Dana Loesch on The View: 9/11 Made Me A Conservative [Gun Rights Advocate]

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America launched a social media hate campaign against conservative commentator Dana Loesch, trying stop her from appearing on ABC’s The View. As late as this morning, Shannon Watts was still at it, penning a column for mediaite.com that shrilled “There are many prominent, responsible gun owners in America that The View could have chosen to host their program. Unfortunately, they chose a pro-gun activist who has a history of promoting gun lobby propaganda. But given the gun violence epidemic in America, we can’t afford to continue a polarized discussion that demonizes gun owners OR the people who support gun reform.” Discussion? Since when did Shannon Watts discuss anything? And since when did Whoopi Goldberg ease-up on a pro-gun conservative? Anyway, Shannon knows when to leave the field. She’s turned her attention to guns in post offices. Press release in a separate post.


  1. avatar Terry Hoover says:

    Has the View show already occurred or when is it?

    1. avatar colby says:

      It was this morning. Dana didn’t discuss anything beyond her introduction at the beginning of the show.

      1. avatar Paul G. says:

        In the name of “fair and balanced” shouldn’t half of the panel and guests be pro-gun? Isn’t “fair share” a big part of the liberal dictum? They need to step up to the plate.

        1. avatar Mina says:

          Part of enjoying #LiberalPrividge is that the media is only required to present one view and only one view: Yours.

  2. avatar Noah says:

    Wait, aren’t firearms (unless, being mailed) illegal anyway on post office grounds?

    1. avatar Fred says:

      I thought so as well, if there is some loophole I don’t know about it. Next the Watts will complain about guns on airplanes or in space.

      1. avatar Steve says:

        She’s probably going to moan about the recent court decision that says firearms are allowed on PO parking lots… even though it currently only pertain to one district due to it’s jurisdiction.

    2. avatar Javier says:

      Rand Paul recently announced he wants to legalize guns in post offices. She is probably addressing that.

        1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          I like Rand.

      1. avatar Shire-man says:

        Itd be nice to not commit a felony a day when checking the POBox. Concealed is concealed and there arent any metal detectors so…

    3. avatar Andy says:

      Only inside the building , a Federal judge ruled that guns are allowed in the parking lots of Post Offices . As far as guns being mailed , I believe that private citizens that do not have a FFL cannot legally ship firearms , except by UPS , and only back to manufacturers for warranty work , or to a FFL dealer . Be prepared and ready. Keep your powder dry.

      1. avatar David says:

        Private citizens can also mail firearms within a state (well, free-ish states, CA, NY, now CO, et al need not apply). You know, lack of jurisdiction of the Feds and all.

      2. If you are not an FFL you can only ship complete (unloaded) firearms via Federal Express or certain UPS services. Does not have to go to manufacturer — gunsmith OK — but any gun shop is also an FFL. So you are sending a firearm citizen> FFL for repair or mods and return only. Rules for handguns and long-guns are slightly different.



        I won’t use the PO parking lot if I have a firearm in my car — I park on the street in front.

      3. avatar PavePusher says:

        Check the BATFE/USPS rules. It’s perfectly legal for you to mail a rifle or shotgun to a dealer in another state. I’ve done so several times.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          In most states, you can send a long gun to yourself. Federal rules permit it, but some states don’t. So if you’re headed off to hunt somewhere and don’t want to check your Blaser rifle on the airplane, you can ship it to yourself.

        2. avatar Mr. Pierogie says:

          Yes! It is perfectly legal to ship a rifle or shotgun by an individual to an FFL dealer in another state via the USPS, but I would strongly advise against it if you live in a Blue State with stupid gun laws, unless of course you hate yourself and / or you enjoy wasting time arguing endlessly with stupid clerks who don’t know their own policies and flat out refuse to check. Ask me how I know.

          Scroll down to section 12.2 Rifles and Shotguns (I think everything else is restricted):

        3. avatar ErrantVenture11 says:

          This is how my dad sent me the first gun he ever gave me, a 20 ga shotgun. He sent it “In Care of” Errant Venture (obviously not my actual name) and I picked them up at the post office. We have the same name.


      4. avatar Elliotte says:

        And that Federal Judge’s ruling only applies in his jurisdiction, which I believe is Colorado.

  3. avatar Roscoe says:

    Herr Bloomberg told her “It’s done; move on.”

  4. avatar Paul53 Old gringo says:

    Shannon Watts is getting a bit whacko. Soon she’ll be her own worst enemy. Never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake!

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Who’s interrupting?

