Daily Digest: Bookends Edition

Remember the R.I.P. round? It’s the jagged-edge handgun round that’s designed to fragment on impact. Richard Ryan got his hands on a new product from those guys, the 300 RIPOUT, which as you might imagine, is a similar idea in a 300 Blackout round, and of course, he does some slow-mo awesomeness. Read on for more . . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Austin, Texas. The Riverside Campus of Austin Community College was locked down at 4:08 p.m. this afternoon following a report of a man brandishing a gun at a library near the campus. After the announcement of the lockdown, the ACC District Police conducted a “thorough search of all buildings and premises, and deemed them safe.” By 4:39, Austin police had determined that the man was not a threat, and the lockdown was lifted. My question is, how thorough can a search be, if it was completed before they even got the call from police, 31 minutes later?

Over the last year, our man Chris wrote up a series of reviews of steel action targets from Grizzly Targets, culminating in a final review and long-term test update in December. A few days ago, someone (who didn’t claim to be affiliated with Grizzly) dropped a comment in the December post that included a coupon code for 25% off. Since these targets range from a couple to a few hundred bucks each, that’s a not-insignificant discount. The code is TTAG2014, and it’s good through the end of August, according to the comment.

The Department of Justice, specifically the Bureau of Justice Statistics, will be conducting an inventory of the firearm and ammunition holdings of all federal agencies soon. One big reason for the check is to address fears by some about the purchase and stockpiling of the items by some divisions of the government. Folks have recently called attention to ammunition purchase proposals by organizations such as the U.S. Postal Service, the IRS, and the Department of Education. The last inventory of this type was conducted in 2008, and found that the federal government employed about 120,000 armed officials at 73 agencies — four-fifths of whom worked within the Justice Department or for the various branches of the Department of Homeland Security.

Some more RatedRR, because it’s awesome.


  1. avatar DTAL says:

    Oh, good, a government agency (headed by Holder no less) will be inventorying the government’s weapons to allay public fears of government. Makes total sense. Let’s employ inmates as prison guards next.

    1. avatar Publius says:

      Let’s employ inmates as prison guards next.

      They’d probably be more trustworthy than the guards….

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Well, they are called “trustees”

    2. avatar BLAMMO says:

      Well, since “you’re more likely to have your gun taken away and used against you”, we should take all the guns from the cops and give them to the criminals. That way, if they ever try to use the guns on us, we can just take them away and use the guns on them.

  2. avatar Jay1987 says:

    yeah they’ll be totally honest during and after that inspection and inventory process… sigh

    1. avatar BDub says:

      The next time I have a tax filing discrepancy, I guess I’ll just audit myself and get back to the IRS with my findings.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Anybody else notice the “flash” inside the gelatin at about the 4 inch mark?

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      I saw flashes in all the later tests. Does the RIP round have a magnesium core? Wicked!

      1. avatar BDub says:

        It looks something like a cavitation bubble collapse to me.

        1. avatar jon says:

          And that collapse caused an explosion??? Because there definitely was an explosion, I saw the flash of light.

          At first I though it was a reflection of the surface or the sand, but a reflection does not create a burst of light brighter than what is being reflected. Play it again at 2:42, in 0.25 speed, and you will see a bright flash and the cavity expand one more time.

    2. avatar Vhyrus says:

      I believe whats happening is as the gel is coming back together after the initial impact it causes the side to shift and reflect sunlight into the camera, not unlike a mirror.

    3. avatar seans says:

      The only thing I can think of other than some weird reflection going on is something similar to how Pistol Shrimps cause a explosion.


    4. avatar Charles5 says:

      It is called Sonoluminescence. You can read about it here. The gel block is essentially a fluid and the imploding wound cavity acts like an imploding air bubble in a fluid.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Thanks, Charles5!
        That explains it. I’ve seen bioluminescence on night scuba dives. But not this, till now.
        I learned something today. Excellent.

      2. avatar John Phelps says:

        That’s very cool! Thanks for the info

  4. avatar OakRiver says:

    Will the DoJ audit include the firearms given to the cartels?

  5. avatar TheBroke1 says:

    Also interested as to what/why the flash is in the Geletin, this seemed to add to the effects of energy transfers. Could anyone please explain cause, the effect was self evident. Thank You!!

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      See Charles5’s link above. Pretty neat.

  6. avatar Backyardsniper says:

    That RIP ammo in 300 seems like it might have some potential, the trocars appear to be much more effective than the 9 mm version.

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      It overpenetrates and has a poor wound channel, just like with the 9mm version.

      Both are junk.

  7. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

    Re: The shots through fruit.

    That’s a helluva way to make a daiquiri.

  8. avatar SteveInCO says:

    By the sound of it, it should be called 300 Ripoff.

    1. avatar Independent George says:

      Why doesn’t ShootingTheBull’s review of the original RIP round merit a mention? Isn’t it kind of relevant?

      1. avatar Steve Truffer says:

        Hence “ripoff” the StB410 review said it amounted to 3 subsonic .22 and 1 .22 mag wound channel. Pathetic. Now they’re changing to .300 blk. Honestly, I’d like to see a Lehigh defense comparison. THOSE things are NASTY.

