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No (GLOCK-brand GLOCK) blue guns for you. TS writes, “I was looking for a SIG P229 blue training gun and I noticed a big green notice on the top of their page. Why would GLOCK forbid sales to the general public?” Your guess is as good as mine.

Glock has recently issued a New Contract with Ring’s Manufacturing Inc. (BLUEGUNS) to manufacture Glock Blueguns as we have been doing for the past 10 years. This new contract states that Glock restricts the sale of Glock Blueguns to the Public. We are restricted to selling Glock Blueguns to the Police, Military, Trainers, Police Distributors, or Holster Manufacturers. We ask that our customers abide by these rules and refrain from offering Glock Blueguns to the Public on the Internet, Publications or General Catalogs. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support.

Taking a page from Emily Miller’s playbook, a Massachusetts reporter has written a series of articles detailing his efforts to obtain a firearms license. He wrapped it up with the final installment Monday, having finally received his license last Thursday and immediately using it to pick up a Smith & Wesson 637-2 revolver. The final tally? 150 days, “from when I walked into my local police department to learn how to get a firearm license to when I finally received it in the mail Thursday.” That includes 85 days from his interview ’til the completion of the background check and approval of the license, as well as the 40 days it took just to get an appointment with the Police Department’s firearms-licensing clerk after he completed a firearms-safety course. A right delayed is… ?

Team Smith & Wesson members accounted for three national championships at the recent 2013 International Defensive Pistol (IDPA) Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Teammates Jerry Miculek (Enhanced Service Revolver), Josh Lentz (Stock Service Revolver) and Randi Rogers (High Lady) won their respective divisions by a combined 197 seconds. This is Rogers’ first championship shooting for Team S&W.

In his defense, he wasn’t referring to all gun owners as “heartless gun nut bastards” (right?), he was only referring to the SAF and their scheduling of Guns Save Lives on the anniversary of Sandy Hook.

You carry a gun to church? A masked intruder entered a Pentecostal church in Holyoke, Massachusetts recently, and announced his intention to relieve the congregants of their earthly belongings. To back up his request, he brandished a handgun. After gathering up items, including cellphones, from several of the worshippers, he beat feet without further incident. Police were called after he had gone, and arrived just in time to fill out some reports.

As a followup to the Knob Creek post earlier today, Dugan Ashley presents the CarniK Con guide to Surviving Knob Creek.

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        • I have an airsoft Glock (17 i believe). It thaught me to apply basic gun safety and that Glocks have a shitty grip, grip angle and anything related to comfort and ergonomics whatsoever.

    • I actually have a G17 replica airsoft pistol…you can hold the real G17 beside it and to the untrained eye you can’t tell any difference. weight is almost similar too. Great for training!!

      • I’ve seen someone take the airsoft glock and turn it into a real one with very little changes to the airsoft frame.

        • I can tell its possible, it takes down the exact same…Im sure I could figure it out but dont really need to.

      • More glock stupidity. Disclaimer: I own a few of them and would be considered a “fanboy.” But damn – they can be as stubborn as Rugur not making more than a 10 round mag for the 10/22 up until the BX-25.

  1. F…U…Piers. Go back to your homeland, which is rapidly filling with followers of the “religion of pieces”.
    Trust blindly in their tender mercies, as well as the Socialistic “Big Gov” throughout Britian.

  2. Black guns are evil, but blue guns are so evil the manufacturer forbids sale to the public! Get a Glock and cerakote it blue. What could go wrong?

    • The most logical reason I could come up with for Glock limiting sales of their blue guns, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t just admit this up front, is that it would be awfully easy to get a can of flat black spray enamel and turn it into a pretty convincing simulation of a real Glock. Thusly (and cheaply) armed in an environ where it would not be possible to obtain (legally) a pistol it would not be difficult to get the drop on someone (LEO) and relieve them of a real Glock, or S&W, or Ruger, or 1911, etc.

      • Thats not logical all at. You could also just buy an airsoft gun that would be honestly more convincing. Either way you are going to get perforated the moment you try to rob a store with it. This is Glock taking the HK approach. Seems like the people this would hurt the most are the small custom holster makers. Does Glock license their holsters now?

      • I don’t get it, provide a name a credit card and address, pay a $100 to $200 dollars, wait a week, get the blue Glock, buy paint, then hold up a cop to a get a real gun?

        How about walk to edge of street, locate large rock/small brick, locate cop, throw brick at close range from behind, collect gun.

        Cheap, easy, hard to solve, no paper trail, no credit card needed and much more within the limited resources, skill set and attention span of the sort of criminal who is willing to perform an armed robbery on an armed cop.

  3. Sounds like Glock must have hired some former HK management.

    No, you can’t have a blue training Glock, because you suck, and we hate you.

