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The Hill, via an op-ed from Courtney La Bau, attempts to set the table for the upcoming Congressional push for gun control with the piece, “Let’s tackle mass shootings like we do terrorism.”  From the piece’s very first sentence, the “counterterrorism expert” uses fake news to support her argument for heaping ever more failed gun control laws upon law-abiding Americans.

The agitprop begins at the beginning:

Mass shootings are a uniquely American tragedy.

Demonstrably false. Not only are mass shootings not “uniquely American,” but literally 99% of them happen outside of the USA. That’s right: the mass shootings that happen in America account for only 1% of the total world-wide.

The rate of mass shootings in America is also below the global average. Additionally, only two of the 25 worst globally happened in America. Or only eight of the worst 68.

Seeing that first sentence, I did some cursory sleuthing on Courtney La Bau. Her claim about mass shootings in America wasn’t the first time she’d been wrong.

Yes, I laughed out loud, too. But Ms. La Bau is just getting warmed up.

I have worked in the extremism and counterterrorism space for a long time, as a federal contractor for the Department of Homeland Security and as a national security expert for several think tanks around the world…

At least she doesn’t claim she’s a gun owner, therefore making her an expert on the efficacy of gun control laws. However . . .

I have sought to understand the nuances of violent hate whether it manifests in an ISIS-inspired bombing in Sri Lanka or a white supremacy-driven shooting in El Paso.

What I have seen is a common narrative: hatred, the notion of superiority and cleansing, and mobilization to violence in the name of an ideology. But in the United States, we’ve chosen to fight back a lot harder against the kinds of violent extremism perpetrated by foreigners or those with a certain color of skin. We created a vast toolkit to counter al Qaeda and ISIS, but we do nothing to prevent these homegrown extremists who happen to be white from accessing weapons of mass destruction in our country.

And what — according to most on the left — constitutes a “homegrown extremist?” Anyone who disagrees with them. So La Bau’s definition of white homegrown extremists would could expand to almost any American gun owner.

And what do you think the odds are that America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, would fall under her definition of ‘weapon of mass destruction’?

Though the radicalization process might be the same across the extremism spectrum, the numbers do not lie. The Center on Extremism released statistics showing that 73 percent of extremist-related murders in the U.S. over the last 10 years (through 2018) were committed by right-wing domestic extremists.

The Center for Extremism might best be considered a twin of the Southern Poverty Law Center in terms of baseless claims, fake research and junk science. But the title sounds impressive to people who don’t know any better. Really, the only difference between the two orgs is that the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Extremism didn’t spend over $3 million to settle a lawsuit for…wait for it…defamation last year.

La Bau continues:

You cannot argue with the data here…

Argue with it? She must have gotten her data from the same place as nationally-renowned security contractor and think tank expert Rosanna Arquette. The data are garbage. As are her proposed solutions (more gun control).

But she hits the “white supremacist” buzzword Democrats are pushing so hard now with reckless abandon. After all, labeling anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders “racists,” “Nazis,” or “fascists” has begun to lose its zing on today’s Internet after two-and-a-half years of radical leftist vitriol hurled at President Trump and his deplorable supporters.

If we just pass more gun control measures, these mass shootings by right wing racist, sexist white people who are so full of hate will stop.

As a national security expert, my hope and prayer is that our leaders will put political considerations aside and do what is right — bring the two gun safety bills that the House passed earlier this year back to the Senate floor.

My hope is that the rhetoric from the top will be filled with tolerance, hope and inclusivity — because words matter. No one in this country should live in fear because of the color of their skin, the language they speak or the country they immigrated from.

Unless you voted the wrong way.

Gun owners, a large majority of whom are Trump supporters, will have lots to fear. No doubt people like Courtney La Bau won’t care a whit. Instead, she would probably you have it coming for all of the injustices she thinks you and your ancestors have committed since our nation’s founding.

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    • It’s time for our government to charge he with making false statements to influence elections. Every journalist, every politician, every celebrity, and every individual who deliberately makes false statements in a public setting that can lead to the misinforming of the public should be arrested and prosecuted. Freedom of speech is one thing, blatant lying to deliberately deceive the public is entirely another.

        • Then when insurance was so high that self employed working people that never used welfare a day in their life, not only couldn’t afford it, but were taxed $1,000+ for not buying garbage, useless $5,000 plans.

        • “every individual who deliberately makes false statements in a public setting that can lead to the misinforming of the public should be arrested and prosecuted.”

          Well, that would solve our 2020 problem because Donald Trump would be in jail long before the election

        • Really? How about you show me one example of a lie by Trump which even APPROACHES the impact of “If you like your doctor…”, never even mind “the Ambassador was killed just coincidentally on 9/11, during a protest about a video ..” Both of which have been demonstrated to be lies which he knew were lies when he said them. Did we get offended when somebody on Trump’s team commented on the size of the crowd at inauguration? Who knew the actual answer, and who CARES? Obama lied every time he opened his mouth, as did Hillary. Biden currently lies EVERY DAY, and idiots such as yourself just look the other way because it is cute, Biden has always lied like that.

        • You leftist are the ones with the problem in 2020, miner. It will be watching Trump sworn in for his second term.

          Feel the Bern? Most of us learned that getting Berned was a bad thing before we were done potty training.

        • Actually I think that would get rid of all politicians. Even the venerable Ron Paul wouldn’t escape that net. But I am willing to live with locking up Trump and Paul to get rid of all the others too. Then we’d just need to eliminate the bureaucracy and we’d be all set.

          • I am afraid that would just be the start. you would then have to kick out the international bankers, much of the current media and pharmaceutical companies and clean house in the law courts as well from the top all the way to the bottom. Once that was done you might have a fighting chance to get the country back on track to true liberty.

        • Larry,

          “President Donald Trump on Monday insisted he was right to warn Alabama of a non-existent hurricane threat and attacked a TV reporter who pointed out the fact that the state was not at risk from Dorian.
          “Such a phony hurricane report,” he declared on Twitter as he railed at Jon Karl of ABC News for reporting on his erroneous warning.
          Trump had claimed in a tweet on Sunday that Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated.”
          He made a similar claim about Alabama in televised comments.”

    • Really?? I thought the commenters on this site were a little classier than trash talkers. You give fuel to the anti’s who say we’re all a bunch of deplorable redneck white men.

