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You might be thinking to yourself, “didn’t you report on this already?” And while there was a story a couple weeks ago about William Hayden (star of Discovery Channel’s TV show Sons of Guns) being arrested for child molestation, it looks like he’s being booked once more — this time for rape. Of a 12 year old . . .

From the

The founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with the aggravated rape of a 12-year-old child, Casey Rayborn-Hicks, a spokesperson for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office said.

The U.S. Marshal in East Baton Rouge Parish arrested William Hayden less than an hour ago.

Hayden had a warrant out for his arrest and was apprehended in Livingston Parish as a fugitive from East Baton Rouge Parish.

Last time, Red Jacket issued a statement categorically denying the charges and indicating that the accusation was an attempt at smearing Red Jacket by someone with an axe to grind. A statement has not yet been issued this time, but we will update this article when we see it.

An associate in law enforcement has informed me that it’s often common practice (although not official procedure) to serve one arrest warrant at a time if multiple charges are being filed for crimes involving sexual offenses against children, a process that increases the expense and embarrassment to the charged individual regardless of whether the charges are true.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, the victim is Will’s daughter who is backing up the allegations. From their article:

TMZ has obtained arrest docs in Hayden’s case … and Hayden’s daughter is now backing up the allegations. She told investigators Hayden took her virginity in March, 2013 when she was 11-years-old. She said she was orally and vaginally raped almost daily, but did not report it because he threatened her physically.

According to the docs, the victim says Hayden told her, “Don’t tell them nothing, because I’m all you got.”

Red Jacket has also legally separated themselves from Will Hayden following this latest accusation, posting the following on their Facebook page:

Today, Red Jacket Firearms has received complete legal separation as an entity, from Will Hayden. We will continue to operate, although with heavy hearts and promise to do everything in our power to fill customer orders, back orders and provide support to those affected by these new developments.

More as this story develops.

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  1. Well, looks like castrating time! Then about two weeks in a cell with Big Ol’ Sweet Bubba!

    • Familiar with the concept of innocent until proven guilty? It very well could be true but with the information we have it is just as likely that they are false charges. Charges made by the state are certainly not sufficient for condemnation.

      • Most states either don’t have or don’t use a grand jury. LA does not use a grand jury. There was no indictment. Rather there will be a prelimnary hearing to determine if the evidence warrants a trial.

        This is how it works now. Grand juries (grand because of the size, versus petite juries) are not a right guaranteed to you, except in federal cases.

        • Actually not good info. Louisiana does have a grand jury system. It’s different than the other states because it’s not based on English common law and I’m not sure when it applies and doesn’t but it does exist.

    • Probably a scam committed by the Red Jacket Firearms.. the only way to legally push him out of a company he owns a large stack in, is if he is a convicted felon….

      • Update:

        TMZ has obtained arrest docs in Hayden’s case … and Hayden’s daughter is now backing up the allegations. She told investigators Hayden took her virginity in March, 2013 when she was 11-years-old. She said she was orally and vaginally raped almost daily, but did not report it because he threatened her physically.

        According to the docs, the victim says Hayden told her, “Don’t tell them nothing, because I’m all you got.”

    • If he is guilty strap him don and throw the switch. If he is not I hope he wins the lawsuit against the people who went to the police with this latest charge.

      • Unfortunately, people who habitually use the courts as a weapon of revenge and harassment, rarely have anything worth suing them for in civil court. It actually ends up costing you more money.

        Good luck getting the courts to charge them with perjury or filing false charges either. This type of thing is money in the bank to those who run the court system. Its job security and repeat business for them, so they don’t want the practice to stop.

        • Not only that, going after someone in civil court who has no money is a useless waste of money.

          You can’t get a million in damages from someone who barely pays their rent.

    • That picture sure doesn’t help. Looks like a certain meme that was real popular awhile ago if you get my drift. In all seriousness though there’s a reason why we have court. Innocent until proven guilty. Not everyone on facebook decides your guilty therefore your guilty.

  2. needa bit more info here…….
    Not who the kid is obviously. But who filed the charges.
    A repeat of 2 weeks ago with a little more teeth??
    Once the damages are done, who remembers 2nd place??

  3. that’s fine, he should be patient with it. Once the charges have been dropped sure his ex for personal damages.

