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The Bruen decision means that even widely accepted and eminently sensible laws are suddenly suspect. Take, for example, the federal mandate that bans the possession of guns without legible serial numbers, which help law enforcement solve crimes. A West Virginia judge determined the mandate was unconstitutional because there were no similar laws dating to the 18th century. (A federal judge disagreed and reinstated the law on appeal, but it may still end up at the Supreme Court.) More egregious still, a Texas judge struck down a so-called red flag law, writing that any law barring an individual who has been indicted but not convicted of a crime from obtaining a firearm does not “align” with “this Nation’s historical tradition.” The practical effect of his ruling is to keep guns in the hands of individuals with credible accusations of domestic abuse. (The Texas judge’s ruling has been appealed and will be heard by the Supreme Court later this year.)

As for gun laws that did exist before 1868, like some regulations in New York, Justice Thomas said we should ignore them as “outliers.” But lest anyone think assault rifles are in jeopardy because they were not legal in the 19th century—indeed, they did not exist—the justices in the Bruen majority would disabuse you of this notion. As Chip Brownlee writes in The Trace (a nonprofit website covering gun-related news), their reasoning is that the Second Amendment “protects weapons that are in ‘common use at the time,’” which is now arguably the case with assault rifles, since they “are among the best-selling guns in America.”

Have the justices in the Bruen majority noticed that a “common use” of assault rifles is perpetrating mass shootings? Do they care? Until recently, the Supreme Court would take into account the public health impact of gun laws, but no longer. Now it insists on an arbitrary reading of history—and the majority seem not to care whether we end up with a gun in everyone’s hands, throughout the public realm. They are pouring gasoline on the fire of a public health catastrophe. …

Once gone, the rule of law is painfully hard to resurrect or institute. Consider the many countries that are mired in corruption, gripped by organized crime, suffering constant public violence or in the midst of civil war. Life becomes nearly impossible there, and it is hard to climb out of this mess when law is not respected. By recklessly empowering gun owners, our legislators undermine rule of law, pushing us into the ranks of lawless nations.

Christian charity is increasingly impracticable in this lawless state. Who is willing to reach out to strangers, lest we seem threatening and be shot? We are forced to look at strangers in a different light; we are forced to fear them.

The flood of guns and permissive laws ensure that many retreat, fortify themselves and seal themselves off from one another. This is no way to live. We are effectively deconstructing society, and all the good it enables, the life it sustains.

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan of New York is correct when he argues that “gun control is pro-life.” His colleagues must join him and denounce our reckless gun culture with the same vigor they devote to abortion.

— Firmin DeBrabander in The Bishops Must Denounce Our Reckless Gun Culture With the Same Urgency as Abortion

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    • The Gun Control nazi debrabander has been here before using criminals as an excuse to chew on The Second Amendment.

      As despicable as debarbander is there are Gun talkers who are much worse and would rather see Gun Control joe biden and Gun Control democRats in the White House than to see POTUS DJT in 2020 and 2024. Such closet gutless wonders talk guns and come across as people who despise joe biden and the democRat Party while the reality is they despise POTUS DJT and his voters much worse.

      There are Gun talking shills blowing lots of smoke to gain your trust and when they see an opportunity to denigrate DJT and his supporters the Gun talking shills inject their hate. And when you call them out they dig themselves in deeper by attacking your gender or saying such things as you need new batteries, you’re this and that, etc. Everything and anything but explaining why they fed America to the democRat Party.

      Do not be fooled by a bunch of gun talk and anti democRat hot air…Find out who you are talking to by knowing who they voted for in 2020 and who they will vote for in 2024. To be crystal clear with all: I campaigned and voted for DJT in 16, 20 and if he is the nominee I will proudly do so again in 24…And you?

      • I see lil Debbie is back at it, riding coattails again. Hop in line just like everybody else Deb. Everybody will still read you racial gun control diatribe all the same I promise ya

        • aq…I asked a question pertinet to voting and like the history illiterate snot nosed cut and run twerp you have proved yourself to be you did not answer…Grow a pair little man and answer the question.

        • Duly noted. You’re a mean little thing aintcha. Woo wee.

          And You seem to be obsessed with my “pair”. Over.

        • “…to be you did not answer…”

          Blah, blah, blah, lil deb talks the real big talk, doesn’t she?

