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Suspects in Madison home invasion (courtesy

“I can tell you that in my 27-plus years of policing here in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes that I’ve ever seen.” That’s the exact pronouncement of Madison, Wisconsin Interim Police Chief Randy Gaber [via] re: a home invasion by six scumbags. Specifically, “Madison police say three men planned a home invasion, but broke into the wrong home on Quincy Avenue on the north side around 6 a.m. on February 23. Police say the suspects were aware it was not the intended home, but they proceeded to violently attack the two victims who had been sleeping. The suspects are accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the woman who was six months pregnant.” Actually, that’s not nearly specific enough . . .

What hell did the perps put those innocent civilians though during their 45-minute invasion? Here’s hoping the entire chronology of events comes out at the trial – and that the criminal or criminals providing the information do not receive lenient sentences for providing it. I want people who believe in infringing on Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms to come face-to-face with the facts of this case – where unarmed Americans were brutalized by armed thugs – so that the antis understand that no law would have stopped the assault.

Actually, that’s probably wrong. What’s the bet that at least two of the perps had previous convictions for firearms-related offenses? What’s the bet that at least three of them had a rap sheet that included a conviction for a violent offense? A law that would have incarcerated them for these offenses MAY have kept them from destroying innocent life. Again, that’s what they did to unarmed Americans.

If one of the two residents had a firearm, preferably on their person, they would have had a good chance to stop the gang assault in its tracks. Of course, there were SIX bad guys busting in their door. If the victims lived in a state which prohibited handgun ammunition magazines to 10 rounds, the armed self-defender would have a minimal margin of error. If he or she shot with the accuracy of the New York City Police Department (27 percent hit ratio), they would have been easily overwhelmed.

In short, this should have been a defensive gun use. Anyone who says differently – or would do anything to hobble the defenders’ ability to shoot their assailants – is a callous, delusional human being bent on increasing the sum of human suffering. That is all. [h/t Pascal]

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  1. Cue grieving mother/grandmother/aunt/etc… “But [fill in the blank] was a good boy! He never do nothin’ like dat!”

    • That usually happens when the victim fights back and they try to turn the table on who is the victim.

    • Yeah probably not; the victims took the abuse like good little subjects so the mainstream media won’t be interviewing any family members.

    • And cue the missing fathers, who won’t be available for comment because they haven’t been seen since before these criminals were born.

      • For real. But, speaking of that, let’s assume the “fathers” were on the household scene, after all. Would they have turned out better if the so-called “dad” were there to:

        A: Beat their mother on a regular basis
        B: Beat them on a capricious and drunken basis
        C: Stole the rent money and bought hard drugs
        D: Still been a member of the family, but in the state penitentiary?

        You see how skewed the “it’s the fatherless black household) BS is? We had better face the fact that the core black family (there are excellent exceptions) was destroyed decades ago, and this is something that police, lawyers, prisons or a zillion long-painted-fingernail social workers is not going to fix… for a really long time.

        That horse was out of the barn before most of you were born. You can trace it back as far as slavery, which broke families up. Once and for all. It may be earlier than that; I just don’t know how to know about that.

        What is boils down to, I believe, is not just broken families. It’s not just barely-at-all families. Role models? Don’t make me laugh. Or throw up in my mouth, a little. It’s SO bad that it’s not even about role models; there are good role models available. But they almost always choose Johnny Too Bad, the horrible role model.

        Sure, the schools must shoulder some blame. But you can’t be educated if you believe education is “Whitey’s bullshit”. I mean, could you possibly?

        And yeah, yeah…. popular culture and “gangstaism”. But you can STILL make the right choice, in spite of it all. The black Americans I’ve known are almost all from good, strong family structures. And they didn’t embrace Thug Culcha. But all of them. I’ve know blacks who came from shaky and unenviable backgrounds. And not a one of them turned out to be bad people.

        You can say I haven’t been exposed to the other side. That’s true. But it’s obvious prison sentences are anything but a deterrent to crime; our prisons are universities of crime. They don’t prevent crime – they just turn out better and more determined criminals.

        So scratch that lousy “solution”, okay? There are lots of uninhabited, remote islands out there. How’s about once someone accumulates a rap sheet of X length, we airdrop them or this or that one, with no supplies? OK… one sandwich. Then they’re on their own for the duration. Thank can go Wild Savage on their fellow prisoners… nobody knows, nobody sees but Jesus!

  2. Hang ’em in the public square and leave their corpses out for a week.

    I don’t care what color, race, persuasion, background, nationality, political party, etc. they were a part of. This type of stuff needs to stop.

  3. Acts like this make me seriously consider advocating the mazzatello (execution by mallet). It was used only for the most loathsome of those to be executed.

