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RF is off flying somewhere for some reason, leaving Dan and myself in charge of posting content. Which means that we’re on the hook for the daily digest. And while there may not be a whole heck of a lot of news that we haven’t covered yet, there’s always some overflow in the bilge . . .

This is why the CLEO sign-off needs to go: “So far, Steube has refused to sign every request that’s come across his desk, a document known as a BATF Form 4.” [Herald Tribune]

Maryland poll shows support for armed guards in schools, weak support for AWB despite politicians’ insistence that it’s all just “common sense.” [Poll]

Colorado house passes “high cap” magazine limit, looking to pass even more draconian laws tomorrow. Still not official, hence no pants-browning post about it. Yet. [Denver Post]

Washington legislature introduces an assault weapons ban bill for consideration. More info and a breakdown when I’m not as hung over. [Bill]

Boston citizens are looking to kill some of the firearms license restrictions currently in place. Good luck in the current political climate. [Telegraph]

Maine is like the Texas of New England, with a governor that has now pledged not to infringe on rights while speaking at a gun rights rally. [Bangor Daily News]

SKD Tactical is selling magazines at market (high) pricing in order to discourage people from buying them, marking them up, and re-selling them. But they’re taking the difference between “normal” price and the new “OMG” price and donating it to the NRA. Not a bad idea. [SKD]

Democrats in Illinois are trying to derail the court-mandated concealed carry bill, but may inadvertently make Illinois a Constitutional Carry state. Nice quote from our friend Todd there as well. [Quincy Journal]

Nevada Democrat is literally a gun grabber after getting hold of a cop’s gun. [Yahoo!]

Some news orgs are saying Dorner was using a 50 BMG rifle during the last part of his standoff. At the very least, he may have had it in his possession. Which, for California, is illegal for everyone but the police. [CBS]

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  1. How would you feel if you took the time to send in some information for a prospective article, and they called it “overflow from the bilges”? I hope that is not what you meant to imply.

    • Sorry man, I don’t get email submissions. These are all articles I had in my RSS feed but didn’t see posted. RF is the only one that gets emails.

      Nevertheless, apologies.

      • Are you talking about Washington DC or State on the AWB? The Washington state Senate is majority GOP doubt it would pass.

        • It’s WA state. And I’m hopeful enough that both sensible politicians of both parties will recognize a AWB / magazine ban is nothing but nonsense.

          After all, we’re one of the only 2 states to be smart enough to de-criminalize marijuana.

        • I dont believe there is a AWB in the works here in Washington state. If there was, there would be no way on earth it would pass. There is some crap on registering, however.

        • ……

          Yeah, it’s Washington State.

          Very unlikely to pass, but SAF does good work, guess I should write them a check.

        • According to a local news paper here, and the feed back I’ve been getting from some local politicians I’ve contacted, Oregon is “luke-warm” to any new gun legislation. I suspect WA isn’t much different.

          Here is once encouraging reply I’ve gotten…

          “Mr. S,

          Thank you for your email, please excuse my tardy reply.

          I am opposed to any new restrictions on law abiding gun owners. As both a retired cop w/ 31 years in law enforcement and a Democrat, I frequently remind my legislative colleagues that law abiding gun owners pose no threat to public safety. I have opposed, and will continue to oppose, efforts to ban CHL holders from K-12 schools and higher educational campus, so called “assault weapon” bans, and any other unecessary restrictions on Oregonians’ 2nd Amendment rights.

          Thanks again for your email and please feel free to contact me again on this or any other issue.

          Jeff Barker”

        • I think Oregon and Washington States eastern and southern rural regions give both states some immunity to the libtard disease infecting the urban cities.

    • I would feel like someone besides myself had a bad but expressive sense of humor. I’m sure no insult was really meant.

      As evidence of how bad my humor is, I find your cat avatar pic very amusing.

  2. “This is why the CLEO sign-off needs to go: “So far, Steube has refused to sign every request that’s come across his desk, a document known as a BATF Form 4.”

    And this is why I dropped the extra coin to get the trust, not to mention all the other benefits of having one.

  3. Travis Haley makes everything seem so natural and easy. True sign of a person who’s mastered his craft. Respect!

  4. CLEO sign-offs are such BS.

    “I have no information indicating that the transferee will use the firearm or device described on this application for other than lawful purposes. I have no information that the receipt or possession of the firearm or device described in item 4 would be place the transferee in violation of State or local law.”

    There’s nothing in there about “consent” or “how I feel about it.” It’s a statement of fact, and their refusal to sign should be illegal in the absence of disqualifying information.

  5. Off topic but please get rid of the f*cking ads at the bottom of the screen.

    I use the Pulse RSS reader on an iPad and the ads make the screen jump around so much that it is almost impossible to read the page.


  6. Rumor has it that Robert has flown off to a top secret meeting on a nameless island with the hidden elders of the gun community who quietly behind the scenes control all of North America and Europe, and the destiny of billions of souls.

  7. It was a House committee that passed a bill, not the Colorado House. Then ihas to pass the Senate as well. There is still hope for sense to prevail. By the way, who makes a 15 round mag for an AR?

    • I believe the rationale behind the making the mag limit 15 rounds instead of 10 is that most (not all, granted) handguns wouldn’t be affected, thus making it more palatable to “moderate” Democrats.

      I do know that if the mag limit does pass, it takes effect on July 1, 2013…thus I will have until then to purchase every normal capacity magazine of over 15 rounds that I ever expect to need, taking possible future purchases of firearms into account. Accordingly, I would have to pick up at least a couple dozen AK mags (-47 and -74), Saiga-12 mags (the bill bans shotgun magazines of over 5 rounds), FN Five Seven mags, and AR-57 mags….and that’s just off the top of my head!

