uvalde police school shooting
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The Uvalde parents deserve our prayers, our good wishes, and our attention to their unspeakable loss. Yet one can truly grieve with them while also believing that gun control is just not the answer—and would sadly not prevent another massacre from taking more children from their parents. Unfortunately, bad policy does not become good policy simply because it is desired by a sympathetic community.

This doesn’t stop the gun-grabbing Left from pushing what it likes to call “common sense” solutions, which always curiously involve telling law-abiding gun owners what they will no longer be able to do and excoriating politicians who “refuse to act.”

In fact, our lawmakers are acting. They have withstood the latest assault on constitutional rights of the type that spring from every shooting.

These assaults on our rights are a tricky business because they come in the wake of real, deadly assaults, often on our children. And that pain, epitomized by the Uvalde grief that touched us all, can sometimes erode the clarity of even staunch gun rights advocates. It’s then that bad and useless ideas flow freely, from red flag laws which mangle due process to age restrictions that deny basic rights to adults.

The truth is, we do not have a gun problem in Texas—or anywhere else in America. We have a people problem. 

— Mark Davis in Gun Control Will Not Save Our Children. We Honor the Victims of Uvalde With Real Solutions

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  1. Regardless of what law is passed , respect of the law is what is needed. Murder is against the law whether with a gun, knife or vehicle and so on. Don’t put your faith in a law put it in God!

    • “… it’s your sons!”

      …and mentally-ill daughters who think they are boys… 🙁

  2. To be blunt it is a stupid people problem. People have to be off their rockers to call on government to cease rights from millions of law abiding citizens all because a few bad apples criminally misuse firearms. And never a beep from the same Gun Control crowd when criminals misuse bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, etc.
    Gun Control was born insane and will forever remain an insane agenda…you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    • Only disagreement is it being insane as it would only appear so from our standpoint. From where they sit pushing the agenda they don’t want anyone able to effectively tell them no.

      • Society has to be willing to force the mentally ill into treatment. And keep them locked up if necessary.
        If people aren’t willing to do that then the complainers are just blowing hot air.

      • It has nothing to do with mental illness and everything to do with Evil. Nothing more …Nothing less. Using mental illness as an excuse is just another inroad to restrict the Rights of law abiding citizens. Especially when you consider. ‘Who’ decides on a person’s sanity.

        • Repeal all the laws that are preventing the law-abiding from killing criminals dead on sight. That will solve a great deal of this issue. The problem is that the “Liberty freaks”, the people who say they believe in Liberty are liars. They don’t believe in liberty.

          If they did the government would be far smaller. We would have much smaller police departments. Because Property Owners would take care of business. They don’t need the cops.

        • when does the unacceptable become acceptable?…most likely when a person’s sense of right and wrong becomes blurred and morality becomes meaningless in the face of overwhelming self-interest…when the focus of all your intentions becomes “you” rather than “us”…..and what sort of crippling cultural norms produces such evil monsters?…..wasn’t always like this…….

    • Unfortunately Debbie there are those in their grief will confuse justice for vengeance and don’t care who is hurt in the collateral damage.

    • Debbie,

      No, no law will prevent a criminal from being a criminal. They are a criminal, BY DEFINITION, because they . . . don’t obey laws. They were already willing to rob, murder, rape, etc. (all of which are already crimes – not that they would be punished for it, these days), so one more “law” is going to do diddly squat. Even if I believed that “gun control” actually worked (which it doesn’t). Chicago and Baltimore have some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. How’s that workin’ out for them, anyway??

  3. Everything everyone does is brave, stronk, justifiable, revolutionary, inescapable, unavoidable, predestined or a reaction to an environment imposed upon them by others therefore nobody can do any wrong. Even murdering a bunch of kids is not the murderers fault.

    The only wrong that a person can do is to judge the actions of others as wrong therefore the action is always the fault of inanimate objects or amorphous ideologies. One or the other or both depending on convenience and political expedience.

    • “The only wrong that a person can do is to judge the actions of others as wrong”

      You have nailed the zeitgeist perfectly. It is the inevitable endstate of egalitarianism.

  4. The anti-gun contingent has no solutions. Just ask them. They never answer.

    Including our resident trolls. “Let’s make moar laws!”

    — “How will moar laws stop criminals from criminaling?”

    “You love guns more than children! Weapons of war! NRA! Republicans! Ammosexuals!”

    • Republicans at every level , state and federal ,need to do one thing , STOP ONLY PLAYING DEFENSE !!!!