    • Gentlemen, please! As supposed staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights are we so ready to disregard the Eighth Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      As heinous as these sorts of crimes appear to us, do we dare take the stance of the Anti-2A crowd that our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights are subject to revision by the people or the government on a whim?

      We either support the entire Bill of Rights or we agree with the anti-Constitutionalists that these amendments do not in fact mean exactly what they say.
      We stand for all or we stand for nothing.

      • Agreed. However, “the punishment shall fit the crime” is also a rule of biblical (and arguably natural) law and as so is incorporated into the Bill of Rights, even if implicitly, but virtue of the fact that our Founding Fathers were religious beings. Cruel and unusual punishment is and should be outlawed. However, I would bet my last dime that most would agree that death by mallet or hanging or anything else you can possibly imagine would STILL not be sufficient punishment for SIX men who gang raped a pregnant woman. I am against excessive punishment. However, there are no words to describe these males (I refuse to describe them as “men”) nor the actions they have taken, and as such, they deserve far worse than whatever they will receive. GUARANTEED.

        • Good on ya for finding the loophole. These beasts need to be humiliated and beaten damnsanear death.

      • I agree with you, do not shred the Constitution. One question: If we do this to all of the good people who perpetrate this kind of crime, and level of heinousness, when does it not become cruel or unusual? At what point does it become usual? Also, I detect an and in there.

      • 1. Death by mallet was an accepted form of execution at that time for particularly heinous capital offenses

        2. I don’t actually share the ideology of the Founding Fathers

        3. I don’t believe in the “Bill of Rights” as a foundation of any right I claim or exercise. By itself, it is just words on a paper. At best enforced as human positive law, changeable by the whim of voters. To the degree that we respect the “rule of law” we have set a certain benchmark for amending the constitution.

        4. Instead, to the degree I even will use “rights language” I will found in on nature and justice. I believe in the 2nd amendment because it is in accord with natural law. It is good law.

        5. So no, you are claiming I can only support the right to arms if I buy into your ideology. I don’t. I am not a libertarian, but I will support them where we share common ground. I am not in favor of liberal democracy, but I will cooperate with those who are and in it in order to promote our common good. I don’t believe in rights language (which reverses the ontological order between justice and rights in an older sense), but I agree materially on many things with those who do. I am a devout Catholic, but I am going to work with a Jew when we have common ground. I am a traditionalist conservative, but hey if a liberal or an “American conservative” (read liberal conservative, those words are not opposed) shares common ground with me, great

        6. I will support the Bill of Rights as such because they are the law, and the rule of law must be upheld. I would oppose amending to get rid of the 2nd because it is good law. I understand the 8th amendment against cruel and unusual punishments to be precisely against punishments done for spectacle or out of proportion with retributive justice. Execution of pedophiles, rapists (what SCOTUS outrageously calls cruel and unusual) is not cruel and unusual. It is just.

        • While I do take some issue with the tone of your post, I think you’re more right than wrong.

          I don’t believe in “natural rights” much, either. I think “natural rights” are a cop-out, because of the implication that if you are willing to forgo them, I probably should, also. That’s the “cop-out” part.

          The concept is a cop-out because it suggests those rights will always be recognized as such. Hey, they’re “natural”, RIGHT?

          WRONG. Every one of them has been bought and paid for by somebody who fought and suffered before you, and if you believe in the concept of “rights” at ALL (I happen to do so), you must be ready, willing and able to do what they did, and it seems we all might have to do more, not the same.

          And… I can’t get to your post to reference the rest of you points, because it WAY up there, and a hard road to travel.

      • How about releasing them all at 2 PM and notifying the victim families 2 hours before? Don’t forget to have a baseball bat salesman in the parking lot.

    • There is only one sentence suitable for rapists.

      Their junk should be nailed to a chair on top of a pyre. Once the pyre is lit they are provided with a dull knife.

    • Give them a Bronx special

      Duct tape ’em to a chair and hand out screwdrivers to the crowd. Come back in 5 and hose away what’s left.

    • Indeed. Three rounds in each? Well that’s 18 rounds right there. Is it me or are these home invaders showing up in larger and more aggressive squads? “High cap mags?” More like “reasonable minimum mags” if you ask me.

      • This of course is exactly the sort of line you would get from advocates of the “Safe” Act in NY that originally attempted to ban anything over 7 round magazines. Better not miss.

        • Step One: Use as many bullets as necessary to stop the threat from normal cap mags
          Step Two: Spread low-cap mags with enough residue on them around the place.
          Step three: Put the normal-cap mags away in a safe hiding place.
          Step four: NOW call 911.

          Problem solved.

      • Shoot one and the other 5 pu$$ies won’t even stick around to carry him out. Make a real mess of him and see who wants to be next.

    • A home invader limit need to be passed. Home invasions shall consist of a two person perpetrator team maximum.

    • This. I would certainly feel better not to be limited to 7-10 rounds should a gang of six come to my house. Has Gov. Cuomo seem this article?

