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“While a Digital Hybrid Trigger system that drops in to an existing firearm is a world’s first, a firearm with a digital trigger is not. Pistols and rifles with a digital trigger have been around for over a decade. They are just cost prohibitive. A targeting pistol can cost between $2000 to $5000, and moreover does not function without a battery.” Enter the Digital Trigger Technologies. Their trigger isn’t for sale yet, but their web site indicates that prices for their product start at $499. Is this a gotta-have AR add-on or a what could possibly go wrong waiting to happen?


Trying a new approach to save lives . . . Can Hypothermia Save Gunshot Victims – “When this patient loses his pulse, the attending surgeon will, as usual, crack his chest open and clamp the descending aorta. But then, instead of trying to coax the heart back into activity, the surgeon will start pumping the body full of ice-cold saline at a rate of at least a gallon a minute. Within twenty minutes (depending on the size of the patient, the number of wounds, and the amount of blood lost), the patient’s brain temperature, measured using a probe in the ear or nose, will sink to somewhere in the low fifties Fahrenheit.”


Anyone recognize the shooter Julie Golob is timing in that promo photo? Whoever that mystery man is, you can do what he’s doing…improve your shooting while you learn from some of the best pros in the business. The NSSF just opened registration for their 2017 Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp. Last year’s Las Vegas event was so popular that they’re featuring two sessions in 2017. Click here to register.


NYPD vets upset that rookies get better guns – “The NYPD’s young guns are hitting the streets with new pistols that are more accurate and feature better grips — but veteran cops are angry that, unlike rookies, they’ll have to pony up $525 if they want to upgrade to the better firepower. ‘If the Glock 17 can help us shoot better, that increases our safety,’ one seasoned Brooklyn cop said. ‘I personally believe the department should help out in paying for the new gun, or, at least, provide an even swap.'” Oh, and the NYPD, in its infinite wisdom, is limiting 17-round G17s to using only the 15-round mags that come with the G19.

Anti-drone gun takes down targets from 1.2 miles away – “There are numerous systems built to take down wayward or dangerous drones, but they tend to have one big catch: you need to be relatively close to the drone, which could be scary if the robotic aircraft is packing explosives. DroneShield thinks it can help. It’s introducing the DroneGun, a jammer that disables drone signals (including GPS and GLONASS positioning) from as far as 1.2 miles away.” We guess the Oregon Medical Association — which has voted to make healthcare facilities drone-free zones — will be very interesting in these.


Kahr Firearms Group Introduces Seven New Models for 2017 – “In 2015, when Magnum Research first introduced the new lightweight Desert Eagle L5 in .357 Magnum, it quickly gained widespread appeal, especially among loyal Desert Eagle fans. Now, new for 2017, the Mark XIX L5 is now also offered in .44 Magnum.”


Cue the world’s smallest violin for the butthurt boys at ‘Mother Jones’ . . . The Future’s Looking Bright for the Gun Lobby Under Trump – “Of all the issues that Donald Trump ran on, the one he was arguably the most consistent and clear about was his support for Second Amendment rights. In return, the National Rifle Association committed to Trump wholeheartedly. ‘The NRA stood by Trump from the get-go. They backed him early on with a major spending campaign,’ notes Adam Winkler, a law professor at the University of California-Los Angeles and the author of Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America. ‘They are tight with Trump Administration. They have their people in place and they know exactly what they’re going for.’


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  1. I love those videos of that guy shooting his wife with the nerf gun.
    Thanks for the great belly laugh!

    • Having been married for a couple of decades, I’m going to make a prediction here:

      He’s gonna get his ass kicked by a girl.

      • Second that emotion. I was waiting for the flying tackle and beat down. Bet you he doesn’t have a backhoe

        • In one of the videos she had a weedwhacker. I wouldn’t convict her for using it if I was on the jury.

      • From yoga to tackle in about 3 seconds
        Yep, it happened

        Actually, my wife would be more likely to shoot back.