    • +1 It’s why I won’t own a single H&K derived piece of garbage. There is zero excuse for the price gouging and blatant disrespect for their civilian customer base.

      • Actually you can blame german/american government for that, due to laws on what they can export and what the US can import.

  4. The patented Safe Action™ of GLOCK®-brand Glocks is so safe, you don’t need a blue gun for training! Just use your carry piece, what could possibly go wrong?

    I’ll admit, I don’t have the mind of a corporate lawyer, but I cannot fathom what the justification for not selling GLOCK®-brand blue Glocks to the public might be.

    • GLOCK is exceptionally notorious for restricting sale of its branded training tool aids to government agencies, and for brand protection in particular. Their training pistols would be fantastic training aids for us civvies who can’t shoot on the taxpayer’s dime and have to buy our own ammo–particularly the 17R, which features a resetting trigger that doesn’t require you to rack the slide to cock the striker after every shot. This one tool would make for a great “dry-fire” practice aid and would turn into a godsend for times like now when ammo supply at the store is inconsistent at best, allowing a citizen to practice without expending valuable ammunition he might not be able to replace for at least three months. But I would have no clue because only police and military agencies can buy them. Joe Smith Public (i.e. “civilians) has to make do with either live-fire practice or the unrealistic method of resetting an unloaded live firearm by hand after every trigger pull. GLOCK is the only company I’m aware of that makes such a training tool like this (as well as several others built to fire Simunition/paintball markers), and it’s almost criminal that they refuse to sell it to the rest of us “sheeple”. At least Beretta, at one time, would sell you their magazine-change practice blue guns through their online store.

      Many of us moan and whine about the growing perception that the police are becoming a “special” class of citizen/government employee, but sometimes it’s the firearms manufacturers themselves that help feed that idea. William B. Ruger himself once suggested the banning of “high-capacity” magazines of more than 15 rounds from public possession because he legitimately believed that a private citizen had no real need for such things. Happily, we are now in an age where his company has embraced the concept of legal twenty and thirty-round magazines to us normal folk and an entry into the AR and 1911 markets, but they were only able to do so after Ruger’s passing. I doubt Gaston Glock’s company will make a similar change of policy regarding their practice aids until he follows Bill into the afterlife.

  5. Yes. At any given service, staff estimates that there are ~40+ concealed carry weapons present in our non-denominational East TN church of ~5000 weekly attendance (along with an occasional OC weapon). There are also a number of church funded SD deputies (working overtime) on the property via agreement with SD. The half-life of a brandishing criminal would be miniscule.

    • I haven’t looked at the statue in about the same number of years since I’ve been in a church, but I believe Ohio CC law states that a church (unique from everywhere else by the way) is an automatic no carry zone unless whoever is responsible for it expressly allows concealed carry (as opposed to virtually every place else where if they DONT want you to carry they have to post it.) I also think (I’m not clear on this) that the CC ban in places of worship does carry the weight of law, where as posting a no carry zone elsewhere on business/private property is only grounds to be asked to leave (no weight of law).

      • In Virginia, the law is vague: no carry in a church, temple, mosque, etc. during worship service without good and sufficient reason. Is self-defense a good and sufficient reason? Yes, according to our current AG. We only have about 60-80 regular congregants, with maybe five armed, including myself.

        That said, robbing a church has got to be a new low. He wouldn’t get much at my church, since most everyone gives by check or ACH. Would using a gun to “convince” the ne’er do well to sit down and listen to the sermon constitute kidnapping?

      • So there must have been some mistake then because this guy should not have brought his gun into this church without permission. Were their any liberal progressives on hand to inform him? Surlely by pointing out the illegality of his act this could have all been solved without the robbery being completed. If that didn’t work, we shold pass another law that states no guns in churches for the express purposes of commiting a crime. That should do it. In the meantime, let’s buy the local PD some suppressed M4’s and an MRAP.

  6. Yeah but the p30 is so slick (minus the trigger)…and it has a hammer unlike the PPQ you were about to mention.

  7. “You carry a gun to church?”

    I carry everywhere I can legally do so. Why would church be any different?

  8. Glock, being dumb about blue guns. They should be accessible to anyone for training.

    If you want the privilege to own a firearm in MA, move to a small town with a police chief who likes an armed populace. The process can be much faster. Search on NES first to figure out which ones.

    Holyoke…”nuff said.

    Piers Morgan…moron

    Back to my paper!

  9. 150 days to get a frickin license? To purchase the gun? Please, please tell me that it is only to purchase, and does not have to be renewed to continue ownership?

    When people hate on California, I remember that I don’t have to have a police interview, show qualifications at a range, take a class or any of that other nonsense to buy a gun. Our HSC stands to this like a captcha stands to the SAT.