      • Victoria Illinois, you need to wake up and smell the coffee. They don’t care what we think or how we say it. George Bush took the high road and look where it got him. It used to be that every black person had to answer for the misdeeds of one. White men are now in the same boat. White males now operate under the same rules of engagement. I can only hope that some day I will be considered a credit to my race.

    • La Bau, Hillary, Beto, Nadler, and all the others harping for ‘common sense gun control’ have never answered the question “How will this legislation ,your proposal, reduce gun violence, and how would this legislation have prevented the last three so-called mass shootings? They haven’t, they cannot and they will not because they do not want to tackle the hard problems for any issue; all they do is make noise, fix a little around the edges, say they have accomplished something big and wait for the next shooting so they can blame the other side for no doing anything. They are Progressives, Socialists and Social Democrats who only want power, bigger government, more money (taxes) to accomplish their goals.

      • And what are the goals they seek? Personal power, bigger government, more money.

        It’s a hell of a racket. The best there is, once you weasel your way to the inside.

        • That’s a pretty good descriptor of what the current WH occupant has done and he wants to do a lot more of the same. If you haven’t gotten the news yet, you soon will. Unless you’re a multi-millionaire Don the Con is screwing you, your families and most Americans. Screwed with more taxes and no more take-home pay; screwed with the sweetheart deals Don the Con has made to re-poison the air & water that belong to us all; screwed with the phony promises of jobs that aren’t coming back, etc., etc. Republicans’ secret weapon is to bs people into voting against their interests, like you did in 2016. Gun policy? The 2 parties would be perfectly able to work out something that leaves everyone dissatisfied – the description of a good compromise.

        • “Republicans’ secret weapon is to bs people into voting against their interests, like you did in 2016.”

          You let someone else tell you what your best interests are, Rich?

          Tell me, *exactly*, who is the authority on what my best interests are?

          I plot my own path, while you have to be told what to think… 😉

        • I suppose that “Don the Con” is responsible for your dog being pregnant also? DTS strikes again…….

  1. So….

    Courtney is a self aggrandizing “National Security Expert”?

    Sounds more like Delusions of Grandeur to me. Sexing your way into a Govt job is not what it takes to be an expert.

  2. Another White Guilt Cuck who thinks because she is rich and connected its ok to disarm America to make her Utopia.

  3. They aren’t wrong. A couple of boats full of European men showed up in South America a few hundred years ago. The continent now speaks a European language and worship a European religion.

    Your ancestors were conquers, live up to it.

      • That’s the dumbest thing you could say because now you have to deal with the blowback.

        Have you ever heard of a place called South Africa? Well, white America is going to experience that eventually with people like you causing it to happen. Deal with it… And no, I don’t mean go shoot up a synagogue or a Walmart.

        • I am well prepared. Are you ?
          Africa had millions of years to develop.
          Even before Europeans arrived.
          What happened?

        • What blow back? You think there’s going to be race war in America? One which whites lose and get exterminated? Yeah ok.

          Or do you think Latinos are going “out breed” whites and then therefore conquer America?

          Do you realize Latinos don’t consider themselves “non white”?

          Do you realize Latino (Spanish) culture is European, and Christian, AND conservative?

          Why is it only racism when explicitly Anglo whites conquer? Why do you not consider what the Portuguese, Spanish, and French did, racism?

          Because you don’t know what racism is, and you’re holier then though anti racist sentiment is actually anti Anglo racism in itself.

          You don’t champion justice, freedom, or equality.

          You only champion vengeance against Britain and America.

          Because you’re true enemy is America, the free market, the English language, and the concept of the republic.

        • What’s dumb is thinking what went down on SA would ever fly here. Not sure how well you understood that situation or if you were misinformed but this country is not now nor will it ever be in that scenario. Maybe I didn’t get your post because the more I think about it the less sense it makes…. I can’t even come up with a similar comparison.

        • A place called South Africa had no people there when the white man got there. They had to import blacks from north of their borders and it was so much better for them that they had a huge job of trying to keep their borders, forcing them create areas for the border jumpers.

      • 90% of native Americans died of new diseases introduced inadvertently by the Spanish (brown people) over 100 years before the English white people) arrived and reintroduced new diseases and waged wars.

        There is also a pretty good case to be made that all of the native blood in nominally native people equals far more natives than ever previously lived, so mostly they miscegenated.

    • An so were yours! There were NO original inhabitants of any country/continent on this earth. Whether you believe in evolution or God, every piece of ground inhabited by humans, was “conquered”, and sometimes multiple times.

      And if you think that the primitive peoples found in the Americas, Africa, Australia, etc. were peaceful, then you’re a fool that refuses to accept what archeology and history has proven. All of the primitive tribes conducted raids on other tribes to plunder their assets, women, and children.

      • Actually. Technically… Human species started out in certain areas of the world and bred current day humans as they migrated and made contact with each other. East Asians discovered the Americas and moved there without conquering because there was no one to conquer, they didn’t colonize they settled.

        Unfortunately, European nations felt the need to colonize the world even when they were welcomed with open arms. That’s what happens when there is big government and a standing army. People use that government to take away life, liberty and property. Which is why a few white guys decided to stop following orders from the King and do something vastly different from western tradition. When they created the United States they said not to have tangling alliances and a standing army so America won’t destroy itself by repeating history. Everyone was supposed to be well armed and ready to destroy government, including their own, when politicians started to reinstate European concepts over American ones.

        • Asians were stuck in Beringia for about 19,000 years before coming into North America 13,000 years ago and displacing the Clovis people who appear to have had a Salutrean (European) origin. There were humans in the Americas for more than 30,000 years and no ones knows the identity or origins of the first ones to arrive.

      • Only Africa . And only the north seemed to develop to any extent.
        Look at the continent today. Look the state it is in.
        Had millions of years to develop BEFORE Europe invaded. And??????

        • They could have conquered us. What stopped Africans from invading all of Europe, Asia? Why didn’t the Native Americans conquer England, Spain? Didn’t they come from Asia? The Romans were everywhere, except Ireland. Interesting history lesson here.

    • I could have been clearer. Live up to the standard your ancestors set. America and Europe are quickly becoming full of not Americans and not Europeans. And the only resistance is the occasional mentally marginal individual shooting up a Walmart.

