By Joseph Nizzari

In my 18-plus years of teaching firearms professionally, I have encountered contrasting perceptions regarding various methods of carry. These modes include inside or outside the waistband, appendix carry, small of the back, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, condition three, etc. And, as always, I have addressed those different modes of carry with my students employing both my professional and personal opinions. It’s been proven that an individual must first select a mode of carry that gives fast, consistent, and deliberate access to the defensive firearm from the same location every time it needs to be deployed whether or not that mode of carry provides total comfort . . .

In the words of the venerable Clint Smith: “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable; it’s supposed to be comforting. The gun that’s with you is better than the one that’s home in the safe.”

With all of that in mind, a question that keeps coming up is where to keep a defensive handgun while in the secure confines of one’s home. When I ask my students and friends where they keep their EDC handgun when they’re at home I get all kinds of replies. These include, but aren’t limited to: on top of the refrigerator, on the counter, next to the bed, in a dresser drawer, locked in the safe, between the cushions of the couch, in the car in the garage or outside in the driveway, etc. (I always shake my head at the last one). And finally, occasionally, I also get the correct answer…on me!

It is my solid belief that a handgun should be on one’s person from the moment they rise until the moment until they lay their head down and enter dreamland. And when I mention that home carry also includes taking a gun in the shower I often get looked at like I have horns, a pitchfork, a tail, and I smell like sulfur. But more on that a little later.

One never knows what type of break-in will occur or where the point of entry will be. For example, if your handgun is in a nightstand drawer and you’re downstairs at your computer station and there is unauthorized access by an intruder(s) in a different part of the house, you won’t have instant access to that firearm. And you won’t have enough time to go get it. If you do make an attempt to get to your gun and you have to go through an armed intruder, you now have a possible hostage situation (or worse). Another issue is that if an intruder is not armed and finds your handgun (or any unsecured gun for that matter) you will be at the same disadvantage and you will most likely find yourself at the business end of your own weapon.

I’ve heard reasons against home carry that are all over the board. Let’s address some of them:

1. I wear shorts around the house, where am I supposed to put it? (and this often comes from those that wear shorts outside the home).

My view: Carrying in shorts is no different than carrying in trousers.

2. I don’t like to feel like I’m being overly paranoid.

My view: Preparedness is not to be confused with paranoia. Paranoia is based on fear; preparedness is based on avoiding and mitigating negative outcomes.

3. I live in a gated community and we have a roving security guard.

My view: There are well documented cases of home invasions that have occurred in gated, guarded communities. Remember that gated communities don’t keep thieves out. If they want to get in, they will get in.

4. I have a large, barking dog.

My view: Although a dog is a good first line of defense, never depend on one as an early warning system. Dogs have been known to let intruders in with open paws. They have also been poisoned or shot prior to entry. It does happen.

5. I have children and I’m worried about the gun coming out when I roll around on the floor when I play with them.

My view: If you lose your gun while playing with your children, imagine what will happen if you go hands-on with an attacker. I would review my holster choices in this case.

6. I don’t want to make my guests nervous when they visit my home.

My view: Everyone who comes to my home is of a like mind and most likely carrying themselves. Therefore, it’s not an issue for me personally. On the other hand, if you are worried about panicking your guests, carry concealed and you won’t have to mention it to anyone.

7. Bring my gun into the shower? You’re friggin’ crazy?

My view: Aside from sleeping, showering is the most vulnerable time for home dwellers. When you’re in the shower the sound of the water will drown out almost any noise (including your barking dog). Your eyesight will not be the same as it normally is and your time in the rain locker can be timed by a surreptitious home invader.

It’s no secret that rapists have been known to stalk their female targets by observing the light in the window of their bathrooms at night. Rapists will note the length of time and how long the water stays running, giving them a perfect opportunity to enter the dwelling and lie in wait for the unsuspecting woman to exit the bathroom. Like rapists, burglars have also caught on to this technique, too. Bringing your gun into the shower isn’t crazy by any means. It just makes sense.

8. My spouse/significant other won’t let me.

My view: I’m not always sure how to address this one, as there are several underlying personal issues at play here. I will suggest to those who need ‘permission’ to carry a firearm at home to review home invasion stories and videos from around the country with their doubting parnters. Perhaps that will sway them to be more comfortable with home carry and get used to it as a way of life rather than some sort of paranoid voodoo. If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to persuade your significant other to accept the practice, you might consider pulling the ejection handle.

9. I have loaded guns in every room in my house, therefore, I don’t need the hassle of carrying one on me.

My view: That may work well for those who haven’t experienced a break in, but for me, I feel that having loaded guns placed all over my house increases my chances of arming (or further arming) an attacker. Imagine a burglar coming in armed with a .25 Auto (or unarmed for that matter) and then confronting you with that loaded 870 or AR you keep next to your bed. And what if you come home while an intruder is already in your house and surprises you with one of your own guns? All I can say is, if you choose to store firearms this way, you definitely need to have a handgun on your person while you are at home.

In conclusion, you need to do what you’re comfortable with.. Personally, I always have a handgun on me with a spare magazine, a rear-activated light, and a folding knife.

