David Hogg: You Have No Right To Own A Gun

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You have no right to a gun. You are not a militia. When you’re talking about your second amendment rights you’re talking about a states right to have what is today the national guard. The modern interpretation of 2A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the gun lobby. 

— David Hogg

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  1. “NRC officials are at a loss to explain why all local dosimeters immediately spike to their maximum reading in the presence of Mr. Hogg. One official, speaking anonymously, claimed that a faint green glow could be seen around the young gun control advocate, but this report is unconfirmed.”

        • If someone kills him I would not assume such a person was nuts at all. At this point I would probably be inclined to buy them a round of whatever they drink or a box of ammo if they don’t drink.

        • D Hogg, “They want bad guys to have guns so they can use the rise in gun violence to sell more guns to scared people.”

          What a crock. Hog and those like him want to take away the guns of good citizens thus leaving Only the bad guys with their guns. Good citizens don’t commit acts of violence, but bad guys do because they don’t abide by laws any laws especially laws with the goal of punishing good citizens. Hog and those like him are the “scared people”, scared of good citizens. They really don’t know the difference between good citizen and bad guys.

        • these twotaken together amount to a deliberate taunt to “come get me”.

          Ignore the child. His favourite teat to suck is full of “NOTICE ME OR ELSE”.

          He did survive the Douglas high school shooting just like I did. He was three miles away I was three thousand miles away. Wwe both are still alive. But I don’t care hwho knows that about me. Unlike him…….

        • reverse engineer FedSoc to take over the court system and overturn Heller and Bruen”

          Spoken like a true Kommie Pinko fagggg

  2. The Founders defined the militia as “The armed body of the people”. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights says that “the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED”. The Second is further affirmed in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments
    What part of “right of the PEOPLE” and “Shall not be infringed” do these hoplophobes not grasp?

    • Another thing never mentioned was that you could not be in the militia unless you owed a firearm since there were no provisions for you to be furnished one by whatever local government existed at the time. People used their firearms for hunting and protection and bought them with their own money.

        • “Or made them with their own hands…”

          Or bartered with someone a few townships over with a few head of cattle or bushels of grain.

          Or built him a barn. Or traded an old plow. Or,…

          Anyways, there damn sure was no ‘background check’ or ‘official permission’ required in that transaction…

    • Idiots like David believe this specific individual right is a “legal” right not the “natural” right that our FOUNDERS stated it to be. They think it can be taken away by using man’s legislative process.

      David you are not my countrymen. ESAD!

    • Only the part where they do not get to control the people the rest is disingenuous negotiations to get there.

    • 10 U.S. Code § 246 – Militia: composition and classes

      (a)The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.
      (b)The classes of the militia are—
      (1)the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and
      (2)the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

      • Additionally:

        So, Hogg, actually we are in the militia, even you. Of course Hogg and like minded comrades can shirk their responsibilities and claim to be conscientious objectors.

        Also, just because you are over 45 or a female not in the NATIONAL Guard does not exclude you from the militia. It just means it is not compulsory.

    • You’re so close yet so far. The whole point of Hogg and his handler’s mindset is that reality is malleable. Look up Max Stirner’s version of egoism.

    • The 2nd A doesn’t *give* us the right to keep and bear arms. RTKB is an inalienable and God given right and the 2nd A states it is illegal for the government to infringe on that right.
      So evidently Hogg doesn’t believe in inalienable rights, God, nor the 2nd A.
      I wonder if he feels the same about the 1st A? Evidently not because he never stops using the 1st A.

    • A point you all miss along with Hogg (neat name by the way!): There IS a militia. Refer to the United States Code. Virtually all persons ages 16-46 are members whether they know it or not or like it or not. In fact: STUPID HOGG HIMSELF IS A MILITIA MEMBER!!!

