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CZ manufactures the 805 BREN A1 in 5.56 for the Czech army. CZ’s marketing the select-fire, modular design (with a variable gas system convertible to 7.62) to European military clients. American LEO are interested, too. Naturally, CZ would love to import the 805 BREN A1 for the seemingly bottomless U.S. black rifle market. Unfortunately, the 805 BREN A1’s too scary for our friends at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires). Maybe it’s the 805 BREN A1’s creepy folding stock. Or the thing that folds up. That pistol grip looks pretty sinister, too. According to CZ’s spokesman, the 805 BREN A1’s on a “five-year glide path” to approval for sale in the US as a semi-auto rifle. Meanwhile, we hear that Mexican drug cartels have put their order in with their non-ATF suppliers.

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  1. Talking points in order.
    1. That waiting period to be cleared sucks massive balls. Why 5 years?
    2. Does it use AR/STANAG mags?
    3. It looks pretty cool but who mounted that rear site so far up on the rail?
    That is all =)

    • Re. 2: In standard configuration it uses proprietary mags, but the magwell can be replaced with one that uses AR mags and AR mag release. (And unlike G36 adapters, they actually exist)

    • They are currently being imported in a pistol form and have been very well reviewed. It as seen as a more affordable version of the FN SCAR. That being said they are still 1500-$1600.00. I guess that is better than 2600.00 for a SCAR. Still way too much.

  2. Might be something that we will see in Canada well before the US. Provided, of course, the techs at the RCMP lab don’t do mechanical gymnastics and heavy machining to get it to go full auto. Here’s hoping!

  3. I can barely wait for this rifle to some to the US, but what I don’t understand is -why- the BATFE thinks its so skeery. As others have said, it is modeled after the FN SCAR Rifles, and those are already being imported.

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  5. Very impressive rifel…the two round burst option is very unique. However, I’m searching for the magwell to use the AR mags with this rifel…but am not Abel yo find!!! Any idea?!!

    • The G36 has also had a 2-round burst mode in some models. I think it’s a better idea than 3-round burst since the idea of it is apparently to imitate a double-tap, but of course it does it automatically which is the advantage.

      As for the magwells you can find a lot of photos online of the AR-mag well for the CZ 805. I doubt you will be able to find any being *sold* though because currently all sales are for the military and LE only AFAIK.

  6. Why is everyone so obsessed about “AR/STANAG mags”? It’s said that the magazine is the weak link in automatic weapon design and reliability. That said the NATO STANAG/M16/AR15 mag in known to suck. The damn things were expendable in Vietnam. Magpul fanbitches point this out ceaselessly. So again, who gives a shit it uses proprietary mags? They are most likely better anyway.

  7. Ok, I carried one of these everyday for a month with the Czech Army while I trained there. THEY SUCK. Lets start with the weight, the 805 was slightly heavier than an AR unloaded, and to add to that it was ridiculously front heavy. The forged upper and barrel (Govt also allowed me to view Cz factories) just sits too far forward of the plastic lower, so that sucker is just itching to sink on you. The dang thing nearly drowned me on a 300m swim, lost my eyepro too! The second you added optics and a torch to the front end it just naturally sank with fatigue. I was not a big fan of the reciprocating charging handle, or the fact that the proprietary magazines would not fit in any STANAG magazine compartments. The weapon also cannot be charged without un-safing the firearm, which surprised me, leading me to think that Czech recruits probably have quite a few negligent discharges in training (they do, and unlike our Army they don’t care as much). On that note the Czech Kommandos and SF guys also used M416s, simply because the platform was better and more ergonomic. I DID however like the fact that the Bren had a direct impingement gas system, so the thing cleaned in no time. It also has a selector on the gas block that could be changed depending on the grade of ammunition you were using or the environment you were operating in. The weight also made it a good bench gun. From the prone and seated it was a very steady platform. The only Model CZ 805 that used the proprietary mags was the gen 1… I’m fairly sure most Czechs now use the Gen 2 and 3 which had a shorter overall barrel length and a single piece receiver that accepts STANAGs Bottom line, I wouldn’t carry it into combat over an M4, but it would make a good novelty gun or a head turner at the range.


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