Call me crazy, but as a wise man once said,

“Lord, make my hand fast and accurate.
Let my aim be true and my hand faster
than those who would seek to destroy me.
Grant me victory over my foes and those who wish to do harm to me and mine.
Let not my last thought be ‘If I only had my gun.'”
And Lord, if today is truly the day you call me home
Let me die in a pile of empty brass.”

(Yes, even in the shower!)

Joseph Nizzari is Director of Training Operations for Line of Fire LLC in Las Vegas

160 Responses to Why You Need to Home Carry…Even In the Shower

      • I can just see it now, An intruder burst into you bathroom, and pulls opens the shower curtains and say’s “Hands up” and you reach up to the ceiling with one hand, while your fumbling around by your ass hole, with your other hand, trying to get the dam 1911 out of the holster!
        The perp will probably be laughing so hard, he will drop his gun!

    • Just in case, I shower with a bullet proof vest….this article is ridiculous. It is PARANOIA not preparedness. If I lived in Harlem or in the hood, ok, I’ll carry my gun at home….maybe. If you live in regular neighborhood and you still feel like you need to carry a gun while home you better get a better place to live. Yeah, home invasion can happen anywhere. Just like a meteorite can crash through your roof and kill you or a car can careen into your house and kill you. I think i stand a better chance at falling, hitting my head in the shower, and killing myself that way, but I don’t wear my boat shoes in the shower either. Get a life dude.

      • I dunno how i stumbled on this article and found somebody replying after more than one year.
        Ok. Only the paranoid survive. Nuff said.
        I have a dedicated Glock for the shower. I just clean it every week like all other guns for EDC and home defense. The shower is used more than once everyday. No adverse effect whatsoever. Always loaded.

  1. So…how does one protect a gun from the moisture of a shower? I live in a humid climate, and keeping rust off my guns is already a tough job–even for the safe queens that I keep perfectly oiled and free of fingerprints. I’d really like to hear some useful tips for types of containers that will work in a shower.

    • My wife and I don’t carry IN the shower per se, but we do have a cabinet directly next to the shower and on top of the cabinet (about 6.5 ft tall) we keep a Stainless Smith and Wesson 686 Plus, loaded with .38 Special +P. It isn’t visible from the door because it sits below a three inch high molding around the top of the cabinet. I cut a gap in the side facing the shower so we don’t have to reach up and over the molding and it takes a nano second to reach up and grab it. I keep it rubbed down with oil every few weeks and I haven’t had any trouble with rust forming. We also have the alarm panel in our bedroom near the bathroom door. Whenever we are home we have the doors locked and the alarm set for home. If my wife was in the shower and anyone broke in, she would hear the beeping even before the alarm sounded after the 30 second wait for entry. I have also trained her to lock the bedroom door when she is taking a shower. Now, we don’t have any kids yet, so some of this will have to be modified for children, but I think it works well for now.

    • Agreed. A stainless revolver within arm’s reach of the shower is the only game in town for a dedicated shower gun. I just drop the day’s pants with my carry gun holstered and leave it all next to the shower while I’m doing my bidness. Problem solved.

  2. Dudes right, if I where gym shorts I wear a belly band. If I’m running or something I typically just carry my blade, if I’m trail running I typically wear actual pants so I just open carry. The advantages of having a buddy with a Crossfit gym is being able to keep my carry piece close by as I train

    • If I’m lounging in gym shorts, I carry in a shoulder holster, much more comfortable than a belly band for me. When I go for a run I wear a PT-ONE Holster from Pistol Wear. It is surprisingly comfortable and I can carry up to my M&P9c in it if I so desired. However, more weight = less comfort, so I usually carry my Kahr CM9 or my S&W 642.

  3. The Presidents Analyst. Good thing I’m not the only one to see that movie. “My shower gun is a magnum .357.”

    If you feel it’s needed in the shower why not just take the gun you carry at all times and fold it into your bath towel? Just don’t get slippery fingered and drop it in the toilet.

    • A S&W Model 60 Stainless Chiefs Special on a hook behind your towel is a good solution. Don’t ask me how I know.

  4. Keep the gun on top of a counter or toilet, behind a locked bathroom door.

    The lock buys you time to shut off the water and gear up, should the need require. A gun locked in a safe when the balloon goes up may as well be on the moon.

  5. Did I hear the instructor say that people accuse him of “smelling like sulfur”? That what my wife tells me after “an escape de gas!”

  6. “…I often get looked at like I have horns, a pitchfork, a tail, and I smell like sulfur.”

    Why? You’re not the devil, it’s just that sound like you have a serious paranoia problem.

    • So Hannibal; do you actually carry a gun outside the house? Why? Well; because there are bad people out there that will kill you for the tenny’s on your feet.

      So now you step back through that portal that has an impervious force field that can’t be breached except by a nuclear explosion; you know; the front door to your home, Now you can take that gun off and relax.

      Wait! You’re not from an alternative universe that has such a device? You mean you’re just a regular human being with locks that can be picked or kicked in 30 seconds or less by any bad guy with a little training?

      You sound like you might have some of the delusion/denial issues that our ever loving gun- grabbers have around GFZ and that impervious shield thing that those circle and slash signs provide.

