CZ and Dan Wesson at NRA Annual Meetings

Not gonna lie, I popped into the CZ-USA and Dan Wesson booth just to pick up a DW “Repeal The NFA” hat, as I hadn’t heard of any new stuff from these guys for the NRA show. Turns out, there were some goodies there after all . . .

A new version of the Scorpion pistol will come with the carbine’s extended handguard and a flash can style muzzle device. It’s ready to be swapped out for an actual suppressor. A pistol stabilizing brace, as seen in the lead photo, can be attached via a couple of different rear mount options. Or, file a Form 1 to SBR the bad boy and it’ll be basically identical to my Scorpion setup.

Jumping over to the Dan Wesson side, we’ve got the A2. It’s sort of a modernized M1911 A1. Like, what would it have looked like if the .gov requested another iteration a few years later? Simple and old-school still, but updated with an extended beavertail, good sights, lowered and flared ejection port, extended thumb safety, and some slight undercutting of the trigger guard. The matte blue finish and almost completely unadorned slide keep it classy.

Back to CZ for the CZ 527 American Synthetic Suppressor-Ready, which is a handy, durable little micro-Mauser bolt gun chambered in 300 BLK or 7.62×39.

The 527 Carbine Rustic has an aged beechwood stock and is available in 7.62×39. Both of the 527s above have single set triggers — push forwards on the trigger to click it into “set” mode, netting an extremely light and crisp break.

The 455 Scout is a .22 LR bolt gun designed for youth shooting with its short, 12″ length of pull. Adjustable leaf rear and blade front sights are easy to use, and the receiver is dovetailed for scope rings. What’s more, the muzzle is threaded 1/2-28 for suppressed shooting. Since it’s a standard 455 receiver and barrel, the stock can be swapped out for a full-size one or even an aftermarket chassis system as your yoots grow.


  1. avatar jwtaylor says:

    I dig that A2. A lot.
    Felt hat after Easter? And in the South?
    Anarchy! Dogs and cats…living together, mass hysteria.

  2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    That “Repeal the NFA” cap would look so much cooler if it depicted a suppressed .300BLK SBR. Suppressed pistols may be fun, but they’re fugly.

  3. avatar James Wilson says:

    Wait…they came out with a CZ 527 Rustic CARBINE in 6.5 Grendel? Not just the 527 American?

    Can you confirm that?

    If so, I NEED one.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Ah, crap, may have gotten that wrong because it isn’t on the CZ website. The American Rustic is (which is 7.62×39 or 6.5 G) and the carbine is (7.62×39 or .223), but not the carbine rustic. I’ll ask and update with verified info tomorrow. …I suspect you’re right, though, as most companies tend to stick with longer barrels for 6.5 G even though it’s pretty good from an 18″.

      1. avatar James Wilson says:

        I emailed CZ as well. We’ll see what they say. The sweet spot for 6.5 Grendel would likely be the 527FS and a 20 inch barrel.

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          You were right on. The carbine version is only available in 7.62×39. The longer, American Rustic is available in that caliber plus 6.5 G.

  4. avatar Craig Fitz says:

    I love mine had it about a month now . Iron sights for the life of me I can’t fiqure out elevation adjustment . Got the trigger spring kit but nobody wants to put it in for me . Still a lot of fun.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Elevation is adjusted via the front sight on the 455, right? Loosen the screw then move the blade up or down in the dovetail. Moving it lower would move point of impact up.

      1. avatar Craig Fitz says:

        Not sure what a 455 is I have the scorpion evo 3 pistol.

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          Oh my bad. The front on that uses a standard AR-15 front sight post. You’ll need a front sight post adjustment tool to do it easily. I think the Scorp ships with one, though…it’s a little steel prong/fork looking thing.

  5. avatar M1Lou says:

    Just bought a scorpion. Still waiting on the brace. So far I really like it. I’m digging the Grendel bolt gun!

  6. avatar Mark Horning says:

    Only thing that A2 needs to be perfect is a flat MSH, which is easy to swap.

  7. avatar Old Region Fan says:

    Anybody know where we can get the hats ? Not on CZs website ?

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Yeah, turns out they were a special thing just for the NRA show…

  8. avatar Jeffro says:

    Is there a MSRP for that A2? I can never have enough 1911’s and that one has me ‘Jonesin’.

  9. avatar =BCE56= says:

    Looks like I’ll have to make some room for that sweet little X 39 Carbine!

    …And save up for a DW Valkyrie…

  10. avatar =BCE56= says:

    I took delivery on the CZ 527 Carbine last week.
    My choice was the “Rustic” model with wood stock in a distressed or aged treatment. Checkering is sharp and clean, wood to metal fit is good but not perfect- barrel is freefloated, slightly more clearance on one side.
    Machining is well done: few tool marks, no burrs, edge breaks are fairly sharp but clean and uniform. Bolt cycles smoothly and is well finished in the white. The newer, redesigned bolt handle blued. Semigloss metal finish and nice bluing everywhere.
    18″ barrel #2 contour is flawlessly ground and 1:9.5″ rifling appears perfect.
    Trigger as supplied is surprisingly good- breaks clean at an estimated 4#. Set trigger is lighter with considerable overtravel. Both are adjustable for takeup, break and overtravel. I doubt I will mess w/adjustmennts and I have no need of the set function. This is not a target rifle.
    Hooded front sight is replaceable for elevation and dovetailed rear sight drift adjustable. These are a good match for a carbine of this type and finer than the buckhorn sights on a typical levergun.
    50 meter test target supplied W/ rifle showed a 1″ 3-rd group at 50 meters.
    Also purchased a Leupold 1-4 X 20 Compact scope, and Warne #1BM1 rings (the shortest I could find.) Mounted and bore sighted, this combination clears the eyepiece bell with room to spare, and at only 9.5″ long does not overscope the little carbine.
    Unfortunately I was unable to test fire on this trip.

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