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Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Despite long lines and bureaucratic delays reminiscent of the Affordable Care Act website debacle, Constitution State Governor Dannel Malloy ain’t gonna cave to Republicans calling for an extension to the registration deadline for “assault rifles” and “high capacity” ammunition magazines. “A spokesman for Gov. Dannel Malloy said the deadline, which was set six months ago, can’t be moved because it is set by statute,” reports, ignoring the President’s recent moves on the ACA. “He added that the state government will do everything it can to accommodate people who try to register firearms in advance of the deadline. Gov. Malloy said 25,000 assault weapons were registered by late last Wednesday. He said 17,000 people registered high-capacity magazines, some registering as many as 100. Malloy called the registration program successful and maintained that it has been ‘executed relatively well,’ despite the lines.”

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    • Exactly. “[T]he deadline…can’t be moved because it is set by statute”…just like the deadlines in the “Affordable” Care Act law. Procedurally, the Republicans should be petitioning the Connecticut legislature to change the law, not asking the Governor to ignore & rewrite law (like Obama has been doing).

  1. They’ll move the deadline for establishing a concealed carry bill in Illinois multiple times but won’t move this one? They really don’t care about their constituents unless they rely completely on the politician in question.

    • It is all about the agenda…there is no wrong or right it is all about being a good party soldier.

      This is while I love Kevin Spacey in “House of Cards” — I believe all politicians are like his character. I believe politics runs just like it does in that series. If the DNC tell you to do something you do it, regardless of whom you hurt — it is about power and politics

      This was all done under the disguise of “safety” If safety was the concern, they would extend the deadline a month or two. This is all about control and how many people they can catch off guard — they really do not give a crap about safety or saving lives. This about, in their minds, the eventual abolishment of firearms over time.

      • You said it right. I have a friend in state politics who tells me that the Spacey character is actually a watered down version of reality, but it’s on track. They WANT the deadline to come and go, then whoever has not registered is now a criminal, and ‘poof’ they can legally confiscate the weapon.

      • Exactly on point Pascal. The how, why and result of what you describe has been going on in CA for years.

        There’s plenty of precedent to imitate here and elsewhere. Doesn’t make it right, particularly on a constitutionally protected right, but the roadmap has been already laid out.

        • Accidental and procrastinating gun owners who didn’t comply now become a class of instant prohibited persons; exactly what the anti-gun politicians want to see happen. There is no motivation whatsoever to provide a time extension.

  2. “Malloy called the registration program successful and maintained that it has been ‘executed relatively well,’ despite the lines.””

    Well yes, to the government it has been successful. Now they know whose homes to attack in the middle of the night.

    • When I read that I thought, “That could be a quote from a Nazi party member.”

      So for Safety, you have to register. If you don’t, now you’re a criminal.

      When will they determine that for “Safety” you need to turn in those ‘assault rifles and high capacity magazines”? or now you’re a criminal. Now, we don’t have full accounting of all the assault rifles and magazines you registered. We’re coming for you because you’re a criminal.

      New law for Safety. If you ever owned a gun, you’re a criminal.

      Small incremental steps to making anything firearms related criminal

  3. The spokesman speaks as though the Governor wants to move the deadline to accommodate, but he can not by law. Let’s get real here. He wants to punish people who are gun owners. He knows they did not vote for him and will not vote for him or his party. This is a political witch hunt as much as anything. He does not care about children or safety. He only cares about moving the liberal agenda down the field.

    On a side note, why do we not have Republicans like this? You know, guys that will shove the conservative agenda down the throats of liberals?

    • Exactly!

      There is no motivation whatsoever to provide a time extension for these CT gun owners.

      And safety’s got nothing to do with it. That’s the same fiction they’ve used for years here in CA until the last go around when the super majority State Dems didn’t even bother to defend their claim of ‘safety’ when it was challenged.

  4. I wonder if the Gov. can report on how many CRIMINALS registered their guns and magazines?
    Oh, wait. Criminals don’t do that.
    So how does this law make people safe?

  5. “Gov. Malloy said 25,000 assault weapons were registered by late last Wednesday.”

    I know NY won’t realse their info, dunno about CT yet. Anyone have any info shares to his statmemt?

  6. 3.5 million in the state, 25K registered assault weapons and 17k registered standard cap mags. My guess is those numbers are inflated. That also represents items not people, so would a reasonable guesstimate based on the quantity of registered items represent 10K actual sheeple?

    Looks like there will be quite a few felons at large in CT. That gives me hope that the state is not full of boot lickers.

    • Generally speaking, there are probably a LOT of people that may own these “banned” items but aren’t like us, following all the politics and such.

