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mda-tn-staples screenshot 1-27-14

Moms Demand Action – TN/Nashville
Moms visited the Madison, TN, Staples today, to ask their corporate office to go gun-free nation-wide. The manager told us she carries at all times. Just so you know. — with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. I’m not sure which is better. The “carries at all times” part or the “someone tagged them as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini in the photo” part. (I wish I could have seen the look on their faces for the first one, though.) The post is here, though I’m guessing it will get scrubbed very soon [h/t Jeff]. . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Vacaville, California, last Wednesday. A citizen called police just before 11 a.m. to report a man with a rifle in a creek in a residential area. The citizen spoke to the man briefly, and then the man fled northwest along the creek. Police responded and found several hunting rifles abandoned near the creek, and commenced a search during which they asked Willis Jepson Middle School, about a half mile away, t be placed on lockdown. Officers searched for two hours with the assistance of a K-9 unit and a CHP helicopter without success. The school lockdown was then lifted. The guns were later found to have been stolen from a nearby home.

Be glad you live in the U.S.A., times three. (1) Police in Mothutlung, South Africa, northwest of Pretoria, illegally used 12-gauge shotgun ammunition to quell a protest over water shortages, killing four people. (2) Police have reportedly used lethal “car stopper” bullets against protesters protesting newly-enacted anti-protest laws in Kiev, Ukraine. (3) An ongoing revolution in Bahrain (fallout from the Arab Spring) produces regular reports of the killing of peaceful demonstrators by the regime that is struggling to remain in power in the face of a people who want to move toward democracy.

Russia only had two fatal explosions of stockpiled ammunition last year, down from five the previous year, according to officials. Unfortunately, when looked at long term, the trend is reversed. In the five-year period up to 2012, 17 ammunition depots caught fire or exploded, compared to nine in the prior five years. So, uh… good job?

A new online firearms marketplace goes online in Washington today. Washington Gun Exchange is an online marketplace for in-state private gun sales. They will be in competition with national sites like Armslist, but founder Nick Moyes says his sites (he already has a companion site in Utah) are designed to be more local in nature. The site will be based in Washington, but Oregon residents will be able to post listings, as well. Moyes said that the decision to open in Washington is at least in part because MAIG has contributed to the ballot measure campaign for universal background checks. “The political statement is there as well.”

Doug Varrieur of Big Pine Key, Florida has a gun range in his yard. The seven-yard range has a foot-thick backstop made of 6x6s and 2x12s, and is in the open air right next to his travel trailer, right in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And it’s completely legal. State law preempts local gun ordinances in Florida, and the only law limiting the discharge of firearms on private property is Fl. Stat. 790.15, which criminalizes discharging a firearm “recklessly or negligently” on property used as a dwelling. So, as long as he’s doing it safely, he’s within the law. He is considerate, though, to both his neighbors, and to police. He calls the cops ahead of time to let them know that he’ll be shooting, and he confines his shooting to Wednesdays between 3 and 4 p.m. The news story linked above has a web poll: “Should state law continue to allow homeowners to set up a gun range on their property?” As of this writing, with 155 votes, it’s running 75/25 in favor of “Yes.” God Bless America.


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  1. Not sure why they added the “to ask their corporate office” byline, as their corporate offices are in Framingham, MA.

      • Yup, the local MDA counterparts of Moe, Larry and Curly are certainly a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

        They’re prolly standing in the empty parking lot because the manager would have called the cops on them for trespassing if they were around when the store was open.

  2. I remember showing up one day at work in the Pentagon and the whole office was in panic mode. Overhead sensors detected a possible nuclear event on the Kola Peninsula. Turned out the entire Northern Fleet ammunition supply when up in a massive detonation. We don’t need no stinkin’ insensitive munitions!