      • How often does your wife kick your ass?
        Jk bro.
        Seriously though, good advice for anyone: don’t date or marry a girl that can take you on. Unless you’re an abusive POS, in which case you should be dating Cristiane Justino.

        • All true, and my wife has never.

          Trouble is, when a woman starts smacking on her husband and he puts up a fight, he often goes to the Greybar Motel for domestic violence. Good-bye RKBA.

        • jwm: so true. There are a million reasons to respect our women. We shouldn’t need any reasons though. Also they know when/how to cut our balls off.

    • Trump be great. But why Reagan no give us quieteners, shorty barrels and full zip funs? Reagan not as good as Trump. Maybe Trump and quadzilla the deficit to be better than Reagan.

      • *Sigh

        Reagan can only sign what Congress sent him. He was not a dictator. Which means when a sleazy Democrat Senator slides in an amendment that bans full auto to all post 1986 firearms for civilians on an otherwise pro-firearm bill, than his choice is either to sign it or veto it. And seeing that no-one really protested otherwise, he signed it.

        • Except he and George H. W. Bush were both openly antigun. “Pro-hunting” because “muh traditions,” but antigun. They both fully supported any measures that would disarm the plebs, as it was the “law and order” thing to do at the time. Ronald Reagan is the Eternal President Fuddery.

    • Either he’s an idiot, he already has a girlfriend, or he doesn’t like sex very much, because he isn’t getting any from the wife in the near future.

  2. Oh, and the NYPD, in its infinite wisdom, is limiting 17-round G17s to using only the 15-round mags that some[sic] with the G19.

    I hope not, since the G19 magazine is shorter than the G17 frame, and won’t properly seat.

      • Yeah, the article got the basic info right (15-shot capacity Glock 17) but the details wrong (it doesn’t use a Glock 19 magazine).

        It’s a “special” Glock 17 magazine, with an overall size the same as other G17 mags, but permanently blocked to only accept 15 rounds of ammunition. For details, run a search for Glock part number MF17015B .

        When I heard about this (police issuing a large handgun, but blocking it’s capacity to match a smaller handgun already in use), it rapidly rocketed to the top of my personal “That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard of” list. And it’s a pretty comprehensive list.

      • I thought this was rather humorous. In a state where “civilians” are limited to 10 round mags the NYPD is complaining that a 15 round mag limit “might not be enough”!

    • She did say that he was a special kind of stupid, I have to say that I do agree with her. I don’t think he needs killing, but he’s not going to make any worthwhile friends with his childish behavior.

      • I was not able to figure out how there were any nerf guns in the house each time he woke up. Pretty colored plastic shards in the trash, yes, along with “Isn’t *that* funny, dear?”, but no nerf guns. Buy more? OK. spend a few hundred on buying several. Then go to sleep. “Good joke, right, honey?” He would learn what irritating means, pretty quick.

        Or buy yourself an Airsoft, and shoot back with something that leaves a welt! “Hilarious, huh?”

  3. That pull-and-release trigger mode in the digital trigger is going to have the ATF hounding them or making a proposed rule to stop it as soon as the ATF sees the effective rate of fire.

    BTW, I’m quite leery of release triggers on shotguns. I won’t work on release triggers in my shop. I’m not going to be any more enthusiastic about the idea when it is digital and on a rifle. The net:net of the issue is that getting into a liability lawsuit situation with a release trigger would be a nightmare. Imagine, if you will, trying to explain to the jury why you thought it was a bright idea to install a trigger that fires the gun after you’ve pulled the trigger, when you’re going to release the trigger – and that there’s a convoluted and non-obvious way to abort the discharge of the gun after you’ve pulled a trigger and nothing happened.

      • Yea, I know. On at least one of them, you can outrun the action with the trigger, and the hammer rides the bolt home, leaving you with a live round in the pipe, and a hammer in need of cocking.

        The difference for this trigger is that the digital system prevents overrunning the bolt with the trigger.

