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A man who was having dinner outside Louisville’s La Chasse restaurant over the weekend drew a handgun when multiple Black Lives Matter members — including what a restaurant employee described as “multiple armed protesters” — entered the property and began harassing customers.

From the New York Post . . .

The demonstrators were marching to Churchill Downs to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, who was shot dead by local cops in a botched drug raid last year, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Here’s video of part of the incident tweeted by the Courier-Journal’s Hayes Gardner . . .

“During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms,” police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley told the outlet.

Five protest-related arrests were made, including a suspect charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon and first-degree wanton endangerment of an officer, Fox said.

This is similar to incidents that happened last fall, such as the diners at a Washington, D.C. restaurant who were accosted and challenged to raise a fist in solidarity with BLM. Those who didn’t were berated.

Harassing diners in restaurants doesn’t seem to be a winning proposition for BLM members who say they want racial justice. Screaming at people for eating their dinner doesn’t win hearts and minds. And they more BLM or any other group engages in that kind of threatening behavior, the more they increase the chances of someone like the man La Chasse pulling a trigger.

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    • Yes indeed! The NAA Facebook fan page had this story yesterday. They say the old man held off a violent crowd with it (NAA Pug, 22WMR). The video shows that the highly animated black woman who was shooing people away was really the hero here. She got them all to move.

      • So a 75% white Black Lives Matter protest tried to disrupt a Black-owned business… makes sense to me.

        • Maybe they were blocked by the protestors. Nice victim-shaming though you stubborn mule.

        • Yeah dipshit. Because that always works when you’re surrounded and being threatened.

      • I was appalled when I saw that it was a NAA mini revolver (not even an LCP or J-frame). I usually carry either a LCP or a J-framr. If I was in Antifa land, I would definitely carry a double stack pistol and a couple spare mags.

  1. Every responsible gun owner should view this situation with great caution. IF the “protestors” were in fact armed, and I have no reason to doubt the report, patrons could have had a “reasonable belief of imminent bodily harm,” which is the DEFENSE you’d raise if you’re prosecuted. Anyone who has taken the MAG 40 class, or a good CCL class, knows this.

    My point is knee jerk cheering in this situation (which at least a small part of all who read these post have) is not a good idea. Situations tend to develop a mind of their own which no one person can control. And depending on your local prosecutor, the “good guy with a gun” could turn into a defendant, like the McCloskeys in St. Louis.

    I have no idea what I would have done in that situation. I pray I never have to find out.

    • Um did you watch the video? Two of the individuals in the protesters group were wearing plate carriers, had AR15s slung, and pistols on their hip. One of them appears to have a pistol in his hand in the beginning of the video. With all that said, I’m not sure drawing a pistol was a good idea. Regardless of your perspective, open carrying alone does not justify the use of deadly force. Should also not abandon basic tactics… pulling what appears to be a .22 against two guys with ARs and plates, with no cover of your own, is generally a very bad idea… unless you are trying to be a martyr.

      • Yeah, I did watch it, more than once. And yeah, I did see the slings and what appeared to be ARs. But, I never take one perspective video for granted.

        And, your other points are very well made.

        • The only people low enough to upset a meal are telemarketers or a bunch of marching drama queen lowlifes with nothing but democRat Propaganda Poop for brains. It appears the brown shirts got the short end of the stick. Question is…Were restraurant patrons in danger? That’s an Affirmative.

        • “The only people low enough to upset a meal are telemarketers or a bunch of marching drama queen lowlifes with nothing but democRat Propaganda Poop for brains.“

          Are you talking about the gun rights protest at a chipotle restaurant or at the Jack-in-the-Box facility?

          “Question is…Were restraurant patrons in danger? That’s an Affirmative.“

          You bet! That’s what they told police:

          “Officers spoke with Jack-in-the-Box employees who reported that they feared for their lives and believed they were being robbed. They locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them,” reads a statement from the Fort Worth Police Department. “The demonstration had no signage that would have alerted anyone to their real purpose, and to our knowledge they did not attempt to contact anyone in the Fort Worth Police Department to advise us prior to the demonstration.”