          Now watch her show her true self (her ass) when she tries to get all pissy with me.

          C’mon, lil deb. Show everyone what an unstable mental case you are, and why you should probably be red-flagged… 🙂

        • Debbie I read your post, where in it did you ask a question? Please stop denigrating the people that give their opinions even if they don’t align with yours. We are promoting the same agenda.

      • Paragraph 1 g2g should end here
        Paragraph 2 needless division and personal problems
        Paragraph 3 wild and largely unsubstantiated accusations and more of paragraph 2
        Paragraph 4 duh level unnecessary.

        Shorter than Dacian but about as coherent or useful.

        • Yeah, but he spells better, and comes somewhat closer to using the actual English language. Just as stupid as dacian the demented or MajorLiar, though.

    • Think about it, we’ve had the guns. America is a well armed country and always has been. It’s NOT the guns, we Americans have always had our guns…it’s “cultural\societal ” change in the basic structure of America. Look at the summer riots during the last presidential election, 2020. Police were prevented from putting down the anarchy. Anarchy occurred at some level in every American city and nothing was done to stop the anarchist, and it continues to this day. Kill the anarchist and drug cartels.

  1. another whack job that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. the only gun laws we need are against the criminals leave the rest of us law abiding citizens alone. we don’t go out and shoot people only the whack jobs do that like the one talking in this article. who in the heck is he anyway I never heard of him.

  2. He looks like he’ll get caught on camera raping a dog like that prof at Penn State.

        • In the religion of peace it does matter. If the animal is female, then it is okay. But if the animal is male that is h0m0sexuality which is a sin.

        • Might work that way South of the Equator (thought only toilets swirled backwards down there) but in MY world that shit is in the same box with the Pedos and it does not matter what the dogs sex is or WHO is doing the fukking.. A sick fuk is a sick fuk…

        • MAXX,

          How DARE you, sir?!?!?!! Why, that nice professor might IDENTIFY as a dog!!! Don’t ‘mis-species’ him, by giving him a “dead species”, you bigot!!!!

          Tcch!! Will the bigotry of the evil Reichwing, rejecting the ability of ANY person to define themselves (from moment to moment) any way they choose, never end????? Or, perhaps, someone with an IQ above room temperature may someday actually be able to answer the insoluble question of “What is a woman?”

          These people are objectively insane, in addition to being fascist liars.

      • Are you surprised really? Barely made the news with the Boston pedo meth orgy complete with an overdose death

  3. “Consider the many countries that are mired in corruption, gripped by organized crime, suffering constant public violence or in the midst of civil war. Life becomes nearly impossible there, and it is hard to climb out of this mess when law is not respected.”

    I’ll bet that, if you look at those countries cited above, you’ll find that strict gun laws are a constant throughout the lot. The Second Amendment is the answer to, not the reason for, the turmoil cited above.

  4. “Once gone, the rule of law is painfully hard to resurrect or institute.”

    LOLOLOL! Oh, man. That’s rich coming from a sh*tlib, who’s tribe has been following a two-tiered system of justice for the last three plus years. Talk about a lack of self-awareness.

  5. Red Flag laws…

    The answer is NOT to violate the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms just because someone convinced a judge to issue an order or an indictment but no court has found the person guilty.

    The answer is in the Constitution – YOU have the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms yourself and to shoot back if necessary.

    That’s how this is supposed to work.

  6. The author ends his article decrying “reckless gun culture”. I would argue that gun culture is anything but reckless for the vast majority. Thug culture, on the other hand, fits the description of reckless.

  7. “The flood of guns and permissive laws ensure that many retreat, fortify themselves and seal themselves off from one another.”

    Yup…I am afeared of all you gun-totin TTAGers. I am fortyfied and sealed off just in case one of you TTAGers comes sauntering down the street…maybe not that possum fellah, though… can possums saunter?

  8. “rule of law”………WTF does that idiot know about the rule of law, I mean beside the ones they WANT to enforce??

      • no name,

        Certainly the way Senile Joe, Malig-Nancy, Schmucky Chucky, Adam Schiff-for-brains, Eric Swallowswell, and America’s Dumbest Bartender would like to have it. Certainly was Lavrentiy Beria’s motto! – “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.” The fascist Left, in a nutshell.