    • And they did that by…recruiting a massive army from the disaffected subject tribes whom the dominant cultures had conquered. That the Spanish, Portuguese, etc betrayed and enslaved their supporters is a topic for discussion but the indigenous tribesmen who served as foot soldiers didn’t join up for the nifty uniforms and retirement benefits – they saw a path to throwing off the yoke of their rather fanatic and bloodthirsty oppressors. Moral to the story? If a guy with a gun asks you to fight the Aztecs don’t sign up unless you get a gun too. And maybe some artillery.

    • Better to be the conquerors then the conquered.

      There was story published not long ago on a space blog, that fits in right here. Yes, a space blog. Where instead of guns the topic is space exploration. So why am I bringing this up?

      The topic at hand was why should the US and indeed humanity, “waste” so much money and effort getting into space, and exploring the moon, mars ect… the best response went something like this:

      Look throughout human history at all the civilizations that have existed. Look at the ones who stayed where they were at, minded their own business, or focused on just controlling their limited areas. The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Mayans, the Incans, the Aztecs…

      Who these days speaks any of those languages? Which of those cultures still exists in any meaningful way?

      Now look at the civilizations who struck out to explore, gather resources, dominate their neighbors. The Spanish, the Greeks, the British ect…

      Now which cultures still rule the world? Britain, though their empire is gone, shaped the globe to suit its existence English is a global language. Spanish culture and language is also one of the biggest on the planet.

      So when the history of the galaxy is written who would you rather be? The Mayans? Or the British?

      • Taking a break from using my username geoff/hank/guesty/huntsman? Reading the fake conversation you had with yourself using pg2 was entertaining, at least somewhat.

    • You mean the pre columbian continent that was controlled by expasionist indigenous empires who had already conquered thier neighbors and engaged regularly in bouts of human sacrifice?

  4. What is a Courtney La Bau and why is she so worried about white people with guns? Has she ever been to, or heard of Chicago? Baltimore? Newark? St. Louis? Atlanta? Memphis? Camden? Etc.

    • Do not Forget PDX,OR and ANTIFA.I ask does she think they should be listed as Domestic terrorism agents? And did she really work as Contractor as a MERC! I don’t think so. If shes did she would be known by the Kurds and Yazidis in N Iraq.

    • Victoryman ( I make sure to direct my comments to specific people) I did a quick search on her – she is all hat and no cattle – been on lots of committees and such but NO real world experience as far as I could tell. Maybe if she had some REAL street experience as a copper or served in the military she might have some street cred – IOW she is an academic wannabe. OH but she does have a BS degree…………….seems totally appropriate.
      And before someone says I got no business pointing fingers – I have an AS, a BA and and MS plus 44+ years of military and civilian LE/Security experience.

    • I never heard of her until today. Still don’t know who she is or what she does. Movie/TV star?

  5. “Mass shootings are a uniquely American tragedy. I have worked in the extremism and counterterrorism space for a long time”

    A flat out untruth followed by an Appeal to Authority fallacy. Not a promising start there.

  6. “ let me be really clear about that…that’s exactly what I’m gonna make some OTHER people do, cause I’m scared shitless of firearms!”

    Fixed it for em.

      • And dumbasses like you don’t understand the difference between truth and fallacy! Black crime is the reason for the majority of crime in the US, has nothing to do with “white supremacy”. Your ignorance is showing again!

        • White supremacists constantly talk about stats of gang crime because it allows them to talk bad about all black and brown people and to make the argument that these people should be removed from America and banned. They don’t talk about all crime and all the problems. They focus on race, not culture or environment. They want to put black men in prison for life with minimum mandatory sentences and build a wall to stop brown people from entering America. Then they call for immigration laws to only allow people from white countries. They also use Asians being restricted from universities to argue against affirmative action so white people don’t lose a spot, but they don’t want Asians in their university or country in the first place, which is why they exclude them for “personality” reasons.

          You can’t defeat the racists Democrats by denying the existence of their policies and history. You look like a fool or worse when you do that. You have to tell the truth or you lose because they lie better than you do.

        • When crime is overwhelmingly at the hands of one demographic, it has nothing to do with racism to wonder why that is. If such wonder is met with accusations intended to halt any actions which might change the situation, those accusations come from racists, get used to it.

        • Well, when I want to say “black”, I say “black.” When I say “gang”, I mean “gang.”

          I find that you communicate better when you use all the worlds, each what they each mean.

        • Chief Censor is using tyranny to shut down opinions he doesn’t like. He’s trying to shame us into silence. He screams “racism! Racism!” But won’t have a discussion on inner city black on black crime.

  7. Rules for rads again. The left hates anything and everything. If Beto Bassurd wins the blow will flow for real. Be the biggest case of blu flu ever after they get the barrel after barrel of fun. David Coresh was a day at the park.

  8. She is just another racist white democrat. There have been many before her. And I’m sure there will be many after her.

  9. “And what do you think the odds are that the AR-15 rifle…”

    What the heck is an AR-15 rifle? I thought the industry standard was to call them military style weapon of war?

  10. Why blonde jokes aren’t jokes. Furthermore, she’s doesn’t know the half of how dangerous we can be when we’re finally fed up.

  11. First, does that chick know what color she is?

    Petition the Fish & Wildlife people to put white guys with guns on the endangered species list then nobody can touch us.

  12. It’s such an obvious and cheesy attempt for a pretty face to be given coverage, so that this non-expert can spew fabricated facts and data and as usually done by the liberal left, apply the blame to anyone they can create a link to.

    All these white people who look to be seen as some kind of enlightened individuals like to play the “white guilt card” in an attempt to exonerate themselves now that they have taken their ancestral wrong doings to heart. The fact is that if you’re white, rich and one of the elitist you have no room nor right to say anything. A bigot is a bigot whether you hate another race or your one.
    They thrive on this fantasy notion that all people of an oppressed group are seen as all good and the other groups, some who happen to have oppressed others are all bad. So since some whites are bad, they’re all bad. That’s utterly ridiculous and the thinking of ignorant, uneducated morons.
    In the name of creating false narratives to emotionally gain support and the necessary optics to serve as “proof” of the liberal messages, they utilize such rhetoric and silly tactics. These “movements” spawn rallies and a call to arms for the puppets that are easily persuaded by clever chants, media images and silly characters who rant, rave, cry and play their roles as victims and leaders for the cause.