          All these different gun rights groups storming restaurants is not a good idea.

          I think Congress needs to do a better job of disciplining the militia.

        • There are several video’s from different angles and lengths on youtube. Ponytail woman – wearing armor and a full size on dropleg rig. More than one patron with his hand full of pistol. Don’t take anyone’s word for what went down.

        • Miner49er, the news story you quoted — without attribution, because I think you know this — is complete crap. A fabrication. Fake news. A couple of hoplophobic Karens hyperventilated over armed citizens buying fast-food burgers near a peaceful public rally, and the mass-media quislings spun it into a fanciful tale of terror custom-made for the five-o’clock news.

          It was not in any way equivalent to what happened here, and you damn well know it.

      • The guy with the rifle or carbine had his hands on the grip of the weapon and his finger on the trigger guard, even though it was slung. That is analogous to unholstering a pistol. Wouldn’t that qualify as brandishing and maybe even assault? I have no real problems with holstered pistols and slung weapons carried peaceably in public. When the pistol comes out of the holster or there are hands on a rifle I see that as imminently hostile and time to act.

    • If some guy is walking around harassing diners with his hands actually on a rifle as opposed to a holstered pistol or a slung rifle, no hands on, he needs to be shot on sight.

  2. the more they increase the chances of someone like the man La Chasse pulling a trigger.

    They just haven’t “screamed” in the right face “YET” (well there was AK boy in Austin last year)… The more they are allowed to violate citizens civil rights and Constitutional guarantees, the bolder they get… Menacing/threatening with a firearm (especially Mr. “Tacticool” with the tats and the “hidden?” handgun) in Florida WOULD have gotten several of them shot, possibly killed… Think before you act is a lost concept to those people…

    • Location location location. I do not see much of the middle of the country being a great environment for these tactics (or Florida). But there are plenty of population centers to terrorize in the blue zone.

      • Then let them carry on their ignorant terrorist bullshit in those “safe” (for them) Blue Zones, because they sure as fuck are not welcome here… Planning a run to to Sturgis SD in Aug along with about 300,000 other motorcycle enthusiasts, Antifa punk got stupid last year, wonder if they will show up again this year…

        • Those were fun videos to watch especially when the one punk had the visual realization the only thing keeping him unharmed (mostly) was the police.

        • It is fortunate that no one wound up in prison for killing one of those dumb asses…

  3. I’m so glad I left the city. As it is the occasional wokey jokey I encounter out here is obnoxious enough. I couldn’t imagine dealing with Zerg rushes of these morons daily.

    • Having to go into Albany every so often for physical office requirements has been fun. BLM/Rainbow flags to distract from roads increasingly worse than Philly/Camden/Afghanistan and several buildings still boarded up from last year’s riots and several keeping wood in the back room just in case. If not for federal bailouts we might actually have to address problems here in NY

  4. Well the bad guys appear to armed with at least one rifle and wearing soft body armor, LVL II or LVL IIIa. Pretty brave guy to stand them down with a NAA Mini Revolver.

    If he had a larger pistol in 9mm, 45ACP or even 44 Magnum, those vests are going to make center of mass shots useless, it is the head or nothing. Most people aren’t that good a shot, especially if the targets start to move dynamically, after the shooting begins.

    I have to say, a FN Five-Seven with the good ammo seems to be the only choice, for a handgun is this situation. If the bad guys jump up to LVL III (Rifle rated)or LVL IV (30-06 AP Rated), you are back to head shots and lots of luck.

    As the Police always say, “Only the Bad Guys know when a Gun Fight is going to happen” and for civilians, it is hard or impossible to prepare for these situations in daily life. Violence of Action is your only choice and the NAA isn’t going to work and neither is my EDC, Ruger LCPII.

    Wonderful Place America, I guess this is what “Defund the Police” looks like, armed bands of Marxist Cadres patrolling the street, intimidating the common people, while the police stand by and watch. Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Venezuela’s government armed people’s militia’s have come to America, Kentucky, no less.

    • No body armor…two shots to the thoracic. Body armor…shot straight to the ocular in the head.