      It is not enough to only vote no on the endless stream of anti gun / anti freedom bills that get introduced almost daily. Pushback in the form of an equal number of PRO Gun Rights , Pro Freedom sponsored legislation is desperately needed as a shield and challenge to the lefts insane demands.

      They’ll never stop. So every time they make a new list of demands that ” You must give up these rights to APPEASE us ” , we dig in and battle back. Even if some bills do not pass , some might, so jam the gears if need be.

      Repeal gun laws that don’t work and should never have been passed. Permitless CCW in 27 states is a perfect example. Make the GOP do this , or keep losing ground.

      • Steven
        Thats been my thought for a long time. Can’t win if all you do is defend.
        Fighting back is the only way to get anything . Repeal garbage laws, enact new pro rights laws.
        To bad most Republicans in congress are scared they might offend someone. We could have suppressors but Noooo. mitch the turtle said now isn’t the time. Thats one of many examples.
        This needs to happen at every level of government
        I email my fed and state reps all the time for all the good it does. Sometimes I even wast my breath by calling and leaving messages.

        • Unfortunately the anti side has the media, tech, finance, bureaucracy, and government on their side and they still complain about the pro-gun lobby.

        • Southern Cross
          So true about all the aholes helping the antigun side. It’s going to be interesting if the atf is able to turn many, many millions of brace owners into fellons next week.
          Get the popcorn ready the shows about to start.

      • Like a great football coach said, “The best defense is a good offense.” My thoughts exactly. Another old saying, “Politics ain’t beanbag” – unfortunately, Republicans have been playing beanbag, while Dimocrats have been playing politics.

        • That has been my point for years, Lamp. Like you I believe the best defense if a good offense. No one has ever accused me of being shy.

      • the republicans have always been gun control lite…so back peddling seems to suit their stance…all they want is your vote,so casting the dems as the bad guys seems to suffice….their support for our cause is tepid, at best….

        • Frank, that is because for too long Republicans have been willing to compromise on gun and some freedom issues. The pendulum has begun to swing the other way. REAL Republicans have ascended in the party to remember our roots are in the Constitution.

  5. It’s a shame that the Leftist Anti-Gun Radicals can’t figure this out. But then they say being a Leftist means you have no common sense.

  6. quote———–The Uvalde parents deserve our prayers, our good wishes, and our attention to their unspeakable loss.———-quote

    The Far Right’s idiotic and only response to Capitalvania’s mass assault rifle murders on an hourly basis is “Thoughts and prayers” which is an insult to the people who lost loved ones at Uvalde and all the other countless assault rifle massacres and an insult to anyone who is not retarded or the victim of a case of full blown paranoia.

    The Far Right will tell you with a straight face “Losses can never be to high when it comes to sacrificing innocent people on the bloody altar of zero gun control”.

    According to a study by the University of Washington other nations:

    Japan has a staggering 250 times less gun violence than the U.S.

    The UK has 100 times less,

    Germany 50 times less

    and Canada 8 times less.

    All of the above mentioned countries do not have any less mentally ill people than the U.S. does so the argument that all we need to do is have more mental health care is a farce and Republican propaganda and prostitution to the depraved NRA.

    And the other whipping boy by the Neanderthal Republicans i.e. violent video games again proves a total falsehood. Japan has more people playing violent video games than any other country and has 250 times less gun violence than the U.S.

    Hours before the infamous and horrific massacre of very small schoolchildren in Newtown on the other side of the world in China a depraved maniac attacked a school and its children with a knife and because he could not get a gun even though some children were wounded none died.

    The U.S. has only 4% of the world’s population but a staggering 50% of all the guns and when an 18 year old can buy an assault weapon say in the jackbooted state of Texas that is designed for only one purpose and that is to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, it shows how depraved and sick American society has become and how it is being terrorized and held hostage by the gangster criminal Republicans who are prostitutes of the depraved NRA.

    We CAN and eventually WILL stop the rivers of blood in our streets but it is a question of WHEN not IF when we finally come to our senses and crush politically the gangster criminal Republicans and their prostitution to the NRA and pass the same type of gun laws the rest of the civilized world has already had for decades and decades and their laws have proven they work and work far better than our total lack of such sane gun laws.


    Would the people at the Orlando Nightclub (50 dead) or the mass slaughter at Los Vegas ,62 dead and 420 crippled ever happened if Steven Paddock had not had access to high capacity assault rifles with bump stocks turning them into full auto machine guns and been able to fire from over 400 yards away raining down a avalanche of deadly bullets from high capacity magazines??? The answer is no. The firepower Paddock had was not any less than what the Russians encountered from the German Nazi’s at the battle of Stalingrad in WWII. The Far Right in Capitalvania are the “new 21st Century Nazi’s and every bit as depraved.

