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Uncovered ammo courtesy manchestereveningnews.comThe most interesting thing I’ve ever discovered while walking my dog was an attractive next-door neighbor. As it turned out, she was very committed to her boyfriend, so I guess it wasn’t as interesting as what a dog walker discovered in Mossley, outside of Manchester, England on Friday. A bunch of .50 caliber shells from a U.S. B-24 Liberator that crashed over 70 years ago were uncovered by recent weather in an area known as “Broken Ground.” The plane went down shortly before Christmas 1943 on its return from an anti-submarine patrol over the Bay of Biscay. After diverting twice due to weather over two different airfields . . .

the pilots flew north looking for a clear field, but ran low on fuel before finding one. All 11 members of the crew parachuted to safety, while the plane continued another 50+ miles on autopilot before crashing. The depth charges the plane carried did not detonate in the crash, and were destroyed by a bomb disposal unit shortly afterward. The rest of the plane was looted and then scrapped, with some larger parts (and apparently some smaller ones) left in place. The undercarriage legs and engines were left exposed, and only finally buried in 2001. As far as the recently discovered ammo, the Army’s EOD unit was deployed and disposed of the ammunition in a controlled explosion Friday morning.

Kahr Firearms is moving to Pennsylvania, a shift that’s been in the works for a while. Recently, while breaking ground on their new headquarters in Pike County, they discovered that their 620 acre property already had tenants. A female black bear and her cub were seen near where crews were working, and her den was located just 400 yards from where the future Kahr Firearms Group offices will be located. Game wardens were notified and they sedated the mama bear in order to examine her and fit her with a tracking collar. Both mama and baby were determined to be healthy, and the wardens left it up to Kahr Firearms Group owner, Justin Moon, whether the bears would be removed. Saying that he “strongly believe[s] that man can cohesively share habitat with animals,” he elected to leave them in place. They were returned to their den, and the crew has had no additional sitings. The Tactical Wire has a photo of the cub, if you need a cuteness hit.

That bastion of hard-hitting journalism, Cosmopolitan, has an article out today titled How Did The UCSB Shooter Have All Those Guns? (Note that this is the first and likely only time I will mention the Santa Barbara story (I haven’t really read anything about it, either), because I just don’t care. I could say I’m taking a stand and not playing into the publicity game surrounding it, but that would be putting on false airs. It’s not a stand or a decision, it’s apathy. That story has 100 times more to do with the state of mental health care in this country than it does to do with guns.) In any case, the Cosmo story shares a front page with other articles like “22 Things Nobody Tells You About Sex” and “The Emotional Stages of Coming Out” and, no joke, “Celebrities Doing Things!” I think that last one is an attempt at self-deprecating humor, but I’m not clicking to find out. In any case, what I noticed was that in the article, they repeat the “all those guns” from the headline, as well as describe “a massive amount of weaponry and ammunition” (three guns and 400+ rounds of ammo), and then refer to it as a “large stash of weaponry.” The rest of the story is, I suppose, a decent if shallow recitation of the mental health issues surrounding this case and others like it, so I suppose that’s something, but it’s clearly playing second fiddle to the GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! lede. Sad.

Hickok45 shows you How NOT To Shoot A Sawed-off Shotgun. You know, if you have something like that. Legally, of course.

I suppose I can see how it’d be easy to let your hand creep up a little too far up the forearm.

I heard a complaint that yesterday’s Digest didn’t feature The Yankee Marshal’s latest video. It might have been a comment on how many videos he makes, or the fact that some people hate him with a passion, but I don’t like disappointing my fans (or his), so here’s one:

…and if one’s good, two must be better, right?

Cheers, folks.

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    • It’s England. I’m surprised they didn’t evacuate the town and declare it a disaster zone. Finding a few corroded .22 rounds in your garden gets the bomb squad called over there.

    • It wasn’t the shells that they were concerned about it was more of any heavier munitions that it might have been carrying.

      • “Might have been”. GOTH with “might have”. “Might have been” Glenn Miller, Amelia Earhart and a dozen rabid unicorns.