    • The neat thing about electronic triggers is, if you have a little savy, you “could” program them with a contra code to have just regular full auto, then poof, turn it off and it goes back to default, until you put the contra code back in.

        • Another “neat” thing about electronic triggers, is that they could probably be jammed, if an electrical interference field of appropriate power could be generated nearby. So, given the right technology, the cops/.GOV could stop your AR from firing. Cool!

        • @Nineshooter According to the video, semi-auto and safe work exactly as normal AR trigger groups. Only when you switch it to the 3rd position is when the battery and electronic trigger are activated.

        • @Joe — Thanks for mentioning that. I wasn’t able to watch the video, so I wan’t aware of it. If that is completely accurate and still true in the final production models, it does soften my criticism of the device, and I’d definitely give it a look.

  4. Poor babies patrolling the streets of Gotham. Ya’ can’t part with 525bucks? I’ve heard NYC cops are quite well compensated…and Mother Jones doesn’t get it -WE WON. Let’s hope Donnie never forgets who helped him win.

    • N.Y. Police officers make less than $50,000 in their first 3 years. $50-$60,000 from 3.5 to 5.5 years, then $78,000 after 5.5 years. I have no idea if that’s any good in N.Y. City, but with what they have to deal with on a daily basis, I’d say they deserve it.

      • That’s assuming they aren’t taking on side gigs. A lot of the cops around here pick up little side gigs that pay them an easy $350 or more for a half day or so of easy work (directing traffic, riding parades, etc.).

        • Yup Katy. Betweeen benifits,shakedowns,graft and corruption it might approach mob status. AND to the sympathizer above these are VETERAN cops buying that GLOCK?

      • “N.Y. Police officers make less than $50,000 in their first 3 years.”

        I have zero knowledge of NYPD pay, but *I* will bet you $100 that is not true! I suspect you mean “less than $50,000 PER YEAR in their first 3 years, which is a 200% increase from what you posted, ie, not even close.

        And before we feel too sorry for them, we should look at reports that essentially the only way to get a job with NYPD is through connections of a relative with NYPD, normally Daddy is a cop.

  5. Seen one Glock, seen ’em all, so what is all the complaining? On top of which, it doesn’t matter what Glock you give a cop, with that NY trigger he can’t hit anything anyway.

    Well, OK OK, that does make the gripe about limiting them to 15 rounds kind of valid. Just sayin.’

  6. It just occurred to me that the U.S. Circuit judges may have been recently going against the clear intent of historical precedence and the Heller decision in effort to curry favor with an expected Hillary Clinton Presidency (perhaps even as a Supreme Court nominee). Now that Hillary isn’t going to be President, I suspect a great many things and deals that were started in advance are in shambles, the fallout from which will be very interesting to observe.

    • “Now that Hillary isn’t going to be President, I suspect a great many things and deals that were started in advance are in shambles, the fallout from which will be very interesting to observe.”

      Oh, hell, yeah. The tap-dancing she’s gonna be doing will be fun to watch.

      On prosecuting the HildaBeast:

      As I understand it, Ford pardoned Nixon using language along the lines of “…and other crimes he may have committed.”

      Trump needs to play this cool. Obama may well issue a blanket pardon to her, but I’m not sure that pardon covers *future* crimes. That is important. There are a number of investigations still in progress. Trump needs to invite her to have a chat with his FBI (with a subpoena, if necessary) *after* 20 Jan. 2017. Since the only thing she does competently is lie, nail her on lying to the FBI then. Her and Huma, Cheryl Mills, etc.

      If Trump is crafty I’m willing to bet he has a good chance of convicting her yet. Mining the Clinton Foundation for crimes is a good start.Hillary in an orange jumpsuit instead of a designer pantsuit will be some tasty raw meat he can toss to his base and boost his chance at re-election…

  7. Doesn’t glock give a discount to cops? I don’t think they would pay what us plebs pay, I suspect out of pocket would be 420ish and could even write it of on taxes?

