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SNL Weekend Update Colin Jost advocates for gun control. Courtesy

Apparently determined to replicate the NFL’s path of recent success, alleged late night “comedians” have taken on the topic of gun control in the past week (no points for guessing which side they’re on). Also jumping on the bandwagon this weekend was Saturday Night Live.

As notes, ‘Weekend Update’ host Colin Jost went off on civilian gun ownership:

“The investigation into the tragedy in Las Vegas this week has sparked a larger debate In America between people who want common sense gun control and people who are wrong.”

He continued, making the following analogy: “The man owned 47 guns. No one should own 47 of anything. If you own 47 cats, you’re not a responsible pet owner, you’re a crazy cat lady. And unlike with guns, the government will actually come and take your cats away, because everyone agrees that’s insane.” Jost’s co-anchor Michael Che later joked that people shouldn’t be allowed to have more than one gun and six bullets. “If you can’t hit what you’re shooting with six bullets, then you don’t need to be shooting at it,” he said. “Learn karate or use your words!”

The once-funny SNL has come a long way from “Jane, you ignorant slut….”

Not one to let an attack on gun rights go unchallenged, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch had this to say about that:

“I’m certainly not going to take any kind of firearm lecture from people who clearly don’t either own them or have never even fired them, and don’t even understand the concept of self defense, either. This idea that you’re going to have this six round limit, and then they compared them to cats, Steve, because you know, people all over the United States, every single day successfully defend their lives using cats.”

With Ms. Loesch, the NRA has come a long way from the perception of Wayne LaPierre’s now tired “get off my lawn” routine. Loesch takes no prisoners in her support of Second Amendment Freedoms. You approve?

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        • Good show there, ‘Jim!’ You are using capitalization AND punctuation now, a vast improvement. I’m glad that I could help out in some small way! You were ridiculous before, but now you’re merely asinine. Keep up the improvements, and some day you’ll actually make sense!
          Alas, today is not that day. Don’t give up, Sweetie–we’ll be here for you.

        • I have no idea what you’re talking about, I always used capitalization and punctuation. Are you mistaking me for someone else? I don’t believe we’ve ever spoken before.

        • I think (and this just a guess because both of you are making very passive and ambiguous statements) what he’s saying is: draw out your opinions and elaborate.

          For example: “Dana Loesch is stupid because….” and then you complete your thought with reasonable and rational comentary that resonates with some and stirs up well articulated counter points with others.

          “Dana Loesch is stupid,” is wasted space in this coments section….. so if you would please tell us more, so we can put on a thought provoking show of words for those who are just reading.

        • You’re not left or right so you are in the middle and GETTING RUN OVER BY BOTH.

          Neither Dana nor the NRA are perfect but they do more to protect our rights THAN YOU DO, so STFU and give some money to the NRA or SAF or GOA or JPFO but STOP WHINING and stop “being in the middle” like a MORON.

    • It was probably the guy in the next cubicle over, Jim.

      All you Bloomturd-paid schtrolls sound alike after awhile.

      Might I suggest you go elsewhere and work on kicking that oxygen habit?

    • Jim. Make sure to have that plexiglas porthole to replace your navel as your head is so far up your own ass it’s the only way for you to see where your going.
      Dana is a Tough smart lady who strongly defends out 2A Rights.

    • That’s what really burns my biscuit. They’re supposed to be entertainers, but they no longer entertain. They’ve abandoned the hard work of making everyone laugh and taken the cheap route of currying favor from their own in-group by snarking at the proles from on high.

    • That’s what always happens when ‘entertainers’ turn into ideologues. Ideology is never funny. Correct, incorrect, sad maybe, necessary certainly, but never funny.
      This is what happened to Jon Stewart at the Daily Show when he went all in on Obamacare. Not one funny bone to be seen after that. Then he retired and is now gone from the public eye. I wonder if he now thinks it was worth throwing away his career and reputation over….