    • When I looked just before this published, it still said Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, but it also said Larry, Curly, and Moe, and it also said “for every $ you don’t spend there I’ll spend 10” and it also said something else that I don’t recall. So that means that all that was scrubbed away, and the Larry, Curly, and Moe that you see there now was put in just in the last 25 minutes or so.

      • I just posted there about how heavily edited the comments were becuase there was a reply to a post that no longer existed. I didn’t even make any pro gun/2A comments just said “It’s amazing how heavily edited this comment section is…”

        My post was deleted within about 3 minutes and I’ve been blocked from commenting. I guess they are Anti-1A as well.

  3. That’s a laugh riot. I lol’ed. Really.

    Made my ugly cat jump.

    Might be a tough sell in Tennessee to up the gun control. I guess after these people have ruined their own states they feel a weird urge to spread out across the country and share their joy of telling everyone else how to live.

    Like I said in the other thread. These chicks need a new hobby. I’m guessing they will eventually get bored with this one and find a new “cause.”

    • It will be a tough sell here in TN. I’m almost tempted to post on their page an invite to my store’s handgun carry class. See if a few minds can’t be swayed….. But then again that might be pointless to that crowd.

    • When Jeff (who I forgot to credit, btw; have to fix that) sent it to me at about 2040, none of the names were there yet. When I got to the “carries all the time” part, it surprised me, and I barked out a laugh so loud it startled my dog awake. It wasn’t ’til I went back about 10 minutes later to screenshot it that the names started showing up.

    • I find it hilarious that the MDA can’t seem to scrape together more than 3 over-the-hill girls with nothing else to do for any of their “protests.” How much influence did they suppose this massive show of support for unconstitutional civilian disarmament was going to have on Staples either locally or nationally?

      • That’s just the thing isn’t it?

        Pretty women, who are pleasant and fun to be around have better things to do than stand out in front of a Staples bitching about stuff.

        Ya know?

        • These are bored women with nothing better to do. They are what used to be called “busy body” types.which is why they can’t rise very many attendees.

          Most women have kids, grandkids, husbends,,elderly parents, boyfriends ,and jobs to tend to. At least that’s the it works in my circle. Some of us have guns and look forward to range dates. Others are not interested in guns, but would never think to meddle in other folks choice…

    • 12 Highlanders and a bagpipe can make a revolt, but I don’t think 3 old ladies and a sign has the same effect.

  4. For local face to face sales and purchases, I use

    It’s Oregon and Washington. Mostly. It’s pretty neat.
    The son of a friend bought an AR BCG yesterday.
    I’ll have to keep an eye on the new site.
    Way cool.

    • If it’s anything like Utah Gun Exchange (which it will be) you’ll like it. I’ve bought and sold several things using the Utah site after a supposed conservative new organization, KSL, pulled their gun classifieds because of Newtown.

  5. As of my time of viewing the MDA photo (10:16pm EST) the names have been changed to Larry, Curly, and Moe. Just as funny but it doesn’t highlight so well the true intentions of those photographed.

  6. No doubt nearly everyone here will disagree with me but in my opinion good ol’ Doug needs to take himself to a range. There’s no way that little backyard setup of his, smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood, should be considered safe. One little mistake and he’s sending a bullet flying past his little backstop and possibly into someone’s house. That plus the lack of consideration for his neighbors having to put up with the sound of his gunfire. Don’t even bother mentioning lawnmowers, etc., it ain’t the same thing. Unless he wants to buy himself a nice piece of land in a rural area where he can shoot to his heart’s content he needs to do his practicing on a proper range.
    The Staples thing, I nearly pissed myself laughing. Thank you Staples.

    • Agreed. He should go to a proper range, where there’s only one person allowed there at a time. After all, if there are other people there, one small mistake and…come to think of it, he shouldn’t even be allowed to shoot by himself on his own property out in the woods. One small mistake and he’s a goner!

      • Except they have nothing in common.
        People at a range know where they are.
        The people living in the homes surrounding his arent at a range, instead are dealing with 160db next door with a tiny wooden backstop.

