Home Owner Shoots Intruder Spreading Gasoline
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Happy Monday, friends. This gem of a defensive gun use happened Sunday evening in Pennsylvania. Around 6:00pm, as the 57-year-old homeowner was working at home, an unknown white male intruder walked into his garage, picked up a can of gasoline, entered the living area of the house and began to pour gas all over the floor.

The two men began fighting as the homeowner tried to push the intruder out of his house and the assailant responded by throwing him to the ground.

Luckily, the homeowner’s daughter was there, and she ran to get her father’s gun while calling 911. She handed the gun to her dad, who was able to rise to a kneeling position and shoot the attacker. He fired just once, hitting the attacker center mass.

The attacker was still breathing when the police arrived. He was flown to a hospital and will be charged with burglary, simple assault, and arson, assuming he lives. The homeowner sustained injuries to his face.

Just another example of why some of us home carry. Even in the shower.

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    • “…and she ran to get her father’s gun while calling 911. She handed the gun to her dad, who was able to rise to a kneeling position and shoot the attacker.”

      And in the anti-gun paradise of Australia this would get you arrested and your entire collection seized because someone else had access to your firearms.

  1. Good for the homeowner and his daughter. In Florida arson of an occupied dwelling is a capital crime justifying lethal force. My children are grown and gone now. When my daughter left for college I gave her a mint Colt Detective Special. And she shoots very well. My son owns several long and handguns. Believe me when I say you don’t want to be on the receiving end of either in his hands. Train your family! You may find your life in their hands.

    • If I recall correctly, there are five categories of violent crimes: rape, robbery, kidnapping, murder and yes, arson. Ergo – You are justified in using deadly force to stop any of them.

    • That is a great question. Why did the daughter not shoot the gas wielding psychopath ? Teach your children well , as Justin Hayward said. Maybe the Daughter was only able to retrieve the gun for her Dad & not able to shoot it. I learned to shoot when I was 9 or 10 yrs old. My first gun , a Mossberg 410 single shot. Cudos to Dad & Daughter. I’m glad they are ok , the bad guy got his just desert. What kind of sick individual tries to burn a father and child in their home ?

  2. The dad needs more range time and a little more defense training!
    When a feral animal attacks, put it down so as to no longer be a threat!
    A double tap would be indicated!

  3. The poor shooting victim was just turning his life around and was practicing for his new job at Shell when he got, uh, shelled.

    If he survives, he will certainly find away to extract gasoline from air pollution, thereby solving both problems.

    • More then likely extracting gas with a garden hose.( I don’t think that works anymore, damned crooked gas tank necks or something. My Blazer went tits up and the only way I could get the 3/4 tank full of gas out was disconnect fuel line n turn the key on)

    • Groin shots. While the BG is fumbling around on all fours trying to find his dingus, there’s time to call 911.

  4. F$%king Democrats…. The closer you are to them, the higher your chances of getting raped, robved, or murdered…

  5. Another unjustified use of a firearm, they could have just as easily grabbed the fire extinguisher and beat the perps brains to mush.

  6. Coming soon: family says man shot was mentally disturbed, simply got out unattended, didn’t deserve to be shot, was the real victim … or some combination or variation thereof.

  7. I suspect that there’s more to this story than has been reported so far. Burglars generally don’t set fire to a place they want to rob. Was it a random act by a crazy person or was there a previous conflict? The homeowner was certainly in the right, just glad the flash didn’t result in spontaneous combustion.

  8. I do POGO. Pants On Gun On, from the Polite Society Podcast. When at home or outside, Until I go to bed.


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