    • Mr. Hogg is well named but soooo stupid. Alas, for all of us, he himself is a MILITIA MEMBER! I dont know why no one here has not yet pointed out fderal law to that idiot! 10. United States Code sec. 246!!

      • Nope, they just went to electronic kiosks because the only people they could hire were just like David Hogg.

        • Kiosks, sigh. We used one a few weeks ago at a Wendy’s, and a couple of the things we ordered and paid for ended up not being available. Found out at the counter where you are supposed to collect your order. The gal working the counter needed 20 minutes to figure out how to correct our order and get us some food.

          I like Wendy’s. I used to do the repairs and renovations for the family that owned the surrounding franchises. But if they’re going down this road, I’m inclined to let them have Ms. Hogg and I’ll go to Kroger and buy it/cook it myself. Although I would miss that spicy chicken sandwich.

        • Kiosks, sigh.

          Local Wendys have the Kiosk as well, but there are still actual live people at the counter who will take your order… If they get too bad there’s always Hardees…

  3. David, I almost feel sorry for you. You have no idea that you are nothing more than a useful idiot to the puppet masters you serve.

    • Is he still Bloomberg’s sock puppet? I think Uncle Mike stuck more than his arm up Hogge boy’s behind.

  4. If it were specifically about states rights then it would not say “the right of the people”. It would say something else and would also be somewhere other than The Bill of Rights.

    Hogg has it all backwards.

      • Yup. In their world criminals are the true victims and any violence on citizens is the righteous retribution of the oppressed downtrodden masses.

        They do overthink things to match their perceptions.

    • Your mistake is assuming “Ivy League” means anything anymore. Like every other institution they’ve decayed into mainstream conformity factories turning out groupthink on an industrial scale all for the low, low price of 80K a year.

    • I’ve League schools are the center of wokeness. When told they can’t discriminate against Asians who have good standardized test scores, they dropped all the objective testing. With only subjective admissions, they can continue to discriminate against Asians.

    • Uncle Mike is paying for it. Probably also provides assistants to do all those pesky submissions and tests.

  5. According to the gun lobby, individuals engaged in their own fantasy of the heroic citizen equipped to do battle against tyrannical government agents would suffer incalculable collective costs were Americans to restrict their access to weapons. If the choice were the lives of children or the political imagination of a vocal group of armament activists, whose costs should matter more? The inconvenience of some or the lives of others?

    The Second Amendment provides an answer. The “security of a free State” matters. Our security is a constitutional value, one that outweighs absolutist gun-rights claims by NRA lobbyists, or Oath Keepers and other insurrectionist groups who hold their access to weapons dear for use in an imagined anti-tyranny quest. Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer the costs of the actual tyranny that living in a state of fear of mass gun violence creates.

    On the crafting of the Second Amendment at the Constitutional Convention

    It was in response to the concerns coming out of the Virginia ratification convention for the Constitution, led by Patrick Henry and George Mason, that a militia that was controlled solely by the federal government would not be there to protect the slave owners from an enslaved uprising. And … James Madison crafted that language in order to mollify the concerns coming out of Virginia and the anti-Federalists, that they would still have full control over their state militias — and those militias were used in order to quell slave revolts. … The Second Amendment really provided the cover, the assurances that Patrick Henry and George Mason needed, that the militias would not be controlled by the federal government, but that they would be controlled by the states and at the beck and call of the states to be able to put down these uprisings.

    On Black people’s access to arms after the American Revolution

    You saw incredible restrictions being put in place about limiting access to arms. And this is across the board for free Blacks and, particularly, for the enslaved. And with each uprising, the laws became even more strict, even more definitive, about who could and who could not bear arms. And so free Blacks were particularly proscribed. And so we see this, for instance, in Georgia, where Georgia had a law that restricted the carrying of guns.