  5. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Well played Dana…

  6. avatar ropingdown says:

    Dana did an excellent job. She discussed issues in which others were interested, for example Home Schooling, and explained why she became conservative without saying ‘guns.’ In other words she showed a national audience a reasonable conversational and attractive person without an axe to grind. Therefore she can be listened to when she does speak about the 2nd amendment.

    And she’ll have many asking, rightly, “what the hell was Shannon Watts so freaked out about?” Answer? Whatever she’s paid to be freaked out about, the little Goebbels.

    1. avatar TraderRLH says:

      Yes. Dana struck exactly the right tone as a guest host.

    2. avatar ChuckN says:

      “In other words she showed a national audience a reasonable
      conversational and attractive person without an axe to grind.”

      This is exactly way the anti-civil rights crowd fear her so much.

      1. avatar Mina says:

        Bingo! Chuck.

        Can’t have that. A woman, a pro-gun woman, a pro-gun Conservative woman … allowed in the crab basket with the rest of the ladies?

        That’s too scary – she might change our carefully arranged plans for presenting all women as anti-gun and Liberal!! Must … Silence … Pro-gun, Conservative women … Must … Silence …

  7. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    I believe she will be on all week. I asked Dana if they can invite Shannon on for a debate. I bet that would boost ratings, but then again Shannon couldn’t debate her way out of a wet paper bag, and she knows it. Bloomberg has told her to leave now and save face. If she was asked and turned down and interview this week, then she would look even worse than she already does.
    But I am sure her conflicting schedules won’t allow her to make it on this week, you know so busy and all.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      and give her more of a national platform to spread her disinformation and call everyone else a “gun bully?” Not sure that’s advantageous.

    2. avatar rawmade says:

      Holy Lord, watching Shannon Watts try and debate someone who actually can debunk all her false statistics and studies would be amazing to watch
      What can you debate when your entire platform is built on misinformation and down right lies

  8. avatar jwm says:

    Watts keeps pointing out that Dana is paid to be pro gun. Is watts implying that watts is not making a profit by being anti gun?

    1. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      Ding Ding Ding!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Pot, meet kettle.

    3. avatar Nine says:

      Not just Watts.

      What about all those ‘Demand a Plan’ celebrities?

      The ‘victims’ of ‘gun violence’?

      Strong with the hypocrisy, young Watts is.

    4. avatar Mina says:

      It is part of #LiberalPriviledge to enjoy taunting your opposition for doing something “dishonorable” and “underhanded” regardless of the fact that you do exactly the same thing.

  9. avatar TraderRLH says:

    I understand Whoopi is an NRA member. She tries to keep it quiet.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Yeah not sure what the snipe in the article was about, she’s probably the more friendly towards guns on that show normally.

      1. avatar the ruester says:

        I think everyone confuses her with Rosie because she is now the most annoying one.

      2. avatar slicer87 says:

        Whoopi isn’t 100% progun. She is a NRA member but she also supports banning “assault weapons”. Whoopi is a FUDD.

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      Whoopi’s cool. I don’t agree with her on much, but she has very independent views, not aligned with PC on everything. She thinks for herself. She was a hard luck kid. I went out of my way to eat at the lunch place she used to work the first time I was in San Diego. Emphasis on the word ‘work.’ She was the one who clearly made Dana feel at ease.

      1. avatar rlc2 says:

        Remember that place. Went there many times, just after she was done with the washing dishes, and off to Hollywood.

        Respect to Whoopi. Don’t always agree, and she doesnt always get it right on The View, but my guess is she’s a ‘closet conservative’, or in the process…

      2. avatar rlc2 says:

        Dana Loesch is just another example of a smart, talented, well-spoken woman who is quick witted, and more than able to carry on a debate on the facts. Who happens to be of the conservative political viewpoint, and another rising star.

        That scares the crap out of prog-libtards, who have nothing but personal smears and propaganda going for them. No wonder Ms Watts objects: Loesch is a direct refutation of everything she says and does for MDA.

  10. avatar Excedrine says:

    Hopefully she’ll be able to really lay into the anti-gun agit-prop the next time.

  11. avatar James says:

    Since when has Shannon not wanted to demonize gun owners? I seem to recall her saying that we gun owners only care about our guns, and she as a mother cares for all children. More totalitarian double speak.

  12. avatar juliesa says:

    That Moms group was tweeting the View ladies for hours last night, bombarding them with anti-gunowner and anti-Dana agitprop.

    It didn’t work too well, did it? I watched the View for the first time today, and the regulars were perfectly courteous to their demonized visitor. Guns were mentioned just once, in passing, that I saw.

