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While we’re not fans of off-body carry, lots of people are and do it regularly.MIDRAT Supply has announced their new DeepCover system that features a polycarbonate MOLLE-compatible frame — that can hold a gun a knife, a light, miscellaneous gear pouches, whatever — that slips into an outer sleeve with a breakaway front pocket for quick reach-in access to your gun. 

MIDRAT’s has just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the DeepCover and early buyers can snag one for $50. Here’s their press release:

DPCVR – The Ideal Off-Body CCW Solution.

DeepCover is a product that wouldn’t look out of place sitting on a table in your local Starbucks. It’s been designed to be discreet, yet highly functional. Inside the unassuming exterior resides a MOLLE compatible frame that can hold an entire EDC loadout. Which wouldn’t really be worth anything if you couldn’t get to it quickly. This is where another innovation of the product really shines through. On the front panel of the sleeve exists a faux front pocket that breaks away to give the user immediate access to their firearm inside.

The challenge MIDRAT faced at the outset of this project was to design an Off-Body Carry solution that was useful in every aspect of your life. Understanding Off-Body Carry isn’t a replacement for On-Body and should only be used when it’s not possible or prudent to carry on your person, we set out to create a product that could easily slip into the user’s life without compromise.

We started looking and found the market to be laden with bags made specifically for the Off-Body Carry of a firearm. The strong majority of these bags are very tactical in nature and project the fact that the wearer is carrying a firearm. The intent of carrying concealed is to remain as low-profile as possible… using a bag the broadcasts it’s contents seems rather counter-productive to that effort.

Granted, a small number of those bags are very well designed and look great. However, it’s still a single bag and asking it to work in every environment and in every situation is a tall order and it just simply can’t do it all. The choices are vast, but the good options are limited.

The requirement to switch from one bag to another on a daily basis and, at times, even throughout the day is very real. Expecting one bag that’s equipped for off-body carry to fit in to each scenario is just unrealistic.

Instead of trying to make one bag to rule them all, we thought, “How about we keep the bag and make something to work WITH IT.”

The spark had ignited the fire and it was time to move.

We set some goals for the product:

  • It had to work with any bag.
  • Allow immediate access to a firearm and other contents of the product.
  • Conceal the contents of the product even when the bag is open.
  • Be easily switched from one bag to the next.

This is when we decided to focus our efforts on a common feature between most bags, the laptop compartment. Designing for this area alone allowed us to focus on making DeepCover as versatile as possible, able to work with numerous bags and with as many accessories as could be thrown at it. All the while maintaining the ability to quickly access anything stored inside.

Whether you want your items to sit a little lower or a little higher, further forward or further back, maybe you’re a lefty or righty, it doesn’t matter. We made DeepCover to fit YOU. We designed it to meet YOUR needs, to work with YOUR bags, and fit seamlessly into YOUR lifestyle.

Weight is important and we didn’t want DeepCover to add any unnecessary bulk to your bag. So, we chose lightweight materials and minimized weight of the accessories to bring the combined weight of the DPCVR EDC Starter Pack in under 700 grams.

The Frame is strong and durable, made of a Polycarbonate/ABS blend. It provides mounting locations for your MOLLE gear and helps DeepCover act as it’s own compartment within your bag.

The Sleeve conceals the frame and everything attached to it. It has a faux-front pocket that allows immediate access to what’s inside as well as a zippered top when you need to swap out accessories. The interior is lined with microfiber and the exterior shell is durable while not being abrasive. It won’t hurt any electronics stored beside it. aka Your Laptop is Safe.

The Holster has been designed just for DeepCover and securely retains the handgun regardless of the orientation of the product. It’s also ambidextrous to accommodate all shooter types.

The Large EDC Pouch is great for loose items and bulkier ones. It has exterior loops and a divided interior compartment to help organize your gear and keep everything tidy.

The Single Tool Pouch is good for a spare magazine, a tourniquet, a flashlight, pepper spray, or multi-tool. It has an elastic band that grabs the item and keeps it in place.

With a multitude of Off-Body Carry options available on the market. DeepCover sets itself apart has a highly considered solution that allows the user to adopt the product into the lifestyle with ease while providing an unprecedented level of concealment and versatility.


MIDRAT is a Veteran Owned business focused on developing well-considered and highly-functional products. Our first product, the DPCVR EDC Insert was born out of a need that has been only lightly addressed by major players in the market. The need for an Off-Body CCW solution that can blend in to it’s environment and adapt to multiple situations is growing, and DPCVR meets it head on.