    • Nope. Rack ’em. In the town square. Maybe take a week.

      Or, ye’ olde “slowly lowering on to a short, broad stake aimed at the anus”. Maybe take a week.

    • Gentlemen, please! As supposed staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights are we so ready to disregard the Eighth Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      As heinous as these sorts of crimes appear to us, do we dare take the stance of the Anti-2A crowd that our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights are subject to revision by the people or the government on a whim?

      We either support the entire Bill of Rights or we agree with the anti-Constitutionalists that these amendments do not in fact mean exactly what they say.
      We stand for all or we stand for nothing.

      • Actually, I think the eighth amendment need not be invoked in this case. Instead, as gunowners, in a case like this we should be focused on winning EACH of these criminals’ hearts and minds: With two shots to the heart and one to the mind!

      • You’re right. The Apaches taught me: bury ’em up their necks near an anthill, and cover their heads with honey.

    • ^^^ Suspect and totally unnecessary. Also cowardly. If you’re gonna say it, just say it and take the heat.

  4. THIS is exactly why NOBODY should be denied the right defend themselves with a firearm with whatever magazine capacity they so desire. This story also completely destroys the gun control advocates argument that “home intruders are just looking for stuff to steal and will run away as soon as they realize someone is home. No need to shoot them.” Absolutely ridiculous! I’d like to see Shannon Watts et al explain how gun control kept this family safer.

    • If you ask Shannon Watts that question, you might get an answer along the lines of “It was the culture of gun violence that made them do this.”

      She would likely find a way to spin it to be a gun’s fault, somehow.

      • Sure, she would say the phallic imagery of a gun led these poor, downtrodden and oppressed youths to believe that rape was a legitimate emotional response and expression of their frustration at their station in life.

    • Whatever the lefts actual answer, in their heads they would just be thinking “well, sometimes people just have to die so I can have my way”.

      • Wow, that’s dark. The even darker part is how easily that idea is to accept as quite possibly true.

        • I am completely convinced that it is true. It is the collectivist mindset. The greater good and all that. Socialist/Progressive/Gun Control Types believe that the ends justify any means. If they thought they could get away with it, they would kill anyone that stood in their path and justify it with Utopian proclamations. Go read one of their blogs and see how many of the comments wish for the literal death of the opposition. Sure, you will find that kind of talk almost anywhere, even here at TTAG (another reason for the new comment policy). The difference though is that it is the predominant theme in their responses to anything that opposes their vision for society. I actually overheard a guy in the barbershop say that he wishes Obama would just arrest and or kill all the conservatives and proclaim the new law of the land. He genuinely believed that was a viable solution to societal ills.

      • I think you’re on to something there. No one is more mean-spirited (or more racist, for that matter) than a doctrinaire liberal. Sorry for the double post, something happened the first time and it looked like it didn’t “take” so I tried again.

      • Holy crap, man… NEVER have I heard this put better than you did! NEVER!! It’s about them “having their way”. There’s a word for that: INFANTILISM. It’s a perpetual temper tantrum.

        And they nearly invariably raise children who are weenie-copters.

    • I think this reinforces the point that good people need to be armed, as Wisconsin has very reasonable gun laws (at least compared to the People’s Republic of Maryland, where I live). People have a responsibility to protect themselves and their family, to the best of their ability and willingness.

    • Anyone who has forcefully entered a living space that does not belong to them has forfeit their life.

      • I agree. The home (permanent or temporary) must be inviolable. Anything less is rule by terror.

  5. While I generally agree that these “alleged” perpetrators should be tried, convicted, and after 15 years of appeals executed for this crime, it presumes a great deal and relinquishes a lot of authority and discretion to the justice system. The victims do not get to decide what charges will be brought, who will get a plea bargain for turning against the others, nor any of the numerous other legal mechanics that will be in play over the years it will probably take just to get to trial.

    Armed self defense is the only real solution to these sorts of crimes. So long as vermin like this exist within the society no amount of cops and prosecutors will resolve the issue. It is fairly obvious that they provided no effective deterrence to this crew. And yet statistically it shown that that in neighborhoods known to have a high likelihood of effective personal defense these sorts of crimes seldom happen. I think we could also safely presume that on the first or second round coming at them out of the bedroom these cretins, who had no particular reason to target these people and so no reason to risk their lives in continuing the assault, would be falling all over each other on their way back out the door they just broke down. Just sayin’.

    • And the other problem with execution for this sort of crime, as emotionally satisfying as it may appear, is that it gives the perpetrators a very strong incentive to never leave a live potential witness behind.

      • That’s a powerful realization, Cliff. And if you can’t get to that place, you’re living in Wonderland. Your entire belief system is built upon shifting sands and Denialism.


