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From ported barrels to long slides, Olive Drab to front slide serrations, to metal sights and night sights plus extended controls, GLOCK will be releasing a special production run just for this summer. Availability begins June 1st. GLOCK’s press release and more photos follow . . .

GLOCK Announces Special Pistol Production for Summer

SMYRNA, GA. – Apr 28, 2017 GLOCK, Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most popular pistol, announces a special production run of pistols for the summer. Each GLOCK pistol included in the special production run was designed and engineered to respond directly to the needs of our customers. Some models have a specific purpose, while others serve a broader range of uses and interests. The special summer pistols feature models that are enhanced for consumer application and enthusiast appeal and will be available at dealers beginning June 1, 2017.

The most unique pistols of the summer specials are the G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4 with front serrations, steel sights, and extended controls. “GLOCK strives to provide perfection in all of our products and these special production pistols provide additional enhancements. The front serrations and extended controls make it easier to conduct handgun press checks and enable faster disassembly and easier manipulation of the slide” stated Bob Radecki, National Sales Manager at GLOCK. The G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4 with front serrations are suitable for people with varying levels of shooting experience.

Also among the pistols produced for the summer are the G17C Gen4 and the G19C Gen4, which offer compensated slides, the G24 Gen3 and the G17L Gen3, and various Olive Drab “OD” models including the G17, G19, G26 and G34 in Gen3 and Gen4 along with the G43. All pistol models included in this special production run will deliver on the GLOCK promise of safety, reliability, and simple operation, all at an affordable price.
In addition to the summer specials, GLOCK, Inc. will also begin production of pistols with factory-installed night sights. Night sights are a self-luminous, three dot sight that enhance low light shooting capabilities. The models available with factory-installed night sights are the G17 Gen4, G19 Gen4, G42 and G43.

For more information about the GLOCK special production pistols for summer, contact GLOCK, Inc., or go to
About GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite among military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2016, GLOCK celebrated its 30th Anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties, GLOCK pistols offer users of every lifestyle confidence they can rely on. GLOCK, Inc. is based in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, please visit

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      • When its your third piece. Man’s got to know his limitations.

        All I’m asking for is a flat 19 that accepts 43 mags and an OEM extended eight rounder, a “real” gun I can stow anywhere. Seriously, green guns get a pass but my request for function is belittled as fashion? Go home! 😉

        • I’m in. I just bought a 43 and was just thinking it would be nice to have a 19-sized pistol as slim a 43.

          I’ll take 2.

        • Sorry, instead of a ‘flat G19’, how about losing those hipster skinny jeans…


        • Believe me I am not a hipster. Nor do I play one on TV.

          And I damned sure don’t have any skinny jeans

          I just like sleek pistols if I want wide, I’ll carry an N frame Smith in 41 or 44.


        • When it comes to this website “skinny jeans” aren’t the problem. Guns not resting on their hips correctly tends to have more to do with the extra 15% bodyfat they are lugging around.

        • I think you need to look at Kahr. Once you learn how to use the trigger, they’ve got everything you want.

          Want a thin, tiny 9mm? Get a Kahr CM9. Want more capacity? CW9–7 rounds. CT9–8 rounds. And the CT9 is about the size of a single stack G19.

          They’re inexpensive. Very underpriced. Did I mention the larger mags fit in the smallest pistol? Yeah,they do. Just like the small frame Glocks. Magazine compatibility among handguns is a good thing.

          They’re thin. Just about the thinnest 9mms on the market.

          I own Kahrs and Glocks, have taken them all apart, and the Value Line Kahrs are the equal of Glocks any day. The steel framed Kahrs are as well made and finished as custom pistols, in my experience.

          Serious, friend, take look at Kahr. The trigger is excellent once you learn it.

    • I have a g43 wit a taran tactical +3 baseplate .

      Essentially a single stack 19 or 26

      Can still use smaller mags if needed

      • Mpinohio, I used to love that setup, and it can work very well for pretty much anyone. For someone of my frame, however, it’s less than optimal.

        Here’s the deal: go to a gunstore with a patient clerk that stocks a selection of Kahrs. Get permission to put the the MK/CM/PM# in your pocket, wiggle your leg, pat yourself down, get a sense impression. NOW, put the K/CW/P model in there. EVEN BETTER: put the TP/CT model in there and do a little dance. Over six feet in cargo pants? Why not, shove a G19 down there. On the pat down, the larger gun prints like the NYT, but ///what// prints? The grip. On a thin pocketed semi-auto, really, truly, the grip alone gives you away.

        My revelation came when, as a 6′ 3″ snubby guy, I got the “dumb” idea of putting a 4″ DAO 64 in my pocket after a purchase. Not only did the stunt save me $20 for a crappy case, but I forgot I had it in there over the drive home. I’d never carry something like that “for real”, but I realized that if you can carry an LCR in your front pocket, you can fit something a good deal larger than a PM9, at least in the muzzle end. This goes double for IWB carry if you aren’t too flabby. There’s a limit (now, take a seat), but we seldom skirt it.

        I’ve got a few weeks left in my spring from hell, then I need to get back into writing. Let me make my case in a month.