      How are they informed of this new registration requirement?

      • “How are they informed of this new registration requirement?”

        They’ll be informed by a two-dozen man hit squad smashing down their door at 2am.

        • Which would be further proof that registration is unnecessary, as they ALREADY know who has them.

        • I actually don’t see it being enforced overtly. I think it would be too costly, in terms of tax dollars, the potential for disaster and the political fallout.

          The people who did register voluntarily placed themselves under the microscope. Those that did not comply will be free to go about their business as long as they are discrete. God help any of them should they want to sell/trade any item. My guess would be that is where any enforcement would take place. I think a lot of LEO’s will be trolling the classifieds, gun forums the very near future.

    • So there are several thousand more registered rifles than magazines? That doesn’t sound right. For every AR owned, I would guess that on average each owner has 10-20 mags, no?

      Maybe that tells us right there that the state of CT is pulling these numbers out of thin air.

  7. Fuck ’em.

    Leave CT. Go to Montana, Utah, Wyoming.

    Build your NFA guns whatever way you want, don’t pay the tax stamp, and fuck ’em all.

    Fuck ’em all.

    • How about going to NC or SC… You can buy anything, sell anything (short of full auto) and not have to worry about Governors like Malloy… 4 more year in this God forsaken state – then I’m out!!!

  8. Successful? I guess if you call wasting countless hours and $ to accomplish nothing related to safety or awareness then, yeah, it’s a success. Or if your goal is to whittle away at the Constitution and to turn law-abiding folks into criminals by default, then it’s a success.
    The guv says some people registered 100 or more magazines. Wanna bet what the next idea will be? Two mags per household?

      • Again, big words from someone not in the state

        How much have you contributed to fight the cause versus words on a keyboard?

        • 1. Its your state, your mess, clean up your own trash.

          2. I’ve served three oversea deployments for my country, I donate to the NRA, I vote, and I’ve attend pro gun rallies in MY state. So, unless you can say you’ve contributed at least that much to “the fight” then take your statements and your keyboard and shove them up your ass.

        • I have no idea what you did — you are a name a keyboard

          It is not my mess, it is everyone’s mess. As soon as you realize that we are all in the same fight regardless of where we live, we all loose. Contributing to the NRA only helps at the Federal level, the real fights happen at the grass roots level like the recalls in CO. CO was not an NRA victory, it was an organized people — while the spin was an NRA win, the win was really at the local level.

          You take care of your mess, I will take care of my mess attitude does not work. You did your part yesterday, what did you do today?

          If you have been around this blog or go to the CCDL website you can see damn well what I and others have done. Including working political campaign phone banks and knocking door to door and hosting various events to collect money for the eventual law suite — I am vested — way more vested than you believe.

        • Pascal, unless you can get these people out of office then it’s just spinning your tires, dude.

          Let’s say you win the eventual suite, then what? Wait for the next BS law and then sue again, that’s IF you win?

          Defense wins Super Bowls, not fights for your rights, unless CT put the politicians on notice, this kind of stuff is just going to keep on coming- just more of the same.

  9. I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a billion times. Never ever, in your life, register your guns. Or your magazines. Period.

    What was needed here was not compliance by subjects, but open and peaceful civil disobedience by citizens.

    • When they’re staring YOU down and telling you “Put them on the list or we’ll put you on OUR list”, there aren’t a lot of people with the mettle to stare back and say “NO.”

      it’s easy for a keyboard commando to spout off “RESIST AT ALL COSTS” when it’s not you doing the resisting.

        • Sure, lets take that attitude — CT is lost — lets top fighting. Where will the anti-gun dollars going go. Are they going to give up too? Look at Texas, Look at VA — maybe we should give up so they come to do damage in your state and leave mine alone — seems logical to you? You don’t believe that everything that was won in IL that there are not groups of anti-gun groups ready to steal it all back one way or another?

          Your attitude is exactly what they want

        • I don’t see a lot of protesting going on in CT, I just see a lot of bitching and people standing in line to register.

          I gave money to the Colorado recall efforts because I saw people taking a stand and doing something, I don’t see that going on with CT, so I’ll keep my money, thanks.

  10. Why get paranoid about gun registration, the govt knows where your car is registered and they dont take it unless you break the law with it.

    • Listen hear troll — the state wants you to have a car so they charge you taxes on the car and so you get your ass to work so that you can pay more taxes.

      But you tell me, can the state guarantee that if someone breaks into your home and attempts to kill you they will be able to stop that someone before they kill you? If this is all in the name of safety, do they have the names and registration of every criminal on the street with a gun too?