  4. I hope that what they’re accusing him of isn’t true that is a horrible crime to commit against a youngster! Maybe there is something to it??? But for right now I think the best thing to do is wait and see what happens and then make your decision on him.

  5. “The founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms in Baton Rouge was arrested Tuesday evening and charged with the aggravated rape of a 12-year-old child, Casey Rayborn-Hicks, a spokesperson for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office said.”

    A key comma is missing…

    • Very first thought was, “WHY WOULD THEY NAME THE VICTIM?!?!” Oh, just terrible sentence structure. By someone who writes for a living. In a national publication. Again. Still. S’more.

  6. In regards to the last accusation, isn’t it a crime if the person making the accusation is making a false one? I know there’s a lot of lawyers here so hopefully one of you all can explain.

    • One has to ask why a 12 year old would want to ruin the reputation of her father?
      Also, how would you charge a 12 year old for making a false charge?
      How would you even prove it occurred?

  7. Serving one warrant at a time to increase expense and embarrassment….now that is truly justice in action (sarc). They seek to make sure you end up broke and unable to exist in public, just in case you happen to be innocent.

  8. Well I do believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

    And somehow, I can’t resist to the idea it could be pretty convenient to project a bad image of gun owners, just to help some gun control agenda, such: “Hey look guys, all gun owners are rapist…”

    In the other hand, the world is full of sick sick sick people… even amongst gun owners.

    So, wait & see…

  9. Same as last time. This is a common tactic by crazy ex’s. I’ve seen this before. A friend of mine, who actually is friendly with many state cops & judges, was accused of such lies by his girlfriend’s ex-husband. Although he was never arrested because Family Services didn’t have any proof of the charges. The kids were clueless about what was going on.

    Hayden’s ex will eventually be arrested for filing false police reports.

    • And if this is an either/or situation: he did it, or he did not, then the ex has some explaining to do, either way.

      If the allegation is true, and this has been going on daily, for two years, then where was the daughters mom?
      Is the mom, and ex girlfriend the same person? If so, how could she not know?

      Either way, this poor kid is going to need a lot of counseling.

  10. I’m sure Bloomberg is behind this somehow.

    But hey check it out, we’ve got two articles involving rape in a row now… we’ve seen the constant articles about MDA slow down and the articles about cops slow down too. Went from being the TruthAboutMoms to TheTruthAboutCops…. now is rape up for the headlines, are we to become TheTruthAboutRape?

  11. From Red Jacket’s FB page:

    “Today, Red Jacket Firearms has received complete legal separation as an entity, from Will Hayden. We will continue to operate, although with heavy hearts and promise to do everything in our power to fill customer orders, back orders and provide support to those affected by these new developments.

    “Please direct any media inquiries to: [email protected]
    See the website for updates.

      • Or, y’know, that “visit the website” is the most common way to provide people with information nowadays. Or would you have expected them to tell people to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for more info?

    • The reason Red Jacket “completely legally separated” itself from Wiil Hayden is so the company doesn’t go under if he loses his entire fortune fighting legal battles. If he goes bankrupt, they can’t go after RJF. This legal move is not an indication of guilt, but an indication of not wanting the business and partners to go under.

      I’m guessing he transferred everything to his adult daughter.

  12. I’m…. skeptical. If it’s the same kid as last time (which it appears it is), then the only thing new is that the kid is backing up the charges. And it’s not out of the question that the mother has prepped the girl this time.

    • That guy went to jail (ie was convicted) of only one count he was charged with – and that was purchasing the dildo for the minor in question. I’m not going to mention her name, but a quick google search makes it obvious.

      I personally think it’s ridiculous that people can go to jail for purchasing sex toys for teens. That means technically that all the mothers out there who bought a vibrator for their daughters should be felons.

      Also of note is the fact that (and I believe this information – also easily verifiable) during the investigation it was found that 5 people’s DNA was on the underage girl’s dildo.

      All this stuff is still on I believe. I found the thread one day and it was a fascinating read.

      • “…all the mothers out there who bought a vibrator for their daughters…”

        Is that something that actually happens? I mean, would you use a sex toy your mom gave you? Ick.

        • Yes – it happens all the time.