        • Oh, if it was me I’d shoot only with a suppressor. I was commenting about the “one little mistake” safety argument.

    • I have to agree that in a heavily populated area firing a pistol at a wood backstop with no side berms seems a little risky to me. I would NOT want to be his neighbor, and if I was I would NOT be home on Wednesday afternoons, unless I lived behind his place.

      It seems a little self-indulgent to me and not entirely without risk to the community. I consider myself a safe and responsible shooter and a pretty fair shot, but I have let a flyer go downrange from time to time. No way would I use a range like this and risk my neighbors’ safety just so I could shoot in the back yard.

    • Shooting a .22 is fine in a yard, but the sound is definitely rude in the neighborhood. If he doesn’t have paperwork processing for a silencer, he’s a jerk. Not saying it should be illegal, but he’d still be a jerk.

      • TFunk, one little mistake is all it takes. We are responsible for every bullet that leaves our guns. I would not want this guy for a neighbor.

    • Completely agree with you. When I read the blurb I figured the guy actually built himself a range. All he is doing is shooting at his garage! Maybe if he built some cinder block walls around his driveway and was shooting into that I could see this “range” being a good idea. Just the fact that he has to check behind for boat traffic shows this isn’t smart!

    • I would say it depends. Without knowing the layout of the neighborhood and whether the neighbors care (or just want to come over and shoot every other Wednesday) I think I’ll butt out.

        • Yeah, I would have a problem with it if I were one of those houses to the North. His backstop may be fine in terms of stopping power but it’s not wide enough to be safe from that photo. Reminds me of a scene…

          Archer: Shut up! That vest is bulletproof!
          Cheryl: Oh. *gets shot in the arm* Ow!
          Archer: But it is, y’know, a vest.

        • OK, I looked at the link, houses in every direction. The bullets that leave my little .380 pistols can travel a little over 3/4 mile. I haven’t bothered to look at any of the larger calibers, but the point is made. This guy’s choice of location to practice his marksmanship is ill-advised, at the very least. Is he shooting “recklessly and negligently?” Not until he or his friend accidentally sends a flyer sailing through a neighbor’s house, possibly ventilating said neighbor, and then it’s handcuffs and lawsuits.

  7. I love my home state of Tenneesse : ) everyone carries down here, MDA should probably pick a different state to stir their shit pot in. Just sayin

    • This comment, from that page:

      Robin London “I’m from Tennessee and I’m so proud of you ladies. I have fought this fight against pro gun advocates from Tennessee and I had come to the conclusion NO ONE in Tennessee except a few even cared about change.”

      Uh huh. It took you a while, but now you’re starting to get it. You are in the minority.

      • I guess my comment “You go moms!!! No one should be allowed to carry a gun anywhere for any reason.” was a bit too much of a troll as it was deleted within seconds. I didn’t get banned though.

      • Having all the pro-gun comments deleted is hilarious because there are now a bunch of replies to those comments with no context. It makes them all look even more insane than they already are.

    • Not good.

      I think I’ve figured them out.

      I think what they are really demanding is less cats, less cat sweatshirts and less cat figurines strewn haphazardly about their houses and more male attention.

      We should not give it to them.


      • Just wait, they’ll add all those comments to their “member list” which will eventually be bigger than the population of the United States.

  8. I feel bad for those women. Ok, so their cause is wrong and they are misinformed, but the personal attacks and name-calling are not helpful at all. In fact, I bet if someone calmly and plainly spoke with them personally presenting the true facts about gun ownership and safety in a reasonable manner we would see more and more people realize how wrong knee-jerk control efforts are.

    • Yeah I don’t think guys should be cursing them up and down.

      When dealing with a situation like this one should adopt an air of amusement at the antics of these confused ladies. Much like when dealing with the utterances of the dumbest creatures to walk the face of the Earth, teenagers.

      It will infuriate them far more than being uncouth.