      • This is also what is happening with the NFL. They are suddenly realizing that all they are and always have been “entertainers” and we really don’t give a flying fluke WHAT their opinion is. STFU and throw the GD ball!

      • The comics (SNL, Kimmel, others) have started to remind me of the Union of Soviet Writers, of whom Solzhenitsyn said (and I loosely quote and translate), “it is the first union of writers in history voluntarily bound strictly to the cause of glorifying the barbarity of a police state devoted to the advancement of slavery.”

    • “She’s a raven-haired badger.”

      Yeah, I’d like to tame her shrew…

      (Honey badger don’t care!)

  1. Yes.

    Crap like this SNL sketch is exactly why I no longer watch any of the entertainment establishment’s trained monkey poop-flingers.

    If I do decide something they’ve done is likely to be entertaining, I’ll find a pirated version or at the very least lock out ads and scripts (Adblock & Scriptblock extensions) so as to subtract my tiny portion from their revenue stream. I can’t stop them, but I sure as hell don’t have to support them.

  2. How is this for funny SNL?

    Flashback Paul Harvey on Guns; “Are you considering backing gun control laws? They have come for your fireworks, your meat, your milk, your 16 oz drinks, etc etc. Do you think that because you may not own a gun, the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment don’t matter?
    In 1929 the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and others, who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
    That places total victims who lost their lives because of gun control at approximately 56 million in the last century. Since we should learn from the mistakes of history, the next time someone talks in favor of gun control, find out which group of citizens they wish to have exterminated”.
    Since gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars. The results Australia-wide; Homicides are up 3.2%; Assaults are up 8%; Armed robberies are up 44%; In that country’s state of Victoria, homicides with firearms are up 300%. [Hillary says she wants to do what Australia did]
    Over the previous 25 years, figures show a steady decrease in armed robberies and Australian politicians are on the spot and at a loss to explain how no improvement in “safety” has been observed after such monumental effort and expense was successfully expended in “ridding society of guns.”
    It’s time to state it plainly; Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws only affect the law-abiding citizens.”
    Be very afraid US citizen, be very afraid.

    • Reminds me of two things:

      Paul Harvey also said, “The unarmed man will eventually find himself at the mercy of men with no mercy.”

      and regarding: “…gun owners in Australia were forced to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed, a program costing the government more than $500 million dollars….” In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when followed by professional trackers Butch comments, “If they paid ME the $50,000 I’d stop robbing them!”

  3. Can’t have 47 of anything? Is he going to take Leno’s cars away? Just wait until he sees what the libraries are hoarding!

  4. ‘No one should own 47 of anything.’

    Well then, time to ban playing cards. There’s 54 in a pack!

    • I’m sure there’s more than 47 grams of blow lined up at the typical SNL after-show party. Maybe the government should bust down a back stage door and seize that, without warning, without warrant, but with a full SWAT team?

      How quickly would these unfunny, loudmouthed libertines suddenly become constitutional originalists? “What part of ‘unreasonable searches and seizures’ does the government not understand!!!”, they’d scream.

  5. Isn’t there a ban on 47 ounce sodas in that godforsaken cesspit? And no, you can own 47 cats if you want. Owning 47 cats and allowing them to starve to death is an entirely different matter.
    These daft idiots have no idea of how middle america actually thinks or maybe sees thing differently from their own ‘superior’ views.

    • There is nothing inherently wrong with having 47 cats anyway. Much like with the guns it’s all about responsibility, ranchers can have hundreds if not thousands of animals under their care.

      Don’t be a f*ktard and everything will be just fine.

  6. This is exactly why we need a strong conservative network. To counter and ridicule these morons daily. What little we have now is too hodgepodge. I was hoping Trump Jr would follow through.
    Timaeo Theos….your comment is spot on and funny!

    • Those states have already left, they just don’t want to admit it. It’s like when grandpa dies and you don’t tell Social Security because then the government checks stop coming every month.