        • Kahr is a company whose first product was a concealed carry handgun. The K9 was a revelation—-but didn’t sell well because of cost. But when the P9 hit the market? Groundbreaking. Nobody was making a single stack polymer 9mm at all, never mind one that thin.

          But they were still expensive. Now the Value Series is Kahr’s big seller,and I’ve been nothing but happy with my inexpensive Kahrs. My CM9 is PPK small in 9mm, and will put seven rounds into a single hole at seven yards all day long. I’ve only been able to induce one malfunction, and that was while shooting weak hand only.

          Kahrs are severely under-exposed. It’s strange that so few people carry them, but those of us who own them tend to like them very much. I have a G43 but I carry my CM9 more. It’s just smaller.

  1. there was something different about these? wow, I missed it I guess…. still the same pistol I’ve seen since I was a kid. pass.

  2. That’s nice, Glock.

    Now put that nice, front-serrated slide on that 19M frame you purposefully and completely left out of this whole summer special thing and we will be one step closer to your tag-line of “perfection”.

    And would it kill you to actually put a 1913 rail on ALL your guns, and not just the 21SF? Seriously. It’s like you have all the good ideas we want but you don’t know how to put them all into ONE freakin’ gun. And for that, you suck.

    • You know, I wish they made the front slide serrations standard from the start. That’s much closer to perfection.

  3. G17L MOS. Single plane focus and loooong sight radius if the batteries die–catnip for old eyes.

  4. I may buy one. I need a bone stock G19. I ran a modded slide version this weekend and it jammed constantly. That said, so did 2 other Glocks, a 19 and a 17. One of the 19s mysteriously lost the firing pin safety/spring. I can’t figure out that one.
    For me, it was absolutely maddening, as I’d run that gun flawlessly before. No idea what happened. No matter my thumb position, I can’t seem to keep it off the slide lock/release.
    I don’t need to shoot a Glock well, I have other guns. It just drives me crazy that I can’t.

  5. Serrations on the front end of the slide are essential for…
    what, exactly?

    Seriously, I have never had the urge to grab a pistol that close to the muzzle.

  6. I just want a backstrap adapter for my 43 and some better texture on the grips like other gen 4 glock.

    Also a +1 glock baseplate for my 43.

    Perfection? Please.

    The 43 is the only Glock I own…or like.

  7. Looks like they finally realized how much money they were leaving on the table.
    My G19 was treated by tactical firearms solutions in their “battle worn” nickel boron coating. After front serrations and other slide cuts.
    Looks really nice now. Not all blocky.

  8. Still finger grooves? One of the biggest complaints of the gen 3 and 4, and still glock believes in “one size fits all” finger spacing…….

  9. And in other news, the grass on my summer lawn has grown a whole half-inch!!!

    Really wish Glock would push the envelope a little more….

    • Why they haven’t made a deal with an optics firm. G34/17/19/whatever preloaded with a Trijicon Tennifer and $50 off the package separately.

      Sig’s got Romeo, Glock could make a package deal (even a custom) with anyone.

  10. Single stack vs double stack, according to Glock (43 vs 26) is .16 inches, really? It’s all in your mind.

    • “Single stack vs double stack, according to Glock (43 vs 26) is .16 inches, really? It’s all in your mind.”

      Well I hope that’s comparing widest point vs widest point and that the G43 is still substantially less bulky overall. It can’t be so much thinner in the slide, either slide has to handle the 9mm round and that’s the primary limitation on its width. It should be able to cut more of the bulk in the frame. On my G19 the frame is actually slightly wider than the slide, and on the G43 I handled the frame was slightly narrower than the slide. I think more than a .16 inch difference but can’t be sure.

    • According to my hand it’s a mile and a half.

      If you have hands like Magilla Gorilla, you may not notice.

      If you are mostly human, there is a big difference.

      I never feel like I have easy control of a double stack glock.

      The 43 is slim and easy to wrap my hand around ( i wear a size large glove).

      Go figure – I like the small wood grips with a Tyler T-Grip on J frames too. All those super-padded grips just make it harder for me to get a good grip.

  11. These specials are a joke, Glock is getting surpassed by so many other manufacturers and have been overrated for years. Many pistols already come right out of the box with all these options and fully ambidextrous and bettet ergos, never understood the Glock hype. People buy them then toss hundreds of dollars out for upgrades just to make them good, like new trigger, sights etc. My Vp9 has it all over the Glock hands down in my opinion.

  12. It’s a Glock not an iPhone. Tech innovation is what everyone wants but mechanical/ergonomic innovation is far different. Glock’s playing the long game. Let Springfield pump out “innovation.”

    (Of course I’m kidding)

  13. I can’t believe that Glock just adds a couple of cocking serrations at the front of the slide and offers an olive drab frame, and people are going to line up to buy them. [Shaking my head.]

    Anyway, who do I send my deposit to?

  14. Why oh why, is there no Gen 4 G17L??? Why not offer the front serrations and the compensated both on the same gun, why just one or the other? Why not offer the compensated on the G34 or G17L??


    But seriously… I’ve been waiting for a Gen 4 G17L for years. Might as well get some front serrations and ported/compensated too, while you’re at it.

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