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Hours before the release of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s report – which proposes 18 gun control laws – Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy said, “There’s just not a big appetite for even talking about guns at the moment in the state of Connecticut.” Enough’s enough, apparently.”My hope is that we’re doing enough in Connecticut to prevent this from happening again in Connecticut,” he told The Associated Press, referring to the Sandy Hook massacre . . .

“My hunch is that things like this are going to happen in other states and there have been over 1,000 children shot since this time.”

So CT’s assault weapons ban and magazine capacity limit laws will stop spree killers. For the sake of innocent life, let’s hope Malloy doesn’t have to eat those words.


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  1. The killer murdered in order to obtain the arms he used. The next guy, if he can’t find them anymore, can just murder a cop and take his weapons, since of course nobody restricts those. Have you armed the damn TEACHERS? That’s the only thing which would have stopped Sandy Hook, and the only thing which would stop the next one.

    • Pro-gun-rights folks need to emphasize that NONE of the Sandy Hook recommendations would have stopped Lanza from doing what he did. NONE.

      The fact that anti-gun people are just using those poor dead children to advance their dying agenda needs to be hammered at every possible chance.

        • They don’t stand on the soap-boxes in the public squares, they stand on the coffins and wave the bloody shirt.

    • Larry

      You’re right, but I caution about that argument. It is too easy to say, “If the guns weren’t there to begin with, there would have been no reason for him to murder to steal them.” As for the cops, people fantasize they can take care of themselves, and I think that is at least partially true. I’m on your side here, I just don’t like to see us use arguments that are so easy to poke a hole in. I think just the fact that none of the Sandy Hook recommendations would have stopped Lanza is a pretty airtight argument. We “shoot ourselves in the foot” when we try to take an argument too far.

  2. Over a thousand kids killed since then. Is he speaking for just the United States or the world? If he is talking only about the states he’s so full of it his eye’s are brown.

    • Gang members 18 and under also count as children. Chicago, Detroit, LA, New York could easily account for almost all of that over two years.

      • Yes they do, and that is what really makes it all the more f*cked up. Gangbangers who do not abide by any part of any proposed legislation nor will, are counted as victims. America sees the numbers of dead by firearm but the powers that be and the anti gun folk refuse to see the distinction between innocent victim and those that bring violence to themselves and others, nor do they wish the people to see it, as it would distract from the antis’ objective. The press obligingly pushes the meme desired by the anti forces. So there you go, law abiding Americans are hamstrung by ineffective feel good laws-which those who are a true threat use as toilet tissue. So the cycle continues-at the end (in an anti utopia) only the gov and the bad guys will be armed… if there were not enough examples of that situation all over the planet…………

        • The good Gov. Malloy needs to fear the time (coming, I’m sure) when law-abiding citizens cease to be so, tool up, and go looking for scalps.

  3. maybe they should just make it illegal to kill people, that would be a good idea.

  4. Plus there are 10’s of thousands of new “felons” that did not comply with the registration diktat in his state. Notice that the house to house seizures haven’t started either. Wonder why? Another Lexington on the Green v 2.0, that’s why. He knows not to kick the hornets nest again.

    • I also think Malloy has designs on the White House. Hence the timing of the report’s release.

      • Not necessarily the White House as president but the CT news has often reported that he would be part of Hillary administration. There is interview with him on Time. Time magazine has said

        “Time magazine reporter Zeke J. Miller recently dubbed Gov.

        Dannel P. Malloy one of the Democratic Party’s “top attack dogs.” Mr. Miller was prompted by the biting, deeply personal remarks Gov. Malloy made about Republican politicians during a Feb. 22 interview with Time.”

        In that interview he called all Republicans frauds.

        I would like to point out, a CT resident, he ran in the last election stating that the state was in the black. We found out over the last month, the state is $140mm+ in the red and counting for this fiscal year. And this the CT State Debt Clock ( We have a state constitutional amendment that says the Governor must balance the budget. Thus far, he is still $55million in the red and he says that “its not my problem” — the real fraud is Malloy, but the press does not bother to point that out.

        Over and over in deep blue states, the press is happy to cover up for the DNC.

        That said, he will be doing something for team Hillary that is certain.

  5. After the damage those jackasses have already done to the Second in dis-Connecticut, I find his statement rather like me saying that I don’t have much appetite for food, right after spending an hour or two at the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

  6. The picture of this soulless ghoul is in the dictionary under “despicable”.

    The progressive three Ls: lie early, lie often, lie big.

  7. “My hope is that we’re doing enough in Connecticut to prevent this from happening again in Connecticut”

    You’re not, because you can’t. Psycho killers have been around since the dawn of humanity, and will be here for as long as there are people.

  8. At least this politician is publically admitting he’s been beat by gun rights’ advocates, because reading between the lines, that’s what he’s really saying.

  9. “There’s just not a big appetite for even talking about guns at the moment in the state of Connecticut.”


    We got our asses handed to us by the Republicans nationally and barely held our seats here in Connecticut. We can’t sell gun control anymore to appease our base, AKA the “free shit crowd”.

    • Nah, CT serves a couple purposes.

      #1, it’s an example of what happens when narrow minded left wingers take over. Started with the Puritans and still continues obviously. When I need to make a real-world comparison to the Shire in LOTR, I say that the Shire is like CT but worse – no weapons in the shire, the Hobbits are protected by the Dunedain rangers and forget that fact, and it’s a pastoral NIMBY paradise. Except the Shire is fully agricultural before the scourging and CT is de-industrialized.

      #2, my gunsmith works in CT.

  10. “Race, Gender, and Class ares the agendas of the Left….not the Truth”

    Dennis Prager

  11. So a large part of these thousands of “innocent children” he is talking about are gang members ? Wow, what a way to twist statistics to suit your agenda. From his rhetoric it sounds like we have had hundreds of Sandy Hooks since the original one rather than many gang members killing each other.

  12. While I’m not holding my breath, an interesting thing happened in the latest effort to repeal the CT gun bullshit. Apparently, the judge in the Second Appeals was skeptical about the magazine limits. At least that’s how I read it.

  13. .”My hope is that we’re doing enough in Connecticut to prevent this from happening again in Connecticut,” he told The Associated Press, referring to the Sandy Hook massacre . . . nah . this was all political smoke and mirrors by the men behind the curtain; and yes, it will happen again. Sandy Hook was sort of like the Reichstag Fire in many ways, maybe not as premeditated, but it sure was a nice Christmas Gift for the Statists.

  14. I wonder if Mallory has finally realized that the citizens of his state have chosen to ignore his gun control dictates
    and effectively nullified his gun control agenda with massive non compliance. Then there is the problem with enforcement. When the police start breaking down doors and stealing ,confiscating firearms would the citizens allow this peacefully? I think not and the cops know it. Confiscation would lead to many LEOs getting killed and open armed rebellion and possibly Gov Mallory’s life would also be subject to sanctioning. He would never ever be able to appear in public again..

  15. NRA came out with a plan, the only one that could prevent another Sandy Hook, arm the teachers. Laws that harass the law abiders but can’t be enforced against the criminally insane are conterproductive, just feel good liberal dishonesty.

  16. Malloy knows that none of his communist suversive laws would have stopped a nut from killing his mom anymore than it would have stopped the Boston bombers from killing the MIT police officer to get another pistol.

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