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Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns took a decent hit last week when nearly two dozen members of the coalition lost their bids for reelection, while another 69 members chose to retire and not seek reelection. According to, many of the mayors who chose to retire were from cities in New York and Connecticut, where harsher gun control laws have been implemented since last year. You can find the full list of defeated mayors at the link above.

If you’re a Twitter-person, and you go forth to do battle for the 2A, the other Shannon Watts would like you to ensure you’re tweeting the right person. The twitter handle of the founder of Moms Demand Action is @shannonrwatts (note the ‘r’), NOT @shannonwatts (no ‘r’).

A previously unnoticed section of the NY SAFE Act is keeping a major piece of data from that law secret. That data is precisely how many “assault weapons” have been registered with the state. The detail of the law has only come to light as organizations have started requesting the data, only to be turned down, with the citation “State Police cannot release information related to the registration of assault weapons including the number of assault weapons registered.” Advocacy groups on both sides of the issue have expressed their displeasure, including the state League of Women Voters (who supported the SAFE Act), the Orange County NY Shooters group (who opposed it), and the State Committee on Open Government and the New York Public Interest Research Group (both of whom were neutral on the SAFE Act, but believe that the information should be public). There is a provision for getting the info with a court order, but that takes money that many organizations simply don’t have.

Bob Owens over at has this headline: Record number of Newtown, CT citizens determine that Wayne LaPierre was right. Apparently residents there want to be the “good guy with a gun,” as pistol permit applications in 2013 (253 through October) are on pace to exceed the totals for 2011 (99) and 2012 (172) combined.

Jerry Miculek takes his M1 Garand out for a little rapid fire action, with a high-speed camera.
BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, PING! at 1000 frames per second. As Jerry says, “Let’s make it talk!”

One of the sites I visit daily is Ernie’s House of Whoopass (site NSFW). Back in 2001, Ernie had a brainstorm… well, I’ll let him tell it: “So anyway, it was mid December, the 14th in fact, and I woke up and had the bright idea of soliciting donations from a few of my subcribers to see if we could scrounge together enough bucks to fly a few military folks home to their families for Christmas. Like most things I do, this went from, ‘hey I have an idea,’ to actually trying to do it in about 3-4 minutes. I’ve never been a big planner.” Within a few days he had over $14,000 raised, 25 service members got plane tickets home that they otherwise could not afford, and Let’s Bring ‘Em Home was born. Every year since then has been a rousing success, with nearly $162,000 raised in 2010, and nearly $90k last year sending 118 troops home. Donations are tax deductible, they keep their administrative expenses below 5% (last year was 3.66%), and they accept frequent flier mile donations as well. LBEH is one of only one or two places I am willing to put my own money, so click the banner below (or the link above) for more info. Please. (Both links are completely SFW.)

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  1. Love that high speed camera stuff!

    Matt, thanks for another worthy cause. When my kids were in the Corps, the wife and I organized book drives, food drives and stuff drives to send to the guys and gals in the sand box who couldn’t make it home.
    I’ll always be ‘in’ for a worthy cause like this.

    Dirk, have you been hitting on the wrong Shannon?

  2. The article said that the 23 MAIG mayors who lost their reelections last week represented “more than ten percent” of the members of MAIG. So the other 69 mayors who chose to retire would be more than 30 percent. That’s a total loss of more than 40 percent of the membership of MAIG in just one election.

    That’s worth a celebration!

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how their math works. MAIG claims over 1000 members, and I don’t think it’s that high, but looking at the list, Florida alone has 45 and California has 92. No matter how you cut it, 23 isn’t 10% of any total I can see. If you add the 23 and 69 together you can get close to 10% of the 1k number.

  3. so is that why my internet boo Shannon Watts(TM)(aka SUNSHINE) hasn’t responded to me? I have been writing love missives to the wrong twit/twat account?? DAMN!

  4. So if all those groups pooled their money and went into action, they could get lawsuit and get the data.

  5. I am looking at that picture of Bloomie, and all I can think is that is the exact look Shannon Watts(TM)(aka SUNSHINE) gets to see when that magical moment happens (in less than 30 seconds, but I digress). . . . I think I just threw up a little in my mouth

  6. So MAIG loses about 40% of their membership to elections and retirement. What percentage have they lost so far to arrest or incarceration?

  7. Well, fuck it. Did you see that wall of trophies behind Jerry? I’ll bet Chuck Norris tips his hat to the man. We simply are not worthy of the man.

  8. What I found kinda humorous is that Jerry is one man who can honestly claim that the gas-operated semi-auto is slowing him down. He has faster cyclic rates with a wheelgun than with a semi-auto.

    • One of my best friends was really fast on the trigger. We used to time him with semi’s versus automatics. He was always faster. Usually considerably.
      Watched a video once of Mr. Miculek explaining that.
      To see him in person shooting, reloading and shooting a revolver faster than most can handle an auto loader is really jaw dropping.
      Then you just chuckle and realize you just witnessed a modern day Ed Mcgivern. Only faster.

      • I have never tried to outspeed a semi with a revolver. I have, back in the day when pumps were slam fire capable, outrun a semi auto shotgun with a pump.

        I realize I’m old school, but I always thought the revolvers great strentgh was its reliability and accuracy.

  9. Yup spontaneous and unannoced tities defintely make this Nsfw not that I don’t love me some spontaneous and unannoced tities. Have you come across grouchy old cripple by chance in your travels on the Internet?

  10. Regarding mayoral elections and mayors who are/were members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, what is the significance of the fact that “69 members chose to retire and not seek reelection”? Is someone implying those mayors believed they could not win reelection because of their pro civilian disarmament stance? Are the successors members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns?

    • That’s a good question. I think we keep a careful eye on who their replacements are; let’s hope the “change” isn’t from bad to worse.

  11. Man…That picture of Bloomie…he looks…OLD; wonder what he’s so angry about.

    Would anyone trust HIM with a gun if he flies into such fits of rage.

    Guess that’s why he is so instinctively against gun ownership; he can’t trust himself, and he projects his own uncontrollable fits of rage onto others so no one can be trusted.

    Maybe it’s the money; he doesn’t understand why he can’t simply always buy compliance to his demands and he’s getting increasingly pissed off about it.

    • “Guess that’s why he is so instinctively against gun ownership; he can’t trust himself, and he projects his own uncontrollable fits of rage onto others so no one can be trusted.”

      I find this to be the case with most anti-gun types. Projection of their own insecurities, I feel, is the basis for their stance on guns.

  12. Tallahassee’s very own John Marks was one of those that didn’t run for re-election due to chronic battles with ethics violations.

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