    • Maybe 420 after tax. I think I paid just under $400 for mine. That was the motivating factor to go that route over the similar list price Walther. Figured I could put the extra into a fine tuning the weapon and ammo.

  8. “The Future of Gun Rights is So Bright, We’ll Have to Wear Shades”

    Maybe, but keep your eyes wide open. No, I’m not worried about President Trump. He’ll be good for us.

    However, I’m (always) suspicious about the Democrats. They gambled big on anti-gun agitation, so did the MSM, and I expect them both to double down.

    We have our foot on their collective necks. We need to finish them off, crush them, now, while we can. If we rest on our laurels, we’ll eventually regret it.

    • Agreed. When the MSM was breaking the news about the Ohio State attack today, the first thing I heard was multiple shooters on the loose. Turns out the only gun used was by the policeman who killed that POS. They will never give up on their irrational hatred of guns.

  9. I just went to that Mother Jones article and sifted through some of the comments. I just want to say that my heart just becomes flooded with this overwhelming sensation of warmth and happiness when I read all of their disappointed little rants. I mean it. It brings me endless joy knowing that the feel-good crowd is feeling so bad. Call me sadistic, call me whatever you like, but I will never have even a shred of sympathy for anyone who would demand that the many be stripped of a right because of the terrible actions of the few. And I grin from ear to ear when I think of all the bitter, screaming tantrums Hillary has thrown behind closed doors since her defeat. It’s all so wonderful.

    • I believe your imagination is running away with you! Pretty sure Hillary has had only one bitter, screaming tantrum, tho so far there’s no hint when it may end. Oh, joy!

  10. Like to see more review on the trigger.

    Gun Future’s so bright you gotta live long enough to teach your great great grandkids:

    F2 THE (D)! And all you liberal, progressive, communist, globalist POS out there, we still see you, you are still a fing scourge.

    GLOBALIST or a RINO, you or your party candidates likely lost in the latest election

  11. “Oh, and the NYPD, in its infinite wisdom, is limiting 17-round G17s to using only the 15-round mags that come with the G19.”

    It’s a cost-saving measure. This way, the maximum number of bystanders shot during each panicky, unaimed mag dump will be reduced, and thus fewer out-of-court settlements will have to be paid.

  12. “Oh, and the NYPD, in its infinite wisdom, is limiting 17-round G17s to using only the 15-round mags that come with the G19.”

    So in other words, since G19 mags do not fit into a G17, NYPD is limited to only the cartridge in the chamber? Or did Dan intended to write that they are only allowed to load 15 rounds into a 17 round magazine?

    • They are actually issuing a “special” Glock 17 magazine, with an overall size the same as other G17 mags, but permanently blocked to only accept 15 rounds of ammunition. For details, run a search for Glock part number MF17015B .

  13. Is this a gotta-have AR add-on or a what could possibly go wrong waiting to happen?

    We’ll find out when TTAG reviews it.

  14. Why would the Glock 17 be $525? That’s street price for civilians. I thought that Glock had a special police sales program where they sell any police officer a limited number of deeply discounted guns? Glocks for well under $400 I thought?

    Also, if the NYPD officers get to keep their gun in perpetuity, are they not crazy to pick the free Sig P226, which depending on the version has a street price of $1,000 to $1,100? Hell, collect the free P226 and then buy a separate Glock to carry, I am pretty sure any police officer can buy a full size glock for $380 or something like that.

    • I think the LE price for a basic/no-frills Glock 17 right now is in the $400 range, but I hear it’s going to go up a bit in January ($440-ish).

  15. That guy with the nerf gun is:
    A: An idiot
    B: Dumber than a box of hair
    C: Buying stock in lotion, ’cause he’s NEVER getting laid again
    D: All of the above.

    My wife carries a Ruger 1911 and sleeps with a Mossy 930 next to the bed. If I did that to her, you’d be reading about my well earned demise. Sheesh.

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