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Bontai Joe asks me to ask CZ USA, “Will they ever bring back the Dan Wesson revolvers?”

Jason Morton of CZ-USA says that they are making Dan Wesson revolvers, but production is really slow.  Out of production for several years, they are still having some vendor trouble getting the kinks worked out of the production line.

The Dan Wesson 1911s are going gangbusters.  Dealers will be getting them throughout the year, but they are selling like hotcakes, so bagging one means regular check-ins with your firearms retailer.

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  1. It seems like forever since full sized revolvers were considered relevant. It’s kind of a shame really, I think a lot of range shooters and hunters are missing out. I’m not talking about the super testerone magnums, I’m talking about a caliber that is enjoyable to shoot enough so that you can become proficient.
    I’ve owned (and sold) my S&W and Colt revolvers due to financial need. They were great handguns and I wish I could buy them back for what I sold them for.
    The one centerfire revolver that I still own is also the first one that I ever bought. In the mid-70’s I bought a used Dan Wesson 15-2 6″ .357 magnum. It is scary accurate. The trigger is very good and adjustable for over-travel. It is a “switch barrel” pistol, but I never felt the need to collect the pistol pac variations. I bought a Bianchi holster, RCBS dies, and shot it like there was no tomorrow.
    My DW has provided me with pot meat for the camp more times than I can remember.
    I used to joke that Dan Wesson owed me a sales commision because everybody that saw me shoot mine bought one. Trust me, it was the DW doing all the work, not me.
    I would love to see them revive the line.

  2. What I want most in a revolver is a solid, no-frills five-round stainless DA chambered in .44 Special. I don’t want a .44 Magnum into which I load .44 Specials, I want a DA wheelgun in .44 Special that’s designed for CCW. It should have a 2.5 to 3″ barrel, bobbed hammer, integral sights, etc, and it should have quality lockwork.

    No one seems to want to take this job on. There’s lots of CCW .357’s, of which I really want no part, and lots of larger-framed .44 Magnums.

    If S&W is there, someone might run this question by them.

    • You pretty much just described the Charter Arms Bulldog almost to a tee, with the exception of the bobbed hammer.

      Although being that you have gunsmith in your name it shouldnt be much of a undertaking to DIY.

  3. My brother in law has an old Dan Wessen .357 with 2″, 4″ and 6″ barrels with shrouds and I’ve always liked the idea of setting the barrel/cylinder gap on the barrel length appropriate for the moment as well a being able to remove it to clean from the forcing cone end.

  4. One of the few firearms transactions I regret. I traded a Dan Wesson, 6″, Stainless .41 Magnum for an FN 49, a Moisin Nagant Carbine, and an Enfield #3 about 20 years ago (back when I was 1LT F). I probably came out ahead monetarily on the deal, just on the FN 49 alone, and I still have all three rifles, but I miss that big old revolver. It was accurate as all hell (certainly more capable of accuracy than I was), and a joy to shoot.

    If DW comes back with a 2 1/2″ stainless .44 Special, sign me up for one.

  5. I guess I’ll be the fly in the ointment and say I don’t really miss my DW .357. The switchable barrel was interesting but the revolver was not remarkable otherwise. The barrel latch was on the crane rather than on the frame and I remember that took some getting used to.

  6. I love my .357 Dan Wesson pistol pac with the 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ barrels. Mine was from the early days when Mr. Wesson was still running the company (Late 1970’s). I’ve had really good offers for it in cash and trade, and I have turned ’em all down. The trigger on mine breaks like glass and is as smooth as butter and the accuracy is outstanding. Feels like a top quality gunsmith worked it, but it came that way from the factory. My DW .44 pistol pac was purchased a few years latter and it shoots very well, but the trigger is not as good. I kick myself at least once a month for not buying the .22LR pistol pac when I could.

  7. I wish they would put the revolvers back on the market. Being able to adjust the tension on my 6” inner barrel allowed me to fine tune it for great accuracy using .357 magnum rounds. I reloaded several thousand magnum rounds with 10% more powder than recommended & they grouped nicely. The gun is 45+ yrs old, 10,000+ magnums fired & needs parts. I don’t know if I want to mess with the barrel, I know it took quite a few adjustments to get so accurate. I would like to work on another one.

  8. Frankly, I seriously doubt CZ will make much of an effort to bring back the Dan Wesson line of revolvers. CZ’s forte is high quality Autoloaders not, revolvers. It’s a shame too; Dan Wesson revolvers are some of the finest guns made. I know, I have had my 15-2V for over 30 years.


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