      Agreed on the need for larger gun in 9mm or such. The NAA pop gun is suitable for a last-ditch backup only, not to face off against multiple armed, armored, and aggressive protagonists.

      Now that BLM/Antifa/NFAC/Whatever are showing up to the party armed, it’s only a matter of time before someone defends themselves and pops off rounds. It started with Kyle…

    • If 3a for the .06 NIJ revision most if not all civilian accessible 5.7 ammo would be about as useful as hot 9mm. Madmaxx beat me to going for the pelvic girdle and/or head. It is also quite possible there is nothing in the vest but all around not a good plan for the instigators short of creating a martyr.

      • Uhm- Elite Ammunition sells T6b, S4m, and DevestaTOR to civilians. Pre pandemic, you could easily find SS198LF, which will rip through a IIIa vest. The EA stuff will rip through III.

        The reality is, terrorists and BLM/Antifa are wearing armor now. The NAA .22 isn’t going to do much. 9mm hollow points aren’t going to do much. 5.7 is best for engaging multiple armored targets, just like what we see in this video.

        Also- does the NAA even have a trigger guard? Why not go for the Seacamp in .32 for NPE carry?

        • Looks like I have some reading to do on 5.7 availability and specs as some of that looks beyond the more recent 5.7 rated 3a. I doubt it will be much in stock for my area but reloading could be an option later on. With that said until 5.7 is as common as 357 sig guess what I have available for this purpose. Mostly just hoping newer ballistic panels are not issued to the goons if it comes to it.

        • On closer study of elite ammo there is a lot of promise in a hardened but not armor piercing core of a light copper projectile in a higher pressure load. Narrower version of what I have looked at in other calibers so much better chance of newer vest penetration. On the down side everything is on backorder but they at least ship to NY through FFL so could be available if things get kinda normal later on. Thank you for the correction I was too used to not being able to pick up anything steel cored from a decade ago to consider 5.7 going the solid copper projectile route.

  5. The “Man Bun” guy with the vest appears to have a TAVOR in 5.56 slung in the downward position, with a sidearm, maybe a Glock. The other guy with the vest, has a sidearm and some kind of carbine at his side, maybe a PCC. Not sure about the female with the tan vest?

    The customer is the red pants, keep daring them to bring it on with his left hand, while his right hand is probably ready to draw whatever he is carrying?

    • He didn’t just have it slung. He had his hands on it including a finger on the trigger guard. I would see that as a threatening posture. I believe that is brandishing.

      • . I believe that is brandishing.

        More like conveying a threat… Both rifle guy AND “tacticool” with the handgun “hidden” behind his leg are in what I would consider a threatening (ready) posture…

  6. If ya look real close on the left side of the woman who keeps yelling “no”, you will see what I think is her own little pink pistol. She probably thought, she, along with the other protesters, could intimidate the people there; just like has happened to other diners, as has been previously broadcast on tv. However, the situation suddenly changed when the other person pulled his own firearm, and she realized that some of the scum that was harassing innocent people could be shot, she then tried to get them to move along. Maybe when some of the BLM people and other protesters get their ass shot, they will realize that bothering people could be hazardous to their health.

  7. The difference being that the “common people” here in the US are well-armed and could eliminate the Marxist brownshirts/antifa/BurnLootMurderers on sight if they so desired. Apparently most people do not so desire. Yet.

    • Yep it sure looks like a North American Arms pug to me. And I owned one. A great gun to carry if you’re in a very nice restaurant enjoying yourself. And you don’t want anyone else to know you’re carrying a gun.

        • I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry II (.45acp), everywhere I go, and the only ones who know are the people that know me personally…

  8. Some gun is better than no gun. But that little pea shooter won’t do much against a mob. As usual as lot of the BLM mob are white leftwing kids, maybe even the majority. Anarchy is a fun pastime! Who is ready for another summer of peace and justice? Oh wait no justice no peace that’s what they said.

    • They will scatter like cockroaches at the sound of the first shot being fired.