    • You the one bragging about being in the ss, miner. You and your buddies in your black jackboots and uniforms burning and looting minority owned businesses during those mostly peaceful protests.

      ss/antifa. Same animal.

    • You look good in that Hugo Boss uniform, asshole.

      I see you polished up your death’s-head badges. And that red armband is to die for.

      Might want to shine those boots a little; they’re smudged from stepping on necks.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, Here we go about with the control freak rational. You Lefties rant and rave bout inanimate objects when it is people who are causing the problems. You have no clue. Since when did any rifle, pistol or shotgun jump up and shoot itself without a human? When was the last time a rifle, pistol or shotgun ever been convicted of a crime?
      Again, and I am sure not for the final time, when you Leftists are willing to do something about the people problem only then will you resolve with some semblance of control the violence problem.

  7. Several comments on the passage in Pennsylvania of HB 1018 & HB 714 ( red flag – UBC ) say that if these pass the Pa. Senate , a flood of new ban bills will follow.

    Bye bye AR’s , all semi-autos , standard cap. magazines , etc.
    Ammoland for example.

  8. All this is well and good, but after more than a year- why are we still focusing on Uvalde? We all know now that the killing kept going due to inept, even cowardly school district rentacops, and the number killed likely could’ve been kept lower through positive and quick reaction. You know: If it saves only one child…

    We’d be better served by demanding the Nashville manifesto be released to the public, where much may be learned for the future.

    Exactly who in the hell is being protected here??

  9. Most, if not all of these incidents, are false flags. The deep state wants to disarm us, and are not above murdering people to do it.

    It really is that simple.

  10. 20,000 anti gun laws on the books that haven’t worked…you’d think people would try something different than just passing more ineffective laws.

    What’s needed is criminal control. We need police that are able to arrest criminals, DAs who are willing to charge criminals, and judges and juries who will convict and sentence criminals to long terms in jail. We need to to institutionalize the truly mentally ill, too.

    Gun Control is a scam. It’s another facet of the culture war liberals are waging to bring about their Utopia where government experts have the power to dictate to us how we have to live…for our own good.

    • Their ut0pia will be like China where the people become “huminerals”. A resource to be harvested, processed, consumed, and discarded.

  11. How to make Pennsylvania Libs cry with this one easy trick :

    “This restores the Second Amendment in Louisiana,” said McCormick.

    The #Louisiana House of Representatives voted to send a so-called “Constitutional Carry” bill to the Senate on May 23.

    Epoch Times

    ” If it saves just one life , its worth it “

    • PA has a democratic governor, a democratic house and a left-leaning supreme court…the battle here has been joined…and the outcome is by no means certain…the likelyhood of “Constitutional Carry” passing here seems remote even though it is in effect in neighboring states…Philadelphia republicans were most responsible for the passage of these new bills…

      • It and other PRO-Freedom / self defense legislation must be introduced on the regular , even with little chance of passage.

        Go On OFFENSE


  13. It would be tremendously helpful if the police wouldn’t cower in the parking lot or in the hallway outside the classroom door while they waited for the shooting to stop.

  14. The Uvalde school massacre was just another example of a government manufactured crime.

    People can debate whether or not the government did it on purpose or not. But the bottom line is the government knew something was going to happen. Because I knew the criminals involved.

    The local government knew they had violent students in Uvalde Texas. And the local government knew they had a violent dangerous student in Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida.

  15. Clifton E. Williams, 64, of Louisville, was arrested on one count of assault.

    On the night of May 20, Louisville Metro police Williams got mad because his roommate had eaten the last Hot Pocket and started throwing tiles at him.

    The roommate told police he tried to fight back but was starting to leave when Williams went back into their residence, got a gun, and shot him in the backside.

  16. Kayla Genevive Avella, 27, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $30,000 in probable cause court.

    According to a prosecutor, Avella was the at-fault driver in a crash involving a man in the 1800 block of the Gulf Freeway. When an officer with the Houston Police Department arrived at the scene, the victim told the officer that Avella cut in front of him, which caused the crash. The suspect then got out of her vehicle and aggressively pointed a firearm at the man.

  17. Road rage ending in gunfire is on the rise nationwide, according to Everytown research.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ranks Texas among the top 10 worst states for road rage.

    This year alone, KENS 5 has covered eight incidents in San Antonio resulting in injury or death.

    “We have never seen it like this before,” said Dean DeSoto, the Executive Director of the Community Alliance for Training and Safety (CATS).

