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In the video below, our friend at Forgotten Weapons remembers the prices for collectible guns at Jame D. Julia’s fall auction. How much did a collector pay for an original [actual] assault rifle? How about the Confederate Whitworth sniper rifle? Make the jump and yes watch the video to find out. Meanwhile, own any collectibles?

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  1. I’ve got an awesome 2 barrel gentleman’s pocket pistol. Chambered in .32S&W. English walnut grips and silver nails. Individual triggers and converging barrels at about 9 feet. Has 1895 but not that 1897 Austrian proof markings on it. No idea who made it and probably not worth anything. But collectible to me for whatever stories its previous carriers hid in its history!

    • Got a wonderful 1800’s Under Lever 28 Gauge Pin Fire Shotgun. Beautiful etching, glorious wood stock, even a box of shells. It’s a real looker!

      This gun is completely worthless because like all my family heirlooms, a monetary value can only be placed on something that is for sale. But auction sites with similar machines but lacking the Shotgun Sam Family pedigree are asking between $800-$1400.

    • I still own my Marlin Glenfield Model 60. I bought it at K-mart for $39.95 over 40 years ago when I was 16 and could now buy a gun. I don’t care what Julia might value it at. It’s priceless to me.

  2. Love the early Colt percussions — Pockets/Navys/Armys. Especially classic are the Navy squarebacks. Hopefully values will keep climbing as the years go by to ‘fund’ my retirement.

  3. Unfortunately, I have not achieved a level of financial success that enables me to justify purchasing any firearm priced above $1,000. Thus I have no collectible firearms.

  4. not much.
    an all campy/ reynolds international that i garbage picked.
    a bevel driven ohc twin. and a 250sport from barcelona.
    a 3screw ruger magnum, a belgian p35 and an unfired red label (because ithaca).
    a ghia ragtop.
    an ol’ lady who thanks me.

  5. I have no idea how “collectable” they are, but two that are very precious to me:
    A Ruger MK1 Target Model circa 1978. Near mint in box.
    A “unmodified” Ruger Single Six Three-Screw model, date unknown and missing the WMR cylinder.

  6. I really enjoy Ian’s videos on Forgotten Weapons. Even my son enjoys watching the videos as well.

    I found the videos about the Madsen LMG very interesting and did more to demonstrate the operation than any number of books and descriptions (imagine a full-auto Martini-Henry that operates with about an inch of movement).

  7. I’ve got a pair of pre-safety, JM-stamped Marlin .30-30s, as well as a good deal of original M16A1 furniture. Nothing pricey or likely to appreciate much, but the Marlins are fun and practical, and the furniture made for a great retro build.

  8. I have a pretty sweet AR180 (Sterling, not as desirable as the Armalites or the Howas) and a Hi-Power with all the Belgian military acceptance marks and a 12xxx range serial number either 1935 or 36 (FN’s records not so great prior to Nazi’s taking them over.)

  9. I’ve got an original colt trooper .38 with original stocks and in good condition. Maybe not in my life time but maybe for my kids down the line.


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