      • Ideally yes and probably in most cases. My worry is one of the degens will pop off a few random shots on the way out and hit those who are not involved (like a lot of gang shootings)

  9. I’m always curious of how the law applies to this type of situation. Were any of the BLM jerks pointing a gun toward him, etc. (?) None of the mob(sters) would show their firearms if police arrived, so his legal defense may be difficult to prove. All that said, I would do the same as this guy if I were confronted, so I’ll plan not to be in places where I could be run up on by these mobs.

    People need training, needless to say. It looks like he is brandishing, which will probably get him a visit in a couple days. Why don’t people know the basics, like not pointing the gun at people?

    I haven’t heard how this ended. But I think about how bad it could have gone. Because normal good guys with a gun don’t get training this could have been real bad for him. His choice in taking a defensive stand could have had many negative scenarios, like he could have been bear sprayed then overrun by the group and had his gun taken, or he could’ve started shooting if sprayed and several people shot or even killed by one of them.

    I’m leaning toward staying away from major cities and places where this can happen. I’m changing my habits, and preparing for the worst, but steering clear of it best I can. The customers dining there are clearly the victims and don’t deserve the mobs abuse. If cities won’t deal with their protesters and mobs, then the cities will go on without my visits or money spent in them. It’s not worth the threat.

    • Robster,

      You are asking the right questions and there are no easy/simple/good answers.

      In my humble opinion, whether or not the mob had firearms is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that a group of reasonably physically-fit people have the ability to easily and quickly impart life threatening/fatal injuries with nothing more than their bare hands and feet much less all of the available improvised bludgeons (e.g. chairs) that were within arm’s reach.

      Now, had the mob simply been vocal/vulgar while walking down the street and demonstrating, that is absolutely NOT an imminent and credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death. The moment that the mob stopped and directed anger and aggression at the dining patrons, that is when I believe a dining patron is justified to brandish–and brandish only, not shoot–a firearm. Note that brandishing would involve holding your handgun in your hand at a “low ready” position and not directly aimed at anyone.

      Disclaimer: the above is my personal opinion–I am NOT an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice.

      • I think what both of you are trying to say is “Engage Brain before taking the safety off.” What’s between the ears is much more important than what’s in the hand.

        • I know I didn’t click idiots link but let’s talk about this point:

          Has anyone on this forum EVER rented a car to have it stolen and then found with a dead body inside?

          The last thing I want to be bothered with is a mob without a clue. Breonna Taylor wasn’t an angel to put it nicely. Her family made roughly 20 million dollars over her death. 12 million from Louisville, Kentucky and about 8 million from GoFundMe.

          Enough Already, Stop the fake outrage over this. Burn Loot Murder knows she was dirty. They use it as an excuse to harass people who are just trying to enjoy themselves. They should buy a clue.

        • I clicked and read the article — nothing in it bears any resemblance to this incident.

          Miner49er either has an appalling lack of reading comprehension, or he’s a liar trying to create false equivalence. No, wait…I think it’s both.

      • Ingrid, I guess it went right over your head.

        There have been many times when gun rights organizations have ‘stormed’ restaurants in an open carry display, it is interesting to note the difference in reactions from most on this list.

        • Miner, you marked your own claim as spurious when you put it in scare quotes. You KNOW you’re lying.

          The 2A people didn’t storm a restaurant; they went in quietly and ordered food, like any normal person would. The people in this incident *did* storm the restaurant; they were not customers, but invaders whose sole intent was to disrupt and harass.

  10. Okay, I admit I’m a country bumpkin, but why is he holding his weapon like that? Shouldn’t he be in a low ready position?

    When I see a pistol held like that, I keep thinking what would it take to slap or grab that weapon out of his hand.

    • No the well armed mob violated his personal space. That is all that was necessary. They backed off. And no one got shot.

  11. I remember when people told me concealed carrying my Five-seveN was stupid idea. When BLM/Antifa are carrying Tavors and wearing armor in public now, I’m loading up my Five-seveN with with EA t6b. I use a Safariland GLS holster and have Jay from EA’s accurizing package.

    *Also- @Ing, the “brownshirts” referred to the SA, which were probably the furthest thing from Marxists. Stop comparing everything you don’t like to Germans.

    • Nazi stands for National Socialists. Communists are International Socialists….a distinction without a difference. Both are totalitarian scum who need a fatal beating.