          Same as fathers who buy a porno mag for their sons. It’s the same kind of thing and both gifts would be a felony if we all followed the (ridiculous) letter of the law.

          If some people had their way, the person who sells a 17 year old a porn mag at a convenience store would go to jail. Meanwhile, Casey Anthony is scott free.

          Fair, huh?

          PS – Forgot to say the girl in the case mentioned above was 16 too which is the age of consent in most states. So you can legally have sex with a 16 year old in these states, but buy him or her a sex toy and you go to jail.

          /makes sense

      • Buying a vibratory for you teen daughter is a lot different from buying one for a 12 year old. Think about that. You want some dude to buy one for your kid? Whether for a boy or girl it’s wrong. If they didn’t know what to do with it would you show them? And showing porn to a child is illegal too. Incimination of pornography to a minor.

  13. Not here to comment about him or the accusations against him which sound pretty damning if his own daughter is saying she believes them and that he raped her, but since when do reporters release the name of underage victims of sexual battery or rape?

    I think the reporter should be shot, and if convicted, so too should Mr. Hayden.

  14. It would be easy enough to find out his daughters name. Not a fan but I find this to be really offensive if not true. I’ve been falsely accused( NOTHING like this) by an ex-wife. Hope it’s not true.

  15. WOW–I pray that this is nothing more than groundless allegations filed by a “scorned-ex-girlfriend”…And I couldn’t make out from the public information I have read so far if the “daughter” that verified the allegations as legitimate was the 12yr old or Stephanie, Will’s oldest daughter…?

    If this is true, I am getting that same “can’t be him, living in denial” type feeling I had when I first heard OJ might be the actual perp in the murder of his ex-wife…

    Seems like nothing is sacred anymore…

  16. Courts suck. They drag you through the mud make you spend tens of thousands of dollars defending yourself against allegations that they know are crapnjust to stroke their own egos. I know a very good man who had to spend $100k to clear his name even though the da knew he was innocent…but they were protecting a witness on a capitol case. They suck! Innocent until provent guilty. I say the state should have to pay for any fees they cause if they loose. These crape cases will cease.

  17. I don’t know how seriously I should take that TMZ update, TMZ loOOOOoves dragging celebrities names through the dirt – it’s how they make money.

  18. mean while under Obama’s most beloved, most beautiful sound on earth, rape victims are regularly stoned to death

      • He is referring to the Muslim call to prayer, which Obama once referred to as “the most beautiful sound on earth.” Muslim rape victims are routinely stoned to death in the Middle East.

    • The charges are nasty, the tactics of the prosecutor are nasty, I just hope the guy is able to make a decent defense for himself.

      Trial by media is your first clue that the “case” is suspect. I’d like to see the prosecutor flogged for poisoning the jury pool for his own benefit – if there is evidence, it can come out at trial, not through tmz after multiple unecessary perp walks.

  19. This is why we need a law that mandates that filing false charges lands the perjurer with the same penalty as their would-be victim. The double arrest is also bullshit. He already had a court date and no substantive facts in the case had changed. They could have amended the charges on appearance.

  20. I thought that they released the daughter to his house after the first charge. If they knew about a more serious charge, with supporting evidence, then why would they let the daughter go back to him after the first trip to jail?

  21. Didn’t the girl come out and say it was BS the last time? Why would she change her story like that? Doesn’t make for a very reliable witness.

    • Two daughters, one alleged criminal situation.
      Daughter Stephanie, who shares a TV show with him, said it was all a bunch of BS. Stephanie is married and has two kids of her own.
      The daughter involved in the accusation (one accusation, that he had a yearlong affair with his pubescent daughter) is now 12.

      After charging him with molesting the 12 year old and letting him post bail, they arrested him again and charged him with raping the 12 year old, just to make it especially expensive for him and the other taxpayers. For bonus points, they declared him a “fugitive” and sent the Federal Marshals after him. These are not the actions of a parish attorney who has any interest in justice.

  22. So this is the second accuser now?

    His phone records could damn him or exonerate him.

    One reason to consider always having a miniature recorder with you to protect yourself as a caregiver or teacher.

    • Same alleged victim already discredited, but apparently the D.A. is following a well established precedent by separating related charges and announcing one at a time and making a dramatic re-arrest and the ancillary charges. This will really challenge any accused to come up with the extra legal costs, and greatly reduces the accused’s ability to fund a vigorous defense.

