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We’re wrapping up the week by giving the award for the most indigestion-inducing item of the week to Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He’s pissed off the Democratic Party leadership by demanding big-bucks donors cut off candidates who don’t vote the way he wants them to, one of his former bodyguards was convicted of attempted murder for shooting his girlfriend’s ex, and his MAIG “Disarmament or Bust” Bus Tour listed a terrorist and other criminals killed by the police as victims of gun violence. Sometimes it just sucks to be a megalomaniacal billionaire bent on world domination who is surrounded by so much incompetence. Mikey, if you’ll send us a good shipping address, your case of Maalox will be on its way. And in other hard-to-swallow news . . .

Senator Joe Manchin wants to help other senators understand and be comfortable with his background check legislation. He told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that “There’s so many things we can do, and I’m wide open to talking to all my friends — Republicans and Democrats — to see if they can find a comfort level.”  He also wants “constituents throughout America” to know that “if you’re a law-abiding gun owner” you’ll like his bill. And you won’t like if “you’re a criminal or you’re criminally insane… [or] you’re a terrorist…” Or if you believe in the Constitution.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is ready to sign the legislation to exempt retired police from the state’s mag-cap and “assault weapon” restrictions. The legislation would “apply to officers who bought or were issued restricted weapons in the course of their duties and who retired in good standing,” and they’d have to requalify after they retire and register the guns. Do they also have to pass a mental health check, too?

Colorado has passed yet another gun-related law. This time they’ve closed an “Internet-era loophole they didn’t envision 10 years ago” by prohibiting all-online concealed-carry training courses. Up until now, you could complete the coursework and receive your concealed-carry certificate without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The new law, though, will require interaction with a firearms instructor to show you actually know something about gun safety before you get your permit. Six other states currently allow all-online permits: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri and Virginia.

Katie Couric wants women to feel safe. She put together a segment for her little-watched show titled “Protect Yourself! No-Nonsense Self-Defense.” In her “Katie’s Take” webcast, she talked with black belt Gabrielle Rubin, the founder of Female Awareness and self-defense expert. What did Gabby suggest women do to protect themselves? “Be aware of [your] surroundings… have safety devices on you [like] pepper spray… a kubotan… an alarm.” Also, every woman should be “familiar with at least two ‘go-to’ strikes” for fighting back. So who’s been paying attention? What very effective self-defense item is conspicuously absent from Katie’s list, hmmm?

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  1. When you compare Bloomberg, Manchin, Cuomo, Couric and those that run Colorado to Pinky or The Brain……….you offend the mice.

  2. Unless the law has changed in the past year or so, Missouri doesn’t have an online permit process. Heck, I even had to apply for the renewal in person. Unless you mean they honor out-of-state online permits.

  3. How many suicides are on Bloomberg’s list? How many accidental shootings? I would call either of those causes gun-violence.

  4. Katie has armed bodyguards. So does (soon to be former) Sen. Manchin. So does Bloomy, who is not asking why his guards need more than 7 bullets. oh well. when they give up their protections, we can discuss me giving up mine. . . .

  5. Yep, Iowa even allows FREE online firearms safety courses to obtain a CCW as long as they’re provided by the NRA or a police organization. Thanks to the Des Moines Register’s complaining about the Maryland State Police course I didn’t have to pay a dime for mine. Only took about a half hour.

    What I’d really like is a course that laid out the laws you need to be aware of if you’re going to carry, considering what a minefield gun laws can be.

  6. “Six other states currently allow all-online permits: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Iowa, Missouri and Virginia.”

    Not so fast. Missouri’s CCW requires a live-fire qualification, so no online permits in the Show-Me State. We do, however recognize all other permits, so any other states’ online permits are good here.

  7. re those “self defense” tips. Recently there was an MMA fighter who got in trouble for questioning the sportsmanship of a transgender fighter competing as a woman. Without getting into the politics of that issue, it is possible to articulate the problem very simply: how much weight would Vegas spot a professional female fighting a professional male? I am quite sure that Laila Ali could still beat my ass, but I am equally sure that she would be in serious trouble against an average or worse journeyman super-middleweight. By the same token among non-professionals the disparity is probably even greater, and among male sociopaths vs. normal females the women have no chance to affect the outcome of that encounter, period, end of story. Unless….

  8. Manchin – and hardcore grabbers – believe in the Constitution.

    They believe in it in the same way in which J. Paul Getti believed in the Comunist Manifesto, with as much love, reverence, respect and adherence to the intents and ideals thereof.

    • Manchin knows he is screwed with gun owners and in his home state, so he is either working to get hired by Bloomberg when his term is up or he is hoping for some cabinet appointment with Hillary.

  9. Here’s a little tip for you. Someone has done what I should have done: Trace where the MAIG IP traffic goes, who registered the domain, etc:

    Ace of Spades did the footwork, let’s give him the credit:

  10. There are several different types of Megalomaniacs Mickey is also a Narcissist which means that he cannot abide anyone who may have the same level of competence as he ergo all of his lieutenants are of a lower order and, well, bad things happen

  11. “What very effective self-defense item is conspicuously absent from Katie’s list, hmmm?” Well, if you listen to the idiot Democrat Rep. from Colorado a month ago, Katie forgot to mention 1) peeing yourself; 2) throwing up on yourself; 3) telling your rapist you have AIDS; 4) trying to reason with the rapist and reach out to him as a fellow human being.

    There, those should all work. I am sure those will provide excellent protection for any woman who finds herself at the mercy of a 250-lb, 6’4″ rapist. Failing that, shoot the SOB 5-6 times with your handgun.

  12. Also in the Friday news was Joe Biden claiming that at least five Senators approached him about finding a way to switch their vote on the Manchin-Toomey.


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