    We have a ten day waiting period (240 hrs)…and I thought that was bad. Unless denied/delayed by a background check, from going to a gun store to buy a gun to picking it up, 240 hr. No one waits longer than that. No trips to PDs. No wonder the NRA misreported on CA law…if this is what a firearms license takes in other states…oh vey.

    • But you’re still limited by what CA DOJ approves for sale. There are no private sales of firearms. You are limited on how many firearms you can buy in a month. Massachusetts might finally have you beat, but the People’s Socialist Republic of California still sucks when it comes to gun rights.

      • Mass also has an “approved” list, maybe not as limited as CA but still limited. I live in NH and we have an LGS right on the state line (conveniently named State Line Guns, go figure) where all of the tags have a check box labeled “MA OK”. It’s kind of silly to see one 1911 marked OK while the next one over, from a different mfg is not.

        • This is not specifically aimed at you DavidT, but your comment brought it to mind.

          It’s a pay to play situation, any manufacturer that wants to pony up the required fees and a bunch of handguns to be abused (assuming they pass safety and drop tests) can apply, many don’t feel it’s worth the time. GOAL (Gun Owners Action League) of MA has an excellent write up, showing that the approval list boils down to regulatory fraud.

          The waiting period for license processing varies, once the state gets the application, they are required by law to complete it within 40 days. There has been a huge influx of license applications, so they are taking longer. Much of the wait comes from waiting for appointments with local PD licensing officers, many don’t have a full time position for it. Much of the wait time is caused by the backlog at the local level.

          And yes, MA is “May Issue”, but as mentioned, a decent local police chief makes a huge difference, many smaller Western MA towns are more “Shall Issue”, if you take the time to apply, and don’t have any outstanding issues, you’ll get your license.

          Holyoke and the most of the Greater Springfield area are very restrictive with licensing, chances of getting a “Class A LTC” are very low, bordering on non-existent. I, on the other hand, live across the river from Springfield (S&W FTW), and had zero issues getting a LTC.

        • I received my MA LTC-A from Barnstable on Cape Cod. Yes, it took time because of the training requirement — my previous training was not accepted — but the sheriff’s officials were helpful and friendly, there was no interview required and the license was issued within the 40-day time period required by law. I would describe the process as a walk in the park, albeit a slow one.

          In a nearby town (I think it was Mashpee), the CLEO actually said about permit holders “you guys help us.” Yet, in another nearby town, Bourne, under the sheriff in office at the time, an LTC-A was as precious as a ruby and even more rare.

          In MA, it’s all up to the chief LEO. If you have a good one, he or she will license everyone who meets the criteria established by the state. If you have a bad one, you’re fvcked.

  10. I hate companies that are too big for their ego. I was thinking about adding a Glock or two to my collection, but not anymore. You would think that Glock would be overjoyed that people were training with replicas of their pistol, especially when it would most likely lead to more sales.

  11. I think it’s a bit silly that Glock won’t sell the blue training guns to the public. To play the Devil’s advocate though, they may be concerned that the training guns could be purchased cheaply and spray-painted black to be used for crime.

    But who knows.

    • You know what else you can spray-paint black and hold up a store with? A $3 squirt gun. You know what doesn’t even need the spray paint? A $20 BB pistol.

      I’m not saying that this might be Glock’s official reason for doing it or anything, or even that you believe it to be, I’m just saying that it’s a pretty retarded reason, that’s all.

  12. Blue gun, no background check
    Paint it black rob a store
    If your aren’t going to shoot, just rob, what’s the diff.
    Can’t get busted for weapons charges, duh.
    Glock wants nothing to do with that.
    If it’s for training, an M&P will do just fine

    • With all the real glocks used in violent crimes, I’m pretty sure the blue guns aren’t the ones they need to be worried about.

    • The difference is you can still be shot in the act, will still be charged with the same armed robbery you would have been if you’d used a real gun, and since armed robbery at the convenience store level (you sure aren’t taking down an armored car with a fake gun) is one of the lowest, dumbest crimes, reserved for drug addled maniacs and loose cannons. If they had the planning skills to evade weapons charges for carrying a gun to the point of the robbery they wouldn’t be in the robbery game.

      In an armed robbery the robber is charged for anyone who gets hurt. . . if someone slips, falls and dies of a head injury running out of the store in many jurisdictions the robber picks up a murder charge. The risk/reward is all out of proportion; typically 2.5-10 years for an average hall of less than $500 and you could be killed.

      Anyone with a head for mitigating sentencing and other risks wouldn’t settle on armed robbery.

      The takeaway is; if you’re in an armed robbery and the robber is young, he’s impulsive, brash and probably high and thus dangerous as all get out. If he’s older he’s impulsive, brash, dumb and desperate and probably high, even more dangerous.

      There probably ought to be a shoot on identify rule for armed robbers like there was for carjackers in Louisiana.