    This is why we NEED are guns…. because the world is being driven into Hell by self righteous idiots who dream of being a powerful elite and are willing to sell out their country and it’s citizens to gain a seat at the table. They may take our guns and not carry guns themselves, but power hungry zealots often carry knives to stab their friends and those in their path right in the back.

    • Interesting attitude. I assume you feel that someone whose ancestors were slaves, must also now be slaves? If not, how am I responsible for what my ancestors did? Try thinking things through.

  13. What I have seen is a common narrative: hatred, the notion of superiority and cleansing, and mobilization to violence in the name of an ideology. — Courtney La Bau

    Is she talking about Progressive Democrats and Antifa, or some other demographic?

  14. My hope is that the rhetoric from the top will be filled with tolerance, hope and inclusivity … — Courtney La Bau

    In my experience, the most intolerant, negative, and exclusive people that I have ever encountered are Progressive Democrats.

    Physician, heal thyself.

    • My friend Mr. uncommon, when will you make good on the wager you lost a few weeks back?

      Or are you all hat and no cattle?

      • Miner49er,

        The fine print stipulated that my wager was dependent upon the self-defense event having occurred in Chicago proper or a closely associated and equally Hellish suburb in Cook County. Since the event occurred close to the Wisconsin border (NOT in Chicago or Cook County), the wager was null-and-void.

        • “The fine print stipulated that my wager was dependent upon the self-defense event having occurred in Chicago”

          My good man, your statement is a flat out lie. Your comment offered a simple wager, there was no ‘fine print’.

          Is the problem that you don’t have the available funds to make good on your promise?

          A gentleman’s word is his bond but if you were poverty stricken because of bad business investments or other missteps, perhaps we can work out an accommodation. It is unfortunate that trump’s economy does not allow you the financial wherewithal to honor your commitments.

          Regardless, I expect you to stand behind your word as any full grown adult man would do.

  15. Typical white bigot she is. She must lead the poor mud races by the hand and guide their lives. Without the benevolent, superior white lady to lead the world falls apart.

    She and all like her should be on trial for crimes against humanity and civil rights violations. Some days I wish Trump were as evil as they try to claim he is.

    • jwm,

      I owe you the beverage of your choice the next time I am in the Bay Area, or the next time you are in my neck of the woods.

      (1) I have never been in the Bay Area.
      (2) The last time I visited California was in 1997.
      (3) Unfortunately I no longer expect to ever visit California in the future.
      (4) Even more unfortunate, I sincerely doubt that jwm will ever come to my state.

      • Well hell, there’s a case of beer on my part if he moves to Iowa. In fact, I just saw a realty sign down the street that offered a free pizza with a home purchase (yeah, I thought that too). Now if pizza and beer won’t get him out of CA, I don’t know what will.

  16. It’s the “in” thing now if you’re a wealthy white Liberal who is out of touch with reality, to hate white people. Of course, she and the others like her conventionally forget that the vast majority of murders in the U.S. are committed by black people, mostly murdering other black people. They are really the ones who are fomenting a race war in our country, not the Conservatives who generally get along with everyone. The mas killers are just plain crazies, whether they claim to be Left Wing ANTIFA types or Right Wing supremacists.

  17. quote———–Argue with it? She must have gotten her data from the same place as nationally-renowned security contractor and think tank expert Rosanna Arquette. The data are garbage. As are her proposed solutions (more gun control)——quote

    No she did not. She and other people like Boker got it right from Government studies on mass murder in America.

    Jan. 18, 2018, 8:07 PM EST / Updated Jan. 18, 2018, 8:07 PM EST
    By Kennett Werner
    White supremacists and other far-right groups committed the majority of extremist-related murders in the United States last year, according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League.

    White supremacists were “directly responsible” for 18 out of 34 U.S. extremist-related deaths in 2017, the ADL said. Islamic extremists, by comparison, were only responsible for nine deaths in America.

    Last year’s share of white supremacist killings represents a jump from 2016, when such groups accounted for nine homicides.

    In an op-ed in The Atlantic accompanying the report, ADL National Director and CEO Jonathan Greenblatt noted that the uptick in white supremacist violence in 2017 occurred against the backdrop of an increasingly conspicuous alt-right movement.

    Image: Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville
    A gathering of hundreds of white nationalists in Charlottesville, V.A., on August 12Mark Peterson / Redux Pictures
    “While it is impossible to draw a direct line of causation between these brutal acts and the many public displays of white supremacy that took place around the country in 2017,” Greenblatt wrote, “it’s critical not to underestimate the effect of an increasingly visible alt-right and white-supremacist community on people who are already predisposed to racism.”

    “As a society we need to keep a close watch on recruitment and rallies such as Charlottesville, which have the greatest potential to provoke and inspire violence,” Greenblatt wrote, referring to last summer’s white nationalist rally, when a counter-protestor was killed.

    While white supremacists accounted for the largest share of killings last year, an Islamic extremist is charged with committing the single deadliest incident: Sayfullo Saipov allegedly rammed into pedestrians in New York City in October, killing eight.

    Last year’s total of 34 extremist-related fatalities represents a sharp decline from the previous two years – though it was still the fifth-deadliest year since 1970, according to the ADL. The organization recorded 71 extremist-related killings in 2016 and 69 in 2015.

    The statistics were culled from the ADL’s own tracking of extremist crimes. The organization said that its statistics would likely be revised upwards, as extremist connections to some murders can take months to uncover.

    But different organizations track extremist violence in different ways. The ADL counts non-ideological murders committed by extremists in its tally — so a dedicated white supremacist who commits a murder unrelated to his political beliefs would be counted, for example. New America, a think tank with its own tracking system, excludes such statistics.

    • Wow all of that copying and pasting wore me out but I get paid by the word and now I can afford that new tricked out meth pipe I have been wanting.

    • Suppose you’re right Vlad. What can we do about it? Caucasian internment camps? Gun control for whites only? Mass exodus of white people to… somewhere else? Maybe there is a little Israel out there to address the Caucasian question?

  18. Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder in the U.S., ADL Finds
    Right-wing extremists killed more people last year than in any year since 1995
    New York, NY, January 23, 2019 … Right-wing extremists were linked to at least 50 extremist-related murders in the United States in 2018, making them responsible for more deaths than in any year since 1995, according to new data from the ADL.

