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The Barrett REC7 has been around for a while, yet I only know one person who actually bought one. It might be an after-effect of their reputation for expensive firearms like their 50BMG line — good guns, but you can’t afford them. Barrett’s updating the rifle line with a new keymod forend (bringing them into line with other high end manufacturers), an all chrome one-piece push-rod piston system, more colors, and a new Geiselle trigger. We’ve been promised one to review, and we’ll let you know how it runs.

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  1. Barrett:
    If you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.

    I never saw a reason to even want a REC7 When it does the same thing a 6920 does.

  2. I have mixed feelings.

    I know it is not fair, but part of me just says, “Another AR15 platform…sigh.”

    But because it is Barrett and I admire the whole history and story of Mr. Barrett and how his products have served our nation so well, I’m intrigued!

    Honestly, though, how do all these gun companies realize a return on their investment in such an enormously crowded marketplace of AR15s?

    At the end of the day, all this competition is great for the end user.

    • It’s a crowded marketplace, but not an over-crowded one. Everyone wants an AR-15, or 3.

    • It seems that many manufacturers assemble their AR-15s from pre-existing suppliers, thus eliminating the need to “tool-up,” which is one of the biggest start-up costs.

  3. I am still confused with peoples fascination with the Barret .50cal. Its the mall ninja of rifles.

    • That can go through a car lengthwise. I’ve actually got a friend who got a model 99 for some reason. Fun, but a little punishing to shoot. And at something like $5 a pop it’s a little over my budget.

    • You are “confused”? I doubt it.

      You are just engaging in a passive aggressive way of making a snarky remark.

      The right tool, for the right job.

      Perhaps you can tell us about your time behind it that leads to your conclusion that is the “mall ninja” of rifles.

      • Well Paul as a guy who has been forced to fire that gun, I am confused. Considering that the McMillan Tac 50 exist, there really is no point to this gun. Lets see its about a 4-5 minute gun on average, every once in a while you will see one that is closer to 2, but its extremely rare. The spotter pretty much has to sit on the shooters ass, which is embarrassing, and really doesn’t do that well for concealment. Not to mention probably one of the most punishing guns I have ever had to spot. There is a reason why in Army Sniper they have you engaging tanks, no shit tanks, to qual with this weapon, where in the navy course with the Tac 50 you engage standard 25″ by 15″ at the same ranges.

        • Like I said, the right tool for the right job… you may have been “forced to fire it” but I am still unclear what your combat experience with it has been.

          Seems you can make your points based on some real-world reality, rather than simply your, evidently, extremely limited experience with it.

        • What job are you referring to? The whole anti materiel rifle role has been greatly diminished(if I need to take down something bigger than a person its getting explosives), and considering there are better rifles than it which can do both anti material and anti personnel doesn’t leave much for it to do. It being semi auto makes it heavier and the way it folds down is much harder to carry than the Tac 50, so it is absolutely horrible strapping that to a pack and trying to ruck it. Show me a SOF unit that uses it over any other .50cal rifle. What has been your real world experience using a .50cal rifle, cause mine has been the Stan.

  4. In whatever mkt for a product, there will be the top shelf that is more expensive, and out of reach for many. Nothing wrong with that, IMHO, it makes the more affordable platforms better.
    I found building AR’s allow a bit of economy parts, with a bit of top shelf componants makes a fine balance. OBTW, one day I will have a Barrett .50.
    Why the hell not!!! When dump trucks are in season bring enough gun.

  5. When I heard Barrett to upgrade the Rec7, I had hoped it would follow in the steps of the MRAD for a quick change barrel. Thats why I kind of like the obscure TNW SGPQCB rifle, a piston driven AR rifle with a quick change barrel and multi-cal choices.

  6. They are going the wrong way, they became famous because of their high caliber rifles. So they should make something more powerful than a sissy AR. I was thinking something like a M95 chambered for 14.5x114mm. Revive the 14.5 round, if Barret made a rifle for it then ammo manufacturers would probably start making ammo for it or at the very least components.

    • Who would buy it. There will be no civilian market for. It’s not going to be a practical round for sniping purposes, and as I said above the whole anti material role has been greatly diminished. Why make a rifle nobody is going to buy?

      • You my friend have not been up against .50 BMG rated armor.

        Besides, would be fun for extra long range matches. Something like 3-3.5 kilometers (you call them clicks, right?).
        Also if it was made lightweight (about 25 pounds or less) then it would be great for defense against moose. (/sarc).

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