    • Hannibal, serious question to a LEO – I see all the time on the TV cop shows the detectives come home and immediately un-holster their sidearm and either lay it down casually somewhere or lock it in a safe. Is that a standard procedure or are they just doing that to increase suspense when the BG inevitably breaks noiselessly into their abode and catches them unawares carrying only their “gun?”

  7. “Carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable …”

    My experience. If you can’t find a comfortable way to carry, you won’t. And why should you? Find a way that works for you.

  8. I wouldn’t rely on a dog too much, We have a Black Lab that barks a lot. He’s an “outside” dog, including night time. However If somebody comes to our front door and forces entry, the Lab in the backyard isn’t going to help the situation much. If he’s inside at the time, the aggressor will probably shoot him first!

    I carry a NAA min magnum in my pocket (holstered) 24/7. I hope I don’t ever get caught with my “pants down” At my age it’s too far to reach!

    • I love the NAA Minis. They certainly are the BUG’s BUG. Anyone could carry one or more of them so I’m surprised that government hasn’t tried to outlaw them.

  9. My carry gun stays on me from the time I wake up till I go to bed. At work it’s secured within arms reach. At home, in bathroom or shower it’s in arms reach. In bed it’s within 12 inches of my hand! Better safe than sorry!!

  10. It all comes down to risk management and your tolerance for risk.

    If you need to have your handgun with you in the shower to manage your risk and feeling of security, go for it.

  11. Here’s one for you: I don’t have a stainless steel gun that can withstand the abuse of regular humidity, and I don’t have the money to buy one.

    I carry at home, in the car, on vacation, when sleeping (well, next to the bed), at restaraunts, literally everywhere that isn’t a felony. If the baddies happen to get me during the 15 minutes I am in the shower, I reckon it was just my time.

    • Go with Navy showers – 1 minute to get wet, 1 minute to lather up, 1 minute to rinse off, done. 3 minutes out of 3600….it would definitely be your time indeed.


      • Tom, Wow have you really enlightened me! I was on a tin can and I remember that shower routine very well, except I had it wrong! I thought it was “one second to wet down, one second to lather, and one second to rinse!”
        No wonder my shipmates all avoided me.

  12. One possible solution to the shower carry conundrum is to take baths instead and keep your gun on a little foot stool next to the tub.

  13. Taking a bath while smoking a nice cigar is epitome of success, plus with a nice Peacemaker clone I can live out my fantasy of being Billy the Kid

  14. A 738 TCP fits everywhere, goes everywhere. A bit of Break-free keeps it nice even where the finish gets rubbed off.

  15. I’m not worried about someone busting in on me in the can.

    Either they succumb to the smell or they faint from having witnessed how dead sexy I am in my birthday suit.

    Course there is always the G17 in the cabinet if all else fails. 😛

  16. stay paranoid.. never relax.. not even in the confines of a secure household. always stay on your guard and stress yourself out. that’s my summary of “home carry people!”

    this defensive gun lifestyle thing gets out of hand. it’s nice to be armed in public places when the (already minuscule) risk of ever having to use a gun is slightly more probable. but this tactical mindset shit 24/7 is exactly why the term “gun nut” was coined.

    • Tell that to everyone that has ever been the victim of a home invasion, ever. Personally, I think I stand a higher chance of being the victim of a home invasion than being mugged on the street.

    • If you carry when you are on the street you still have that weapon when you get home. You have to do something with it until you go to bed, why keep it strapped in its usual place, just in case?
      As for myself, I often find my Ruger SR9c a bit in the way while I am cooking so I swap it for my S&W Airweight in a pocket. Problem solved.

    • “Stay paranoid, never relax, stress yourself out”
      Sorry AZ 47, this is more about your projection of your issues than it is about people that home carry.

      For me, I feel the same way about home carry, even in the shower, as when I put on a seat belt and have good driver awareness when in my car, having a fire extinguisher next to the stove, knowing CPR and being ready if a home invasion happens. Am I feeling “Paranoid, always on edge, never able to relax” in being prepared in these other areas of potential injury or death. Of course not, why should I feel these things at the idea of a potential home invasion?

      Yeah; AZ 47, it’s your projection of your own insecurities than it is about people that home carry.

      • if you can’t take a shower without a gun, I don’t think I’m the one with a low IQ. if you’re that worried about getting killed in the shower by a home invader, don’t take a fuching shower. what’s next? conceal a shotgun in your ass while having sex?

        seriously guys.. can you not see the headlines from left media after reading a blog post about showering with a gun? it’s a perpetuation of stereotype. I have a gun on my hip all day, on the breakfast bar when I come home, and on the nightstand when I sleep. but showering with a gun would make YOU full retard.

        • Then give me my sign. I don’t engage in any activities at home without a a firearm very, very close by or on me. (Yes, that includes intercourse.)

        • Listen man, my Wife is a young attractive blonde, just the type that a potential stalker/predator would take a fancy to. I am in the Navy and I have to be at work early, early in the morning. Plus, there are a lot of evenings that I am gone for duty, not to mention extended underway periods and of course deployment. Anyway, my wife spends a lot of time in the bathroom everyday, between getting ready for work in the morning, taking a shower, etc. She probably spends 1.5 to 2 hours a day in there, most of which while I’m gone. If a rapist is watching and calculating, that leaves a lot of openings while she is in there. We have an alarm system, but for a deranged sexual predator, that is not a deterrent, it is an early warning system. There is an alarm panel in our bedroom near the bathroom door, so she can hear it. If the bad guy tries to break in when she is perceived to be the most vulnerable, all she has to do is reach up and she now has a Smith and Wesson 686 Plus, 7-shot 4 inch barrel .357 Magnum in her hand that she shoots VERY well. So excuse me if the safety of my wife is more important to me than your full retard opinions.

