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Bullet hole left by police sniper following hostage situation courtesy

The photo above is evidence that the Denver PD does not mess around. That bullet hole is the aftermath of a single shot taken on Tuesday by a member of the Denver PD against a hostage taker after that man refused to release the woman he had held at gunpoint for over an hour, and then pulled her back as if to go back inside the store. That glass door is not the first thing the bullet went through, if you get my drift. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and died Friday night. Click the photo above for the (not-graphic) video and the rest of the story. . .

A Colorado group, Guns for Everyone, is going around Colorado attempting to bring gun safety and gun knowledge to all people regardless of their financial situation. They hosted a free concealed carry class—which could normally run to $150 or more—last Sunday in Grand Junction that was attended by more than 100 people, all of whom left the course having learned not only concealed carry techniques, gun etiquette and ethics, but having also met the requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. Some folks had almost no exposure to firearms, some were simply using it as a free refresher, but regardless of their motivation, Guns for Everyone is doing a Good Thing.

The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, via the Buckeye Firearms Association, is reporting that Ohio saw the second largest increase in silencer registrations in the country last year, growing 144 percent to a total of 25,353 registered items. Only New York (!) saw a larger percentage increase last year (up 156% to 2,948 registrations). Nationwide, the BATFE reports that silencer registrations increased by 37 percent between March 2012 and March 2013, to a total of 494,452.

The TSA continues to find more guns in passenger baggage each year, averaging five a day in U.S. airports. In 2013, TSA found 1,828 guns among travelers about to board planes, an increase of 20% over the previous year. (Lynchburg Regional Airport in Virginia was up too, finding two guns in 2013, and zero the previous year.) The rate shows a steady increase from the 1,123 firearms found in 2010, according to an analysis of agency data. According to the study, about 84% of the weapons were found loaded, and 1/3 had a round in the chamber. The most popular weapons found were .380s and 9mm. (But nobody wants a .380 GLOCK-brand GLOCK, right?)

SilencerCo Saker 762 promo video, just because.

That fully automatic 300 BLK at the beginning might be the closest I’ve ever heard a real silencer sound to a “movie silencer.”
Richard Ryan’s does another edition of The Breakdown, where he takes a facet of a popular movie or TV show and recreates it. This episode features the MK12 Mod 1 SPR. As always, the really good part is the slow-mo. It absolutely fascinates me to watch every little part of the rifle flex and give just a little when that round goes off. The jets of gas coming out of the bolt carrier at about 3:25 might be the best thing I’ve seen this year.


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  1. Wow I use to go that 7 Eleven on Colfax when I use to worked down in Denver, wow small world. Glad I always brought my gun when I worked down there.

      • Open-mindedness is a battle cry of the left. It is NOT always a good thing. Quit treating it as if it’s the holy grail of what a good person is.

        • If you don’t respect another person’s freedoms, why should they respect yours? Tolerance is probably a better word for it. However, it is also a “battle cry of the left.”

          Open-mindedness is definitely a good thing. Being open-minded means you will consider new ideas. It does not require you to accept or adopt them. If you were closed-minded, you would reject all new ideas, leaving you incapable of learning anything new.

        • The trick is to start with the open mind, and harden it through evidence and reason. Starting with the closed one, eh…not so good.

      • Don’t let your mind be so open that your brain falls out.

        BTW; in the video the perp was described as “sumdood”. Perhaps a sighting of this mythical beast?

    • Didn’t killer gangsters use to run the alcohol trade during prohibithion?

      I am sure you don’t drink, AT ALL.
      If thats the case your stament is at least consistant, if not, your a hypocrite.

        • As it happens there is a solution for guys who have problems with over penetration. It’s a doughnut shaped device that slips down to the base and acts as a spacer.

      • What’s a .308 to do? The guy didn’t look like a 300 LB’er.
        Any guess what denver does use in their snipe rifles and what are the rifles Rem, 700’s?

      • It apparently hit him in the neck. Overpenetration is the name of the game at that point. I’m pretty sure a .22LR would come out the other side of a neck, unless it happened to hit the spine and stop, but that’s a fairly low margin bet.

  2. Seeing as Lynchburg is my airport, and the one you usually use when you visit me, isn’t 2/0=really, really big number? Where the hell is infinity on a phone keyboard? Gone the way of a cent sign I guess.

    • anything divided by zero is undefined, but if you look at it from a calculus perspective, 2 guns versus 0 guns is an infinite number more, not a 200% increase.

      • Yes, yes, you’re both right. I was being lazy. Text amended.

        And this from the guy who is fond of saying “One is an infinitely larger number than zero.”

        Also, but unrelated, “If at first you don’t succeed, that’s one data point.”

