watched a rabbit get caught, played with & then eaten by a big barn cat? Yep, kind of like that.

  12. Not too hard to get a punk behind bars. I’m sure a few gangbangers would do it gratis. The details make homie worthy of a death sentence.

  13. I have also heard antis argue that if the victim (of rape/sexual assault) had a gun, she might have actually harmed or even killed the rapist, and that should not be allowed, judge, jury, executioner, BS, BS, BS. Absolutely incredible attitude, trying to say the constitution protects criminals absolutely, screw the law-abiding citizen. Medical science says every person has some semblance of a brain, these events make me doubt that.

    OH! Almost forgot. I would bet money that punk will be on the street in less than 10 yrs, less than 5 would not surprise me. And he WILL reoffend unless shot.

  14. ” They believe that a woman facing a violent attack is better off without a gun – even though they are less than forthcoming about identifying suitable self-defense alternatives.”

    Actually, they’ve laid out many many ideas on how to prevent the rape:

    Rape whistles
    Scream for help
    Pee / poop on yourself

    So much more effective than BOOM – headshot.

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