    • Etch this in stone, innocent people will get arrested when cops find legally owned 30 round mags in their trunk on the way back from the range. The attitudes of most cops is to err on the side of making an arrest. As they always say, “We’ll let the courts sort it out.”

      Meanwhile, after hours in jail, sleepless nights, expensive lawyer bills, if you’re lucky, they’ll drop the charges.

    • The amended bill passed the judicial committee on a 7-3 party line vote; now goes to appropriations, then to the House. But there is little to stop this or the rest of the BS bills, including the UBC and fees to gun buyers for same since the Dems own the legislature. We continue to fight but my feeling is that we’re f^cked.

  8. “Maine is like the Texas of New England, with a governor that has now pledged not to infringe on rights while speaking at a gun rights rally.”

    I’m glad Maine’s getting that recognition. It’s been super pro-gun for the longest time, yet often misses out on being recognized as such.

    I’m glad I live here.

    • Except that while Maine jurisdictions can require photograph and/or fingerprints to get shall issue license, New Hampshire does not. I’d say NH has a slight advantage over Maine. And then there’s Vermont which is full Constitutional Carry.

  9. Completely off topic, and maybe unwelcome, but if y’all have the normal concerns with demographics and markets shared by pretty much the entire business set of the world, you might make a note that all male fifty-four-year-olds in my immediate area agree that you’ve reached the point of “ad over-saturation.”

    Lately, by the time I finish catching up on the site, I have a recurrent twitch under one eye, and any loud noises make me jump. I’ll get used to it, but I’m just sayin’ . . .

  10. I love SKDs “idiot proof Pmag”. They started doing that as soon as CTDs prices shot past $60. They had been donating the in between money to a veterans charity, not the NRA, I wonder what happened?

    • I particularly like their choice of terminology.

      They do give you a choice for the donation: NRA or Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

  11. Washington State AWB: a shotgun with a revolving cylinder would be an “assault weapon”? Home inspections? Good grief.

    • “Revolving cylinder” shotguns…are they targeting the Taurus Judge?

      Note that the bill also defines any firearm with a threaded barrel as an “assault weapon”, even a bolt-action rifle!

      • All 3 of the idiots who introduced this crap are democrats from Seattle. God damn, I’m embarrassed to be from Washington after reading that drivel.

      • Time to do another round of letters. I’m getting really tired of this crap.

        I guess if there’s any consolation, it’s that the reps from my half of the state aren’t trying to criminalize me for owning an ordinary modern firearm.

        And there’s three more people to add to the enemies-of-freedom list. They aren’t from my district, but when the next election comes around, I’ll be doing my best to make sure they’re de-elected.

    • It is far worse than that; As described in the Bill 90% of firearms will be declared Assualt Weapons and confiscated, plus there is 5 pages of violationsthat if a person has been convicted of they are banned, sex with a corpse, AWOL, abusing an animal, shouting at your spouse,,,,,

  12. This is why the CLEO sign-off needs to go:

    Careful what you wish for – the ATF is considering doing away with the CLEO signature, but they’d also require fingerprints and ID’s for trusts as well, making sure that everyone must be registered like a sex offender.

  13. I really tried to not say anything but these new ads on this site suck so hard that I don’t know if I can keep coming here. Just having this one tab is making everything all laggy where I used to have fifteen or more no problem. Maybe it’s not the ads but it was sure a coincidental timing.

    • Seconded. Feel free to keep the ads, but tell them it can’t be flash- animated gifs or html5 should be fine and are less likely to make my browser freak out.

    • I kept a browser tab open to a TTAG page to get back to later and after a couple of minutes a video ad automatically started playing. Talk about annoying….

  14. America is like a house.

    These daily digests are like a contractor’s summary of every termite-bitten, mold-encrustd, badly-wired fatal flaw that threatens to bring your house crumbling to the ground.

    It takes you years to fix one problem, if it can be fixed at all.

    But every day, new problems arise.

    How long until the house crumbles? It must be obvious by now that it simply cannot last. And with no other decent houses left in the world to move to, your only option is to live in the ruins once all the parasites have finished destroying what you built. Have fun.

    • +1

      poetic silver

      it just sucks to know that you did the right things:

      1.) you avoided criminality
      2.) you served your country
      3.) you had a good job and good business
      4.) you obeyed all the rules
      5.) you taught your children to be decent human beings
      6.) you helped those that couldnt help themselves

      …and the house will tumble down because of the actions of the many f^cktards anyways, ruining you and your children’s futures.

  15. I think it’s time for Magpul to take the next step (in the spirit of LaRue Tactical and Olympic arms) and tell the Colorado legislature to FOAD. They amended the bill to allow manufacturers to stay in the state, thus keeping the revenue, but will disallow it’s citizens to buy the product?! It’s really true, that money talks and bullish…well you know the rest.

    • ^This.
      I’ll be writing to Magpul and encouraging them to get the F outta here anyway….don’t give CO another dollar of revenue.

  16. Any firearm with a threaded barrel? Wouldn’t that simple statement include most shotguns currently made? Those darned screw in chokes, ya know…

    • Any pistol w/pistol grip
      any long arm with a partial barrel shroud (forearm)
      This same Bill was passed in NY State

  17. “Some news orgs are saying Dorner was using a 50 BMG rifle during the last part of his standoff. At the very least, he may have had it in his possession. Which, for California, is illegal for everyone but the police.”

    CBS radio brought it up in an orgasmic tone [then way off topic with “5 inch long bullets”], not even Sheptard Smith missed it: of course not one mentioned the illegality of it in CA, but for the only ones..

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