  9. The Bruen decision only provided a partial restoration of the Second Amendment, addressing some infringements. Had the Supreme Court fully restored the Second Amendment, it would have been a faithful adherence to their oaths, resulting in the declaration of every gun control law as unconstitutional, without exceptions. Unfortunately, the Court did not uphold their oaths, leaving American citizens subject to victimization by unconstitutional laws.

  10. To start with how bout putting criminals in jail and leaving em there for your rule of law? Eh? Eh? What say ye to that assbag?

    • Racist, sexist, white supremacist, systematic oppression, economic disparity, and some form of rainbow phobe. If I missed anything let me know so I can update the NY EEOC manual.

  11. “Christian charity is increasingly impracticable…”
    opposite world. those able to defend themselves are more apt to allow others to approach.
    “We are effectively deconstructing society…”
    that is going on, but it’s not due to protection.

    • “Christian charity is increasingly impractical.”

      I’m glad he said that, spoken like a true non believing atheist. The atheist who believes the government should provide you with everything, with no requirement for you to change your moral behavior in public and private.

      Which is what religious based charity requires.

      I like it when an atheist takes their mask off and reveals who they are. Honesty is a good thing.

  12. If it takes violating my human and civil rights to save a ‘society’ then maybe it don’t need saving.

    • Reminds me of the loons in Chiraq who want a gun ban at St. Sabina’s on 69th & ghetto. As Fadda Pflegger diddles little black boys. I got yer “Christian charity” you pervert🙄

  13. “Oh Noes….we left wing people don’t get to violate a constitutional right. Its just not sensible to not let us do that. Its just not sensible to not let ‘mob-rule’ decide.” cries Firmin DeBrabander

  14. Novel idea. The Supreme Court rules all gun control laws are unconstitutional and invalid.

  15. We are forced to look at strangers in a different light; we are forced to fear them.

    No, we are encouraged to respect them and their rights. He hasn’t realized that the lack of such respect may underlie the problems he perceives.

    • HEGEMON,

      I prefer, “Another mouth-breathing idiot self-identifies”, but you do you.

      You don’t understand, HEGEMON, they are morally superior because they believe in a failed, fantasy ideology that has LITERALLY never ONCE worked, and we don’t. Jeebus, learn your place, plebe!!!

  16. Another wacko who refuses to address the true causes of so called “gun violence” in this country. Let me be the 1st to ‘splain it to her: 1. No consequences for committing crimes in blue cities. 2. Big Pharma & FDA permits drugs that are known to exacerbate depression (supposedly to lessen it) that are responsible for an uncounted number of suicides, domestic murder/suicides, and many mass shootings. 3. We send billions overseas while our own people suffer in poverty, fomenting a culture of crime. This is an unforced error that should be corrected immediately.

    The sooner the nation addresses these 3 issues, the sooner we can solve our “gun violence” problem without anyone’s civil rights being violated.

  17. I bet there are a bunch of French people who want their gun culture back after seeing the thug culture riot.

  18. After reading this tyranny loving whacko it seems we need some ‘sensible’ ‘speech control laws’.

  19. President Eisenhower warned everyone about the “education industrial complex”. He warned us about the federal government giving all this $$$ to college and universities. And all the corruption it would lead to.

    • dacian would say “but but but they have gun bans so thats a civilized country”

      • When they insert the caveat “civilized” to their argument it’s just a dog whistle for “white.”

        Pretty soon France, Sweden and Germany won’t qualify as “civilized” according to their criteria so the talking point won’t change.

  20. Take, for example, the federal mandate that bans the possession of guns without legible serial numbers, which help law enforcement solve crimes.

    I still don’t understand how a number engraved on a firearm helps cops “solve” a crime… I always thought it was firing pin, extractor and barrel marks left on the case and projectile… If they don’t have the gun they can’t match anything… Does ANYONE know of ANY crime that has ever been solved by a serial number?

    • full of liberal white guilt carefully implanted by years of indoctrination…

      Like that white victim guy in Georgia, black guy attacks him and threatens to kill him brandishing a knife, victim guy manages to get away long enough to call 911. police arrive and arrest the black guy, white victim guy breaks down in tears when cops tell him they caught and arrested the black guy and starts sobbing out “don’t arrest him, I just wanted him to leave me alone” and begs the cops not to arrest the black guy. The cop tried to explain to him that the black guy was going to kill him. victim guy continues to beg them not to arrest him, because he was black. The black cop doesn’t outright laugh but you can hear it in her voice trying not to bust out laughing.