  13. avatar Mark N. says:

    “But given the gun violence epidemic in America, we can’t afford to continue a polarized discussion that demonizes gun owners OR the people who support gun reform.”

    Wait wait wait a second there, Ms. Watts. Isn’t demonizing gun owner Dana (and every other gun owner)exactly what you have been doing all this time? Do you not listen to the words that are pouring out of your mouth? And then after demonizing her, you are telling us that there should be no discussion at all–that Dana should not be offered a platform to express her views? [“Don’t pay any attention to that man behind the curtain…”]

    Shannon, get out a dictionary. Or use the internet. And look up the word “hypocrisy.”

    1. avatar ropingdown says:

      Hypocrisy is her profession. PR people are just gunslingers, like attorneys, but without the depth of skills and learning, or the honest and public admission of their purpose.

  14. avatar Marcus says:

    Nicely done. I may just become a regular viewer.
    Just kidding. But as long as Dana’s on, I’m in.

  15. avatar Accur81 says:

    Very well done. This beautiful, articulate women would absolutely roast Shannon in an any debate. The antis are now on alert. A pro-gun mom that used to be a liberal is a welcome addition to our pro freedom cause. I’m glad TTAG helped to spotlight her pro freedom advocacy and am disgusted by Shannon’s efforts to destroy a meaningful conversation which opposes her worldview.

  16. “9/11 Made Me A Conservative”

    HUH? WHAT? Was it that footage of Bush in the kindergarten class acting like a deer in the headlights during the attack? Or maybe she likes Saudi Intel agents who consider themselves “members” of the Bush Family.

    You all know that the “War On Terror” cannon is going to be pointed at US next — right?

    http://www.terrorgap.org/sign/terror-gap/ [MAIG]

    1. avatar shawn says:

      The conservatives are trying to forget that image of GW.

      1. avatar jerry says:

        The life of a liberal gun owner must be difficult. Pretending to support the 2A all the while voting for and supporting the party that would gladly disarm all of us.

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      Whadda ya’ mean ‘next,’ Goldstein?

    3. avatar Mina says:

      Mr. Goldstein: Nice to see you here. I do enjoy your work on ROK. I checked this link: http://vtdigger.org/2013/05/19/jaffe-stop-the-war-on-guns/ Interesting stuff (I am from Bennington myself by the way; Constitutional Carry there…)

      Good observations. I am not sure I making the logical link from Dana’s statement to Bush’s response to the 9/11 terror attacks …. at the time, he was reading to a classroom full of children. I am sure he, like many folks would, was thinking primarily “I don’t want to scare the crap out of these kids by reacting, so I’ll just keep reading until I can extricate myself…”

      1. SMALL WORLD. I have a new article out on Digger:


        I can also be found at Hale Mt or the Manchester Mostly Gun Club. I am also active in Gun Owners of Vermont.

        1. avatar Mina says:

          🙂 I live in Chicago area currently but I have a ton of family in Bennington (out by the Haines & Kanes) and Pownal.

          Are you the author of the article on vtdigger.org?? Boy oh boy would I love to talk to you about writing a gun focused article for ROK!! 🙂 I’d be happy to provide some thoughts, input, etc etc.

          Obviously my writing an article for that site is out of the question … LOL

        2. Ya — I wrote the Digger articles under my real name. My email is my full real name @ gmail.com

          I am active in the VT “Pro Gun” world — will also be a volunteer citizen lobbyist this session. I live near The Monument. I moved to VT 15 years ago from NYC. Best thing I ever did.

          UZI does it.

        3. avatar Mina says:

          Watch tomorrow for an email from me 🙂

          I used to share a horse with a lady from Manhattan. We kept him (Sneakers – I was a 12yo) in Shaftsbury up on Horton Hill Road. My best friend from when I was 10yo lives up on Twitchell Hill Road to this day: her husband built her a lovely barn in the backyard for her horses. He and his family own the Saab mechanic nearby.

          Huge life change NYC to Bennington! Talk to you tomorrow.

    4. avatar PavePusher says:

      Yes, I’m sure you’d have been quite manly, decisive and un-shocked when informed of one of the worlds’ worst terrorist attacks, while reading to a class of small children.

      Please regale us with your history of bold national leadership, courage under fire, and eternal clarity of deed and purpose when ambushed.

      We’ll wait…….

  17. avatar Bill says:

    She is so not guilty!

