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1917 machine gun courtesy

The gun collection of a man who was killed in Greenfield, Indiana back in September went up for auction Sunday morning in Indianapolis. With over 370 weapons (including the 1917 machine gun above) and more than a million rounds of ammunition up for sale, the collection was valued at over $1 million. “This is a lot of responsibility,” said auction house president Earl Cornwell. “This has made my eyes bloodshot and taken years off my life, just being in control of all this ammunition and the guns.”

A gun buy-up in Encinitas, California netted 899 firearms and a live hand grenade on Saturday. Authorities gave the standard $100 for a handgun and $150 for a rifle, paid in Walmart gift cards that were purchased using asset forfeiture monies. No word on what they paid for the grenade. The collected weapons will be destroyed, sheriff’s officials said. And the band plays on…

Mayors Against Guns is having a few more problems, as their membership is proving to not be terribly against illegal activity. Most recently, Mayor Gordon Jenkins of Monticello, NY was arrested for DUI and for literally punching a police department clock, forcing officers to handcuff him to a chair. Prior to that, Mayor Noramie Jenkins of Spring Valley, NY was arrested in April for accepting bribes from an FBI informant, and Mayor James Schiliro of Marcus Hook, PA was arrested for reckless endangerment after firing a handgun inside his home during a drunken argument. Also, down in Florida, Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe was charged with a DUI, and other member mayors have been charged with crimes ranging from felony corruption and assault to attempted sex crimes with a child. Talk about a club I wouldn’t want to be a member of.

Bob Owens over at points out that Senator Dianne Feinstein continues blatantly lying about background checks, noting that her claim of “2 million” people stopped by NICS is double what NICS itself actually claims, and that most of those denials were later reversed. Feinstein also trots out the tired old “40%” number, and Bob helpfully links to the 1997 report of the 1993-94 survey that produced that number, noting that it was a survey of only 251 people, and it took place before NICS went into effect. You should go read his full writeup, and then bookmark it for later reference when you’re confronted with those BS numbers.

Here’s Mr. Colion Noir’s take on the “banning” of the Daniel Defense ad from the Superbowl lineup. The video starts with the original ad, so if you’ve already seen it, you can skip to 1:05 for the MCN goodness.

To be honest, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the ad, and as some commented in our previous thread linked above, the NFL may have turned it down not because of guns, but because it was just bad.

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  1. How did they expect gun buyers to undergo a background check before background checks existed?

    In other shocking news, gunslingers in the “Wild West” used the Saloon loophole and bought guns without background checks 100% of the time.

  2. that “*sniff* *sniff* Smell That?” Bit in Colion’s video could use some work in the delivery department, but otherwise I agree with his factual breakdown.

    • Except the ad wasn’t “banned” it just didn’t make the cut, along with countless others.

      Most likely because it sucks and they are very selective when it comes to superbowl ads.

      • Besides not making the cut because it wasn’t that great; maybe Daniel Defense wasn’t willing to out bid their competitors for the air time.

        • I’d be willing to bet that D.D. probably never intended to actually buy a million dollar 30 second spot of Super Bowl air time, and that this whole thing was probably a publicity stunt. Maybe I’ll record a crappy commercial and send the tape to the NFL and get famous whining about the NFL discriminating against me.

      • they’re selective?? they need a new team to do the selecting then. Commercials for the last 5 Super Bowls with few exceptions have been dreadful.

        As for the Daniel Defense commercial, it was taking the concealed carry approach to hoplophobia, apparently you all want the open carry approach “Re: America! FUCK YEAH!” but only with commercials, not with actual open carry….

  3. Now THAT collection may be called an arsenal. Though looking at the types, it was more of a pretty darn good collection.
    I’ve never held a Johnson rifle. Only seen pictures and schematics of the original prototypes.

    • The gubmint had already committed to the m1. The Marines that had a chance to use the Johnsons thought well of them. The light MG version was apparently in a class with the BAR with a side feed mag that held 10 more rounds.

    • Did anyone else notice the picture of the guy holding up an AUG? The caption: “An auction worker holds up a Romarm AK-47 semi-automatic weapon during a gun auction at Earl’s Auction Co., 5199 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, on Dec. 1, 2013. The gun sold for $1,850.”