      I gotta find that police body cam video again. been a while since I saw it.

      • Saw a few of those in Albany and Troy, less so with Schenectady but Italians tend to be a bit less “socially conscious” ……. reminds me need to get some cases over to my Italian neighbor.

  21. RE: “reckless gun culture”

    Excellent article at Ace of Spades about “gun culture”

    Here’s a snippet…

    The first is that they conflate gun culture with violence, even though the hyper-violence of the inner city, which is where most gun crime occurs, is driven by societal breakdown, lack of respect for the rule of law, and a fundamental lack of respect for life (I wonder whether abortion rate and murder rate are correlated?). There is no gun culture in the inner cities…guns are a tool to make casual violence easy. True American Gun Culture is far less violent…in fact, legal owners of firearms are astoundingly law-abiding. Gun Culture means a tremendous social network of gun clubs and competitive shooting and the millions of Americans who hunt.


  22. The first and original constitutional gun control law, oddly enough, is the Second Amendment, after all the Constitution is the law of the land too. SCOTUS upheld that gun control law called the Second Amendment. See, Bruen does allow constitutional gun control laws so why don’t you guys try constitutional stuff instead of tyranny.

  23. The author should try to breathe water…screw him,and that NY Archbishop he quoted..I actually am prolife ,but there’s a reason I’ve been on the outs with Current Management within the faith of most of my family (old Boston Archdiocese bullshit combined with the ongoing global/Socialist/Woke Progressitard Cant of the Holy Sea).
    There ARE NO ” Sensible Gun Laws” or ” Reasonable Restrictions “. ALL are infringements.
    One needs to ask themselves just why so many who would seek to steer our lives desire our weakness and abject submission?

  24. I’m not in the mood to argue with idiots today.So ill just say this and get it over with. DeBlaablaablaa, Deb the race baiter, lil d,and minorAhole can all just F off. If I forgot anyone sorry. Not sorry

  25. From the original article:

    “Gun violence is now the leading cause of death among children in America, having surpassed car accidents.”

    One would expect a Roman Catholic to know that abortion is the greatest killer of children in the US, by a couple orders of magnitude. Disappointing, but not surprising.

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  27. “DeBrabander: Bruen Invalidates ‘Sensible’ Gun Control Laws and Will Lead to the Deconstruction of Society”


  28. I’m not a big fan of Bruen, because I think it’s going to be an unwieldy standard for trial courts to use, and it’s going to make it hard to adapt laws to novel situations and novel questions.


    Debrabander’s silly rant illustrates exactly why we have the Bruen standard, and why gun control nuts have nobody to blame for it but themselves. Look at the way he casually offers the highly dubious claim that serial numbers help police solve crimes. Do they? How do they do that? A whole lot of unusual circumstances need to come together for that to happen, and in practice they almost never do. First, the firearm has to be legally obtained and registered by the offender. Right off the bat, that eliminates most gun crimes. The offender has to use his own lawfully registered gun to commit a crime – violent criminals tend not to be geniuses, but they generally know better than that.Then, the gun has to be recovered, without the offender being identified. That’s pretty rare.

    Assault rifles weren’t legal in the 19th century? They absolutely were legal. Why? Because as he points out, they didn’t exist, therefore there was never a thought of making a law to ban them. In America, indeed in any free country, anything that is not prohibited by law is legal. Anybody with more intelligence than lukewarm rice pudding knows this.

    DeBrabander has no clue that he’s dropping these absolute howlers like they were serious arguments. He really thinks he’s acing this, because he’s the product of a cultural echo chamber where such arguments must not be questioned. This same echo chamber has produced an unacceptably high number of judges. So now Bruen has come along to take these decisions out of the hands of those who’ve shown themselves ill-equipped to make them. Seethe and cope, loser.

    • How do serial numbers solve crimes?
      Yah got me, I guess they match the finger prints to the serial number.
      Serial numbers are only good for tracking if the gunm has a defect or who bought the gunm, and who owned it when it got stole or used in a crime.

      • “How do serial numbers solve crimes?”