    On the Founding Fathers’ fear of a slave revolt, which was stoked by the Haitian Revolution

    When Haiti began to overthrow the French colonial masters and were seizing that country for themselves, when Blacks were seizing that country for themselves, the violence of the Haitian Revolution, the existence of the Haitian Revolution, just sent basically an earthquake of fear throughout the United States. You had George Washington lamenting the violence. You had Thomas Jefferson talking about [how] he was fearful that those ideas over there, if they get here, it’s going to be fire. You had James Madison worried. …

    Whites … were fleeing Haiti and were bringing their enslaved populations with them, their enslaved people with them. … [There was a fear that] the ideas that these Black Haitians would have, that somehow those ideas of revolution, those ideas of racial justice, those ideas of freedom and democracy would just metastasize throughout Virginia’s Black enslaved population and cause a revolt. You had that same fear coming out of Baltimore that then began to open up the public armory to whites, saying, “You are justified in being armed because they’re bringing too many of these Black Haitians, these enslaved Haitians, up here who have these ideas that Black people can be free.”

    • Ah, yes. There it is. The Dacian TL;DR.

      Whenever I see the Dace Face and scroll down to see a TL;DR length of wording, I skip it.

      Waste of writing time, Dace.

      • Fuk, it’s trying to write a Novel? It’s just pissed because another Troll is getting all the attention…

    • “If the choice were the lives of children or the political imagination of a vocal group of armament activists…” – IF that were the choice, gun restrictions might have some arguable benefit. But that is not the choice, because gun restrictions do not automatically save children’s lives, no matter how many studies Bloomberg and/or the Joyce Foundation pay to torture data into saying that they do, and no matter how much the MSM pushes this false dichotomy.

    • Besides the historical inaccuracies, I also enjoy the self-contradictuons. The US 2A was modeled on the Virginia Constitution, which starts with the Bill of Rights, instead of tacking it on the end. Section 13 says:

      That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.

      If they only wanted arms to subjugate the slaves, why wouldn’t Virginia keep the power of arms ezclusively for itself. Note also that Virginia is a Commonwealth, so “state” isn’t referring to itself.

      The other lesson from your example is that if you want to enslave a population, you must disarm them. If you don’t want to be a slave, taking up arms and restoring your rights by force is an effective method.

      • There are four states in the United States that call themselves commonwealths: Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The distinction is in name alone. The commonwealths are just like any other state in their politics and laws, and there is no difference in their relationship to the nation as a whole.

      • dacian’s arguments are utter useless nonsense. It matters not what all the hubbub was about in Virginia during the writing of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The second amendment still says what it said at the onset and hasn’t changed through the years following.
        The history as stated by dacian has absolutely noting to do with the composition of the constitution and the bill of rights. The founders wanted freedom from government and that is fact as evidenced in their writings at the time. Freedom of speech isn’t first by accident. The founders had historical memories unlike the those of today in that they remembered how people were put to death for speaking against the ruling class. Seems simple enough, first we establish “freedom of speech” and second we establish a way for “We the People” to protect all rights and our Freedom.

    • Motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for children and adolescents, representing 20% of all deaths…

      Guess we need to get rid of cars too, if it saves just ONE childs life, better the 290 million registered vehicles in the US are hauled to the crusher… What about it dacyboy, do you own one of those dastardly child killers? Are you ready to give it up? Probably not IF you had a job OR a life…

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. I suggest you read the Constitution, specifically the 2nd Amendment. When you finish that, read the Heller, McDonald and Buen decisions. Then get back to us.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Nice fake history, dude. Now do “how the Soviet Union was actually very successful and rich, and was undone by international bankers”. That’s always good for a giggle.

      You reliably remain too fucking stupid to insult, dacky-boy.

      • With defense spending taking 30% to over 50% of the national budget by the 1980s in the former USSR.

        The USA during the peak of WW2 where it was supplying itself and other allied nations peaked at 17% and it caused disruptions through the entire economy.

        Note the numbers are from memory so may be a bit imprecise.