        • Sorry AZ 47; but your fear around the idea that you would be “paranoid” to have a gun available while in the bathroom is not backed by fact. We are not gun-grabbers that base our decisions on emotion, denial and wishful thinking.

          Fact; predators look for a person that is helpless, weak and defenseless.

          Fact; you are effectively, blind, deaf, naked and defenseless while in the bathroom taking a shower.

          Big deciding Fact- The article talks about the fact that predators- (guess what) target people specifically when they are in the shower just because they know you will be deaf, blind, naked and defenseless.

          So you can use fact, logic and experience to guide your actions, or you can continue to be guided by delusion, denial and wishful thinking.

    • Well said….home carry people are gun nuts…living in some kind of apocalyptic imaginary world, dying, wishing, waiting with baited breath for someone to come in their house so they can shoot.

  17. That’s just straight up paranoid. I mean christ, just put a gun on the counter or something if you’re certain someone is going to break in in that small amount of time. It’s unlikely, and then less likely because it’s a tiny span.

    • Wrong.

      No one is “certain” that they will be broken in on while taking a shower. But that would be the worst possible time for it to happen, now, wouldn’t it? At the very least Murphy’s Law says that that is when it will happen, therefore. But Murphy’s Law applies to inanimate objects; someone actively trying to outsmart you would be smart to deliberately break in while you are showering.

  18. Fun fact: I live in CA, so home carry is all I do, can’t get permission to carry elsewhere, but I carry a 5″ 1911 and a LC9 equal amounts of time, including shower readiness, the lc9 showed rust, and not the Kimber 1911 from the moisture. be aggressive in your sidearm cleaning and lube schedule…

  19. Ok. Usually I love just about everything on this site. This one is a bit out there. The first one I will address is under #8 where the author wrote “If there’s absolutely nothing you can do to persuade your significant other to accept the practice, you might consider pulling the ejection handle.” Really, you advocate for divorce over home/shower carry. You advocate for divorce, even if I have children who will have irreparable harm done by said divorce, over home carry to protect against something that will, in all probability, never happen to us (statistically speaking it is still rare for a home invasion to happen while the occupant is home). That IS bordering on irrational paranoia. That, if you are weighing the things that are important in life (your child’s well being and the financial destruction of divorce against the small likelihood of such an event), would be a poor bet.
    Second, as somebody who went on patrol every day south of Baghdad for a year (and another year south of Mosul), I accepted that sometimes, despite all of your training and vigilance, when it is your time it is your time. Unless you plan on pulling 50% security all night long–and during shower breaks–with your spouse (thus never getting a decent night sleep), and have blast doors, walls, and windows installed around every inch of your home, the potentiality exists that you will be caught unawares. Yes one of those times may be in the shower. Guess what, should an armed home invader come during your shower it may just be your time. Have the grace to accept it. Or not, but don’t pillory those who do.

    • You could invite the intruder into the shower with you! It’s better to be shot by a “clean” shooter than a dirty shooter!……………………………………………I guess.

    • What all would involved with putting in blast doors and windows? Is it something a couple guys could do over the weekend if they were handy with tools?

      I giggle. 😛

    • I think the problem is that some people lose sight of the cost benefit of being armed. He also see this in survivalist websites. The focus becomes so wholeheartedly on preparing for the worst that they forget to take into consideration the likelihood of that outcome. The calculus becomes, is there anything I can do to prevent this (exceedingly rare) evil from taking place. If there is, then they feel the need to do it.

      I carry, or at least I did when I lived where, it was legal, and I generally have a weapon close by. I think it’s fine to home carry, and even shower care if you want to. What I find absurd in this discussion (from the comments) that it’s completely irrational not to, or that somehow you’re not truly one of the AI if you don’t.

  20. Wow this is paranoid. Lock your doors,put iron bars on your windows,move to the wilderness. My wife already thinks I’m nuts for having a loaded shotgun next to me. Guess I’m NOT.

  21. Watched the movie “Big Jake” over the weekend.

    John Wayne was carrying in the shower, and he needed it too

  22. I take a Glock to the can with me ever since a cop told me a surprising amount of people get killed while they’re sitting on the toilet. No idea if it was true or not, but hey, whatever. Just throw it up on top of the tank. No biggie.

    Showering, though, is a whole other animal. I guess I could just throw it on the toilet tank since it’s next to the shower. I don’t know.

    The intruder would have to get through locked doors and a dog first and I don’t have a problem running around naked wet but good god, you do not want to run around after dropping a deuce without wiping first.

    I figure if an intruder somehow catches me unaware while I’m sitting on the toilet it’s my last stand. Talk about a crappy situation.

  23. If you need ‘permission’ from the wife to be prepared to defend your family it may be time to take some of your “Man-Up Vitamins”. Explain in great detail why you’re going to do it, then just do it. If someone is going to pull the ejection handle, let it be her. PS. What’s she going to do to stop you? Withhold sex? You might find that in the end she’s more eager to be with a man that has grown a pair.