        • I had a math prof at one time that was fond of saying “2 + 2 = 5 for large values of 2” I always thought it should equal 6. Also, here is your ∞ key.

  3. I would really like one of those cameras. Just to film random stuff in ultra-slow motion.

    Yeah, those gas jets exiting the bolt carrier. I had no idea.

    • The cameras that RatedRR uses are probably worth more than your car (and mine — combined). Sure, there are other high-speed cameras out there that won’t force you to take out a second mortgage, but you would be very hard-pressed to find one that offers that kind of quality.

    • It’s interesting watching the bullets hit the target and the delay before they flip. I love watching those slow mo videos. Especially when he uses the .50 cal on the alien targets filled with explosives.

  4. Good shoot. I’d leave that single bullet hole in the door with a note of explanation next to it. Just a gentle reminder that crime don’t pay.

  5. I noticed today in at least three posts that TTAG seems to have adopted the style of calling silencers silencers. Bully for you guys! Next we can return to calling revolvers AND automatics “pistols” and finally the historically acceptable synonym for detachable-magazine: clip.

    • Eh, I swing both ways, but probably go silencer about 75/25. I used to be an “it’s a suppressor” nazi, and since I’ve changed my opinion, I suppose I’m trying to balance out all the times I said that by going the other way now.

    • “Next we can return to calling revolvers AND automatics “pistols” and finally the historically acceptable synonym for detachable-magazine: clip.”

      “Silencer” has historical precedent due to Hiram Percy Maxim’s patent for a “Firearm Silencing Device” (U.S. Patent 916,885, 1909). The two in the quote are just plain wrong terminology.

      The first word you are looking for is Handgun. Handguns are divided into two categories: revolvers and pistols.

      Pistol: a handgun whose chamber is integral with the barrel. (Mirriam-Webster, 2013).

      “Clip” has only been an acceptable synonym for “Magazine” among the ignorant, and only recently. A clip is a device used to load a Magazine. They are not synonous, and this is not pedantic. If you want a quicker/easier word than Magazine, use “Mag”.

      Words have meaning. When you use them wrong, God kills a kitten.

      So please, use the right words. Do it for the kittens.

      • Dude if that were true, God would have ran out of kittens, moved onto puppies, then to small, flightless birds, etc, and right as we speak he would be bludgeoning a baby seal.

      • Nice cherry-picking of your definitions, sorry but all handguns are pistols, not all pistols are revolvers however. I found four online dictionaries that agree with me rather than you. As to your point about clips, I guess that WWII is recent in your opinion and the great majority of American servicemen of that period “ignorant.”

        • In world war 2 the GI’s used M1 Garands with en bloc clips. They really did use the correct term due to the M1’s internal magazine.

        • Whoa. Online dictionaries. Guess you played the trump card, huh?

          You know at least two if not three of the online dictionaries are run by the same folks, right? That’s why their definitions are basically carbon copies of each other. So finding three that agree with your dumbed-down definition of pistol is like finding three brothers at a bar to agree with you that it’s called “pop” and not “coke.” They’re all from the same place, of course they’ll agree.

        • For what it’s worth, I call suppressors ‘mufflers’. I’m not British or anything, just a pretentious prick.

        • I tried to end on a light-hearted note, at least.

          Congrats, you found four online dictionaries that are wrong. Happens all the time, honestly; they are written by people who know very little about a lot of different subjects. Did you try looking up “machine gun” or “assault weapon”?

          Yes, WWII was relatively recent, in terms of both world history and the history of firearms and firearm terminology. And as noted by cmiz, the general issue firearm issued to US troops during WWII was the Garand, which did actually use clips, as it had an internal magazine.

          If you’ve ever loaded 5.56 from ammo cans, you know they come in clips of 10. 3 ten-count clips can be stripped into a standard issue 30 round magazine. That is how current service members often load up at the range; far quicker than loading individual rounds.

  6. My hometown newspaper, the “Massena News” reports that the state of Iowa led the nation in safety by registering NO silencers in 2013. Again. Still. Why does my state suck????

  7. It’s a sad sign of the times when I watch the SilencerCo demo of the .300 BLK and the entire time I’m thinking “Gee, I hope he can find all the brass. . .”

    • Nah, it’s just a reloader thing. When you leave the range with more brass than you brought, it’s a good day. Loose just 1 piece, and the day is shot.

      On another note, I never really was interested in having a silencer or a suppressor til I watched that video. Thanks, Matt. I think.

  8. The only thing that could make this shoot any better would be if the bullet went through the no guns sign as 7/11 has always been anti 2nd Amendment!

    Wonder what gun and bullet?

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