        Depends on the crime being investigated.

        Tracing fingerprints back to the original owner will identify the original criminal legal gun owner, who started the crime spree because of legally buying a gun in the first place; even better if the original owner sold the gun to someone who sold the gun to a prohibited person.

        Tracing fingerprints and gun serial numbers results in 93million apprehensions per year.

        Or is it per day?

  29. “I’m not a big fan of Bruen, because I think it’s going to be an unwieldy standard for trial courts to use, and it’s going to make it hard to adapt laws to novel situations and novel questions.”


    The SC should have ruled 2A is absolute.

    • Sam,

      SCOTUS is going to find themselves in a cleft stick, if they choose to continue supporting “gun rights” while NOT declaring the 2A absolute (or at least nearly so). “Defining around” the problem is a chickens**t way not to actually confront the problem. IF the 2A protects an individual right (and it does), and IF it prohibits any “infringement” (and it does), then sooner or later, SCOTUS is either going to have to give in to the hoplophobes, or just come out and say it. I think there are at least three justices willing to do that (POSSIBLY four); we need to get at least two more.

      From your mouth to God’s ear.

      • “SCOTUS is going to find themselves in a cleft stick, if they choose to continue supporting “gun rights” while NOT declaring the 2A absolute (or at least nearly so).”

        It will take some real courage. Scalia screwed the pooch with “reasonable” restrictions and “sensitive places”.

  30. Unfortunately, these Leftist anti-2nd Amendment folks never really look at who is actually committing most of these shootings. Let’s try criminals, gang members, and the mentally and emotionally disturbed. Let’s also look at how many of these firearms are legally and illegally obtained. Let’s also look at the stats that promote gun ownership like the 1.5 million times a year good guys with a gun prevent robbers, physical violence, and gun related deaths. Let’s also take a look at some of the factors resulting from Leftist policies that have increased violence in America. Let’s take a look at the impact of crime and open borders, deaths by drugs because of open borders, deaths by allowing people to riot, deaths from allowing criminals to go free, and deaths resulting from people being denied access to a firearm and having no real means of protection, etc. Additionally, what represents sensible gun laws that actually have an impact on crime and shootings. The places with the strictest gun laws generally have the highest rates of crime and shootings. So kindly show us some undoctored stats that show exactly what sensible laws actually work instead of using the term “sensible” in a generic sense.

  31. I sure get tired of reading the same Debunked Anti-2A Rhetoric from. these Assholes.

    Talk About Disinformation.

  32. Deconstruction of society.
    Who needs gunms for that, we’ve got theBiden.
    Joe Joe he’s our man
    If he cant do it nobody can

  33. one time he told his wife that guns make him afraid
    so she told him that “it was time for both of them to start seeing other men”
    true story

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  35. We must realize that folks like this writer would never think to respond to violent assault with even a baseball bat. We must accept that the sheep will never understand the 3 states of societal truth:
    1) There are SHEEP out and about. These are the willing prey who think the “authorities” will protect them. Ask the shop owners who experienced the BLM & ANTIFA riots about that.
    2) There are also WOLVES out and about – looking for nice tasty sheep to feed on.
    3) There are SHEEP DOGS whose simple presence tends to make the SHEEP more secure in their deluded existence. The SHEEP do not like the SHEEP DOG for they do not want to admit they need protection. They live in a fantasy until THEY are the SHEEP the WOLF picks from the herd.

    • You trust God to keep YOU safe, I’ll rely on the 10mm that he put in the minds of the gun builders…

  36. This knucklehead is too blind(wilfully so?) to comprehnd that the ISSUE is not the hardware, the things tht go bang and spit lead, and may or mayn’t have “numbers” stampd on them. It is never the tool.

    The ISSUE is and will always be the entity controlling the hardware, whether electronic or human. NONE of y guns haveor willever pivk themselves up turn their small round ends toward any human and “discharge” a small chunk of metal at high speed which then goes on and HURT or KILLS someone. THAT is a software issue.

    The DIFFERENCE btween our present time and that of our Founders is that they were God-fearing and moral folks who only used such tools within the limits of the laws. If they had had, in large numbers, the same AR pattern rifles we have today the murder rates would be very close to what we see today.