    • To this day construction crews in England / Europe come across unexploded ordnance. And the bomb disposal team members sometimes get killed by it. It’s far less a big deal over there than it is here.

    • Lockdown of the Day.
      In other news, the British Isles were locked down when it was reported to constables that a massive quantity of .177 caliber BBs were found behind a tree in a park. The container, approximately the size and shape of a child’s milk carton, contain hundreds of the deadly projectiles.

      To assure public safety, all airline flights to and from Heathrow, the Chunnel, and all port facilities were closed. Schools and universities where placed into lockdown mode, and sheep herds in Scotland were inspected for mad sheep.

      In other news, look at this baby.

  1. Glad they all got out of the plane. Hope they made it home in good shape. What a waste of ammo though. Who in their right mind doesn’t loot the ammo? Guess they thought there would always be an endless supply. I used to think that too.

    • I would love to have a bunch of rotten .50 from the Big One lying around. What’s it gonna do, summon Hitler from the dead? I swear, people in these countries soil themselves over even the mention of a gun, it’s ridiculous.

      • Actually, the write-up said that they handled it very much like normal adults, and no, it’s not going to summon the spirit of Hitler (that’s already occupied, possessing the current occupant of the White House), but people have been killed dicking around with old WWII ammo.

  2. I’m a pretty big fan of The Yankee Marshall. He makes a lot of sense. If that makes me an idiot, so be it.

    • I was disappointed not to see it yesterday… particularly the “how to kill people and get famous” one. Glad to see it belatedly.

  3. Ok. If you found the old .50 Cal ammo in links like that, do you.

    A. Keep all of it.
    B. Call the Po Po
    C. Leave it alone.

    I’d like to know what most would do.

    • With the ammo corroded like that, it could be unstable. Sometimes calling in the po-po to deal with ancient UXO isn’t overreacting. At the very least I wouldn’t want to try shooting it.

    • I’d try to find the nearest “official” person, and avoid the area. If I stumbled on that pile above, I’d back away slowly, in fear that breathing on it could set it off. I’ve heard the horror stories about unexploded WWII ammo.

      • I’ll throw the BS towel on that one. HOW is it dangerous. You can burn pallets of brand new ammo and the biggest hazard is the primer maybe expelled from the case. When new those 50cal belts had tracers included and when dry might give you a nice hot show as each ignited ONE AT A TIME>

        Ammo that has been buried and unprotected from moiisture for over SEVENTY YEARS isn’t going to do diddly squat.

        • “Ammo that has been buried and unprotected from moiisture for over SEVENTY YEARS isn’t going to do diddly squat.”

          OK. Next time I find crap like that, I’ll call you and have you come and schlep it away while I watch from over ………… here.

    • I’d give it to the guy that does all those dangerous and humiliating things to Glock pistols, like cooking them in a marshmallow batter, etc. Maybe he can find an old rusted 50 cal. somewhere to shoot it in. Should make for a great video.

    • well the cases are shot, as are the primers and powder.

      MAYBE get away with pulling the bullets, running em in a tumbler for a good long while, and loading those, but is it really worth it?

  4. NBC News is reporting today that a different UCSB studen had 7 guns and a thousand rounds. I’m jealous. I’d love to have a thousand rounds of 9 mm or .45. And of course my wife says, “No one needs that many guns!’ To which I replied, “The more the merrier, even if can only shoot one at a time.”
    But the story has a sad ending. He put a round through the wall of his apartment, and now the police have all his guns.

    • My girlfriend used to complain about the amount of ammo I was storing – kept asking if I was prepping for the zombie apocalypse when a new shipment would come in (I try to keep my stock at 1k rounds per caliber, mainly 9mm)… She kinda stopped that when a couple of us went out to the range and I was the only one with the ammo 🙂

      Funny, she also complained about the .22 lever-action at first. She kinda enjoys shooting that now, too. Hopefully I can get her interested in an AR and/or AK next…

      • Question about the Yankee Marshall, since I don’t watch his vids (not that I hate him or anything, it’s just that his voice really grates on me for some reason): does he look like an over-medicated retard in every frame of every video, or does YouTube have someone scanning his videos frame-by-frame, Zapruder-style, and choosing the one frame where he looks the most idiotic for the freeze-frame title card? Because on every single one of these you post, he looks like a sedated mental case in the still frame.