  18. avatar Model 31 says:

    Its like looking at a 2014 Mustang GT with a couple of 1971 Pintos on either side.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      ummm, more like a Maserati coup, just freshly waxed, next to a couple of Pintos. . . . . fixed it for ya

      1. avatar Bill says:

        hur-hur-hur, he said, “waxed” hur-hur 😀

      2. avatar ropingdown says:

        Dirk, don’t go there. I mean the ‘waxed.’ Keep your focus.

      3. avatar J in OR says:

        Mmmm… waxed. Good God I hope so

  19. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I liked the way she deflected some of the comments.

    She did a pretty neat interview with Ted and Shemain Nugent recently.
    I like her style.

  20. “Unfortunately, they chose a pro-gun activist who has a history of promoting gun lobby propaganda.”
    Oh come on Shannon! How can what you say be anything less than propaganda?

    Do you even know what the definition of Propaganda is let alone how to spot it?

    I do, and was actually formally taught how to spot propaganda, ironically (?), by a democrat.

  21. avatar Tom in Wisconsin says:

    This show is still on?

  22. avatar Raul Ybarra says:

    Dana is one of the best things to come to the Tea Party movement. Y’all in the rest of the country should be glad we in St. Louis are willing to share. At least we still her for her radio show.

    What Shannon may not realize is that Dana is the real thing. She sounded like this way back when she was protesting with the original Tea Party and her blog and when she was doing a short weekly spot on Jamie Allman’s show.

    No surprise Shannon moved on real quick. Either she or her handlers knew better than to let her tangle with Dana Loesch. It would have been a bloodbath.

  23. avatar cubby123 says:

    Hey Shannon, you don’t like guns? MOVE! England or Australia would be a good choice as they don’t like guns either and the crime rate has skyrocketed.You’ll fit right in.They have had all their rights taken away too by idiots just like you!

  24. avatar JW says:

    It is good to see the View sees the hand writing on the wall. As the Obama administration comes to a close more American Women will also shift toward more conservative beliefs. That is why folks like Watts had to slander Loesche… Only by censoring those women who will help move America toward conservatism can they hope to hold onto the power they perceive they have.

    1. avatar Evan says:

      Americans are largely becoming more independent and possibly more “libertarian” to a smaller extent. They are not becoming more conservative. There are more than two options you know.

  25. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    so if you read the press release MDA is putting out. . . . it says to contact BerlinRosen. BerlinRosen (apparently, fellow Tribe members with Robert who forgot certain not too recent historical facts about propaganda) is a professional hit job, I mean PR firm. So, it lookie like Shannon Watts is spending (Little) Daddy Bloomberg’s $$$, but . . . . what is this? The press release says if you have questions (I gots plenty), to contact Taylor Maxwell. She probably is not good to the last drop (although, hell, my dumb ass thinks Shannon Watts would be a freak in bed). No, Taylor is a JUNIOR ASSOCIATE!!!! She is at the bottom of their damn org chart. Riddle me this Batman. If you have a midget billionaire’s $$ and he is a sworn enemy of the 2nd Amendment, how the hell do you end up with the person who fetches coffee and extra cream as your new mouthpiece at your new “high powered” PR firm (these are the same people taking credit for getting MAIG’s newest criminal to be (fingers crossed), Bill deBlasio elected. . . .

    hmmmm. . .. . maybe Shannon is on a tight budget because she didn’t produce for Daddy??

    1. avatar Model 31 says:

      So you’re saying she must work hard for the money?

      1. avatar Nine says:

        So hard, honey honey.

    2. avatar ropingdown says:

      Shannon has been an expensive waste of money for Bloomberg. He’ll dump her soon, claiming the 2014 midterm elections need her expertise. I only see her name on this website, actually. Even moms who are hoplophobic don’t show up for her cross-country tours. Then sense she’s just another immoral mouth for sale, something they hate more than guns.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        mouth for sale??? so what do we get for $10? 🙂 I just imagine Shannon as the Vietnamese hooker approaching Bloomy and deBlasio at their transition meeting looking for some $$$ for MDA. . . .

      2. avatar rlc2 says:

        +1. Yeah, what was it something like 4 total ‘protesters’ that showed up in St Louis, and a couple months before that a total of 4 in Austin, cross-town?
        One of whom was almost too ‘afraid’ to even talk about guns, to Robt?
        I’m sure at least one was the organizer, so its even less “real” converts to the cause.

        Pretty poor ROI for the investment of Bloomie-bucks.
        Ms Watts needs to find a different gig, as her pro- PR career is circling the bowl.

  26. avatar Jerry R says:

    Everyone missed the real news story. Apparently Whoopi Goldberg has eaten Jenny McCarthy. This fact is based on her size and the absence of Ms. McCarthy.

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