  6. Is there some portion of every police academy curriculum in America that teaces “cliche 101” ? Every cop I ever read about in any article states, “in my (insert number of years on job) I have never seen (whatever crime or heinous occurrence they’re talking about) so bad, so terrible……. We’ll you get my drift.
    Talk about your standing headline.

    • Cliche perhaps, but such statements should remind everyone that, no matter how experienced the cops are, they can’t prevent crime. The best they can do is catch the scum after the fact and temporarily take said scum off the streets.

    • Gang raping a pregnant woman for 45 minutes is a particularly hideous crime. RF is quoting the police chief.

      When you actually get on scene and investigate nasty crimes, you get a new understanding of how evil people can actually be. I won’t apologize for the cliche and neither should anyone else.

      • Any kind of rape is horrible, just commenting on the same old same old when it comes to cop quotes. I tell you, some of you guys are touchy old ladies who take offence at practically everything.

        • We are all impressed by how cool and worldly you are that you can be blase about raping a pregnant woman.

    • Oh yeah the cop should totally work on his rhetorical skills for occasions like this cuz we totally need creative and original speech when something like this happens in a community.

    • My report reading experience has been different. It seems to me that when the PC says it is one of the most heinous crimes he has seen in his career, it usually involved a particularly violent assault on innocents. Sneak one in your comment the next time you see a report contrary to this.

  7. The h/t was not me. But thanks of thinking of me since I do send a few your way from time to time 🙂

  8. Only 3 perps carried out the actual home invasion. The others are charged with conspiracy and accessory after.

  9. Perfect example also on the dangers of mag capacity limits. 6 perps, 7 rounds may not get it done.

  10. Christopher Newsom and Shannon Christian, both raped and tortured for days and then murdered by six human predators.

    If you don’t have a strong stomach, best not to Google the details; but if you do; you will see proof that evil does exist in the world.

    Carry a weapon and NEVER surrender yourself or your gun if human predators have a weapon threatening a loved one; better that everyone were to die a quick and merciful death than to experience what Christopher and Shannon did before they were murdered.

  11. this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes that I’ve ever seen

    Did you catch that? “Probably.” And “one of the most disturbing.”

    When something like this is only probably among the worst, then you’ve been policing in Mogadishu or something, not Wisconsin.

  12. Returning briefly to the recent Benelli m4 vs SCAR post…Benelli with extended tube, accept no substitute.

    Not to worry, AG Holder will be sure their voting rights are safe and secure when they all get out in 5 to 10.

    • Ya know, I would be really ashamed to be the party that so actively pursues the “felon vote”.

      • Here on TTAG we have commentors that are all for completely restoring gun rights to felons once their sentence is up. Do we want that now?

        • Not me. I’m fine with theses dirtbags not ever voting again (we wouldn’t know anyways without voter ID) or having gun rights ever again (they may still carry anyways because it doesn’t seem like they have much regard for the law). In fact, I’m pretty ok with them not breathing anymore, should they be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I’m at work and haven’t had time to research the whole story.

        • I am in favor of restoring gun rights to felons. I am also in favor of bringing back the death penalty for rape and armed robbery and using it much more often for murder. Hang these six and restoring their rights isn’t an issue.

    • The Benelli would put a slug through two of them lined up in a doorway or hall. Buckshot would make spaghetti as well.

  13. The people who say that home invasions are a statistically remote “straw-man argument” for armed self-defense–based on fear mongering orchestrated by the gun lobby–must have to work very hard to suppress the memory after reading a story like this.

    • It may be a statistically low probability event, but that does not matter. As someone here stated recently, it’s not about how likely it is, it’s about the stakes involved.

      The statistical likelihood is itself a straw man. When it happens to you, God forbid, the odds just went to 100%. Low probability at that moment will not save your life.

      • Risk is probability multiplied by consequence. While the probability is (thankfully) remote, the consequence is extraordinarily high. So the risk is still unacceptable. Besides it is not about “needs”, but rights.

      • …or you could reverse their statistical argument and point out how statistically rare gun homicide is in the US (contrary to media hype).

    • I’ll bet the two victims in this story thought it was statistically remote as well… which is my standard response (with an example article) to the grabbers that bring it up.

      • Given that they reside in Madison, a liberal utopia, they were likely rabid supporters of confiscatory gun programs. Statistically speaking, of course. As horrifying as this was, and I would not begin to wish it on any libtard, I have to wonder if their recent experiences will alter their political views. For their sake, I hope it does.

  14. Sickening.

    I’m eagerly awaiting Bob Cook’s comment on this one given he said…

    “I don’t understand the mindset of feeling like I would need to carry a gun as I would carry my smartphone. I know the threat is out there, but so is the threat of tornadoes, and I don’t carry a storm shelter on my person at all times. Because I don’t live like I could be under attack at any moment

    They entered the wrong home.