    In its annual report on extremist-related killings in the U.S., the ADL’s Center on Extremism reported that at least 50 people were killed by extremists in 2018, including the 11 individuals killed in the fatal anti-Semitic attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. The tally represents a 35 percent increase from the 37 extremist-related murders in 2017, making 2018 the fourth-deadliest year on record for domestic extremist-related killings since 1970.

    Last year saw the highest percentage of right-wing extremist-related killings since 2012, the last year when all documented killings were by right-wing extremists.

    Right-wing extremists killed more people in 2018 than in any year since 1995, the year of Timothy McVeigh’s bomb attack on the Oklahoma City federal building.

    “The white supremacist attack in Pittsburgh should serve as a wake-up call to everyone about the deadly consequences of hateful rhetoric,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO. “It’s time for our nation’s leaders to appropriately recognize the severity of the threat and to devote the necessary resources to address the scourge of right-wing extremism.”

    Last year’s murders at the hands of right-wing extremists reflect an ongoing trend. ADL’s Center on Extremism, which has aggregated data going back to 1970, shows that over the last decade, a total of 73.3 percent of all extremist-related fatalities can be linked to domestic right-wing extremists, while 23.4 percent can be attributed to Islamic extremists. The remaining 3.2 percent were carried out by extremists who did not fall into either category.

    Murder and Extremism in 2018: Summary of Major Findings

    Every perpetrator had ties to at least one right-wing extremist movement, although one had recently begun supporting Islamist extremism.
    Firearms remain the weapon of choice for extremists who kill. Guns were responsible for 42 of the 50 deaths in 2018, followed by blades or edged weapons.
    Five shooting sprees resulted in 38 deaths and left 33 people injured.
    Among the five extremist-related shooting sprees in 2018: Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, PA: 11 dead; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL: 17 dead; Waffle House, Nashville, TN: four dead.
    The perpetrator of the deadly shooting spree at a yoga studio in Tallahassee was connected to the misogynistic incel/manosphere movement. In the wake of this attack and a similarly-motivated spate of murders in Toronto, ADL’s Center on Extremism now tracks such incidents as extremist-related killings.

    • I am the king of copying and pasting drivel and I get paid for it. Now I can also get one of those military grade dildos I mentioned yesterday.

    • White people are the problem Vlad. And republicans. Let’s kill them Vlad.

      You and me Vlad. We get together and kill them all. Then there will be no white people and no republicans. Utopia achieved – right Vlad?

      • This mfers name isn’t Vlad…. It’s likely TYRONE OR MUHAMMED….

    • Vlad Tepid (and Courtney La Bau),

      Congratulations for winning today’s Red Herring award!

      All recorded History tells us the same thing about the human condition: that all human beings — white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple, green, paisley, polka-dotted, plaid, striped, and whatever other color or “race” you want to declare — are prone to violent attacks.

      Rather than trying to ascribe some significance or predictive value to “race”, we should be preparing for violent attacks because they are inevitable.

      Of course you and your ilk are not interested in any public policy which directs the masses to prepare for violent attacks because that fails to usher-in your central-control utopia.

    • Who’s report?

      To paraphrase Lenin it matters who writes the study, not the facts. Because quoting directly, the question is Who, whom?

      • Anti defamation league, the Atlantic, the racist Southern Poverty Law center is disappointed you didn’t reference them.

  19. “Homegrown extremists” makes it sound like some particular organization is responsible for developing them. rather than problems in school, dissatisfaction with the workplace, mad at wife or girlfriend, or just mad at life. Also, these people forget we are the 3rd most populated country and that ALL of the European countries have less than 70 million and all the Scandinavian countries less than 11 million, most of them under 7 million. Our population is listed at about 330 million and probably closer to 350 with all the illegals. Even Japan that has always had a population subservient to the government going back thousands of years is less than 130 million. We don’t hear about the crime in China and India, the only countries of the larger population any more than we hear about all the crime stats from Russia and its population of less than 150 million. If they don’t think size of population influences such stats they need more elementary education. Estimates of the number of guns in this country run from about 1 per person to as many as 600 million. That would crime per gn stats pretty low. Just saying

  20. She’s a “counterterrorism expert” only insofar as she’s a member of the Truman National Security Project, which is a front group for democrat deep staters. By now, it should come as no surprise to anyone that people like her are advocates for the forced confiscation of firearms from US citizens.

    The modern left has completely abandoned the concept of individual liberty balanced by individual responsibility. Since they view everyone not as an individual but as a member of some collective group, their solution to control the relatively small number of criminals who commit the vast majority of crimes is to take away everyone’s liberty.

    The dyspeptic utopia liberals are successfully forcing upon us is the exact opposite of the sort of system the Founders envisioned.

  21. Outside od doctors, lawyers and engineers, just because someone got a “credential” does not do anything for me.

    • TBH i dont put high regard in ANY “credentials” gained at university. i have seen plenty of doctors who couldnt diagnose a common cold let alone much else and i have worked with a few engineers and architects who had absolutely no idea what they were on about. My grandfather was a self taught mechanical engineer and many of the engineering businesses in town used to come to him when they could not work out a problem. he could have charged them consulting fees and they still would have come to him. When he passed away a few years ago most of them closed shop for the day and were at his funeral.
      All this is not to say that there are not Good university trained engineers, doctors etc but rather that i find that compared to how many graduate i do find them rather thin on the ground.
      i also find that most fields of study at university are nothing more than leftist hotbeds for breeding good little statist drones

    • Racism is racism.
      Or maybe some prefer bigotry…. because of the definition they use …
      BTW… there is more than one definition of racism.

  22. Courtney La Bau: We Need to Worry About White People with Guns

    That’s right. So leave us the F alone – or else.

    Lol j/k

  23. “Courtney La Bau: We Need to Worry About White People with Guns”

    That quote is a flat out bald face lie. She did not say that. She said we have a problem with far right extremists and white supremacists, and that is true. She did not say those factions are the entirety of the problem, only a majority of it. Currently she is correct so far as that goes.

    She did say a lot of stuff that was crap, things that are not correct.

    What bugs me is people cannot handle having enough to argue against. They have to make up extra shit so that they can become truly enraged. Doesn’t seem to matter what the issue is. Liberals make up wild outlandish lies about conservatives and conservatives do it with just as much venom to liberals.