Every single day our military personnel, who have volunteered to place themselves in harm’s way to protect our way of life, stand ready to fight and risk their lives to maintain the freedoms exclusively enjoyed by those in this country. It’s important to MIDRAT to give back to this community by donating a portion of every sale to military affiliated 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to helping service personnel and their families.

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  1. Since now one will ever see or find me in any Starbucks. The same goes for off body carry. Not gonna happen ever.

  2. How about a loop of leather underfoot on the floor attached to a chain hooked to the frame inside the bag…give the jerk a real ‘jerk’ when the slack runs out. Kinda’ like “catch and release” purse snatchings and something to make in store video camera footage even more entertaining. -30-

  3. off body is like external safeties: Not applicable to most people at all — but it is still applicable to some of us and the best choice for in some situations.

    New and improved methods are of interest. As long as you know the downsides — and there are several serious ones

  4. Don’t know about anyone else but the bag I use for my laptop doesnt’ have room for this to be added in. Unless I leave out the laptop and that kinda defeats the idea don’t it?

    I think I’ll stick with my current choice on on body carry. Especially since a bag can get dropped, ripped off, mislaid, nosy parkers look inside. (yeah I know the sleeve hides it but what if it don’t?

    Next thing you know they’re calling the cops and you’ve got to spend some very nervous time explaining yourself to the cops while a crowd looks on.

    No. Thanks.

  5. The problem with purses, bags, fanny packs, etc. is that the a-hole criminals steal the the whole thing. The gun inside is an unexpected bonus.

    • Cellular trackers are very small and can be sewn into the bag. Reported fast enough and you might catch the prick.

      • Why come up with an overcomplicated solution to a problem when you could just avoid the problem altogether by not carrying off body in the first place? Not to mention all the problems with it:

        – Have to be fast enough, and the police, for the most part, do not have a reputation for being fast
        – The thief may just grab a few valuables (including your firearm) and ditch the rest, including the tracker in the bag
        – It’s clear to see a sewing on it and the thief may be able to figure out what it is if he cuts that shit open after noticing
        – Extra cost
        – Electronic, more prone to breaking/failing
        – Electronic, has a battery life
        – Electronic, not waterproof

        All of this is only considering the situation of recovering your items after they’re stolen. Items can be replaced, your life cannot. The biggest issue is being harmed/killed right after you are relieved of your weapon.

    • If you do a little research you will find shoulder and waist bags with cut resistant straps. The trick to off body in my eyes is off but attached around waist or neck/shoulder. I don’t, but some times it might be necessary, I’m not an ubanite. Off body is a stolen gun in my book. Heck, some people can’t get it right w/on body. Re. guns left in public restrooms by Fed agents, cops and civilian types. Or left visible in their vehicles, like a BLM LEO in san fransicko.

  6. Generally speaking, the only time I would seriously consider off-body carry is with a pdw (ar pistol, cz scorpion, etc), preferably in addition to what I carry on-person.

    Someone needs to make a good pdw bag that looks extremely generic (no visible logos and for God’s sake enough with the ‘tacticool’ features), yet offers quick access and maybe even affords the user some armor protection.

    • This is the first time I’ve heard this idea and I already wish it existed. Would actually make owning a PCC “pistol” kind of useful.

    • Look up the 5.11 Sling Bag.

      Pretty darn discreet. Can handle a folded MP5/Uzi and probably an SBR/Braced MPX/Scorpion with a folder on it. 10.5″ AR Upper JUST fits when disassembled with the lower next to it. There is a space for a water reservoir that will hold a plate as well.

    • Exactly right!

      It is extremely hard to find a bag that does not look conspicuous to carry a Ruger PCCarbine or a broken down AR platform weapon.. Bags are either too small or they look Tacti-cool and one look tells all that a firearm is inside. Some companies are making carry bags to look like Tennis racket bags, which to me is a huge sign that says “Steal me and run to pawn shop”

      If you can find the right bag you will need to devise something, similar to the concept in article, to keep your firearm from drifting around inside. I ended up getting a sheet of HDPE and taking a dremel to it. Cutting slots and connection points for Molle and velcro.

      PCCarbine attaches with velcro straps, does not roll around, lean, or move. Looks like a plastic kitchen cutting board with slots in it.

      • I agree. I looked up that 5.11 sling bag TomD suggested above and it’s just way too tactical. Dead giveaway unless you’re hiking or something. It’s kind of like your only real choice is a normal bag and a DIY rig to secure the weapon inside it, which is unfortunate.

        • OI think i have mentioned this before, but i have found daypack style hiking backpacks to be way more useful in everyday life, and they do not look tactical at all. My second gun, extra ammo, and a lot of other things are kept in mine. (I call it my $1,000 bag and it gets treated with the same care an envelope with $1k would get.)