    That reminds me of a home invasion right up the road here back in December or November of ’13. Similar deal. Two baddies broke into the wrong home (they thought it was the house of a dealer rival they wanted to steal from), only the homeowners there were armed.

    Score that one a win for the armed home owners.

    You NEVER know when evil will come your way.

    • The difference between a tornado and a violent attack is that you can stop the attack. If you are armed and prepared. The tornado is going to keep coming, no matter what you do. Bad comparison.

  15. Death by firing squad. Blindfold, cigarette and everything. Air it live on world star hip-hop.

    • With all respect to you Ruester,

      F that. No cigarette, and especially no blindfold, their victims were accorded no such compassion. And shoot only limbs and non vital areas, let them bleed out.

    • I prefer public hangings. I don’t believe a lawful execution should be quick and painless.

        • If you let them drop several feet and their neck is snapped, then yes, it is quick an painless. But, if you set up where they just dangle and basically strangle to death, it can take a minute or two and they are in agony the whole time.

        • At Alcatraz the problem with hanging was that the hanged man’s head too often popped off. If the drop is too fast, too far, the rope diameter incorrect, or the condemned man’s neck to fragile, the decapitation results. I’m not sure why they considered that a problem. Perhaps the Liberal Auxiliary marched against needless head-popping? Or was it the resulting mess? I don’t know.

      • So basically you aren’t any better than they are. Justice calls for their deaths, not their torture.

        • I’m surprised you consider hanging to be torture. A minute of discomfort is hardly torture, and neither cruel nor, until very recently in the Republic, unusual.

    • Gentlemen, please! As supposed staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights are we so ready to disregard the Eighth Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      As heinous as these sorts of crimes appear to us, do we dare take the stance of the Anti-2A crowd that our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights are subject to revision by the people or the government on a whim?

      We either support the entire Bill of Rights or we agree with the anti-Constitutionalists that these amendments do not in fact mean exactly what they say.
      We stand for all or we stand for nothing.

    • +5 Internets. I could actually see that becoming a status-thing, with the perps yelling “Worldstar!” just before being executed.

  16. I would bet money that whatever side of the gun control issue the victims were on before this happened, they are now pro gun for law abiding citizens today.

    • I’m not confident of that result. In my experience such people joint rabid anti-gun groups because….the perpetrators had guns. “We must stop all the gun violence!” “A gun raped my wife!” And so on. Of course I hope your expectation is the reality.

  17. I not only believe in the death penalty, I believe in a very slow, degrading, death penalty in cases like this. A strong, clear, visual message must be sent that if you are committing crimes that shows no conscience or regard for humanity then your execution, preferably at the hands of one of the victims or their kin, will follow the path that YOU chose for your prey. A fire ant hill would do nicely.

    As per RF, Home carry people, home carry.

    • Gentlemen, please! As supposed staunch supporters of the Second Amendment and the entire Bill of Rights are we so ready to disregard the Eighth Amendment: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

      As heinous as these sorts of crimes appear to us, do we dare take the stance of the Anti-2A crowd that our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights are subject to revision by the people or the government on a whim?

      We either support the entire Bill of Rights or we agree with the anti-Constitutionalists that these amendments do not in fact mean exactly what they say.

      We stand for all or we stand for nothing.

      • Ok Ok, since you’ve missed the part where no one has responded to your repetitive post I’ll explain it to you. The hurt is ugly and fresh and people are won’t to talk about things they would not intend. Now let it go.

        • My post was repetitive because by the time I read this article the Comments section was filled with this sort of claptrap. I understand the passions involved and truly believe that justice would be served by these bastards taking a 9mm up the pipe, or anywhere else on their execrable bodies, by the intended victims acting in self defense. That does not, however, excuse our pontificating on the Second Amendment on the one hand and then deciding we can and should ignore one or more of the others just because we are really, really pissed off about something.

          If we complain that the tactic of the Progressives and gun-grabbers is to undermine the Bill of Rights, then ourselves undermine the Eighth Amendment, where is the strength of our argument?

          As stated in my article a few days ago, none of the first ten amendments has ever been amended or repealed since ratification. Progressives and other self-serving politicians have done their best to modify these natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights through unconstitutional legislation, but the rights themselves exist and we must support them en mass, or quit whining when the civilian disarmament crowd keeps coming after the 2nd Amendment.

      • Why do you keep posting that garbage again and again?

        The phrase “Cruel and unusual”, before it was perverted by leftists, meant punishment that was above and beyond the law. Hanging rapists is only cruel and unusual punishment under modern rule of law. Men convicted of rape were routinely executed in America in the past.

    • The Crown Heads of England believed the same thing. They thought that to “hang, draw, and quarter” a man would make an impression. They decided the punishment should be applied to religious dissenters. That is why my ancestor in my father’s line, a “Quaker,” fled England and took up farming in West Jersey near Philadelphia.