      • I saw that too and was just about to comment on it myself. Here’s yet another careless jackass reporter I’m going to email about her supposed duty to research and accuracy in journalism. Another careless jackass reporter who will undoubtedly not respond.

        Jill Disis, [email protected], if anyone else cares to email her, too.

        • Yet another example of “journalism”, a braindead moron who just wants to “make a difference” in the world. No need for facts or basic intelligence, just her leftarded agenda and sensationalism.

    • I have fired 2 Johnsons, liked them although they were rather weighty and complicated to maintain. For the time period they were not overly complicated, just compared to a M1 or an AK. That is a nice collection, too bad he did not will it to somebody who would not scatter it to the wind.

    • Interesting tidbit about the Johnson Rifle – it was made in RI in a factory in Elmwood Avenue in Cranston. I actually worked at a company that was based in the old factory.

      We had a “history of the factory” poster our graphics guy had made up and we proudly displayed the origins of the Johnson rifle on the poster.

  4. Yeah, I don’t know if I’m all that terribly offended. It’s a kinda cheesy commercial. But then again, I haven’t watched a Superbowl in years, so I’m obviously not the target audience anyway.

  5. Man, I really should host a privately funded (aka no gov. involvement) gun buyback program. Those prices are a steal.

  6. I wish they would hold a buyback near me… I’d go and find a gun, pay triple the pittance the buyback would pay, and everyone would walk away happy.

  7. The Jhnston LMG was a 1st of it’s type, light and durable, the USMC Raiders loved it
    The rifle was a bit cumbersome w/the rotund mag. but you could top it off w/ stripper clips

  8. Every time I have my doubts about not pursuing a journalism career, I’m reminded that I would be surround by pompous idiots. When did the Steyr AUG become an AK-47? It wouldn’t be as funny if they did not attempt to designate it as a “Romarm”. Idiots, the lot of them.

  9. “This has made my eyes bloodshot and taken years off my life, just being in control of all this ammunition and the guns.”

    — I have this image of Earl Cornwell attending a social in a big liberal city for flaming queens only and dressed-up like a dandy.

    • nervous i understand; even very nervous. but ‘years off my life’ really? he’s by far and away more likely to be injured during a burglary of other, more valuable, portable items the police are less inclined to pursue so emphatically.

    • When I sometimes call these people “hyperventilating hoplophobes” and suggest they calm down, lest they hurt themselves, it’s generally in jest. But my God, this guy’s anxiety could put him in full panic attack, if not cardiac arrest. Get a freaking grip, you pathetic specimen, and grow a pair! Testes, ovaries, hell, huckleberries, for all I care. Just calm down and quit being such a titty baby.

  10. That mayor in Monticello has been in constant trouble. Ironically, Sullivan County was one of the recipients of a free MRAP in the story I shared last week. Perhaps they can deploy said MRAP to shield officers from the barrage of punches from their fearless leader.

  11. Getting a live hand grenade off the streets might have made that buy back worth while. That was a catastrophy waiting to happen. As to the auction, shame that couldn’t all become part of a museum where the rare pieces could be appreciated.

  12. “Auction house president Earl Cornwell said “This has made my eyes bloodshot and taken years off my life, just being in control of all this ammunition and the guns. But I lust after that big commission, so I went for it in a heartbeat.””
    FIFY. Hypocrite.

  13. There was some other reason why I knew I liked Mr. Noir but I just didn’t know what it was. He just revealed it: IPA’s.

    Sweet Floral IPA’s!

  14. This Super bowl Ad thing is just Daniel Defense looking to get a little free publicity at the Superbowl’s expense. You’ll be seeing a lot of this between now and February.

  15. Hey if they can get some free exposure it suits me for the Brady Bunch and their fellow travelers to provide it. If it is that easy and cheap the rest of the Gun Industry should jump on the free ride.

  16. I don’t know Mr. Noir (if that is his real name) but I dont buy his roll. What is an NRA Commentator anyway? Is he a paid NRA spokes person or not? Too convenient and slick to be amateur.

    • He’s a law student (lawyer now?) from Texas who started out as an amateur making his own slick, well-produced videos. After a year or so of that, he got picked up by the NRA as a commentator. I’m sure he gets paid.

    • In the immortal words of JoeF*ckin’Biden his is clean and articulate, perhaps he could run for President!

      As for who he is, why don’t you do about 3 seconds worth of research and find out. Putz.

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