  24. First, I don’t house carry because the good old Army just moved me to NY, where I have to wait for a permit to even have possession of my handguns (3-4 months). But even before that I stopped house carrying when my daughter was born because, until she is old enough to learn about firearms, I will hedge my bets. I will risk a home invasion so there are no unsecured firearms around her until I can educate her.
    As to mr macho, straight from the 1950s, “she’ll appreciate a man with a pair who tells her what to do, makes all of the decisions, and expects obedience,” there are many things she could do that I would find infinitely worse than withholding sex if you alienated or angered her enough. First. If you have children it matters not who “pulls the ejection handle” your children will suffer and, statistically, will be at a great disadvantage in life. That is worse, for me, than death let alone no sex. Second, in said divorce, she would paint you as a gun nut lunatic who is endangering your child’s life. This would almost certainly limit your custody rights. Having little or no involvement in my daughter’s life is worse than death for me, and certainly worse than no sex. She could call the police and claim you threatened her with your firearms. Now, apart from having no custody you would now be facing prison time, hefty legal fees, and the loss of your firearms freedom. Again, worse for me than death or no sex. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Despite the tenor of the arguments here, there ARE things in life more important than carrying a firearm 24/7 and the illusion of control over all of life’s variables; they start with my daughter’s best chances for success and my continued involvement in her life.

      • If he has reason to be concerned about all of that then the enemy is already within the parameter; home invasion has already happened.

        • Micheal B and John, you miss my point. No I don’t believe my wife wants to do any of that, as long as she is my wife and our relationship status-quo remains the same. I believe her to be a rational and caring person. What you fail to recognize is that ALL of that goes out the window in the vast majority of divorces. Think to yourself, how many truly amicable divorces have you witnessed. How many heretofore rational, reasonable, and loving women become vindictive monsters, egged on by her divorce lawyer, bent on completely destroying their soon to be ex-husband and gaining sole custody of any children. If you believe that could not happen to your wife you might want to take your head out of the sand; divorce is orders of magnitude more likely than a home invasion.

          More to the point, for you guys, I don’t believe that my wife would leave me for home carrying. She might think I was battshit paranoid, but she would not leave me. That said, she MIGHT think about leaving me if I had a conversation with her that started with, “look at all of these horrific examples of home invasions, now you are going to allow me to wear my weapon anywhere I damn well please because I am the man of the hosue…you silly irrational woman,” which, based on the misogynistic (or at the very least paternalistic) tenor of his comment, is how I envisioned soccerchainsaw approaching the woman in his life about the topic.

        • I’ve been through two divorces; the second of which I retained custody of the children and raised them as a single dad (no offspring in first marriage). I have always carried at home. Her approval didn’t figure in the equation for either marriage.

  25. I find my Remora holster to be awesome. As a matter of fact, it’s where my EDC P238 lives when it’s not in my SuperTuck on my belt. If I haven’t put on a belt yet, or have taken it off for the day, the P238 is in the Remora, and it tucks and holds well in anything from jeans to cargo shorts to pajama pants. I don’t always have it on me, but it’s within arms reach, and if I go outside with the dog, it’s easy to slip into my waistband and go.

    • Oh, I forgot. I do not shower carry per se, but I may have one within arms reach outside the shower. Or I may not.

      I see a good tactical reason to have a gun squirreled away at the “furthest point of retreat” in any given home. In most homes, that will be the shower, or at least the bathroom that contains the shower. If you keep a gun at the “furthest point of retreat,” you’ll always have one somewhere “behind you,” meaning you never have to get closer to an intruder to retrieve a firearm.

      If you really want it hidden (or have no better concealment options), put it in a heavy-duty Ziploc freezer bag with a half-cup of rice in the bottom, and drop it in the toilet tank. It’ll be fine for months (if not longer), assuming it was dry and lubed when it went in.

      • Matt, you just went green on us to boot.
        A water saving method has been to put a brick in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water needed to refill the tank.
        By placing the gat there, you killed two birds with one bag.

  26. Carry a gun into the shower? No way, no how. Being male (and old) I am not at risk for a stalking rapist. And the vast majority of burglars around here are meth heads who crash at 3 am and get up at noon. I’ve showered by then.

  27. Seems everyone is missing important thing in the OPs article. It’s the observation from the outside by a potential intruder and that’s your habits. Observing from the outside where you will be and when.

    Mix up your habits as much as possible keeping the potential aggressor off guard and maybe not worth his effort. The wife and I do this as well as changing up our dog walk times and routes. Nobody will ever predict where or when we are anywhere.

    And its also fun and interesting for us.

  28. Meh, at some point the benefits of preparation outweigh the costs. If I am unlucky enough to be attacked while in the shower so be it. The gods will decide the outcome.

  29. It’s not hard. Buy an ugly revolver or any of a million small semi autos and an IWB holster. fasten the holster to the wall somewhere the gun won’t get directly sprayed. Properly clean and lubricate the gun, routinely. Insert it into the holster when showering. Retrieve when done. A shoulder holster or ankle holster should suffice if you like to lounge after showering. I wouldn’t even swim without a revolver at least.