      I think we can skip the pursuit of horrid deaths and concentrate on the certainty of apprehension and severe punishment. I’m for the death penalty where there is no possibility of mistaken identity. Often it is possible to be certain of the identity. A panel will have to resolve the issue.

    • I, too, favor the death penalty in cases like this. However, I do not favor torture.

      I can’t understand why the various states, in their attempt to make executions painless, keep screwing up so badly. I can think of two simple, painless, certain mentods of execution. Each are much more certain of being painless than the current three drug procedure.

      1. Overdose of heroin. Most heroin users who OD never even get the needle out of their arm, and it must be enjoyable to use if they keep wanting to do it.

      2. Anoxia. Use a gas chamber type of room and simply flood it with nitrogen, displacing the oxygen. Conciousness simply fades away until your brain starves of oxygen.

      Either one of these methods would eliminate all of the “one of the drugs didn’t work and the perp died in agony” complaints from the anti-death penalty crew.

  18. The Anti’s will of course consider the fact that no one died a validation/ justification for gun control. Just think how many deaths may have occurred if the innocent couple would have had a gun and tried to defend themselves.

    “Rape me, Just don’t kill me”.

  19. Actually, only 3 actually busted in. The other three were planners, or after-the-fact accessories, as I understand it. So, even one firearm in the hands of the victims would most likely have saved them. Certainly, even with just 3 on-site perps, more than 10 rounds could very well make the difference. And yes, the lead bad guy had a couple of felony convictions under his belt, including sexual assault, and arguably should have been behind bars in the big house and not in the victims’ house. The state’s insistence on turning those kind of animals loose is yet another compelling argument for RKBA

    • Sadly, my guess is that this collection of human refuse was out on bail and prowling the streets again by 10 a.m. the next business day.

    • You know, I might have my cynicism dialed up too high, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s not the reason “they” hate guns and self defense rights so much.

      People that defend themselves kill the pawns…so long as the revolving door exists, crime stays high enough (and stuff like this happens, which leads to calls to “DO SOMETHING!”) to justify more laws, more active involvement by government, more activists, lobby groups, and of course, the news media gets a never ending stream of stories to report.

      Thugs are the pawns in this game; yeah, I can feel a bit of sympathy for these guys when looked at in this light. (Not much, though, they still make their own choices).

      The thugs think the good willed State is doing them a favor with early release and low sentences and parole and probation. I wonder if they realize how thoroughly they are being used.

      When a home owner successfully removes one of these career recidivists from the cycle, or more correctly if enough do, there are so many elements to a lot of narratives that get challenged. The State did not solve the problem, and they State has a harder time justifying the money they spend, the new cops they need, etc, etc, etc.

      It is a fascinating landscape upon which to gaze.

      • It is the old mantra of self preservation. I the police were ably eliminate crime, would we really need police anymore at least on the scale that we have them now? If gov’t fixed all of society’s problems, then there would be no need for gov’t.

      • Hmmm. Never thought about it that way, but it does make a lot of sense.

        Still, inspires absolutely NO sympathy for the thug perps though.

        Being from a poor and/or “underpriviliged” background should provide PLENTY of motivation to get educated, get working, and get your shite together – just as it has for multiple generations of all the immigrants who came to this country from all over the world both by free will and by force.

        Expecting anything less and excusing thuggery is just being racist (like most libs).

        • Yeah, I agree. By the sympathy remark, I just meant in terms of a very bird’s eye view of “lives wasted.”

  20. I thought Madison, WI was one those liberal/blue/nirvana/utopias where unicorns s-ing skittles happens, with no crime…? Wow, my bubble has been burst-not really. These vermin do need some exterminating.

  21. WAIT wait wait wait wait. Robert, you’ve gone overboard on this one. YES it should have been a DGU, but as Another Robert says, it was three guys, not six. AND Wisconsin has very liberal gun laws, allowing open carry and shall issue concealed carry; NO ONE denied the victims their right to keep and bear arms. I don’t think Wisconsin has magazine limits either.
    Instead, being in Madison (an incredibly liberal enclave in an otherwise mostly sensible state–a college town), the victims were probably a couple of liberals who don’t believe in guns. You cannot blame “society” or “the government” for their failure to arm themselves–that was their choice, and they will bear the scars of that choice forever. You can only hope that their attackers will receive appreciable long term sentences, and the victims will have learned from their mistake. What they most certainly are not are victims of anti-2A laws.

    • “it was three guys, not six.”

      That makes it better somehow?

      Those folks that made the choice to not be armed did not do so in a vacuum. We will likely never know WHY they made that choice. Perhaps they never even thought about it at all, one way or another. There are a lot of Americans who live with their head in the sand with respect to real violence.