    There are some very harsh realities to be faced in the HUMAN VIOLENCE problem. Some of that comes from politically uncomfortable directions.

    • “She did not say that. She said we have a problem with far right extremists and white supremacists, and that is true. She did not say those factions are the entirety of the problem, only a majority of it. Currently she is correct so far as that goes.”

      What “problem” is she referring to? A vanishingly small fraction of a certain type of violence she is personally, financially & professionally invested in calling attention to, while simultaneously similarly invested in drawing attention away from far more substantial violence & crime? Committed almost entirely against the people she’s claiming a desire to protect and who’s vulnerability is almost entirely due to the mismanaged policies of her affiliated political party, I might add.

      It’s not *my* problem that there are assholes out there who vaguely resemble me…especially when they aren’t nearly as numerous as assholes who look nothing like me. Not my cross to bear, only my responsibility to defend myself against, same as everyone else. That is equality. What *is* my problem, is people that come calling for my property & rights, who either are under such a delusion themselves, or who are professionally invested in perpetuating that lie. People that say I am racist because of my skin color and deserve to be punished for it. People who most –but certainly not all– of the time have much different skin color than myself & have advocated for years that stealing the property of people that have different skin color than their own is justified. People who have infinitely more political influence on American policy than a random scattering of assholes that share my skin color (even including the incredibly infrequent violent crimes they commit).

      No, I don’t think we have a problem with far right white supremacists at all, seeing as “problem” is used here to mean something both significant and requiring priority over other issues that remain unaddressed. The only “problem” we have with white supremacy in this country, is using it as a distraction from difficult decisions. It’s easy to shoot another arrow into an enemy that is already beaten.

      • quote————————No, I don’t think we have a problem with far right white supremacists at all, seeing as “problem” is used here to mean something both significant and requiring priority over other issues that remain unaddressed. The only “problem” we have with white supremacy in this country, is using it as a distraction from difficult decisions. It’s easy to shoot another arrow into an enemy that is already beaten.————quote

        Pander that mindless and totally false rant to the dead at the El Paso mass murder. Now I am sure you will think up a sugar coated lie that claims the deranged kid was not a racist when he ranted to 330 million Americans that he damn sure was. Or perhaps we could go back passed dozens of similar White Racist killings all the way back to Dillon roof who massacred Black people in a Church singing and welcoming him in the door. Of course he could not be a racist even though he said he was because he was waving the Confederate flag. Right?

        At least Roof and the El Paso shooter were honest enough to admit to what they are , you I have less respect for because you hid behind smoke and mirrors and think we do not see the truth behind your cleverly camouflaged prose .

        Quit making a fool of yourself by disclaiming that the majority of mass murders are by Far Right Wing White Supremacists.

        And no, White Supremacy is not already beaten the Stats show it has emerged from the Trump owned sewers of hate and is now perhaps even stronger than it was during the 50’s and 60’s and that was bad enough.

        • The real problem with White Supremacy and White Supremacists in this country is that racists like me have used it so many times against so many people (we even call people who are not white White Supremacists) all it means now is ” I do not like what you say but you are right and I want you to shut up”

    • “That quote is a flat out bald face lie. She did not say that. She said we have a problem with far right extremists and white supremacists, and that is true. She did not say those factions are the entirety of the problem, only a majority of it. Currently she is correct so far as that goes”
      White wingers are not “the problem”, although the hate directed at folks of European descent could force said folk to join the militants. For every attack by a white right wing nutter, there are at least eight to ten by left wing nutters. When the leaders of the Democratic Party start telling the socialist masses to tamp down the violence, only then will I believe that they are serious about political violence.

      • Congratulations on a well researched, insightful and nuanced comment! Clearly, your comment for flex your intellectual superiority, some would consider you a very stable genius.

        Yes, folks like you offering their wisdom will definitely help the situation, bravo!

        Please, continue to offer us your pearls of wisdom, that we might one day attain the high pinnacle of knowledge and wisdom that you sit upon.

  24. Diversity hire does not equal “expert”. Then again, her alleged credentials sound like a fancy word salad of ,”how do we spend the government’s money today?” And if anyone’s an expert in spending other people’s money, it’s a sheltered white woman.

  25. When I get angry with Vladie over him soiling his sheets he tells me he has to go through a rigorous wetting process every time he thinks about guns, like they do it in civilized countries. He’s such a good boy!

    • I find the psychological profile of the individual masquerading as Vlad’s mom to be very interesting.

      There are many ways that one could have poked fun at Vlad’s comments, pretending to be a transsexual is a very strange way to protest Vlad’s comments.

      I mean, I’m relatively sure that it is indeed a male conservative gun owner who is posting as Vlad’s mother.

      So I’m just wondering which one of the pro gun conservatives on the forum here is enjoying masquerading as a woman, I wonder if he dresses in women’s clothes in order to get it just right.

      Well, that’s his business if he wants to pretend he doesn’t have a Wang and strut around in women’s clothes, masquerading as someone’s mother.

  26. So she is opposed to the White Terrorist group ANTIFA?
    I mean come on , just look at their booking photos.

  27. Many of the conclusions that these folks want to push can only make sense in a world where you deliberately ignore the majority of data. The ignore most countries when it comes to mass-shootings because if they didn’t the US would be nowhere near the top (suddenly we only care about ‘developed nations- and not you, Mexico, you’re in the same boat as Somalia as far as we’re concerned!). They ignore most mass-shootings in the US because they occur in majority-black areas between violent street gangs (Chiraq, Mudermore). That doesn’t fit the narrative, even when kids are getting killed. They ignore that most homicides are caused by pistols because they think the AR is a convenient boogieman. It’s almost impressive the way they can twist everything to try and meet an end.

    • They also never mention that more folks are killed by knives or blunt objects than by all rifles combined. JUst read the FBI statistics of deaths for each year.

  28. So those illegal aliens that come over and kill hundreds of US citizens every year and rape thousands are okay but every white man with a gun is a problem. How about the Russians with all the material to make nuclear bombs to use on us so Hillary could have a few million more dollars to spend. I guess this silly twit thinks it’s okay for her friends to kill and rape and maybe even kill millions of us with nuclear weapons but the real danger is a white person with a gun. I wonder how many farmers would be on the farm without a gun around to defend them or their livestock. This poor girl has so much to learn, to bad she is listening to people who don’t care about anybody but their selves. Sometimes I wish all hell would break out on this planet so people like her would be forced to think.

