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For once, I’m speechless.

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  1. Demonstrating the difference between an organized military and an “organized” military.

  2. Guess you guys have never seen this one, eh? Spetnaz Alpha Team confidence drills (Russia – where 30% losses of hostages is considered acceptable)

  3. Wow, that looks like fun! Maybe we’ll try it at the gun club this weekend

    …. then again, umm, NO

  4. I am assuming he is a prisoner of war and I sure am glad it wasn’t the cameraman doing the shooting.

  5. This is actually an New York Police Department training exercise and all shots were aimed at center mass.

  6. That’s some good shootin”. Wait does that count towards dying in battle? I thought it had to be your enemy to get those 72 virgins?

  7. Try viewing this video from LASD in 1936 and you’ll think that these guys are being safe.

    • Those newspaper delivery ladies are lucky these guys weren’t the ones shooting all willy nilly at them during the Dorner scare…although I guess these cops didn’t shoot anybody either.

  8. ok I’ll try this again minus the Team America quote. That dude is a horrible shot he missed the terrorist completely. His tactics are all wrong too he didn’t utilize the Iraqi offhand shooting technique (take full size AK or similar with fixed stock or hand gun, run between two buildings firing on full auto or really quickly while looking 180 degrees from where you are firing). /sarc off

    Actually this shows the difference between a professional and proficient fighting force and a bush league gaggle of armed idiots (this would be the latter)

  9. the guy sitting on the chair getting shot at drew the short straw on that one…

  10. An outwardly healthy and athletic woman I knew had the first and last seizure of her life while she happened to be jogging next to a pond, fell in and drowned.

    A person trains to reduce their risk. Taking risks while training doesn’t make sense.

    • The probability that a person who trains frequently will have an unexpected seizure (or sneeze or have a muscle spasm) while engaged in their frequent activity is probably far greater than that person finding themselves in a situation where they need whatever “skill” doing a stunt like this is supposed to give them. So training like this is actually counterproductive at mitigating their risk. It’s just macho bullsh!t.

  11. I’ll bet he’s hoping it isn’t a squib load or the shooter drops a shot.

    The glorious Red Army, where 50+% casualties in a chem warfare exercise was considered acceptable.

  12. So, you guys should check out the history surrounding the “Kentucky Riflemen” of the Revolutionary War.

    If it weren’t for those [per JAY1087’s definition, not mine] “Bush League Gaggles of Armed Idiots” we might not have that “extra” holiday in July.

    These guys are pikers by comparison.

  13. This William Tell stuff doesn’t bother me. You’ve all seen knife throwing acts, with the person strapped to the spinning target – Right? Sure, it’s more dangerous than most people would go in for, but then so is jumping 14 Greyhound buses on a Harley Davidson or skydiving from outer space. There will always be people who go in for that sort of thing, and I say to them, “Yes, Bubba, I will hold your beer.”

  14. Displays like this are generally a symptom of cultures where life is still viewed as cheap. They have the trappings of development, but social attitudes about such things as justice, risk and death lag behind.

  15. Well..first off NONE of their weapons had flashlights…I mean come on!! How do we take anyone serious if they dont have a Tacticool flashlight attached. Then..Camo. Seriously…that is how you know if your gun is truly has camo on it! Finally, they were all needing the proper safety approved tacticool boots! smh..amateurs…*

    * Please note sarcasm…in the whole statement above..except for the flash light..LOL

  16. Pakistani SSG, aka their countries SOF, aka the guys who train the Taliban and who are typically Taliban fighters as well

  17. OK, for all of you who have your panties in a knot, might I remind you of the days when there was a petite woman, all of 4’11”, shooting stuff out of her husband’s/manager’s hands, cigars out of his lips, apples off his head, etc with .22’s and such?

    Phoebe Ann Moses. Might want to google her.

  18. We should strongly encourage all Islamists to do regular and repeated practice like this every day.
    They also should practice after hashing up the hookah in case they ever recive a SEAL team raid after a hookah fest.
    Accidents and death should be viewed as acceptable byproduct of a well trained team.
    The team should practice until there is only one person remaining so that they know who is best.

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