      But, being in a college town, it is VERY likely that they were “strongly persuaded,” via peer pressure if not overt coercion, that guns were icky, bad and the cause of all evil. Further, it is also possible that they were likewise convinced that even fighting back was somehow “wrong.”

      I say this because I’ve seen it..not in Madison, but in a very similar college town in a mostly conservative state (Chapel Hill, NC). In Chapel Hill, people have been sold the idea that putting up cardboard signs declaring campus a “No Rape Zone” would stop a serial violent rapist. It did not, obviously.

      Despite the miserable failure of that program in the early 90’s, they revisited it at least one more time. You too can own your very own “Rape Free Zone” T-Shirt from their 2011 campaign.

      And while I admit this group is fairly narrowly focused, and perhaps not mainstream even on a campus like UNC-CH, I can say that I DID know people like this during my time there (and I did not get out much, graduate school did not allow much time for social activism even if I had been interested in stuff like this):

      Please read their ideology behind rape prevention.

      Peer pressure in these campus towns is a POWERFUL thing, so it very well may be that these victims drank the Kool Aid that (a) life’s dangers were not really that great, (b) you can reason with violent actors as if they are reasoning people with similar values and (c) someone else will do the heavy lifting in terms of personal defense.

      Of course, I don’t know that. I don’t want to assume it’s true. But, I do think “society” and the “local culture” as pressuring agents do share SOME of the blame in perpetuating these kinds of myths.

      • It doesn’t make it “better”, it just makes it more accurate. And RF ( and consequently others) used the number as an argument for high-cap mags. We want to leave stretching the facts to make our arguments to the other side I think, because even a valid argument looks invalid if it is made on the basis of “stretched” facts.

    • “it was three guys, not six.”

      Aside from that pleasure that comes from being pedantic, how does that make it better?

      I had a big old huge long post on the topic of social peer pressure in college towns that somehow got dumped.

      • {please delete that second reply if at all possible….ttag is lagging bad right now and there are a lot double and triple posts}

        • Nope; wasn’t the issue, but thanks, anyway.

          I reloaded the page about 10 times before posting the second message, and on this and other pages many users had multiple post copies at about the same time I posted.

          There was something technical going on, but it was not my browser.


  22. It’s all about the consequences of the choices we make.

    That homeowner and his wife chose not to have a self-defense piece handy – perhaps because they felt guns were icky.

    And, for 45 minutes, the three sub-human predators had their fun with the missus.

    That’s that *feel*?

    Ready to go buy a gun yet, buddy?


  23. Holy crap… 6 of them?

    This is more like a missed defensive CLAYMORE use than defensive gun use.

  24. Madison, WI seems to be a hotbed of this type of predation against women. I’m sure that lots of the people in Madison are effectively brain-dead on the issue of guns and crime, and they have the results to show for it.

    I’ll just leave you all with a few choice snippets, first a couple more gang rapes (the second complete with the cries of the anguished mother realizing that “her baby” is going away for quite a while):

    Annnnd then the usual pablum from the cops in Madison, the Chief, spouting his twaddle on gun control, as is the habit of liberal big-city cops:

  25. Could happen to anyone. ANYONE. I’ll never understand those twits who keep talking about statistical improbabilities. Math will protect you! Screw that noise. I’m gonna go hug my Mossberg and make sure the tube is full.

  26. This is where good ol’ western justice would come in handy. Brought to trial the next day, witnesses testify, build the gallows, hang them day after trial. Done deal.

  27. For all the frustration that’s been voiced regarding trying and punishing the perps, that’s all after the fact. I’m less interested in the justice system’s failures than that of people who will not, for whatever reason, take concrete steps to defend themselves against potential harm. Crying for more police, tougher sentencing, etc etc – all worthless horseshit, as far as I’m concerned. Excuse me. You, and only YOU, can decide for yourself to arm yourself with the means to defend your well-being and that of your loved ones. Period. End of story. If you cannot or will not take those steps, then fine – but do not, I repeat DO NOT, tell others what to do, not once, not ever.

    And if you live in a jurisdiction that refuses to let you protect yourself, then you need to either move, or become more politically involved and get the law changed. Again, simple as that. If you’re politically involved and still can’t get the law changed, then you need to decide what’s more important to you – obeying a law that can get you killed, or not obeying said law and arming yourself anyway. The animals, pigs, and politicians don’t care about you, why should you care about them?

    I know that it brings up the specter of an often ugly and brutal past, but reports like this do help to understand why we had mob justice from time to time.


    • Well said. All this lynching talk is now after the fact. Hanging Drawing and Quartering didn’t stop brigands and highwaymen from plying their trade. Some thugs are either predators who don’t care about punishment or so well organized that they can play the odds and still come out ahead. I can’t speak for anyone else but if they try to prey on me the odds of sleeping like a baby after it’s over will be very much in my favor and not at all in theirs.