      Go f ur self

    • Owning a car isn’t a Right. Car ownership by citizens isn’t a threat to a government intent on tyranny. Gun ownership IS a threat to a tyrant. Registration is nothing more than a treasure map to a tyrant.

      • Owning a car is a right. So is driving it. These are natural rights that anyone has. They may not have amendments in the Bill of Rights which specifically call attention to and protect them, but they are still rights.

  11. Extending the deadline won’t generate any more criminals for the state to lock up, so they won’t do it. This way they can arrest people who missed the cutoff, confiscate the weapons and remove a “dangerous person” from society.

    • My bet is instead of confiscation/arrest and jail you’ll be seeing confiscation/arrest and humungous fine with probation. Like Willie Sutton said when someone asked him why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is.”

  12. Hope they don’t try that crap in my state (or federal level). Everyone I know has already said they can suck a big fat one, we’ll never register our guns. 2ND AMENDMENT BABY. YOU WANT A WAR, TRY AND TAKE OUR GUNS.
    Push back people or Connecticut. Don’t let the government restrict your constitutional rights.

    • Don’t tell what the people of CT should do, ask yourself what you can do stop this from happen any place else.

      Progressive believed in learned helplessness — living in the Northeast, we are a bastion of learned helplessness and only the nanny state officials can help them — until you understand you can fight, it is hard to know how to fight.

      Think I am wrong? Ask Matt from FL or other from free states. When people from the Northeast move into their states it is the deer in the headlights effect as they have no idea how to handle freedom.

      You cannot change culture over night especially one that is has been created from the media, the schools and the politics — this will take time and money.

      The fools are those who believe “this can never happen to my state” and do nothing to make sure it does not happen in their state nor do anything to fight it in other states. If anything, CT should be a reminder and wake up call to constantly push back watch out for this BS in your own back yard and to stamp it out like a fire when it happens.

      Be forever diligent, this can happen to you too.

  13. I think the Gandhi solution is the best one for dealing with gun grabbers when they are in control. If a large percentage of gun owners engage in public civil disobedience the state will have the option of sending thousands of law abiding taxpayers [emphasis on tax payers] to jail. I would go as far as the new “lawbreakers” should demand that the law be enforced so as to force the government to embarrass itself with thousands of trials. Outside of Shannon Watts and Mike Bloomberg the public will be outraged. The gun grabbers are betting that nobody will challenge the government. So far it appears that bet is paying off. When you present as cold dead hands versus surrender we will lose the cause. If we hang together and swamp the criminal justice system we will win.

  14. First, @Pascal. Speak for yourself. Not all of the NE practices “learned helplessness”. NH, and VT are still very free states with ME not far behind.

    Second, based on the numbers it appears that a number of law abiding citizens will become felonious fugitives at midnight tonight. Is the anonymous 800 number and website up to report violators being advertised yet? Somebody’s unregistered “arsenal” will get reported by an scorned ex, nosey neighbor or other do-gooder. They will get raided and one of a few things will happen that will test this unconstitutional law:
    1. The person will get arrested, tried, and convicted. Lawsuits filed during appeal?
    2. The person will resist and all will break loose with people getting hurt or killed.
    3. LEO will refuse to enforce the law with otherwise law abiding citizens. If this were to happen in my state I know several LEOs that simply would ignore the law.

    As unfortunate as that is, it will happen. I will be looking to donate significant amounts of money to the legal defense that gets this law taken to the Supreme Court.

  15. CT is a deep blue state and has been for a long time. Even when Lowell Weicker, a Republican RINO, was able to get elected to statewide office, he had to position himself way to the left of the Democrats. Most of today’s Republican office holders learned their craft at the Weicker school.

    I wasn’t surprised that CT went full retard, but I was surprised that it took so long.

  16. I’m racking my brain to imagine what sort of logic is ruling the Connecticut which I long ago left for good reason. If the “Constitution” State is at all consistent in the enforcement of its laws, can peaceable owners of so-called assault weapons and standard capacity magazines, who have (otherwise) clean records, expect the same leniency, softness on crime, and early release/parole which were afforded to Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes? I just can’t contain my perhaps morbid curiosity, having lived in Cheshire long before the Petit family did, and known people who later knew the murdered mother and daughters. Years later in another state I used a 45 cal. pistol with a 13-shot magazine to shoot a neighbor’s attack dog which was mauling the young child of another neighbor. Owing to extenuating circumstances, I was never charged, and the police stated to the media that I had saved the kid’s life. What would CT’s goons and courts have done to me? QUI TRANSTULIT VOMUIT.


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