      • Marxists are left wing- read the Communist Manifesto. It advocates getting rid of marriages and families.

        National socialists/3rd positionists/Peronism/lee kwan yew/etc… are right wing- who all implemented natalist policies. The “alt-right” supports guns rights.

        Gegory- c’mon. Would you rather live in Vichy France? Or live in America 2021 where we fly the rainbow flag at our embassies?

        • where we fly the rainbow flag at our embassies?

          And in the halls of the Capitol building…

        • BS, Mr. “rethink your spiffy niche cartridge.” The SA were not “the furthest thing from Marxists,” and I am not without knowledge here.

          I’ve read the Communist Manifesto (it lived in my home library for 22 years, until I turned it into confetti with my shotgun a few weeks ago) and plenty of postmodern theory. I went to grad school with some of the people who are masterminding the current cultural Marxist putsch, and I know how they think and what they believe.

          It’s time to rethink your left/right paradigm. It was established in France around European ideologies and is a poor fit at best for American beliefs. In Europe, EVERY “wing” is socialist. The Nazis were the uber-right wing of socialism, the communists were/are the far left wing, and the moderates are…you guessed it…democratic socialists.

          One of many reasons why it continues to be superimposed on American politics is that it lets the cognoscenti, who have been socialist believers for 100+ years now, tar everyone who is not far enough left with the fascism brush. (Meanwhile, if you want to see fascism at work in the US, look into the history of the progressive movement in the early- to mid-20th century.)

          Finally, forget the distorted history and textbook definitions and LOOK at what antifa and BLM are doing in the streets: functionally, they’re doing the same job as Hitler’s brownshirts. I probably shouldn’t use that term because it sends people down all the wrong rabbit holes, but it is accurate.

          @Gregory duPont, absolutely right: totalitarians of *any* stripe are scum who need a fatal beating.

      • Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

        • And history teaches up that not enough people will ever know enough history lessons. Do learn history but the human race is doomed to repeat it.

      • Well… lookie here….. we have a badaz in our midst……too bad he’d be first to lay in the fetal position before being dragged to the gas chamber lol

  12. “Five protest-related arrests were made, including a suspect charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon and first-degree wanton endangerment of an officer, Fox said.”

    LOL Why am I not surprised? There’s always a violent felon or three with them.

  13. What a lot of protesters don’t understand is that Kentucky is not Colorado. And Louisville is not Portland. Louisville is not Seattle. Louisville is not the District of Columbia. I know many of these protesters are not from around here. In fact I believe many of them come from States that have very strict gun control laws. Or they certainly come from cities that have strict local gun control laws.

    So these people are really ignorant about the society, Kentucky, that they have just stepped into. Fortunately the born-again Christian Governor we had, Matt Bevin, signed constitutional carry into law. Before he was voted out of office by the corrupt teachers unions in the state.

    Louisville is a corrupt Democrat Party run City. But the self-defense laws in the Commonwealth of Kentucky strongly favored the law-abiding. So even in Louisville you have a right to defend yourself. Kentucky has strong preemption laws that prevent counties and cities from passing local gun control laws.
    I don’t see anything wrong with what this man did. Drawing his gun and pointing at what was a threat. Sometimes you don’t have to pull the trigger to defend yourself.

    The mob is a weapon. And the mob is always well-armed. And you have every right to defend yourself against a well armed mob.

    An armed Society is a much more polite Society isn’t it??? The mob was forced to be more polite.

    • And you’ve still got a strong supporter of 2A and pro gun in your AG… Hopefully the people will get their fill of the Beshear family this time, if not good luck, born and raised in the Bluegrass State…

      • Hopefully the Beshear “Adolf Hitler” family will leave and move to some Democrat stronghold like the District of Columbia. The current AG is a black Republican. And the previous lieutenant governor was a black female libertarian. That is something I’m sure most Libertarians don’t know outside of Kentucky. She was the first black to be elected Statewide in the Commonwealth.

        • Libertarian in the founding fathers sense or the dude weed lmao sense? We really only have the second over here so would be fun to learn more if the first category applies.