    • And yet, once again — not a gun problem, but a people problem.

      Although I do have to add: “according to Everytown research.” BWAAAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • So what? Deal with those that break the law. Not the inanimate object.

  18. Name a Law, any Law, not just Gun Control Laws, that has ever prevented a crime?
    I’ll be waiting for a long time because the simple truth, is that Laws Prevent Nothing. Laws are merely a Society’s Agreed Upon Punishment For Transgressors of that Law.

    It’s against the Law to exceed the speed limit, yet every day hundreds of thousands of people break those Laws every time they get behind the wheel. Schit, it’s so bad anymore, that keeping within the speed limit is doowright dangerous.
    Laws are Deterrents. They don’t prevent crimes, they only serve to punish those that Transgress the Law.

    There is No Law that will Prevent the next Uvalde. The best we can do, is put up real barriers that make it extremely difficult and fatal to those that break the laws.
    And I do mean Fatal. A Mass Shooter gets the Express lane to Old Sparky.

    • the shooter doesn’t get in…the shooting doesn’t happen…is that too difficult of a concept to grasp?….minor improvements will yield major results….

      • But that’s not the result of passing a law, frank.

        Unless it’s the law of common sense.

  19. We don’t need more laws. How many thousand laws are on the books pertaining to firearms?
    Start enforcing laws pertaining to violent crimes and either putting those who commit those crimes in prison, or for murder, rape, child molestation, execute them. Limit appeals to state court of appeals for non death sentence cases. Death sentences should have independent review by a judge from another district and can be appealed at both state and federal courts with a time limit of 3 years. If appeal is denied after independent review, sentence is carried out within 90 days, If appeal is lost, no further appeals are allowed and sentence is carried out within 90 days of last court date. A single request to the governor is allowed to request clemency or commutation to life in prison.
    If a case is dismissed and later proven to have been valid, or a suspect is released and commits another felony, the judge and or prosecutor who ordered the release will receive the same sentence as the criminal. If someone is later exonerated the prosecutor who convicted an innocent man will serve out the sentence or serve a minimum of 10 years for a death penalty case.
    Those under 16 convicted of a violent felony will be held in a juvenile facility until 19 years of age then serve the rest of their sentence in an adult facility. No one under 18 may be sentenced to more than 25 years nor sentenced to death. With the exception of first degree/premeditated murder.
    Allow property owners to use deadly force if there is a viable threat of violence, or to stop theft of anything valued over 500 dollars. Allow concealed carry anywhere on publicly accessible locations with the exceptions of government offices, polling places, law enforcement facilities, or prisons/jails. Private property owners can ban firearms on premises with proper posting of signage at entrances, fences, gates.
    Use of force or deadly force allowed if reasonable persons believe threat of violence or bodily injury is possible/likely.

  20. The ad absurdum logical approach to this is simple and obvious and yet it seems to completely baffle the anti-gun crowd:

    If everyone had a gun but no one was a criminal there would be no crime.
    If no one had a gun and no one was a criminal there would be no crime.
    If everyone had a gun and everyone was a criminal there would be crime.
    If no one had a gun but everyone was a criminal there would be crime.

    Changing the existence of the gun has no impact on the conclusion, only changing the existence of the criminal does. Now, obviously, the endpoints of this continuous space are unachievable extremes but, the direction of change is instructive – To reduce crime, you must reduce criminals. Reducing guns does nothing.

  21. look to yourself rather than trust your security to others…discreetly carry a firearm and know how to use it…millions have made this common sense decision…..

  22. Saint Etwagiow
    Bitching: 25-26
    What they have is a human problem.
    Isn’t it about time to rid the the earth of that species Lord God Almighty

  23. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that the Commie’s end game is to eventually ban private ownership of firearms. Don’t get distracted by their numerous arguments nit-picking on every little restriction, classification, etc. about gun ownership. They use that to bog us down defending stupid, useless laws that don’t prevent crime. They know that. That is a Commie tactic to deflect and hide their real agenda. Firearms have been on American soil since Columbus first landed in 1492 and we never had a ‘gun violence’ problem except for war. Our country was founded by the barrel of a gun. Without guns, we would still be British subjects, not American citizens. Our Founding Fathers were well aware of that. They had just finished fighting an 8-year war for independence using their personally-owned firearms. That’s why they wrote the Second Amendment — to ensure that ‘We the People’ can maintain those freedoms by force of arms if need be. The Commie’s know that also. That’s why they are so adamant about taking our guns away from us. Don’t fall for their tactics.

    • Commies?
      We sure buy a lot of stuff from the commies. It’s almost like we support communism.

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