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JR writes:

In the every changing world of firearms owners, and hunters, much has been said of late concerning demographics of the sport. Those opposed to our gun rights would have you believe that only OFWG’s (Old Fat White Guys) are roaming around the woods looking for a taste of Bambi. A recent release of mind-numbing statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources shows us that this might not be the case. But still mostly. Kind of. In ye olde Wisconsin, this gun season saw . . .

  • Females represent 9.5%of total gun hunters.
  • 78,604 (or 13%) were youth (under age of 18).
  • 10/11 year old mentored gun deer licenses (13,050) are up 10%.
  • 9,001, or 35% of first-time buyers were youth (17 and under).

So while Obama may be capturing the majority of the national youth vote, up in Wonderful Wisconsin, the youth are still hitting the woods in number.

Eat your heart out Brady Campaign.


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  1. I believe that most people are not single-issue voters, and most single-issue voters are not gun rights/control voters. As important as the issue is to us here, it’s not a deciding matter in the general population. There can be, and are, people who are both pro-gun and who voted for Obama.

    Some believe that staying engaged in the political process will protect their rights, rather than relying on the NRA approved party candidates. Others don’t believe that there is any real threat to their rights at this time. Many, I believe, just don’t think about gun rights that much. To others, they don’t see the connection between their enjoyment of the shooting sports and what some anti-gun groups aim to do in the name of “public safety.”

  2. Do these demographics show new trends?

    Hunting has always been a family affair. It would not shock me if the percentage of youthful hunters has always been high, whether they were boys or girls. And moms hunt too.

  3. I’m a white hunter, but I took my 16 year old stepson for his WI first hunt, and we both got bucks. So it’s official, we are statistics!

  4. I hope one day to find the time to try hunting. I enjoy hiking and shooting, but I grew up in the city and didn’t have the opportunity to combine the two.

  5. While it’s good to have a mixed demographic for hunting, it doesn’t say much for our 2A rights. There are plenty of folks who hunt and would like to see more firearm restrictions. Take my home state of PA for example–no semi-autos allowed. My sportsman’s club enforces a 5 round max (goodness forbid I put all 8 rounds in my 9mm, oh the humanity!) Bow hunters seem especially disparaging towards firearm owners, especially when I “intrude” on their deer hunt with my small game hunting.

    • Yes. Yes it is.

      Click here for an interesting discussion about gays hunting at

      Another post on the topic here.

      Queers for Deers here.

      Click here for a nice welcome to a new gay member of

      And that’s just the first troll through the first page on a Google search on “gays and deer hunting.” You really ought to get out more often Mike. Next time you’re in the Land of the Free how about TTAG hooks you up with a gay hunting club or person and you see for yourself what it’s all about?

      • All right, all right, now that you guys have convinced each other that not only women but even gays make up a significant portion of the hunting public, what about nuns? Are they out there too? I’ll believe you if you tell me, no need to consult google for proof.

        • There you go: mischaracterizing others’ positions to pump-up your argument (and sarcasm). Nobody said women and gays make up a significant portion of the hunting community. As there are less than 5% of GBLTs in the population, why would they?

        • But, Robert, that’s exactly what the inference was. Thanks for admitting the truth.

          You see, if gun ownership and use were really as normal as you guys like to pretend, then women and gays (and even nuns?) would be significant participants. But, it’s not like that, is it?

          All the nonsense about “more women owning guns” has the single purpose of attempting to normalize what is anything but normal.

        • Minorities will always be a minority of the overall population of hunters/gun owners because they’re a minority of the population. The question you want to ask is what percentage of the minority community participates in shooting sports or owns a gun for self-defense, and is that percentage increasing? Isn’t it?


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