  14. Need to start a go fund me account to buy that fellow a gun.

    Or at least some water and fertilizer so it can grow to full size.

  15. I have NO problem fucking up a BLM protester getting in my face. PERIOD.
    & I don’t care what the color is.

  16. This is the second time people at a sidewalk restaurant have had to put up with these degenerates. Why would you select that kind of location to eat, especially in cities where BLM slimeballs and Antifa degenerates are known to be present in significant numbers?

    I would have walked out whether my food had been delivered and without paying….the owner failed to provide proper security. It is a fools errend to engage with those kind of people especially if you are responible for anyone elses safety

  17. After watching some videos of gangbangers in action. I do see a great need for an AR with a higher capacity magazine and hollow point bullets. And that comes from a guy that used to think a shotgunm was all that was needed.
    If cops could turn a blind eye to just one B S protest and let We The People do our thing violently peaceful protest wouldn’t be so popular.

    • “If cops could turn a blind eye“

      Yep, that’s Truth, Justice and the American way!

    • think of a photo I once saw of a group of taliban eating in a similar establishment…with belt-fed guns stacked neatly at their side…maybe that’s what it’s going to come to?

  18. These protesters are very lucky. They didn’t touch this innocent man who was enjoying his meal. On the other hand the protesters attacked Kyle Rittenhouse. Who was not harming anyone. Just like this innocent man enjoying his meal.

    Hopefully the Kyle Rittenhouse example will be the only one necessary. To stop the “mostly peaceful” protesters. When innocent law-abiding people display their guns. The rioters back off.

    Where we’re the police????

    • I know. They were making sure the freedom of speech freaks have the right to be rude and nasty in public.

      Well I have news for the freaks. The public in red constitutional carry States don’t have to put up with your sh!t.

  19. If a .22 minirevolver is all the gun you are carrying, keep it concealed until you feel justified in sticking it in someone’s groin and emptying the cylinder.

    After watching this, I think that I might start carrying my S&W 1006 or even my Desert Eagle in . 50 AE. Some .30 AP loaded into .50 sabots would be useful.

    • The reloader in me could give several reasons why your Desert Eagle hypothetical load would be a horrible idea………… the mad scientist in me is sad that I cant try to make it work anyway.

  20. Steve Crowler had a great little skit about that on his YT channel. Some thug rolls up to the old guy with a knife, and the old guy grabs his chest and hollers “I need an ambulance! I need an ambulace!”, before the old guy pulls his revolver and quips “But not for me!”

    Pure comedy.

  21. Somehow the old cliché “An armed society is a polite society” just does not seem to fit in here very well.

  22. My buddy works about a half mile from here. He showed me some video where AR dude couldn’t seem to keep the mag in. I take comfort in that.
    If he’ll send me the video, I’ll pass it along here. Surely good for some laughs.

  23. I read a bunch here about what gun would be the best. So I am going to add my 2 cents about what would be best. I have never had anyone to dispute it either. The best gun you will ever have is the one in your hand when you need it.

  24. I think rule #1 worked to perfection here…the oldtimer probably knew he was outgunned, and had the idea he would at least take 1 or 2 of those losers with him out…sometimes it just isn’t going to be your day…but, even with heavier firepower the the lunatics backed up…’it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of fight in the dog’…a NAA did exactly what it was intended to do…

  25. All the idiots posting about how bad the NAA mini revolver are obviously immature kids who probably don’t own ANY firearms and are paying
    posing online as adults…..

    That NAA would be MORE than enough to defend yourself at the distance shown in the video…. the point isn’t to GO TO WAR with it…. the point is to DEFEND YOUR LIFE, which the. 22WMR would do nicely….
    The true test that shuts these idiots mouths is whenever you ask them where would they want to be shot to test their theory that the NAA is insufficient……….*crickets*

    • 22WMR would do nicely….

      Firm believer in the .22 WMR as a backup, but a shot to the head/neck OR the groin area will get attention of the NEXT individual you point it at… I know cops that carry .22 WMR as backup and sometimes I do as well… That being said the posture of the guy in the video did not instill a lot of confidence in me concerning his abilities/competence OR his resolve to carry through as necessary…

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