  13. Men, this is a sales trick women know it well. If you can’t get it, you will want it. Or, if you can only get it for a short while “I have to have it now “. By the way, don’t forget the add on for only 9.99 a can, blue paint will keep your illegal fake gun looking fresh. My husband can make these all day.

  14. Just for Piers I’m going to repost my recipe for Lampooned Tyrant.

    Recipe: Lampooned Tyrant.

    1 tyrant . 3 parts pine pitch. 1 part turpentine. 1 lbs of feathers, preferably white and downy from the undercoat. 1 split fence rail. Several lengths of bailing wire. 4 stout porters. A large crowd of indeterminate size, a town line and a strong alcoholic punch may be added to taste.

    Combine the pitch and turpentine in a suitable kettle or cauldron over low heat and stir until the whole attains a consistency that will coat a paddle or spoon but also pour freely.

    While the mixture combines prepare the tyrant by stripping and binding it. It may be helpful if the tyrant is bound to a tree or post before the next step.

    Once the proper consistency is attained the mixture may be poured or brushed over the tyrant. Apply it so as to liberally coat all surfaces or the feathers will not stick properly. Once the tyrant is evenly coated with the pitch mixture the feathers may be shaken or thrown over the tyrant, or else the tyrant may be rolled in a bed of feathers spread on the ground. If using this latter method, be sure to spread the feathers over an old bed sheet or tarp so that dirt is not trapped in the pitch.

    When your tyrant is coated in enough feathers that the majority of the pitch is covered you’re ready to bind the tyrant to the fence rail. Traditional presentation demands seating the tyrant upright on the rail, with the legs and wrists so bound as to keep the tyrant upright as if riding. If you’re in a hurry or hosting a less formal gathering it’s perfectly acceptable to bind the tyrant beneath the rail so that when carried they depend from the rail by wrists and ankles.

    Your tyrant is now ready to be run out. Typically the tyrant is dashed with all haste to the nearest city, county or other jurisdictional line, often then being ceremonially thrown over it, but if you’ve prepared a holiday tyrant you may wish to parade it through the nearest population center. Patriotic songs or slogans may be sung while the tyrant is run out, and usually punch made with liquor is served along the route.
    Alternately a tyrant may be hung from a tree after having been run out, either by the ankles so that they may be viewed by passersby who were unable to attend the running out, or by the neck in the event that the lampooned tyrant is of the most egregious variety.
    As with all recipes, the type of tyrant you have and locally available ingredients will influence how you prepare and run out your tyrant. It’s perfectly acceptable to alter the ingredients list or method of preparation to suit availability or local tastes.

  15. 150 Days? In rural upstate NY it took my permit 300 or so days to be issued. This does not count the month or so it took me to complete the application which included 4 notarized character references, a 4 hour free course (thanks to my county’s federated sportsman’s clubs), and $100 dollars to a bogus private fingerprinting service located in a closet (even though due to non firearms certifications mine were already digitally on file with the state police).

    Once my app was in, it was a 7 plus month wait for a personal interview with a judge to explain ‘proper cause’ for a concealed permit and then another 2 months for the license to be created by the sheriff, sent to the judge to sign, and mailed to me.

    All this, and now our formally lifetime permits must be renewed every 5 years under the (un)SAFE act in a process they haven’t disclosed yet.

    All in all, once a commander sized 1911 finally found a home on my hip I felt like I won the lottery.

  16. Could TTAG contact Glock’s PR flack and find out what the story is? If Glock is turning its back on the citizen market, I’d like to know.

  17. So, according to Piers it’s disgusting to have a pro-2A rally on the anniversary of tragic gun death(s).

    I’d like to suggest that it’s disgusting to have an anti-gun rally on the anniversary of any death that could have been prevented by a DGU.

  18. Thanks to sympathetic police chiefs, I had no problem getting and renewing concealed carry permits in MA from 1957 to 1995. One local chief did ask me, back in the 1980s, why I wanted a renewal. I replied, “Because I’d prefer to carry legally.” In 1995, I moved to AZ, where I got my permit and instructor’s certification within a week of arrival.

  19. Have you seen some of the products on Like the “E-Training Software” for example. I don’t think Gaston is running the company any more but that is one weird Austrian and his company is no different. I do want a knife made from Tirpitz or G3 barrel steel though.

  20. I know must of you hate obama because he is black you try to say he is anti gun, but he is one of the most pro gun prsidents in the last 30 years.

    • You accidentally wrote “black” when you meant to write “the worst president ever”. I can only presume after that you started drinking and got all loopy. Obama is only pro-gun when those guns belong to the people he plans on using to oppress America even further.

    • Ladies and Gentleman, welcome Shotgun Joe himself to TTAG!

      The only shred of truth I can eek out of that is his policies have been great for the gun industry in terms of panic buying.

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