        • May be off by a point or two, but Ronnie really DID spend the Russkis into bankruptcy. Now Senile Joe is spending US into bankruptcy, supporting Hunter’s multi-million dollar side hustle in the Kleptocracy of Ukraine.

          I wonder if Senile Joe (or, more accurately, his handlers) will ever take any action against the CCP? NAH, that’s just crazy talk! Senile Joe, the serial child molester, needs his “10% for the Big Guy”.

    • Explain the reconstruction amendments and firearms for the freedmen. What was the argument about these freed people and firearms?

      I won’t ask for these letters you mention. Referring to two disingenuous authors is not proof.

    • You don’t want the parents to have guns, so you can “BRAINWASH’ their kids into your Black/Brown Shirt thugs, to “IMPOSE YOUR MARXIST GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP” on the “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE USA”!!!

      Since your butt still hurts from over 200 years ago…

    • Communism in the name of the children, huh? What an evil little racist you truly are, Dacian. The Founding Fathers views on the 2nd Amendment are clear and for all to see, so stop trying to muddy the water with the ole’ leftist race/gender/whatever identity game.

    • This is how the communists erode our freedoms. They learn to throw out such long winded nonsensical screeds that nobody even reads them. They mistake diarrhea of the keyboard for scholarly works, and stupid people agree with them so people wont think they are stupid.
      The saving grace is, once the communists take over for good, academics are often the first ones put up against the wall since they produce nothing.

  6. You have no right to a gun. You are not a militia.

    Thats it, everybody turn in your guns and donate your ammo to the cops… Rocket Scientist, Rhodes Scholar and Constitutional authority David Hogg has spoken, we now have the “definitive” word on the updated interpretation of the 2A, SCOTUS can go home, game over, I can see the criminals lining up at the local PD to give up their shit and rival “bangers” are gathering on street corners planning their 4th of July picnic… China, Russia, N Korea and Iran are finalizing plans for a full on invasion through our open borders and Braindead is headed to Delaware for his 137th vacation… Good times, thanks David Hogg you are a true hero…

    • Please don’t give him false encouragement. Hogg Boy needs to get a dose of reality. Send him through Chicago at night, without police protection. See how he feels after he gets out of the hospital.

  7. David Hogg has no right to freedom of speech. The internet did not exist during the founding of this country. Also he looks like the type that would go around licking the floors of porno theaters

    • Using HogBoy’s logic, he oughta just STFU, since the first amendment only guaranteed the right for the Town Cryer to rattle off whatever was written down on parchment paper and handed to him by a government official.

    • “Also he looks like the type that would go around licking the floors of porno theaters”

      He’d put dacian out of a job.

  8. ” The modern interpretation of 2A”
    This says it all. Hog, like others, want to apply “modern interpretation” to the 2A but not to the first amendment and other things such as the pursuit of happiness. “Modern interpretation” might apply to privileges but not to inalienable rights. The right to live and protect one’s self has not changed and thus the 2A is not subject to interpretation nor has the original intent changed just because persons like D Hog don’t like it. Privileges can/do change over time but NOT rights. Hog can waller in the mud.

  9. He goes to Harvard for free, so he is just a better person than us, so he must be right, LOL.

    back when dirt was a new thing and I was a kid, my public school teachers used to peddle the lie that the Constitution was a “Living Breathing” Document, which was code for, “It means whatever we say it does”, original intent be damned.

    Those of us who are regular folks, considered by the Harvard “Elites”, as the “Great unwashed masses”, understand that the Constitution is a contract between the people and the government we established.

    Guess they aren’t as smart as they think they are??? Best to send them to their safe spaces, so the rest of us can get back to work, making this country great.

    • “Guess they aren’t as smart as they think they are???”

      They are smarter than you, I and everyone like us.

