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Remember the stunt the NJ State Assembly pulled when the leadership realized they didn’t have enough votes to pass their gun control measure? A coalition of gun groups today accused the Assembly of vote-rigging and said ten other gun control measures, some of which have already been approved by the legislature, are invalid due to their improper procedure. Of course a spokesman for the Assembly Democrats said they did nothing wrong. “Nothing improper happened… There are no specific rules for committee votes (and there was) no problem at all with any procedure… the rule cited by the gun advocates pertains to floor roll call votes and not committee votes.” Pop some popcorn. This should be a fun one to watch . . .

As should the political CYA going on in Connecticut now that PTR announced they’re relocating to South Carolina and taking a bunch of jobs with them. Several politicians there are screaming “it’s not my fault” and saying PTR overreacted. “PTR can still manufacture and sell its weapons in the United States, they just cannot be purchased in Connecticut. So the decision to move is entirely theirs – there is nothing in our new state law which prevents them from manufacturing and selling weapons,” said State Senator Beth Bly. And Senator Richard Blumenthal is “disappointed” by PTR’s decision, but is “committed to working with state and local officials to ensure that our businesses get the support they need to flourish in Connecticut.” Yeah, except for letting them conduct free enterprise there.

Back in April, the White House flew family members of the Newtown shooting victims to Washington DC on Air Force One. According to Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, they thought they were going “to argue for a ban on high-capacity magazines and universal background checks.” But why were they actually going? “To argue to avert a filibuster and allow us to debate…” And when did they find out they were being used? On the way there. “And that was really heartbreaking and deflating for some of them” [but we used them anyway]. You have to wonder how long before these grieving parents will realize they’re being manipulated by the anti-gun crown and the MSM and tell them to go to hell.

What if they had a gun buy-back and no one came? Well, it wasn’t exactly a buy-back because the RCMP in Richmond, British Columbia (that’s in Canada, for the geographically challenged) actually expected people to walk in and turn over their guns between June 1 and June 30, with a guarantee of amnesty against “weapons-related criminal code charges that might otherwise apply against people who are turning in these items.” So far they’ve had five rifles, one pistol, one shotgun, 18 rounds and two boxes of ammunition turned in. C’mon RCMP. You can do better than that. At least offer them a $50 gift card to their local bodega or trading post or whatever it is you have up there.

Not only is Emperor Napoleon Mayor Bloomberg using NYC resources to host and run the MAIG web site, he’s also using city employees to lobby for them in other states. City employee Christopher Kocher, who works as a special counsel to the mayor’s office went to Nevada to lobby for background checks there as a representative of MAIG. According to the New York Post, he “apparently didn’t want his role to be known and scrubbed his City Hall e-mail address from the state of Nevada lobbying-registration Web site early this month.” When questioned about it, a Bloomberg mouthpiece claimed “The mayor’s top priority is keeping New Yorkers safe, and that includes seeking sane gun laws in other states… to help reduce the flow of illegal guns to New York.” Uh. Yeah. Right. Keep saying that until someone believes it.

Those moms who keep demanding all that action want you to write your local paper (does anyone even read those any more?) to let them know “YOU demand common-sense gun laws to reduce gun violence in America!” So they’ve set up an automated letter to the editor generator. To use it, you only have to give them your name, address, phone number and email address so they can hit you up for funds and send you propaganda in perpetuity. Don’t know what to write? They have you covered there too. They list their “middle-ground solutions to the escalating problem of gun violence in the United States” for you to parrot. If what they list is what they consider “middle-ground,” I’d hate to think of what they’d consider “extreme.”

Highland Park may have gone over to the dark side, but Hainesville, Illinois village board members voted Tuesday night to remove an agenda item regarding “an ordinance regulating the possession and ownership of assault weapons in the village of Hainesville.” Mayor Linda Soto stated “It is my recommendation that the village not adopt an ordinance banning assault weapons in the village and we should rely on the state and federal statutes.”

Also in Illinois, the St. Charles City Council heard from gun owners who urged them not to consider any action to ban assault weapons. Alderman Ron Silkaitis told the crowd, “I personally don’t understand why anyone needs an assault weapon… But I believe in the Second Amendment. I would not vote in favor of any ban on assault weapons.” And Alderman Jim Martin assured them “I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment… I will object to anyone who tries to water it down in any way.”

Texas-born footballer (that’s a soccer player to us Amur’cans) Brek Shea has apologized for posting a picture on Instagram that showed him holding two shotguns. According to the NY Daily News “Shea immediately regretted posting the picture and deleted it less than an hour later.” A lot of his “regret” may have come from the kerfuffle it caused amongst his British fans. Mustn’t offend the delicate sensibilities of those on the other side of the pond, you know.

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  1. I’m from Virginia, and I can’t believe New Jersey calls those things “roads”.

    Disclosure: PA is worse.

    • I moved to Virginia a little over 2 years ago and the first thing I thought was, “Someone actually got paid to build these roads?” I have since come to understand that the Virginia Department of Transportation is actually a traveling Circus. Well, more of a Carnival, really.

    • Drive down Elvis Presley Boulevard faster than 30mph and then talk to me about roads. That is if you can get up to 30 between traffic and stop lights.