    • quote————————So those illegal aliens that come over and kill hundreds of US citizens every year and rape thousands are okay but every white man with a gun is a problem.———–quote

      Only some moron like Herr Drumpf would say that and only a storm trooper like you would be stupid enough to believe it. Stats please on the numbers of illegal rapists and murders. Reality check, it was actually American citizens not illegals. Again the Stats prove it beyond all doubt.

      • Reality Check I can prove there are no illegal rapists I hang around at Walmart and migrant labor camps all the time and no matter how sexy I dress nobody even looks twice at me. Again the Stats prove it beyond all doubt.

  29. They can try whatever the hell they want. Maybe they should outlaw themselves from the gene pool. Just remember that handgun deaths in Chicago alone are far worse than all the combined deaths by rifles. They are jack asses.

  30. -repeal the 19th
    -white lives matter
    -Netflix Americans are the root of the anti-white racism
    -prayer in schools, subsidize Natalism

  31. Who wound this woman up? It wasn’t me. Notwithstanding my manifold failings, I would know better than that. Think she might be selfwinding?

  32. Good job, my friend!

    Another brick in the wall of prejudice that will help reasonable citizens make some hard decisions about gun rights.

    With your polite and insightful comment, you have justified the concern that any prudent citizen would have regarding troglodytes with assault weapons and large capacity magazines.

    Any reasonable person would have to conclude that an individual with your anger and venom is not psychologically suited to own lethal weapons.

  33. “Reporter: How do you address fears that the government is going to confiscate people’s semi-auto firearms?

    O’Rourke: “I want to be really clear, that’s exactly what we are going to do””


    Well, he’s a big boy, and he has his big boy pants on.

    And when you’re a big boy, you own up to the decisions you make…

    • Syphilis can be cured if caught in time.

      Herpes, on the other hand…

      *snicker* 😉

  34. That photo of her and HRC is obviously photoshopped. That pendent on her necklace is clearly a cross and everybody knows that Hilary can’t be in that close proximity of a cross. She might as well have cloves of garlic hanging from her neck.

    • Governor,

      Wow, that is your best comment ever! You totally outdid yourself.

      That invoked a good belly-laugh in me — something that I really needed today! I tip my hat to you fine sir.

  35. When the hag and this I don’t know who she/it is, get an allover black tat and give up all their wealth and amenities and move in to the ghetto, THEN I might (not) listen to em.
    White Anglo Saxon with Pride!
    Sorry JWM , suck it up.
    PS I thought TTAG was going to put a stop to vd’s blather?

  36. I’ve got more respect for Miss America Pageant contestants explaining how they’re going to solve world hunger, followed by playing a banjo in the talent portion of the show.

  37. Wow, pushing close to 300 murders in Baltimoron, Murderland, including several multiple mass shootings by thier definition of 4 or more injured, and I’m sitting here trying to remember a white face in the pictures or descriptions of the suspects. Sorry sweetheart, not buying your white guilt B.S.

  38. “But in the United States, we’ve chosen to fight back a lot harder against the kinds of violent extremism perpetrated by foreigners or those with a certain color of skin.”

    Yeah, rich white women like myself focus on crime perpetrated against other white people, and ignore the mass slaughter of black men. It’s like I’m a racist!

  39. “No one in this country should live in fear because of the color of their skin, the language they speak or the country they immigrated from.”

    No truer words have ever been spoken on these forums. Look at what the white supremacist/racist has done to POC in this country. They have interned thousands of Japanese American citizens just because of their physical appearance and their language. They have enslaved generations of Black Americans simply because of their skin color and lack of education. They have burned the fishing boats of Vietnamese Americans because they were the newest batch of immigrants from a war that they themselves perpetuated. Finally, white racist/supremacists have stolen the land from the indigenous peoples by giving them small pox and introducing them to alcohol. What a sad statement from a group who would dare to threaten us with their guns. 2021 can’t get here fast enough. President to be Kamala Harris will right the wrongs of 3 generations of racism and white supremacy. POC will not rest until the president to be Kamala Harris finishes the task that president Obama started. ANTIFA, BLM, AIM, immigrant communities, Asian Americans will all be united in 2021. The ground will shake and the Hillbillies and Jethro’s will tremble.

    • To Fake Vlad Tepes

      Fake Vlad Tepes may not be much of a blood sucker but he sure sucks at this and I do not know what else he sucks. His vision of President Hairy Kameltow leading AOC and the POC and ANTIFA in a charge would make the POTG tremble (with laughter). But I do want to get paid so here goes. It is all Donald Trumps fault he causes guns to be bad and murder people.

      • quote—————–Exquisite satire.———–quote

        Only if your educational level is at the 6th grade level. You qualify by a good country mile. Congratulations.

        • On the other hand Fake Vlad Tepes does not qualify for a sixth grade educational level despite spending 9 years as a full time undergraduate student. Fake Vlad Tepes is just mad because I got the last check and all Fake Vlad Tepes got was a reprimand for blaming the killer and not guns or Donald Trump in his post yesterday.

    • Hey Vlad, I can agree with that! What ya plan to do about the kids in Chicago and Baltimore who are in great fear because their skin is black? I mean, all the black killers only target black children, how racist of them! I wonder why it is never reported?

  40. We need to worry about any and all forms of extremism that lead to violence, preach violence, preach hate and murder. Don’t care if that is a right winger or a left winger or some confused crackpot that cannot figure out which wing he or she is trying to flap.

    Specifically we need to be worrying about all the missed opportunities. Once again with this attack in Odessa, the FBI is now stating the killer was on a long downward spiral into rage and violence. He was already enraged when he went to work and was fired. He’d called 911, as had his employer, about this. He called 911 and the FBI about the shootings. He was rejected in an FBI NICS background check.

    Now hold the phone, he was refused buying a gun in a background check? A prohibited possessor? What was done about an NICS refusal? Were the local police alerted to a prohibited person trying to buy a gun? If not, why not? Why was he refused anyway?

    “Mental Health” is not simply an issue for preventing mass murder. The system in this country is a disjointed, uneven, dysfunctional, underfunded shit show. If people knew this killer was on a downward spiral why in the hell wasn’t there a system to detect him and get him into treatment?