      Just ask them… 🙂

  10. If this were true it wouldn’t be the 2nd Amendment but the 9th next to the 10th Amendment that relegates all government powers not enumerated to the federal government in the Constitution to the states. Makes no sense that they’d put it in a prominently in a list of individual rights if it were a state power. To pull that argument off you need to argue that none of the amendments in the Bill of Rights were intended to be protections of individual rights, which would be an odd argument that the Bill of Rights isn’t a bill of rights.

    • An even starker comparison can be made if you ask them what of the 10 amendments in the ‘Bill of Rights’ are meant to be a limit of government power.

      Then ask them why would they make a ‘Top 10’ list, but only 1 of them was not like the other 9?

        • And yet one is constantly ignored by state and federal governments whenever convenient and dishonestly presented to the people for what it says/means……….well moreso than a few of the others anyway.

  11. David Hogg is simply another leftist opportunist who is out to make money off of a tragedy.
    People like that should be ignored because of their ignorance on the topic they pretend to be experts. Thats why we have 9 Supreme Court Justices who are a great deal smarter than David.

    • Thats why we have 9 Supreme Court Justices who are a great deal smarter than David.

      Well to be fair, SOME of them might be a tad intellectually deficient (“can you define the word woman?” “Well, no, I can’t”), but still POSSIBLY smarter than Hogg, which does NOT require all that many brain cells…

    • hes not an opportunist
      his old man was an fbi agent
      david hogg
      is doing what hes doing right
      because somebody had a plan
      see also:
      “you are the people we have been waiting for”

  12. Such breathtaking ignorance! Only in America! Land of the Free because somebody else was willing to die so that ignorant ingrates can breathe and basically turn food into you know what!

  13. We do not have a right to arms because of any ‘gun lobby’. We have a ‘gun lobby’ because of the right we have to arms.

    The 2A was there long before the NRA or any other group. The only reason for the orgs to ‘lobby’ is to fight against those in government that work against the 2A.

    Hogg does not understand what a militia actually is. Many don’t. The idea that there is an organization that has the word “militia” in its name does not mean anything. There are plenty of companies the use the word “best” in their name but that does not automatically make them the best at what they do. That’s just what they call themselves. I can go to all kinds of places and get better buys instead of shopping at BestBuy.

    Hogg has been fead such a steady diet of misinformation over his life that he believes all those lies. It’s all pretty sad really.

  14. Not very bright is he.

    Okay, I will play.
    My Modern Interpretation of the 2ndA:
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
    Further more, the right of the people to keep and bear arms for hunting, recreation, and right to self-defense and property, shall not be infringed.

  15. what are the chances
    that the only kid at msd high school
    to become famous
    in the aftermath of the shooting
    is the kid of an fbi agent

  16. B,b,but, he talked to a professor. Either the professor he talked to is an idiot, or Hoggwash only heard what he wanted to hear.

    I have a law degree, and I’m working on a doctorate in criminal law and Constitutional law, and I can tell you this, Hoggwash is an idiot that only hears what he wants to hear.

  17. knowing what we know now
    about the fbi
    and j6
    and gretchen whitmer
    and garland texas
    and others
    are we still supposed to believe
    that its just a coincidence
    that the only media darling
    to arise from the ashes
    of the msd high school shooting
    is the kid of an fbi agent
    and in light of that
    are we still supposed to believe
    that that event
    was just a random act of violence

  18. I’m glad the hogg said this. And I hope he keeps talking, as the cities burn. When the cops are told to stand down. And do nothing.

  19. Is that the guy that lied about surviving the Parkland shooting…He was at home with his boyfriend instead…

  20. The state and federal militias are the first clause of the lines in the constitution directly below what you quote, and the second clause is the free willed people – to combat the first clause when tyranny is rampant (like when the government deploys IT’s militia against the people) in 2020/21. Make no mistake, the “organized” militia has not been what it was designed for in a long time. Which is why normal people – the “unorganized” have began organizing more now than ever before. It’s not rocket science and only a lair… excuse me, lawyer would pick it apart. Which btw, doesn’t benefit your argument because context matters.


