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SC Gov Nikki Haley in 2010

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill into law today allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons into establishments that serve alcohol. The law still allows establishments to bar guns from their premises, if they so choose. The South Carolina chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is predictably having kittens over the new law, and vowing to ensure that SC businesses are fully informed of their right to prohibit firearms on their premises. There are specific sign requirements to make that happen, which MDAGSA also decried, saying “the state has made requirements for signs prohibiting firearms so complex, it has been difficult for businesses to meet these requirements.” Or maybe they just don’t want to. Read on . . .

In the latest example of the rule that “criminals don’t care about background checks,” police say a handgun used to shoot up a Hartford, Connecticut bar last Sunday night came from a shipment of guns hijacked by a Bridgeport man in 2012. This is the second handgun to be found in criminal hands from the 111-gun shipment that was stolen last year; the other was used in the stick-up of more than a half-dozen gas stations, fast food restaurants and convenience stores in the area. Police say more than 80 of the guns from that shipment are still unaccounted for. The man apprehended in the series of stick-ups said he bought the gun from a man who had several guns laid out for sale, all matching Smith & Wessons. At the time, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said, “This incident is a perfect example of why we need stronger gun laws in the United States. Loopholes need to be tightened up.” This idiot just doesn’t get it. Not a single existing law prevented any of that criminal activity from taking place, and he thinks adding more laws would miraculously change that.

The Ashland, Oregon City Council held an open forum on some proposed firearms ordinances recently, and a local citizen appeared to advocate that they were not, in fact, strong enough. It’s worth a watch.

I don’t hear too many readers talk about living in Pennsylvania, but if you do, here’s an alert to contact your representatives. House Bill 2011 was introduced Thursday by pro-gun Representative Mark Keller. If passed, HB 2011 would strengthen Pennsylvania’s firearms preemption laws to help ensure consistent laws throughout the state. Pennsylvania already has a preemption law on the books, but according to The Daily Caller, nearly fifty local governments have enacted gun control ordinances in violation of that preemption. Time to get on the phones. If you don’t know who your representative is, there’s a finder at the link above.

The Calguns Foundation is issuing a warning to gun owners throughout California in the wake of numerous reports of improper arrests and firearms seizures. Brandon Combs, executive director of Calguns, said, “Gun confiscation efforts pushed by Attorney General Kamala Harris have apparently led to unconstitutional arrests of regular, non-prohibited gun owners as well as the seizure of their firearms and ammunition.” The warning tells gun owners that “should you be contacted by law enforcement, be polite but prepared to exercise your rights. For instance, should a warrant be served upon you, do not physically resist the officers but do remain silent and contact your attorney as soon as possible. Do not consent to any search and remember that you are not required to volunteer information or open locked containers.” Calguns operates a Help Hotline for firearms-related legal issues. The Hotline can be reached at or (800) 556-2109.

Apparently the U.S. government gets tetchy when you infringe on their turf, e.g. smuggling guns and ammo into Mexico. Friday evening in Del Rio, Texas, two men from New Braunfels, TX were found guilty on multiple counts of smuggling ammunition from the U.S. into Mexico. Evidence showed that in late 2011 and early 2012, the brothers purchased more than 15,000 rounds of ammunition and 400 “assault rifle magazines” intended for transport into Mexico. In December 2011, USBP agents seized part of the ammunition along with 23 “assault rifles” near the Rio Grande river. Both men are in custody pending sentencing; each charge can carry penalties of up to 10 years and $250,000.

Kyle goes for some fun with his “Custom Fugly Mosin Nagant.” This is clearly still from the pack of videos shot when Richard Ryan was helping him out with the high-speed video, so it’s got some reasonably cool shots that way. Not up to RatedRR’s standards, of course, but then Richard’s gotta keep the good stuff for himself.

Has Kyle lost his mojo?

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  1. Blood will be running in the streets!!! They always say that, and they know it never happens.

    Proof positive they know better, and are just working from a disarmament script.

    • Yeah I love the following quote from the article;
      “It’s much more likely that a CWP holder will put lives at risk in a contentious situation than protect the lives of bar and restaurant patrons. This idea is simply not realistic.”

      We went through this in Virginia as well except a well organized group (the VCDL) kept pointing out the inconvenient facts that…
      a) Citizens of Va could, and often DID already carry in establishments serving alcohol (we just had to do it unconcealed).
      b) Several surrounding states had already been allowing this for a cumulative total of nearly 50 years with nearly zero issues.

      in other words the experimental “what will happen” phase was long past, it had already been clearly demonstrated what happens (or rather what doesn’t happen) and that the whole furor was over a NON issue in terms of public safety where CCW permit holders were concerned.