  7. Oddly enough I did watch the 1st half hour of SNL. ‘Cause I like Gal Godat. It was laugh out loud funny with zero Trump(or gun) bashing. I never watch the weekend update BS. It ended after Dennis Miller left. I believe SNL gets their marching orders from NBC. And I LOVE Dana😆

  8. And I especially appreciate that, once again, they feel the need to introduce penis length and inadequacy into the firearms debate. They do obsess about genitals an awful lot. Dildos in this skit as well. Interesting they did that, and then had Justice Ginsberg performing a lap dance.

    Talk about something that can’t be unseen….

  9. For SNL to ignore the Harvey Weinstein scandal and go after guns instead says a lot, I used to enjoy SNL, after Baldwin started doing Trump, I can’t stand the show. It used to be funny and take shots at both sides now it’s just another anti Trump, liberal talking points low hanging fruit show. Watch the ratings tank.

  10. I used to own more than 47 cows. They’re easier to herd than cats, and they give more milk. There were some cats on the farm, too, but they pretty much had to fend for themselves on mice and birds.

    I have nothing against cat owners, other than the fact that they tend to be insane.

      • I’ll admit mine is an emotionless psychopath but only when it comes to squirrels, crawdads, and the laser dot my bore sighter puts on the wall.

    • Ferrets are better.
      Insane, yes, but you’d never notice since they sleep eighteen hours a day anyway…
      Wait, no… you will notice the damage they did, but by then they’re back to sleep.

    • Wait… You mean to tell me you are getting more milk from your cows than your cats? I’m calling BS

    • LOL , memories, Sis and I started bringing cats in the house, Dad threw a fit,” them cats belong in the barn, quit feeding them damned cats, they eat rats.” Geez I miss that guy, and the old days. We never had a gun, he killed everything needed killing with a club and a dog, butchering cattle, he’d wack it in the head with a hammer. Grandpa had a single shot 22 and a 410, the 410 was the ” big” gun.

  11. SNL (and hollywood, liberals, blm, etc) would be totally beside themselves if the 1st amendment was threatened, especially since words have gotten more innocent people killed than guns ever will.

  12. Speaking of liberal media, Youtube is getting increasingly obnoxious. I can’t watch a hickok45 video anymore without some anti-gun pig slop video popping up in the “suggested videos”, whether it’s SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, or The Young Turks.

    However, I do find it therapeutic to give those vids a dislike, and then skip back to the video I was originally watching.

    Youtube must know this is bad for business. Gun videos get millions of views and thousands of likes, and the demonetized gun channels are starting Patreon pages to stay open.

    • That’s odd. Every time I watch a Forgotten Weapons video, my suggestions are nothing but more gun videos.

  13. “No one should own 47 of anything.”

    Says the jackass who doesn’t know what a socket wrench is, never mind what a decent socket set looks like. Or maybe he should look up a screw and nut driver set online. Or perhaps buy a box of spare fuses. Or… well… forget it. He’s an idiot.

    Also, Karate? Brah, it’s not 1985 anymore.

    • And because when you’re 65 and your knees are blown from a lifetime of work karate is just SO EFFECTIVE against a gang-banger with a stolen Glock 19.

  14. I guess they’re trying to push away the last 100 people who still watch television. All the jokes are long gone and it’s “stay up late and cut yourself with us.”

    I know one person who still watches late shows and TV in general. She’s a miserable person who’s always breaking down crying over nothing at all and throws fits over pop culture news.

  15. “…a larger debate In America between people who understand reality and want freedom and people who are wrong.”

    There. I fixed it for ya.

  16. I’m trying to remember the last time I watched SNL. It was when Chris Farley was still on.

  17. “If you can’t hit what you’re shooting with six bullets, then you don’t need to be shooting at it.” So police officers should only get six bullets then? I hear they’re all really great marksmen…

  18. “Nobody should own 47 of anything”

    I wonder how many women and children Mr. Weinstein abused and raped over the years. Sadly I suspect it’s more than 47.

    But these hacks in Hollywood and Late Night TV won’t utter a peep about that story though, will they?