      • why would you even want to be in that part of town unless you really needed hookers or crack?

    • You ought to try driving in West Virginia. To the best of my knowledge it’s the only state that Car and Driver issued a warning about driving high end sports cars in. Keep your fancy cars safely out of WV.

    • Naw, those roads dont regularly swallow 2 full size semi’s, 12 F350 Dualies, 5 SUV’s, 7 sedans, and 11 compact cars like one pot hole on a Michigan road does!

      See, in all the states in the US, cops will expect you to drive a straight line and look to arrest people driving erratically for being drunk.

      In Michigan the cops know you are sober as you drive erratically (not in a straight line) as you avoid those rim bending/breaking, tire destroying potholes!

    • Try rural Newfoundland. The whole island is granite, covered by about two inches of soil. Only major roads are graded. The rest closely resemble a challenging off-road competition course.

  2. I’m hoping Illinois does the same thing the Indiana legislature did. When we instituted state pre-emption, there was a date set for grandfathering city ordinances. After that date passed, the pre-emption bill was amended so that the date was changed to Jan. 1st.

      • I aaaalllllmost wrote an article for the gun give away about how Indiana is often overlooked as a pretty pro-gun state.

        Also, we’ll be glad to have ya.

        • I’m excited because I heard were supposed to have the NRA meet in Indianapolis next year. Since they redid the ICC they have plenty of room. But ya in general were def pro gun here. So come and enjoy. I’m a little disappointed in Donnelly though as he voted for the Manchin Toomey (schumer) bill while Coates who typically supports more gun control voted against it.

  3. Used their letter generator to send an email from robert’); drop table members;–

    Here is hoping for unsanitized database inputs….

  4. In today’s NY Post is a story about Bloomberg trying to get NY state to ban the sale of sparklers (already illegal in NYC) because they can be used by terrorists.
    So glad I left that place.

      • So, “Shahzad purchased fireworks at a Pennsylvania chain store, transported the fireworks to Connecticut and created a bomb-like device that he transported into New York City…”

        Was the guy charged with building a bomb or something that looked like a bomb? What the hell has gone wrong with these idiots – a bomb-like device. What the hell is that???

      • The mayor never ceases to amaze… who the hell would use a sparkler as a detonator? Have they EVER tried to light one? Twice a year, a fireworks tent sets up about 2 miles from where I live in TN. We take down enough for a decent show, and I would say the hardest thing to light BY FAR are those dang sparklers.
        Next up, banning those little flags, because you could put an eye out with that pointy stick.

        • that’s what i was thinking. They’re straight magnesium. You pretty much need a damn torch.

  5. Come on Dems, man up. Why do the citizens of other states deserve the products you deny to your own subjects? Stop whining and stand by your principals (skewered as they are). Why would it be acceptable for the good folks of Connecticut that their neighbors in Rhode Island have access to weaponry that they have denied to themselves? If it’s not OK for people to own a product then it’s not OK to manufacture and sell that product in your state.

    Then again, Jack Daniels is still manufactured in a dry county…

  6. “PTR can still manufacture and sell its weapons in the United States, they just cannot be purchased in Connecticut. So the decision to move is entirely theirs – there is nothing in our new state law which prevents them from manufacturing and selling weapons,” said State Senator Beth Bly.”

    An appropriate response would be “Unlike you political types, we’re not in the business of being hypocritical bastards.”

    Alderman Ron Silkaitis told the crowd, “I personally don’t understand why anyone needs an assault weapon… But I believe in the Second Amendment. I would not vote in favor of any ban on assault weapons.” 

    It’s interesting how the meaning changes when those two phrases are stated in the reverse order to which I’m used to seeing them. Refreshing, even.

  7. Name, address, phone number, email address, Social Security number, bank account numbers…

    Is Moms Miming Mikey a front for Nigerian princes?

  8. I found a bunch of PTR’s for sale at Cabela’s this week. They wanted $1300 and they were on the used racks. PTR shows their MSRP on the models I held between $900-1100. I do like them and want to get one.

  9. “I personally don’t understand why anyone needs an assault weapon… But I believe in the Second Amendment. I would not vote in favor of any ban on assault weapons.”

    Now that’s the kind of politician we need: maybe he doesn’t get it, but what he does get, is freedom and personal responsibility.

  10. Ref Brek Shea
    There isn’t an “anti gun” culture in the UK, only an anti gun Establishment.
    As a self confessed Limey firearms fanatic, I can assert that most people here don’t know a great deal about guns & rely on the ill informed & agenda driven media for their “facts”. Thankfully they are open to having the BS refuted with facts & soon come round to seeing how citizen disarmament is all about social control & nothing to do with public safety.
    I doubt very much that anything more than a tiny but vociferous minority of UK football supporters whined about Shea’s photo.

  11. Speaking of automated letters.
    I just sent this to all the national papers:

    “Don’t believe the BS in these automated letters, as they are all based on falsehoods, misleading descriptions & a belief in ever greater control over the citizenry by the government.
    Hardly what the Founders would approve of.”

    Somehow I doubt it’ll get past the censors but hopefully it’ll raise their blood pressure.:-)

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