    • Being a South Carolina resident, I wanted to learn more about my local Moms Demand Action group. However I can’t find any info on them other than news articles saying theyre upset. MDA’s most recent website “tag” was from March 2nd 2013…

    • “I hold a CWP license but agree that guns and alcohol don’t mix,” said Debby Edwards, gun owner and Moms Demand Action member.


  2. I haven’t read the requirements of the signs, but if they were the ones posted on this site just the other day they seem pretty damn dirt simple to me. Want a sign? Make it this by this and put it here….what does Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayors Against Illegal Guns) find so difficult?

    • However complex the sign laws may be, they’re nothing compared to the ocean of firearms laws that we have to navigate every day simply to exercise our Constitutional rights.

      • Exactly! AND getting the sign wrong won’t result in a felony, followed by a new roommate named Bubba.

      • That was kind of my point…their part of the law is EASY to comply with. I looked it up to be sure but the pertinent section of the law is pretty damn exact. They even give you the requirements for where to put it IF YOU DON’T HAVE DOORS. I’m simply missing where it’s difficult to comply…..

        Next I’ll be hearing the state has difficulty figuring out what a stop sign is supposed to look like….

      • As someone who talks about the sign requirements at least once a week in CWP classes I can say yes, the law is very detailed and specific about what a sign must look like and where it must be posted. I have always seen this as good for the permit holder. While I haven’t read the CWP law for every state it’s my understanding that some states basically have either no sign specification or a very broad one. This means that any scrap of paper can be scribbled on and posted anywhere on the front of a business and it’s “legal”.

        By having a detailed specification permit holders know exactly what to look for and where to look.

        I never tell my students to ignore signs. I just tell them when they do see one they have a decision to make because as we all know, those with bad intent don’t pay attention to signs prohibiting guns. Never have, never will.

        Moms Against Self Defense is just grasping at straws, I’d expect no less.

    • I looked it up, Section 23-31-235 SC code of law. Looks like there’s two options, first is an 8″x12″ sign with one inch lettering stating No Concealed Weapons Allowed, with an accompanying image, posted at the entrances no lower than 40″ and no higher than 60″ from the bottom of the door.
      If there is no door, then the sign must be 36″x48″, with 3″ tall letters, placed no less than 40″ and no more than 60″ from the ground, posted in an easy to see location.
      Hardly complex signage requirements. There’s specifics for how big the circle/slash must be, but that’s not hard to fulfill.

  3. the guy before the city council is HILARIOUS!! I almost think we need to copy him and mock other city councils/local governments for the same thing . . . . . oh that would be a hoot.

      • Actually, that part I didn’t like. It made me call shenanigans when I watched it the first time. “Watch me try something longer” IMMEDIATE CUT TO ZOMBIE BRAINS. A regular, uncut shot form behind him showing, in the distance, him hitting the target followed by the slow-mo closeup I’d buy. Something about an immediate cut makes me think he didn’t actually hit it with that take….

    • I see him acting less flamboyantly and more demurely. He also doesn’t lay the phony Russian accent on as heavily anymore, and he doesn’t seem to go for the dangerous/wow factor as much anymore with his gun handling or proximity to explosions.

      I’m not saying I need all those things to be entertained but I do find him less entertaining lately.

  4. I don’t normally watch videos, but the one from Oregon is excellent. The audio is wonky, but he has great stage presence.

  5. I am so glad they are trying to make Ashland really really safe! It’s always for the children! Nobody needs knives over 4″ long either. /sarc

  6. That Ashland nonsense is still active? I watched that whole clip thinking I’d see it getting knocked down and kicked out the door at the end. The police chief all but laughs at her, as do the other councilors. I really just wanted to see her running out the door in tears. Stupid woman, doesn’t know when to feel shame. “I know there are statistic out there, I just don’t know what they are.” Politics!

  7. The woman sitting directly behind the satirist has the most serious look on her face the entire time. I’m pretty sure she didn’t get it.

    So glad we have informed, intelligent voters…

  8. Living in SC, it is always interesting to read the comments on local news website. They include all the typical relating to blood in the streets, references to the tired and ill informed militia comments, the call for common sense laws, the Wild West, and my favorite “gun-toting trigger-happy knuckleheads will be looking for any excuse to whip out their gun”. Pretty entertaining all in all. I will have to say though that the overwhelming majority of comments are positive. This law was huge for our state. Sad that we were almost the last in the nation to make self-defense legal again in a restaurant that serves alcohol though.

    If you care to be entertained:

  9. From the linked article…

    “said Debby Edwards, gun owner and Moms Demand Action member. ”


    And if you aren’t lying I imagine you, as a gun owner, will soon be an EX-MDA member.

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