    • What and how do you carry when you are swimming (aside from “with great bravado”)?

      Seriously, I am contemplating moving to a beach area and was always wondering how people carry at the beach, or in a pool.


      • A diving knife in your teeth, of course! 😀

        Seriously, I carry just about at all times and have my sidearm very nearby when I sleep and I don’t recall ever carrying while swimming. I wouldn’t fault someone for doing so but I just never found a reasonable way for me to do it. I couldn’t imagine actually swimming with a revolver on my ankle like Bobby B suggested.

        • Edit isn’t working again. That last sentence should be something like, “I couldn’t even imagine actually swimming like Bobby B suggested unless it was some really small revolver like a NAA mini.”

  30. Ridicule is too often used by those who are uncomfortable with reality, which they usually replace with practiced rationalization and a smidgeon of fiction. That said, I think a few of the Armed Intelligentsia here have just lost their A.I. ranking.

    First, too many here sound like they’ve never heard of waterproof boxes. Really? That’s uh…..totally embarrassing. And silica dry packs, heard of those? The lack of serious thought by the TTAG regulars is profoundly disappointing. The house I’m renovating had a space in the bathroom for a shotgun and 2 handguns, both kept perfectly dry with very little effort. There’s more idiotic paranoia about rust going on, than about being caught naked and defenseless. Secure, dry, firearms secretly located in the bathroom and shower? That’s absolutely goddamn right. Oh, and fuck “paranoia,” and any asshat who uses that word to dismiss and ridicule. That’s one the favorite verbal weapons the gun control Leftists like to use on us. Being prepared is not being paranoid. Are the Boy Scouts paranoid?
    From my perspective, security is supposed to be total; as in, wherever possible, and not having a secure firearm stashed in the bathroom and/or shower, is less than serious about being prepared. You mean you DON’T have a gun stashed in the one room where you’re usually completely naked and the most vulnerable in your own home?
    Ya, why would anyone want to stash a gun in there?

  31. “These modes include inside or outside the waistband, appendix carry, SMALL OF THE BACK 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock, condition three, etc. ”

    Who in their right mind is advocating small of the back carry? Anything short of clinching the gun between your butt cheeks is better than small of the back carry.

    1. Falling or being pushed on your backside, which is possible in a fight, can easy result in a broken back, or badly bruised tissue, at the very least. Between the ground, metal, and bone, bone gives out first.

    2. At what point during anything with the word “fight” in it (e.g.,gun fight, knife fight, fist fight, wiffleball bat fight) does putting both hands directly behind your back seem like a good idea? Never would be the answer if you plan on winning.

  32. Unbelievable how the US has come to this. I’m so glad I live in the UK and we don’t have a constitution that states you have the right to bear arms. I’m staggered by the comments and measures you take to protect yourselves. At least I can shower in peace without being shot at anywhere in my country it just sounds so desperate, messed up and most of all very sad for anyone who feels they need to protect themselves to such a degree.

    • The fact of the matter is you suffer more violent crime over there than we do (though less of it is murder). Of course that assumes your crime reporting is honest, and it has been revealed that your police are not above cooking the books to make it appear lower than it is.

      • SteveInCo, is well worth a look: we really do seem to be safer over here, than over there, largely because of differences in definition of matters like “assault”. In the UK, “the appropriate charge will be one of Common Assault where no injury or injuries which are not serious occur” (from the CPS) which is usually compared to the US “aggravated assault” statistics – but in the UK “assault” is a raised fist or a push in the chest. Hence, we seem to get a lot more “assaults” than the US.

        Comparing to the US and trying to match Royal Gala with Golden Delicious, the relevant offence in the UK would be “grievous bodily harm” to match against “aggravated assault”: on that basis, you’re 690% more likely to be “assaulted” in the US than the UK. (yes, about *seven times* more likely: 241 vice 35 offences per 100,000 inhabitants. (Reality probably misses some of the most serious “actual bodily harm” offences in the UK, which would reduce the imbalance a bit)

        Some offences are fairly level pegging. Robbery, rape, knife attacks and car theft are fairly level pegging (robbery 10% more likely in the UK, stabbing 27% more likely, car theft 29% more likely in the US, rape of a female almost dead even). However, the burglary rate is 52% higher in the US, the murder rate is four times higher, and fatal shootings are 3,520% higher in the US…

        Of course this is susceptible to books being cooked, selective reporting, et cetera, but that goes for both sides: and it’s evidently not the UK where people are under such an incessant lethal threat that they feel the need to be armed every second of every day even while locked inside their own homes. (This makes a recreational visit to the US sound more dangerous than a military deployment to Basra, where weapons weren’t carried in the heads, showers or mess halls… and nobody died as a result)

        In the UK, violent home invasions aren’t utterly unknown, but they’re extremely rare, very newsworthy (precisely because of their rarity) and you’re statistically at more risk from lightning strike than from a crazed mob kicking down your doors.

        • Comparisons to Basra and the like are a false analogy. You’re talking about someplace that has 24/7 perimeter security. Unless you’ve got someone walking the fence at your home, what happens in places like Basra is completely irrelevant.