  19. Dana Leosch is doing just fine. (Smile) To the Left its very politically incorrect for a white woman in the media to say these things.
    Thats the real reason why she gets under their skin.

  20. “Learn karate or use your words…”
    We didn’t learn a damn thing from the dark ages and imperial Europe, did we?

    • …And I wonder if there was more than 47 violent looters in the Ferguson/St Louis/Korea Town riots? I mean, just a thought exercise. Not that those actually happened.

  21. Doesn’t Jay Leno own 47+ cars…He must be “crazy”! The Government has to step in and take them all away under force of arms!

  22. I like the smell of Hoppes #9 , an I’m glad the “old lady” left, all she did was bitch about how it smelled, and my demeanor, she didn’t realize the more she bitched dah meaner I got.

  23. OMG! I’m NOT a firearms owner…But, I have at least 47-styles of spices and seasonings ! I must be crazy! Should that elicit an armed government response to forcefully take away my excessive spice rack !?

  24. OMG! Wait a minute! I have over 100+ blu-rays, and DvDs in my movie collection…Would that require an armed government intervention like SNL said?!? What about PC software and PC games!?!? On, no ! Mr. Bill !

  25. Hold it! I guess everyone must be CRAZY! I bet you all own more than one pair of pants. How many socks are to much…? What about underwear ?!?.What’s the right draw count ?!?! What about shoes, boots, or sneakers…? Someone call SNL for clarification!

  26. likÈ ÈlÈĀnor iΜpliÈD I ĀΜ inŚpirÈD thĀt ĀnyboDy cĀn gÈt pĀiD $9852 in onÈ Μonth on thÈ intÈrnÈt. hĀvÈ you rÈĀD thiŚ wÈb ŚitÈ
    ╚═►╚═► ╚═►╚═►❥❥❥❥

  27. It’s below Dana to even comment on this comedy sketch.

    SNL stinks now so they are just trying to rip off successful liberal shows like Daily Show and John Oliver in hopes that they can rebuild their youth audience as opposed to smug baby boomer progressives that think they are still hip by watching SNL.

    • Dana Loesch probably has a bigger audience than does SNL by this point. When was the last time you heard someone quote an SNL skit in pop culture? Dana has a popular talk-radio show, and is basically the face of the NRA; people know her before they know Wayne La Pierre or Chris Cox.

  28. Nobody should own 47 of anything? Ummm…. how many women have now been offended when it comes to how many pairs of shoes? How many spoon collectors? How many others?

    These comedians are going to hang their careers if they’re not careful. Tragedy isn’t comedy, nor is it comedy material.

  29. SNL apparently believes that anyone who owns 47 books, or 47 CDs, or 47 Blu-Rays, or 47 articles of clothing to be the equivalent of “…a crazy cat lady” or a mass-murderer (like Joseph Stalin, or Mao Zedong who they seem to admire.) “WHAT? WHY DO YOU OWN 47 ARTICLES OF CLOTHING?! HOW MANY PAIRS OF PANTS AND SHIRTS CAN YOU WEAR AT ONCE?! HOW MANY COMBINATIONS OF CLOTHING COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED? YOU’RE JUST ROBBING THE POOR OF THEIR ABILITY TO WEAR CLOTHES!!!!”

  30. Christ, most women I know have hundreds of pairs of shoes…

    Dana you go girl!

    Shall not be infringed.

  31. Che says: only one gun and six bullets allowed per person.

    That wouldn’t solve the “gun violence” problem in Rockford, IL.

    Most of the thugs who terrorize us daily here, with robberies, carjackings, street gunfights, and home invasions … THOSE guys I’m sure have very few guns and bullets apiece. Some of them have unloaded guns, some have non-functioning guns, some even have only toys and replicas.

    It doesn’t matter how many bullets a guy has, he can still be a lethal daily menace to society, if he chooses to be. I’d like Che to come here to Rust Belt War Zone and try that joke on some of our gangstas. Of he could come tell it to all our dead and wounded. He’s such a funny guy. Stupid as a post too.

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