    Dweeb writer is also ignorant. He needs to go and learn about the Girandoni semiautomtic repeating rifle. FORTY round magazine, could fire at a rate of about one round per second The military issue long gun was single shot, and for the slow by-the-numbers brits needed between two and three MINUTES to reload for th follow n round. (our guys could reload and fire a follow on round in about one minute).

    There WERE NO LAWS in those days such as we suffer under today. Getting drunk in puboic was rare, and punished by other means, never disarming. Opium and laudanum were commonly used. If somene killed another the crime was the murder and not related to the chosen means. Murder is murder whether by firejng the victims house, beating him with a heavy baulk of timber, slicing his throat with a long knife, shooting him in the head, tying him to a sack of rocks and taking him for a short row on a long river, usng an axe… dead is dead, how was irrelevant. Recidivism all but did not exist because the death penalty was appropriately used. HE might consider that punishment harsh and abusive… particularly because the use of it removed one known offender frm society, and partly because the certainty of another putatuive perpetrator suffering the same fate was near certain.

  37. When the Gov’t orders Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan to escort his “FOLLOWERS” to the hanging gallows and execution wall, he will blindly follow the orders!!!

  38. Sorry Bishop. You’re wrong. The Book of Exodus states that self defense of your household is not murder. Natural Law follows this that self defense is not murder. Do you actually believe that it is morally wrong for a person to defend the self or family? Are you advocating that human beings have no value and must subject themselves to the violence of others like the Marxocrats (who have the support of the Marxocrats)? Unfortunately, most denominations have been infected by Leftist/Marxist ideology and guide their congregations by the gospel of Marx instead of the Gospel of Mark. Sorry Bishop. Sounds like you’ve drank the Marxist Kool Aid. I am a priest and I carry because I refuse to risk watching a mentally ill Leftist murder innocent people in my congregation. Bishop, what about if you were on a visitation with a congregation and a mentally I’ll Leftist began murdering the members gathered? What would you do? Watch helplessly? Beg the shooter to stop? Or would you act responsibly to protect the flock? Your statement of “Christian charity is increasingly impracticable in this lawless state.” and gun owners being “reckless,” reveals tour ignorance of the data. The lawlessness is created by your Leftist/Marxist allies policies of not prosecuting offenders. Statistics (FBI based, see John Lott) prove where people carry, there is less crime. You not only betray our tradition, you also betray reason based in science. Self defense is killing but not murder. Most defensive gun uses never require a shot to be fired as the perpetrator withdraws. Bishop, you have failed your people and thereby forfeited the truth and your authority.

    • most denominations have been infected by Leftist/Marxist ideology and guide their congregations by the gospel of Marx instead of the Gospel of Mark

      That was the plan, Brainwash the children, undermine our religious institutions and use our Constitution and our freedoms against us to destroy this country from within… I’d say they’ve done a pretty damn good job… And with sellout Bribem trying to bury us in a debt we can never possibly get out of, the job is just about completed…

  39. First thing. Not a single law on firearms has a bit of sense, common or otherwise. For the very simple reason being laws only affect the law abiding. Once someone chooses to step outside the law, those laws no longer apply.
    Second, many of those children killed by firearms are either collateral damage of criminals indiscriminately shooting, IE. Spray and Pray, or were actively involved in some sort of gang, drug, or street thug activity. When people of any age decide they hold no value to human life, or have given up hope for themselves and don’t care if they live or die, killing comes easy.
    It’s been the very policies and programs of the Progressive Left/Marxists that have destroyed that hope of a better life or promoted the destruction of family and community that instills basic morals and respect for life and laws. It isn’t the so called gun culture, but the welfare, thug and drug cultures that have caused the very problems we see in nearly all metropolitan areas.
    Next, it’s not those scary black semi automatic rifles being used to commit the overwhelming number of shootings, single or multiple. It is now and always has been concealable weapons like handguns used in all but a small percentage of shootings.
    Lastly, the various churches, along with the far left that are absolving the criminals of responsibility and denying accountability for criminal or just immoral behaviors as well as little to no enforcement of existing laws that allow criminals to run wild that allow the continual of the problems.

  40. Sadly, common sense about any issue is largely uncommon today. Get back to me when deaths from Defective Citizens using firearms approaches death by abortion, smoking, spoons making people fat, et el, et el. Until then, it’s a none issue……STFU.

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