        • That’s kind of the problem, isn’t it? The Brits largely have no problem with increased surveillance, police presence and government control over their lives because they are not free citizens, but rather subjects who choose collective security over individual liberty. They are absolutely fine with having no fundamental rights, but instead a list of privileges their wise and benevolent rulers bestowed and can revoke at any time. It’s a different mindset that I can’t understand, and I thank Christ I don’t have to live with it yet.

    • No one needs to protect themselves in the shower, they just decide to take extra precautions which amounts to little more than carrying a phone that is on the heavier side (and can kill lol). Personally I don’t feel the need to be so vigilant in my home, but that’s me and I live in a relatively higher crime area.

    • Ian,

      Criminals attacking other criminals during criminal activity are responsible for something like 80% of murders in the U.S. regardless of the murder weapon. And domestic violence is responsible for many of the remaining murders in the U.S. where weapon choice is immaterial. (A person who decides to murder their spouse can easily poison them or kill them with a hammer while they are sleeping.) If you are not a criminal and do not have a violent spouse, your odds being a murder victim in the U.S. are exceedingly low.

      Of course there are some number of attempted assaults, armed robberies, car jackings, sexual assaults, and home invasions. Keep in mind that those crimes happen about twice as often in the U.K. as they happen in the U.S. But more importantly, the good people who arm themselves are almost never physically harmed in any of those events. The good people of the U.K. cannot make that claim.

      So say what you want. I know that I will almost certainly prevail over a violent attacker if today turns out to be my “lucky” day, regardless of whether that attacker shows up in my home, on public streets, or in a business. You cannot say that.

    • If I lived in basically gun-free, minimal-crime contemporary Japan, I’d have no fear of being assaulted in the shower, yet I’d still wish to shower carry. The primary reason I carry a weapon is not fear of violence, it’s warrior spirit (or in Japan, bushi damashii). Being prepared for as much as possible, within reason, is strength. If I carry a weapon elsewhere, then that time when I disarm myself for a half hour to take a shower would be an obvious weakness. I want to be strong, prepared, and hard to kill, whether that makes a difference in my life or not. Someday the environment I live in may be different and these practices and habits will be life-savers. Many of us are not so far removed from such experiences, like TTAG founder Robert Farago’s father, who barely survived mass murder and genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany. If I never encounter that, good, I want to be safe. Being strong and prepared is simply part of who I am.

      • You put into words some thoughts that had been in the back of my own mind for some time; well stated! Also, it occurs to me that people, to whom a firearm had become second nature, would be more inclined to gave a visceral reaction against any attempts by government to disarm them. Such a people would be so accustomed to being at all times armed that it wouldn’t take much thought for them to resist being legislatively or administratively disarmed. I’ve been armed all of my adult life and much of my late childhood so it might play into my automatic disdain for being disarmed; being armed at all times became a part of me.

  33. My wife has often asked “what are you afraid of” when seeing me arm up with my edc knife and G26 in the cup holder in my vehicle. My answer, “not a damn thing”. Like a friend of mine told his wife one day, “you need to have a near death experience”. I dont think that would even help my wife. Some folks just dont get it and never will.

    • Why carry at home, some people ask? Did anyone see the episode on that “Forensics”. TV show where the elderly home owner had a foot race with the home invader to the bedroom night stand to get his handgun?….Guess who lost the race…his gun….and his life ? The home owner….too old, too slow,now dead and buried! BTW, folks, The US Coast Guard has a motto….Semper Paratus ( Always Ready) …..paranoid? I don’t think so. If you have a comfortable IWB, you should have little discomfort with a home concealed carry. ….also everyone please check your smoke detector batteries….no one should call you paranoid for that either.

  34. Sometimes I bring my EDC pistol in the bathroom when I shower but that is usually only if it was on me already. I am not too concerned with carrying in the house.

  35. On a quiet Saturday morning some years ago, a good friend and shooting buddy of mine was having breakfast with his wife, when some psycho broke in and shot him to death for no reason. My friend was 6 ft. away from his loaded pistol in a kitchen drawer. I have carried, or had a gun within close reach, 24/7 ever since.

  36. Matt in FL,

    Two words – “insider threat”.

    (Can’t do inline, haven’t got a “reply” option on your post)

  37. This one is not that complicated. If you home carry, which you should, there is no excuse to not have your gun in the bathroom at arms reach when you’re in there. Simple fix, revolver in a big ziplock bag. Shoot through bag if necessary. Remove from bag when you leave. Easy.

  38. Meh – I guess a watertight box in the shower would be the ultimate anxiety med, but I’m good with “within diving reach”. Should some elite team circumvent my perimeter with complete stealth – they damn well deserve that kill.

    As an aside… now that I think about it… if you’re that insecure and believe you need a watertight box in the shower… re-evaluating your perimeter security may be in order.

  39. “It is my solid belief that a handgun should be on one’s person from the moment they rise until the moment until they lay their head down and enter dreamland.”

    Absolutely, impeccably correct.

    The only time one should not be armed is under conditions where being discovered would result in an arrest and conviction (or worse).

    Corollary to that is that one should never go anywhere one cannot legally be armed, unless one can’t avoid it without penalty of law (i.e. jury duty, etc.).