  9. avatar Maineuh says:

    I won’t lie to ya. I got a little excited when I first read the line about the DoJ inventory. Then I remembered who will be doing the counting and reporting and I swear I heard a sad trombone. Wah, wah, waaaaaaaaah…

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Or holder saying “Bazinga!”

      1. avatar Maineuh says:

        Yes. Bazinga. I like that better.

  10. avatar sacorey says:

    I wonder if the cia is included in their audit, i know their museum has some cool stuff, immagine what could be in their armory.

  11. avatar boardsnbikes says:

    Scene: Doors to a massive warehouse (think Raiders of the Lost Ark) with countless shipping containers marked 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, .300 WIN MAG, .50 BMG, etc..

    Investigator: So, what do you have in there?
    Dept Rep: Ah, just 20,000 rounds of .38 Spl. The guys don’t even use the stuff.
    Investigator: Thanks. (leaves and drives to the next bureau/dept/whatever)

    1. avatar Sabrewolfe says:

      Wait, you mean you think they will actually bother to open the warehouse? Pffffffft.

      I’m seeing something more along the lines of, “Yo, mail us a list of what’cha got on hand, thanks!”

      1. avatar boardsnbikes says:

        paper counts. You’re right. Expecting an actual physical count would be too much. I bet the paper count matches the expected count.

  12. avatar Lolinski says:

    They made shark ammo for 300 BLK? Can’t wait til they make the .510 whisper version.

    50 cal ninja sharks, can’t wait.

  13. avatar Sabrewolfe says:

    Yeah, the RipOff.. er, Out test would have been a lot more interesting with a side-by-side comparison using conventional ammo. Then again, I suppose that’s not really RatedRR’s gig. It’s all about the flashy-flashy, bling-bling shots for him. Which is cool. But a direct comparison would still have been nice.

  14. avatar chris says:

    “looks like we got about five…” The results from the inventory

  15. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    “My question is, how thorough can a search be, if it was completed before they even got the call from police, 31 minutes later?”

    Yeah, that was quick, SWAT can’t get geared out for the “op” that quickly…

    “Hey dude, you seen my camo face paint?”

    “It’s where you left it after our last mission, beside your ghillie suit…”

    “Oh, right… Operator.”

    1. avatar WRH says:

      It only takes them five minutes to suit up, but they have to stand around for twenty minutes telling each other how much they look like Operators. “Dude, seriously, you look Operator as Fuck!” “Badass, bro, you too. “

  16. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    The lockdown should have been a DGU.
    “The police were called to collect the bullet-riddled body of a man who was brandishing a gun outside the library.”
    Of course it is Austin. The liberal island in Texas. I read a report the other day that the residents have been voting for every park, public building remodel, etc. for so long, they can no longer afford the property taxes.
    “Someone needs to do something.”, Complained one man.

    1. avatar Nick D says:

      Austin is not a liberal island. It is a tumor. And I fear it may metastasize.

  17. Daily Digest suggestion: I’d drop the “lock down for the day.” It is boring and very uninteresting. It’s a lazy way to boost content in a “daily” digest post. Makes me think the creative well is running dry on these.

    Better to stick with something actually firearms/gun related, rather than trying to poke fun at lock downs.

    Comes off as bush-league/amateur hour posting on this blog.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Your suggestion is noted. You should have stopped after the first sentence, or even stuck with the “boring and uninteresting,” because that’s at least subjective. Instead, as you always seem to do, you had to go that one step further (or two, or three) into being a royal prick about whatever point you’re making. Lazy, bush-league, amateur hour… are you actually trying to be an asshole, or does it just come so naturally that you don’t even realize you’re doing it?

      I know this is where you usually make the observation that I’m calling you a bad name or using bad words, and use your horror at that as a distraction to sidestep my point, but I’m serious here. I want to know the answer. Did you write that with the full knowledge that you were being a jerk, or are you completely unaware of how you come off? Honestly, regardless of your answer, I have to believe you do it on purpose, because unless they suffer from some form of mental disorder, I have a hard time believing someone can act as consistently obnoxiously as you do and not be aware of it and its effect on those around you.

  18. avatar TheBroke1 says:

    Seems a little much for a close quarters rd and penetration issues

  19. avatar Paul McCain says:

    A person who has to resort to a profane temper tantrum in response to criticisms should probably not be posting on the Internet if he is so sensitive.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      See? Just like I predicted. You point the finger at me while neatly sidestepping the fact that you’re the one who threw stones in the first place. That’s fine, you can have this victory, but enjoy it, because it’s the last one. You’ve lost your commenting privileges in my posts; they will be deleted on sight from here on out. You’ll probably tell me you don’t care, and that’s fine. Read my posts, don’t read them; I don’t care. I’m just no longer interested in reading anything you have to say, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

      Here’s the really ironic thing: I was told to ban you a few months back when you were going through one of your really obnoxious phases (as opposed to your everyday, mundane obnoxiousness) . I made an executive decision and chose not to, because I still thought you had something of value to offer. I rank that as one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in recent memory.

      Whatever you choose to say in response (if anything) will remain unedited, but that will be the final time. I wash my hands of you.

      1. Matt if you can’t take some criticism of your articles, you probably should not be writing them in the first place. Grow up.

        1. avatar Adam says:

          You wasted your final un-edited comment on this???

          Damn that was weak.

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