    • same person, His 14yr old daughter, ex wife who has a long drug addiction history is involved in these allegations.
      DA’s now a days try to arrest and re-arrest, add multiple charges, over whelming and financially breaking a person and try to get someone to negotiate a plea deal so they get a conviction. Its pretty sad what prosecutors do to get convictions of innocent people,.
      The more convictions the better their record, the better (more money) job they can get. so corrupt its not even funny.

      Charges are Most likely not true

  23. Why did they rearrest him? I read he was arrested as a fugitive, did he hide out? Unless he was hiding from them I don’t see why the court couldn’t just proceed without re-arresting him.

    I met a guy before who was a “controversial” political activist out in Missouri. Very not-PC and he had a record of confronting state officials and policemen. One day they got it in their head to get rid of this guy and somehow they got an in-law to say this dude had molested his autistic step-grandchild. They carted him off to jail, broke one of his front teeth booking him and eventually put him in a psych ward due to his behavior before a judge. He got out a couple years later when the allegations against him vaporized.

    I am not saying Mr Hayden is innocent, but he could be.

    • He was picked up in a different parish (county) so he could have been in violation of his bond, or a Judges order of some sort. Most likely reason US Marshalls picked him up.

  24. I’m just shaking my head at all the people here giving the benefit of the doubt to a rapist thug. It’s funny, but not surprising, to see how many humans are stuck in a tribal mindset.

    • We prefer to call it the presumption of innocence, but when you are falsely accused of something we will be certain to just say “whatever”.

      • How about we don’t presume anything and agree to withhold judgement until the facts are known?

      • @Paul G.

        I wonder how fast and eager you were to presume Michael Jackson innocent? LOL, whatever.

        • I thought Michael was really odd, a very naive individual who was probable trying to recapture the childhood he didn’t seem to have, not exactly “innocent”. But since he wasn’t found guilty in the court of law, I couldn’t say otherwise. I also didn’t give the parents of the children much credit during the civil suit, since if they willfully let their children stay over at his “neverland ranch” even when accusations were still out there.

        • When you automatically impose your own feelings upon others, it is called projection. At least we are learning a lot about your own emotional immaturity. Whatever.

  25. I am just going to keep my mouth shuts and hold judgement until the trial is over. TMZ isn’t exactly a reliable source (for the update) if it is true though it could go either way that he was manipulating her on what to say when she was questioned on the initial charges, her mother is manipulating her to change her story, or the police pressured her to say it.

    • The consensus of the gun nuts on this board is that the girl (girls) are liars and or this is a police conspiracy. Many GN’s have had bad experiences with ugly divorces, child support litigation, restraining orders and all the other abuses White Males suffer at the hands of women.

      It is just possible that this cordite soaked thug is as guilty as he looks. Rape is about domination and so are guns.

      • @Bob Brown Buddy, I take offense at your post for over-generalizing by stating that the readers of TTAG are in your words “Gun Nuts” and therefore are naturally into, again in your words, “domination.” Holy Cow that’s defamation of character in the worst sense…!

        To in any way whatsoever associate/infer an alleged child rapist’s demonic behavior with their love of a great American Past-time and ever so popular contemporary sport/hobby is enough to necessitate an abrupt emergency visit with your local Dentist where I come from…

  26. I worked with a guy named ****** that was arrested for molesting a 13 year old. His name and picture were in the paper (this was back when people still read papers). Months later the charges were dropped. Seems ***** was dating the mother of the 13 yr old and she (the 13 yr old) just plain didn’t like him. So she made it up to break up the “romance”.

    Of course, the paper reported this…on about page 10. The accusation was on Page 1. Where was ****** supposed to go to get his reputation back???

    I don’t know if Hayden is guilty or not. Given my dislike of him after trying to watch the soap…a…his show, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was guilty. But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised at him being innocent either. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  28. I have watched the show since it aired. I would never assume that I know someone’s character by watching a TV show. However that said I can’t believe at this point that all the facts are in. So in light of that I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Innocent till proven guilty. I’ll stand with him till that happens. Seems these days everyone is guilty till proven innocent. Especially on the Internet. I wish him, his family, his employee’s, and his friends all the best thru this ordeal.