  40. I have lived 70 years now and have never owned or carried a gun. It has never occurred to me to do so. I don’t think I need one or ever needed one, even when I lived and worked in the inner city of Chicago and Trenton NJ. I do not assume that there are very many people out there who wish to commit mayhem, and the likelihood that I will encounter them is small. I stopped a rape in progress in Chicago and a theft by shouting and chasing the perps away. Such people are usually scared of getting caught. I have showered nearly every day of my life and have never thought about being attacked. One should be alert, especially in cities. This allows you to get away from potentially dangerous situations. I always thought Dodge City KS had a good policy of insisting that cowboys check their guns with the sheriff or marshal. I think some people watch too many films such as Death Wish or Dirty Hairy. Such films make people fearful.

  41. What a sad life these people must live if they are that paranoid. There are many psychiatrists that treat paranoid personality disorder. There is no cure but there are prescription meds and therapy that may help. Also, not ingesting everything the NRA tells you to be fact would also help. Good luck.

  42. I’m not entirely sure how you can sleep at night knowing that during those you are at your most vulnerable state. I mean, if they’re gonna break in while you’re in the shower, surely they know that an even better time would be at 2 AM while you’re fast asleep.

  43. This seems extreme and paranoid. I’m not totally fond of guns nor am I totally against them. I just think that to be this worried about protecting my life that I need a gun with me at all time I wouldn’t get to enjoy life to its fullest I’d be so worried. I would rather live a full and diverse, scary and passionate life than carry a gun around everywhere because I’m so scared of death. Death comes to everyone eventually, and I have accepted that.

  44. it really is a sliding scale. when you’re making drastic preparations to prevent the loss of your life, do any of them matter if you are sacrificing so much of your life in the mean time that it becomes meaningless anyway?

    I liken it to the same attitudes grabbers have: you give up so much of your freedom for security, and you end up with neither.

    I carry, every day. At work, at home, etc. I carry a full sized pistol, owb, with an attached weapon light, which is far more gun than most people that carry pick up. it’s a chore sometimes, but i feel very comfortable with it now. However, I don’t carry a back up gun. Or 2. I don’t completely avoid bars or restaurants that serve alcohol. I don’t refuse to attend professional sporting events because they ban firearms.

    If personal safety is such a concern, do you refuse to eat hamburgers? Or any other fried food? Do you *always* wear your seatbelt? Do you *never* consume alcohol? Do you see your physician on a bi annual basis for a physical? Do you ever speed? Do you ever go out after dark? Heart disease or an auto accident are a hell of a lot more likely to kill you than an armed assailant, so I sure hope you quit eating garbage food and started using public transportation solely before you installed your shower revolver lock box.

    You have to live your life. If the gun in the shower makes you feel more comfortable and it’s not too inconvenient, go for it. But the idea that I’m a fool, unprepared, or under armed because I don’t constantly carry a complete arsenal with me in my home or out is a little obnoxious.

    • You have to live your life. If the gun in the shower makes you feel more comfortable and it’s not too inconvenient, go for it. But the idea that I’m a fool, unprepared, or under armed because I don’t constantly carry a complete arsenal with me in my home or out is a little obnoxious.

      Well stated and I agree.

  45. Gosh, you should consider moving somewhere less terrifyingly dangerous than wherever it is you live.

    Overall in the US, you’re much more likely to die slipping and falling in the shower than you are to die in a home invasion. But I imagine you live somewhere really dangerous where home invasions happen all the time.

    You should consider whether the cheap rent is worth constantly living in fear. It wouldn’t be worth it for me and my family.

  46. Yep, preparedness is the only truly sane path to follow. Besides my Glock 42 with super sized magazine loaded with armor piercing bullets, I have a garland of garlic around my neck…and a wooden spike to protect against vampire attacks. I keep vinyl records around to protect me from the zombie apocalypse ( learned that little survival trick for Shaun of the dead). I’m still trying to lay my hands on some plutonium to allow myself neighborhood nuclear superiority. Don’t be a chump, be prepared!

  47. This is all one big joke, right? As a guy who’s been carrying a concealed weapon for 10 years, I’ve had multiple occasions where I had to defend the difference between paranoia and being prepared. Keeping a firearm in your shower is paranoid.

    • Only ten years, huh? That’s just starting out by comparison to some of us. As a person who, at one time, had a firearm in just about every room; it’s not necessarily paranoid. If a firearm can be stashed in the bathroom or shower, not unlike having smoke detectors or fire extinguishers, how is that a problem? Really, just the mere act of being armed isn’t the determiner, IMHO. The surrounding details may or may not indicate paranoia but the basic act doesn’t any more than other precautionary safety equipment.

  48. Sorry. No home carry and no shower carry here. I frequently carry outside the home except when going to work (federal property). I had my rectum removed so code brown is NOT an option. I agree with the sediment “If its your time to go…”, but opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one…. oh… wait a minute… Except me 😉

  49. Please tell me none of you live on my street. Because if I ever discovered I had a neighbor this crazy the house would go up for sale immediately.

  50. I was assaulted while I was in the shower. It was terrifying and I am honestly the luckiest woman in the world in that I did not get raped or killed.
    To be in the shower, hear a noise and see a huge dark figure moving quickly toward you while you are wet, naked and alone is terrifying. I now only take baths and have my revolver on the floor next to me.

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