        • If I had caught a case of the Facebook I might be inclined to go over there and post something like:

          “Yo! Do your men know that you chicks are dicking around on the internet?”

          But I’m kind of an old fashioned pig like that. If there is one thing I learned in my years of marriage, it is positively, absolutely how to piss off a woman. Or at least one women in particular.

          Which might be a contributing factor in why I’m no longer married to said woman. Oh the humanity!

        • I got the absolute best wife jokes from a friend Saturday.
          Short one liners. I’ve been dying to tell them to my wife. But then…. Yeah, harmony in the home and all that.

    • I feel bad for people who, through no fault of their own, must struggle through life with less than adequate mental acuity. There is no way I would condone ridicule of these unfortunates.

      Idiots, on the other hand, should be ridiculed unmercifully at every possible opportunity. If they CAN learn it might give them the impetus to try to educate themselves. If they can’t or won’t learn it might convince them to STFU.

      Old Benny Hill gag –

      Foolish old harpy, “Well! I’ve NEVER been so insulted…”

      Benny, “You don’t get out much, do you?”

      • Better was Sanford and Son

        Disgruntled white lady “Well, I never…”

        Red Foxx “I bet you have.”

  9. I pointed out on that Facebook post that it’s excellent that the manager carries, that the manager has had a background check (to get a carry permit) and that these ladies themselves *have not*. I also pointed out that my last background check was last Tuesday (I bought a nice AR15 lower receiver). I also pointed out that no one is forcing them to carry guns. Apparently, I have too much gun sense and not enough nonsense because they deleted that right away.

  10. One of the cooler Daily Digests…the MDA photo was awesome…and for some reason “Larry, Curly, and Moe” is funnier. How that’s still up I dunno. And that dude’s range in his yard is cool, too…except for in the article there are “I support the 2nd amendment but…” comments from several people. Including him.

  11. Their page is really stupid. They bitch about GameStop allowing concealed carry in their store. “Moms have a right to shop without worrying about getting shot.” sooo their solution is to disarm law abiding citizens? think madmen will follow that law?

  12. Whomever posted that eloquent and fitting Samuel Adams quote on the MDA page lasted nearly two minutes up there. Wow, they REALLY don’t want anything that’s out of tune with their own shrill voices.

  13. what would be nice is if staples would send MDA a cease and desist letter advising them that staples name in the same picture/sentence is slander…

  14. Gotta love home made back stops on your own property. While I live on a rural acreage, mine is made of 11 pallets nailed together and filled with dirt. On occasion I have to patch the front with plywood, top off the dirt, and it’s good to go. Had no problem stopping a .30-06 at 7 yards, if that’s an indicator about how well it works.

    • When i read what his backstop was i had to do a double take.
      Dirt filled between wood, yes. Just some planks? In a residential neighborhood? Nuh uh

        • I love living in FL. Friend and I had two dump trucks’ worth of dirt dumped into his backyard and made ourselves a nice berm. His folks’ property is back up against a large forest, but still, we wanted to be safe.

          Anyway, we shoot pretty much every other Saturday. Like clockwork, when we start shooting all his neighbors start shooting on their own ranges. It’s a beautiful damn thing.

  15. For the east side of the state, check out A good group of guys. Mostly private sales with a few local advertisers.

  16. That is some great trolling! Too bad they can’t accept dissent on their page. I guess the truth is difficult to accept when you want all guns eliminated from civilian hands because it makes you feel good.

  17. Notice how they can’t get more than 3 ppl to show up to their “events”? I guess ppl are busy doing worthwhile things during weekday afternoons.

  18. Who are they demanding action from? I demand action at the nightclub & you wouldn’t believe how poorly that turns out. Hopefully we’ll get to see an “or else” on their sign next time, Randy

    • Or else they will take out their teeth and throw their dentures at you

      Possibly make you look at some cat pictures or grand kid pictures.