  21. “The modern interpretation of 2A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the gun lobby.”

    Apologies, Mr. Boch, I had to fix your statement for you…

    “The modern interpretation of David Hogg is a ridiculous fraud pushed for years by the anti-gun lobby.”

  22. We have heard all about the “collective right” nonsense, particularly since the mouth-breathing idiot, Warren Burger, shot off his ignorant mouth. Burger was full of shit to his ears, and the whole “collective right” nonsense is a 20th Century invention that NEVER existed when the Constitution and BoR were written and ratified.

    And Warren Burger was an ignoranus:


  23. Hogg rights are be
    A. Made into bacon
    B. Made into ribs
    C. Made into pork chops
    D. Made into pork rinds
    E. Made into chitterlings
    Oh excuse me you said Hogg not Hog. Well spit that out – you don’t know where it’s been!

  24. My states constitution says otherwise David. I go by my States constitution, its worded a little the the federal constitution.
    And mister smarty pants a militia is a group, a group is three people or more, me, my girlfiend and my two sons and her 1st Sargent Army son( God bless him, he has to walk with crutches but ain’t giving up) retired are all pretty well regulated.
    Try again, sooooieee hog boy

    • Well in my state it is when two or more armed members of the “UNORGANIZED MILITIA” gather together, then the state considers them “ORGANIZED MILITIA” therefore “ILLEGAL” unless authorized by the Governor!!!

      I was born in 73 started hunting in the 80’s, and have never heard the Governor authorizing the gathering of the militia during “HUNTING SEASON”..

      There are a lot of violation of this state law, during hunting season!!!

  25. Hey, Hog-boy, As usual you are 100% wrong. At the time of the American Revolution, EVERY male was considered part of the “militia”, since states did not have a standing army. Just as in Switzerland now, every man was expected to have the necessary equipment to take part in the defense of this country. The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to own, possess and carry a firearm is one of our rights as a citizens of this country. If you are unhappy with that, may I suggest that you take a trip to Russia, or Iran or some country such as that, and as you leave the United States (where we prize the right to carry arms), don’t let the door hit your backside as you leave.

  26. Huh, who knew that individuals such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Mason, Noah Webster, James Madison, William Pitt, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Alexander Hamilton, among many others, were part of the “gun lobby”….I feel sort of sad for him, but not much. He’ll live an entire lifetime without once contributing anything meaningful or worthwhile to society and accomplish nothing. Can’t imagine going to bed each night knowing that your existence was the sum of being the center point of ridicule and mocking.

  27. David Hogg, the son of an FBI agent, is certainly proof that the people need to invoke their right to keep and bear arms to protect themselves from a corrupt and tyrannical government.

  28. We need to put a moratorium on ANYTHING that #HANDJOBHOGG says. He’s a clownish mouthpiece for the left. His Harvard “scholarship” was utterly political and shameful for the “university”. Moreover, now it seems that he has a death wish for the “cause”. He’s seems mentally ill and despondent, and should seek psychiatric help immediately.

  29. he’s so gung ho to take away guns he should lead the way.
    here’s a shield, the stack forms behind you.
    ready, set, GO GO GO

  30. I’m torn, should we take advice on constitutional law from a man that isn’t even qualified on merit to attend the school that he is attending? If he thinks that the Second Amendment how we talk about it today is a modern interpretation maybe he should read the Congressional testimony from when they were discussing passing the 1934 National Firearms Act. it is explicitly clear to legislators of that era what the Second Amendment means and it just so happens to jive with what gun owners today are saying it means.

  31. I thought the Hogg Boy was supposed to set up a door to door pillow sales business or something, what happened to that grand scheme?