      • Hanging Drawing and Quartering didn’t stop brigands and highwaymen from plying their trade.

        It certainly stopped repeat offenders.

        • Nope to inefficient use of government resources for something that amounts to little more than macabre entertainment. I want a justice system that keeps violent felons off the streets, not a bunch of dog shooting thugs badly imitating a lynch mob complete with lynching the wrong guy out of blood lust or race hate as happened far too recently in America.

          They even held picnics while they burned hung and castrated the wrong guy dozens of times over. Picnics and photos while butchering the wrong guy like a pig. That’s where that mentality goes, Ralph, and I don’t want that kind of entertainment. I simply want people to be able to protect themselves in an efficient and just manner, and that’s all.

  28. I vote castration followed by a good old-fashioned chain gang. Racist? Tell that to my beautiful black wife.

  29. This sort of thing NEVER happens here. Then again, the last three shootings in the news in my county were ALL homeowners shooting intruders.

    Armed self defense doesn’t just work on the purp shot, but on everyone thinking about doing whatever it is that he was doing that got him shot.

    ‘Hot’ burglaries here are unheard of. Now, I can’t prove that it’s because virtually every household contains a gun, but I have my suspicions.

  30. There is no evidence that the victims were unarmed. The thugs broke in at 6 am while they were sleeping. A dog or an alarm would have been a good start. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many guns you have, when you wake up with a rough hand over your mouth the guns aren’t going to do any good.

  31. Yeah!

    Why wasn’t the sleeping pregnant woman packing a shotty up her coochie???!!! She must not be a red-blooded American woman.

    Wait, there are laws that are not being enforced along with judges not properly sentencing violent criminals and prisons letting inmates go due to overcrowding and budget cuts? Noooooo……

    The Hammurabi Code would be quite effective in this nation….but criminals would find additional ways to use their willingly committed crimes to get “disability” money.

  32. Madison, WI, aside from being the capital city of the state of Wisconsin, is also the leftist/liberal capital in the state of Wisconsin…
    There are 3 cities in the state of WI that have turned it liberal blue, Madison, Milwaukee, and Green Bay…the rest of the state of WI remains conservative red…

    • Really? Figured Green Bay to be a relative red city. The way I always considered it was the southern part of WI was relatively blue versus the mid to northern. Which reminds me, I should go pick up some more boxes of defensive ammo when I go home for Spring Break.

      • But most college kids may vote locally, but the votes are counted in their home districts…

  33. These six obviously have a Death Wish. Let’s accommodate them. Too bad Paul Kersey, er, Charles Bronson, isn’t around to be a part of it.

  34. For those who think that the unwashed masses calling for a violent end to rapists is “why we need professional police,” I submit the following news story out of Detroit, another liberal, big-government shangri-la:

    “100 serial rapists identified after rape kits from Detroit Crime Lab are finally processed”

    So much for the assertions that professional police are the bulwark against crime and criminals.

    • Very interesting. But we have to consider the budget squeeze. Repeatedly over three decades Detroit had to decide whether to grant new raises to the PD or process the rape kits. The choice for any big city political machine would be obvious.

      • That’s exactly what I’ve been on about WRT to cops.

        They’ll loot the treasury to line their own pockets. The actual pursuit and generation of real evidence against real criminals (ie, non-political criminals) will always take an inferior priority to the comp/bennies packages, the toy budget and the donut fund.

        There are at least a dozen large cities in the US where you’ll be reading about severe public spending cut-backs in the next two years, and the central issue will be the outlay for law enforcement pensions that are underfunded and the outlandish defined benefit pension rules that are allowing cops to retire with high five and even six-figure pensions payments per year. Here’s a little sample of what is coming down the road, the most recent case I’m keeping my eye on: San Jose’, CA:

        Just as in Detroit, they’re cutting the salaries of the current employees (cops) to fund the retirement packages of those who are no longer out on the street.

  35. “Anyone who says differently – or would do anything to hobble the defenders’ ability to shoot their assailants – is a callous, delusional human being bent on increasing the sum of human suffering.”

    That IS all.

  36. I hate seeing these things happen, but when they inevitably do, I make sure the wife reads about it. She’ll never question the shotty behind the headboard or M&P on the night stand.

  37. Hey, Madison Wisconsin – liberal heartland of Wisconsin, home of a wonderfully sensitive and caring university – also known as “The Sexual Predators Paradise”, due to large numbers of liberal, unarmed, gun-fearing female college students. And what is the recommended solution to heinous, evil actions like this?

    Dane County’s Victim/Witness Assistance program is helping the couple recover from the incident and hopes the community will provide support and stay positive. “We don’t see senseless brutality like this very often,” says Julie Foley with that group. “We can help facilitate recovery just by being the community that we are.”

    Yeah, that will really help stop this kind of evil. Feckless idiots.

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