  7. Off body carry leads to:

    Stolen firearms
    Children handling firearms
    Accidental misplacement
    Lost during an incident, such as a car wreck or mob panic in the office.
    Accidental discharges due to bumps, falls, misuse, poor handling, etc.
    Unintended people with access to the firearm, such as the threat being between you and your purse.
    Unintended finds of your firearm, such as bag searches or nosy people otherwise.
    Longer draw from concealment times (on average)

    Not to mention the LAST place you want your firearm is next to something thieves consider valuable like a laptop. Might as well try to conceal carry by wrapping it in cash!

    That is also why I dislike purse carry, you just stash all your most valuable things into one easy to carry bag.
    Your firearm is the last thing you want to lose control of as it is the main item that can get you back into control of your situation. You want it to hug close to your body so that anyone who may alleviate you of your firearm has to become extremely intimate with your person.

  8. Jeez. There’s off-body carry and there’s off-body carry… but putting your gun on a table in Starbucks protected only by a bag that screams “steal me, I have something expensive inside!” is about as stupid as off-body can get.

  9. When CCW fanny packs first came into vogue, I used one. I carried it on my shoulder just one time and in a restaurant, I placed it on the booth seat next to me. And sure enough, when my wife and I left, the fanny pack stayed on the seat. 15 minutes later I realized what I had done. I called the restaurant and they said the had it. I immediately returned and all was good. I have never off body carried since.

  10. I always carry concealed (on body) but there are times when one might need to carry off body or may need to carry ” a little extra”. The Vertx Transit Sling is about as “gray man” as they come, is quick access and can fit a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 or a CZ Scorpion. It is also a great commuter/laptop/EDC bag.

  11. I’m thinking most of you lot here “WHY Off body” are NOT females.

    Guys wear shirts and pants, women are not limited to those.
    Why do you think women have their bags in many different sizes?

    How do you carry “On Body” if you have to change in a public change room for activities like dancing, swimming, etc.,?

    You have less imagination than gun ban people.

    • Sex has nothing to do with it, many women carry on person and still dress fine.
      Men have the same problem women do if you change to go swimming at a public pool at full size 1911 is hard to hide with just a pair of shorts.

      The thing is, you don’t carry if you simply cannot do it safely. Off body carry is an extremely risky thing to do and should only be used if you absolutely have to, not as a convenience because you want to be fashionable.

      Women have become too used to putting everything of value in one bag, I tell the wife the same thing, a credit card holder with her big bills, credit cards, and ID fits her pocket better than her Iphone, so why not carry the good stuff on you. Nope, about twice a year I get a phone call about how her purse is sitting at work with all her stuff in it.

      Its not about gender, its about being complacent when you’re too comfortable with your surroundings, we live in a pampered country with little fear of evil and it gives too many people the feeling that nothing will happen because nothing has happened yet.

  12. I hold the anti-off body carry ninies in the same respect as I do the characters in “A Christmas Story” who kept saying ” you’ll shoot yourself in the eye kid!”. I carried a gun in a fanny pack for over 6 years in Florida, and NEVER forgot it, got it lost or stolen, or even had someone ask if I was carrying. I’ve carried in a backpack, gym bag and a a hydration pack. Ask your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, sister, mother, etc., when was the last time THEY forgot, lost, etc., their favorite purse or handbag. If it is valuable or important, you keep track of it,

    • I checked, the Wife, ex, sister, and mother have all left their purses MANY times and often quite frequently leave them sit unattended nearly all day.
      I don’t think you have as much experience with women as you seem to think.

  13. Off body carry has its place
    I work in a hospital and wear scrubs all day.
    My hospital has a guns free policy that will have me fired if my gun is ever noticed.
    So ankle and waist carry is out.
    Carry in a laptop bag is perfect in this situation.
    Right next to me, but no chance of being seen.

    • I disagree.

      Wife’s a nurse, for one, you should leave nothing laying around, unless you work from your desk all day, two, she has forgotten her purse more times than I can remember. Long stressful days lead to lapses in memory.
      She has had too many things to count stolen by friends and family of the ill, we no longer buy the expensive Littman stethoscopes, even nice jackets with hospital logo and her name on it have gone missing.

      No, I believe I wouldn’t carry off body in a hospital.

  14. You don’t HAVE to carry a firearm in it. You can carry on-body and use this for a couple extra mags, a small Otis cleaning kit, a multi tool, all kinds of stuff. I think it looks pretty handy.

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