    • MADDMAXX February 28, 2023 At 13:46
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      He came to the realization that the clown running the show was just using his dumbass AND it was failing anyway, much like what he has to look forward to for the rest of his miserable failure of a life…

      Damn I thought today might be the day I’d get through without this crap, and it’s a pretty benign statement compared some of the stuff I’ve posted today… Oh well, it’s your game I’m just a player…

  32. Hogg is just a leech.

    This little twerp makes a living out of saying stuff like this. He gets paid to be a political activist. There are a lot of people like him today, people who’ve never really accomplished anything in life.

    It’s strange that their meaningless opinions are even taken seriously.

  33. This 22 year old child is trying to remain relevant.
    His 15 minutes of fame were up 4½ years ago.
    In his tiny brain still thinks he might be somebody someday.
    Bloomberg will not pay him forever.
    “If someone goes nuts and kills me for saying this be sure to politicize the fuck out of my death.”
    By the time he is 30 he will OD and die, his boyfriend will find his body.
    He wants someone to kill him, he has a martyr complex.
    Someone abused Hogg when he was a child.

    • I imagined Hogg boy and buzzcut girl being found dead in a cheap hotel on the interstate with needles still in their arms from the overdose.

  34. Are we really sure that Hogg wasn’t, in fact, shot back in 2018 at MSD high school? Perhaps some undiagnosed traumatic brain injury? Cause what he said is pure and simply wrong. He’s a senior at Harvard. Kinda glad my kid never went there. If this is the level of miseducation they have at that school, the value of that diploma may not be worth the price of admission.

    • the value of that diploma may not be worth the price of admission.

      It will be for him… He’ll take his big time Harvard degree and he’ll find a district in a Blue state where the incumbent is retiring or weak and he’ll run for Congress where he will languish in obscurity introducing anti-gun bills year after year until he finally says fuk it and ODs on fentanyl…

  35. I have no right to a gun? But I have one, so if you think you’re big n’ bad n’ hoggy enough, come & take it.

  36. Ah yes, the Bill of Rights. The historically greatest declaration of the rights of individuals, except for *that* one – that one was just to make sure that the government doesn’t … uh, disarm itself.

  37. Well Mr. Hogg. I have 60 years worth of collecting in my safe. 22 years of Military experience and a serious dislike of self serving dumbasses. Anytime you personally want to come deny my rights to own firearms, please come and find me. I’m the bald, white bearded old man who lives at the end of the dirt road.
    Whoever paid for Mr. Hogg’s Harvard Education should demand a full refund. The boy is still an ignorant child.
    Sorry son, but your 15 minutes of fame ended some time ago. Go find something productive to do and actually do something worthy of note. Perhaps hold down a real job, raise a family, and see to it they are functional adults who are doing the same.

  38. Hogg is an idiot and I’m not wasting my time with him. This comment is as much as Hogg doofus gets.
    However, what the militia is today is inconsequential. It’s what the militia was in 1790s. It was groups of able-bodied men who protected their towns, colonies, and eventually states. This is what matters under recent USSC rulings, not what Hogg boy retard spews out of his immature uneducated mouth.

  39. It’s the right of ‘the people’ not the right of the state. Like Mr. Spicolli, somehow you squeaked by.


    • I especially like the last part, the “shall not be infringed”. That means, Biden and his bully boys need to keep their mitts off the 2nd Amendment. If they want to ban guns, go to Cuba, Red China, etc.

  41. So Mr Hogg thinks we’re not interpreting correctly. How about the modern interpretation of separation of church and state….

  42. why dont these fucked up polititions make laws to protect the people and there would be no need fot normal peple to carry one you ass hole.

  43. Hogg Boy, you are wrong again. In colonial times, every male was considered part of the “militia” in time of need. They gathered to fight against marauding Indians, “RedCoats” and English “bullyboys”. If you were a citizen, you were part of the militia. Granted it was an unpaid militia mostly, but they were there, ready and willing. Also, of note, in Switzerland and Israel now, every citizen is considered part of their army and subject to call up for duty.. So, Hogg Boy check your facts before you run your mouth.

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