  29. Red jacket… More like RED WINGS. That old fart was banging that little girl with one of them big barreled AKs. Better call Bloomberg. I think the guns made him do it . All that gun powder and no boom boom you know what im saying. Took her cherry and ate it that man did. I think he was touching them boys too. They act alittle funny like a couple of queers with squirt guns filled with cum on pride day.

  30. If this turns out to be lies! Just to destroy his reputation. Then both girlfriend and 12 year old should be locked up.

  31. First off, I would not take the word of a 14 years old girl who has a mother that is a drug addict. I have seen this scenario time and time again, angry teen girl with a mother who hates her ex and wants money, encourages the teen girl to hate her strict Dad even more, tell her how they can get what he has if he goes to jail, she persuades the teen girl to make accusations that are not true, the kid is to young to understand the seriousness of the accusations.
    Yea, this is a repeating scenario, mind you, you still have to investigate it just in outside chance it is true

  32. He probably did it or he wouldn’t have had a warrant issued for his arrest.
    God is good at getting the bad guys arrested. And I’m sure the 12 year old kid is there to testify truthfully to all allegations. Case closed. Just shoot him now.

  33. I think this is a ploy to destroy ones character and nothing more. If they so prove he did it I will be surprised to say the least. Cause if you are molesting one girl would it not be the case with his other daughter? And she said nothing like that ever happened in her household. So let’s see how things pan out.

  34. Child molestation, incest, and rape isn’t something to be light heartedly joking about or debating the truthfulness online like it’s a debate over the usual celebrity gossip. Yes I agree in the weight of being innocent until proven guilty. However, I also believe that with a rape and/or molestation accusation from a child you absolutely treat it like a truth and proceed with following the proper measures for protection and prosecution until it’s either proven or cleared of guilt. Not taking them seriously when/if it’s true is violating them again.

  35. Well my, my, my! Further info:

    Former “Sons of Guns” reality star William Hayden is facing more charges of raping children.

    An East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicted the 49-year-old on two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape Wednesday.

    Hayden is charged with raping a pre-teen girl repeatedly, from a little after her 11th birthday in March 2013 until August of this year, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

    He is also accused of raping another woman, now in her 30s, when she was a pre-teen about 22 years ago. She told police she was staying with Hayden’s family at the time after her house burned down and did not think her family would believe her, according to the Advocate.

    Hayden is already facing charges in Livingston Parish for sexually abusing his 12-year-old daughter, authorities said.

    The Red Jacket Firearms founder was arrested in August for “orally and vaginally” raping his 12-year-old daughter, according to police.

    East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore could not confirm whether the new charges involve the same child from Livingston Parish.

    Hayden’s other daughter and former TV co-star, Stephanie Hayden Ford, came forward with allegations that Hayden sexually abused her as a child.

    The father came into Ford’s bedroom drunk one night, she said on the talk show “Dr. Phil.” He began pinching and kissing her while trying to remove her clothes, she said. She escaped his advances, which never happened again, she said.

    Aggravated rape convictions in Louisiana carry a mandatory life sentence without parole. If Hayden is convicted of forcible rape, he could face five to 40 years in prison.

    He is being held at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on $350,000 bail.

    “Sons of Guns,” a Discovery Channel show centering on life in Hayden’s custom gun shop, was canceled after Hayden’s arrest in August.

  36. And that dumb son-in-law and his trans-sexual wife were arrested as well. What a cluster f-ck:

    By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Sunday, October 26, 2014

    The daughter of reality star William Hayden, of the now-canceled reality show “Sons of Guns,” has been arrested on child abuse charges just two months after her father was arrested for child molestation.

    Kristafor Ford, husband of Stephanie Hayden, is accused of hitting a 9-year-old with a leather belt on the child’s lower thigh, causing a large bruise. Mrs. Hayden was arrested Friday in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, and charged with principal to cruelty to a juvenile because she was allegedly in the room at the time of the incident, a local Fox affiliate reported.

    Both Mr. Ford and Mrs. Hayden appeared on the canceled Discovery Channel series that followed employees at Red Jacket Firearms, which was owned by William Hayden before he was forced out of the company over molestation charges

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