        (Not sure why this got put here as a reply to Mike’s comment, but there’s nothing I can do about it now…)

    • “Even if I can only shoot one at a time”
      Do you know what you have done man? You have given your wife a great excuse to get on your case the next time you buy a gun.
      All is not lost though. The next time she tells you you can only shoot one gun at a time, ask her how many shoes she has!

    • a thousand?

      sheesh, i burn through that at the range in 4 sessions.

      a competition shooter might do that in a DAY.

  5. “You’re going to queef and eventually it’ll get to the point where nobody laughs.”
    Learning something new everyday.

  6. Thank you Matt, I thought I was the only one who honestly did not click a single santa barbara article here on ttag because i just dont give a shit. I dont care that the guy put up a bunch of crazy videos. I dont care that half the people killed were with a knife. (see? I can get all the relevant info just by reading headlines) These things happen and will keep happening, and i dont need a rundown of the killers mind and his arsenal and the blame guns statements every time it happens.

    • You are not alone. I haven’t watched a single news report or read a single article here at TTAG or anywhere else for that matter. I too have gathered most of the relevant info from the headlines. He killed, what, 6 people excluding himself? 3 by knife and 3 by gun? They call that a slow night in Chicago.

  7. To the “media” more than one gun is a lot of guns. More than a box of ammo is a lot of ammo. My friend and I blew about 600 rounds of ammo two weekends ago. It was a lot of fun and out fingers were messed up from loading all of those mags.

  8. 3 guns and 400 rounds!?!! That’s obscene!!!!!

    Oh wait… I have 8 guns (currently…) and probably closer to 600 rounds of ammo for them floating about… Man! I thought I had a fairy small collection, but apparently I am ready for all out war! /sigh

    • Only 600 rounds?
      Must not have been at Wally World yesterday when they busted out the .22 ammo.
      Scored another couple of bricks!

    • Geez, that is my normal load-out for my survival kit when I take the Jeep out for a weekend off-roading and camping. If I plan to stop for a little target shooting, I bring a little bit more ammo.

  9. You shoot sawn off shotguns with both your hands? Guess that could work, as long as I used a target hold for the support hand

  10. It’s amazing how one’s perspective on what constitutes “a lot of ammo” will change after that first trip to the range.

    Zombie Apocalypse heck; 150-300 rounds per gun is a good day down at the steel plates pit.

    Then it’s amazing how many mail-order ammo sites one starts checking, and how attractive reloading starts to look…

    • That’s the truth. We go through about 150 rnds total at the range, but that’s because there’s no outdoor ranges around here (and no steel either. I’ve got a brand-new steel .22 spinner that I got through a rebate offer just sitting. The Horror!), and kinda limited on free time.

      Now reloading… let’s just say I’ve been saving some of my brass for when/if I get into it…

  11. Patrick, you have a lot of catching up to do. I have over 4000 in 8mm Mauser alone. 1500+ of .303. Only 5 or 6 hundred .223 but I do reload for that caliber. A few hundred 7.62x54r and about half that in .308. And I’m in the gun hater’s paradise of Australia.

    Buy it cheap and stack it deep! And invest in reloading gear as well.

  12. RE the Comso BS. Search on “who is Mark Shrayber writer” . As writing for Cosmo “he” obviously doesn’t have a pair but the search informs that “he” is Psychology lecturer, SFSU; Saturday Editor, San Francisco, California Doesn’t that just sum it all up for a stereotypical libtard pixie? And “he” hates guns. Shocking I say.

    Anyhow the cover story from “jezebel” (I’m not sure if Jexebel is for bitter frustrated libtard NOW broads or queers) but apparently they are wallowing in the shooting in Ca. Not just the gun angle but upset that basement dwelling D&D types don’t like chicks. wow

  13. I love Hickock45 and his videos! And it really cracks me up every time he says things like “…this can be your FANGER” – not being from his part of the country, our pronunciation might differ a bit.


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