  19. My wife and I made comments on the MDA picture politely extolling the benefits of the Second Amendment… We were banned in less than two minutes.

    • They’re quick, you’ve got to give them that. I picture this harried woman with hair up in curlers and a face full of cream. She desperately wants to go to bed, but dagnabbit! There’s another hateful comment from those awful gun people. She dutifully deletes, starts off to bed and then PING! Another comment! Poor woman is going to be a wreck in the morning.

  20. Wow, got deleted and banned in less than three minutes. They sure are on top of things there at MDA Politburo. Will see if I can get blacklisted on all 50 state pages. Challengers?

    And, yeah! Our town made the LOTD! I feel so proud…

  21. Non-profane respectful post lasted less than 3 minutes, and I’m also blocked.
    Finally an accomplishment I can be proud of!

    • Vacaville CA, that’s where I live. This particular lockdown sounds pretty legit, and hopefully the owner gets his guns back, and invests in a goddam safe!!

      • Last I heard, they recovered all but one rifle. House that was broken into was apparently very close to Jepson, thus the lockdown. Odd, I remember thinking as it was unfolding, “Wouldn’t it be weird if this got mentioned on TTAG…” What the hell was I thinking?!

    • Most of the early comments were completely respectful and measured. Doink! Deleted. The last few, you sense people are just getting snippy and testing the will of the group. It’s fascinating somehow. Which raises the really important question: why am I still monitoring that page an hour later? This. This is why I never went anywhere.

  22. There should be a pro 2A group called Women Demand Guns. Use the MDA font and logo but change it just enough not to get sued. Parody and satire are protected under the 1st Amendment. Someone get faliaphotography, Kirsten Joy Weiss, Suzanna Hupp et al on this!

  23. And apparently I’m banned for asking why they keep scrubbing their comments despite claiming to support an open and honest discussion. Was pretty quick too, didn’t take them 5 minutes.

  24. So…is that dark spot between and above the moms on the left a rare photographic capture of their guardian demon?

  25. On MDA in Tenn: to paraphrase Ron “Tater Salad” White, you can medicate menopause but, you can’t fix stupid.

  26. Cops shot at protesters protesting over water shortages?

    Unless I’m mistaken water shortages come from droughts, so what was the protest about, gov’t not making it rain enough this year?

  27. I left the simple comment “What a joke…”, it was deleted, and I was blocked…Like all leftist/liberal sites, they are only concerned with sheople who think like them, and there is no “reasoning” with sheople like that…

  28. I’m going to go ahead and not get blocked….SOMEONE needs to be able to see what tripe their floating and pass it along 🙂

    That said, I wonder how many people Bloomberg is paying to scrub the comments so efficiently?

  29. Re the backyard shooting range – read it; lots of the usual bleating, likewise in the comments.

    But I couldn’t find the web poll referenced above. Link?

    Or perhaps it was taken down if the 75/25 split persisted…

  30. I have been banned from the TN and SC chapters. Inquiring on the national page if this is how they react to dissenting views.

    Have pointed a bunch of my friends at them. They are also getting banned.

  31. FWIW, I posted this comment on the MDA photo (Tuesday afternoon):

    Kudos to the store manager for taking responsibility for her own self-defense. Hopefully she won’t have to use her firearm, but it’s sensible for her to have it with her in the unfortunate event that she needs it.

    Like Matt, I don’t agree with your stance on these issues, but I do admire the passion that many of you have.

    The comment from Matt is still there (after 23 minutes). The “larry curly and moe” tags are also still there.

    It’s sad that they seem to stifle virtually all comments that go against their message.

    Edited: welp … my comment is gone (after about 10 minutes or so). Matt’s is still there, FWIW.


  32. “…Sheriff’s Office, said that at this point there is no case law at the appellate level that has interpreted the terms “recklessly or negligently” in the statute.”. Yes, because there is no problem with responsible gun owners.

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