    The reason is easy enough. Liberals want to defend the rights of the mentally ill to not be stigmatized and conservatives want to avoid spending taxpayer money on anything health care related. Both sides spin their narratives, their exaggerations and over simplifications to avoid dealing with the problem.

    So, here we are, arguing for our gun rights instead of dealing with the real issue.


    • Enuf…………..ABSOLUTELY !!!

      Thom Ream………You say she has to be good for something, maybe we can get Wayne lapuke to leave the NRA if we promise to give her to him. I imagine he might be tired of his intern by now; and is looking for someone new.

  41. Anybody have photos of her in a bikini???

    (Hey, she’s got to be good for something. This public speaking thing ain’t it though…)

  42. “…against the kinds of violent extremism perpetrated by foreigners…”

    The point of The American Compact is exactly to work together to secure ourselves space to do as we individually prefer, including from violence by people outside the compact — “foreigners” by definition — if they’re “extreme” enough to come at us with force.

    There’s plenty in there to agree with or not; nothing about race.

  43. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and has worked in finance off and on for the past 18 years. In between, she’s worked on political networking and attended a 7 month long program designed to prepare future Democrat candidates to run for office.

    She’s no “national security expert.” She’s never held an academic position studying the topic, never published anything on the topic, and never served in any governmental position involving national security or counter terrorism. She’s a glorified stockbroker who just gives a lot of speeches, but has zero credentials, experience or achievements in the field.

    Her opinions on firearms policy and spree shootings are about as remarkable and insightful as her views on avocado toast and chai tea.

    • The word “Chai” translated means “tea”. When in East Europe you do not order Chai tea you say “I would like a cup of “Chai”

      • The word “Chai” translated means demolition when in China if you order a cup of chai you will be arrested and if you are lucky you will go to prison if you are not lucky your organs will be up for grabs to the highest bidder.

  44. Yeah….. They can take their “gun control” measures straight to hell….
    Let them try to disarm us in Kentucky…. Lol…. Good luck with that…. That’s all I got to say about THAT!!!!!
    Morons…….. Bring it on mfers!

  45. Yes I worry about white people with guns. So much so my hair has turned grey,,,

  46. Sit down and SHUT THE HELL UP, Courtney!!!! What we have to worry about is scum like YOU!!! I have a really hard time taking any piece of “garbage information” you and those like you spew about guns, when YOU and those like you accept and applaud abortion rights!!!! I’ll see you in Hell before I surrender my weapon to the likes of you and your Party!!!

  47. I guess if crime statistics are accurate, we need to worry more about PoCs with guns than white people with guns, since PoCs commit most of the gun violence. We know, and LE knows, exactly who the bad-guy shooters are, and exactly where they live, and if we REALLY wanted to stop most of the gun crimes in the USA, that’s where we’d start. But we don’t.

    Law-abiding gun owners, mostly white like me, are real chumps for following the gun laws, when nobody stops the PoC criminals for flouting the laws. In my city, PoCs shoot up our streets everyday, opening fire whenever and wherever they choose, mostly for fun. Chumps like me shoot only at the range. Which group has the most freedom, them or us?

    When guns are outlawed in the USA, we chump whites will simply join our PoC neighbors in ignoring the laws entirely. SWAT teams aren’t crashing into PoC criminals’ homes en masse to take their guns away, so I don’t expect them to crash into our homes en masse either.

    • Just to give an example of my point above, I’ll cite my local rifle club, which has about 400 members. It’s all white. Why is that? Not because the club is “racist.” The club would LOVE to have PoC members, just like every business and college today LOVES to have PoCs.

      It’s an all-white rifle club because PoCs feel no need to join a club, nor use a range, to enjoy shooting. If a PoC told his PoC friends, “hey I’m going to join the local rifle club, pay $300/year to shoot on their range,” all his friends would laugh at him, and call him a chump. Then they’d tell him to save his $300, jump in the car with them, and go out shooting at cars and houses and people, just like they do every day, for free.

  48. She has nothing to worry about. Conservatives are folks who look at things that are worth doing. Good ammunition is never wasted, and you, Dear Lady, are not even worth the cost a single bullet. Go back into your box and make-up some “new lies”!

  49. Articles and comments like these are exactly why her article is necessary. The white privilege and entitlement reeks off of this entire page. It’s clear who your readers are as well. Instead of trying to find a way to troubleshoot and unite, you spend your time conjuring a mystical article that begins with (and continues to be) absolutely unsupported and unfounded opinions about American Terrorism and Gun statistics. Unfortunately for you, her article is actually submerged in painful facts. Impressive that you have the audacity to come against things that you actually think aren’t proven statistically. I do feel tremendously sorry for you – clearly there is so much internal, personal work to do. What a fascist shame. In another event, I pray that you actually use your writing ‘talent’ and mediocre influence to actually do some good in the world and build ideas of constructive unification instead of wasting time attempting to erode others who have had more experience in counter-terrorism than you have had or will ever have. Catch up, won’t you? Use your powers for good. It will salve your spirit way better than the abscesses occurring in it now. And Ms. La Bau, hopefully you have the joy of passing over this futile article, but if you don’t, keep the articles coming. The world needs to hear more of what it is you have to say and the ideologies you expose.

    P.S. The whole POC’s with guns comment? Educate yourself, please. It is proven STATISTICALLY (this is such an important things for all of you to begin basing your arguments off of, by the way) that most of the crimes that POC are within their own communities (the history behind this goes much further back, again read up on these things, people) and they are rarely found walking in to open spaces opening fire on people. They have done less offenses than these and are always killed within the custody of law – rarely apprehended alive. But unfortunately, Caucasians (should we make a recent account of all of the shootings that have been happening, or are you, at least, educated in this part?) are the most common cases to hold a wild, open fire in public places against minorities AND children (lest we forget the unconscionable tragedy of Sandy Hook).

    Educate yourselves, please. This comment thread is more sad than anything I’ve ever read recently – and yet we wonder why we still have these issues in America. The ignorance is astounding and the way many stand behind their own ignorance is shocking. Wow. Would hate to live my life with these mentalities. Thank goodness I don’t.

    • “most of the crimes that POC [commit] are within their own communities”

      Well I guess that makes it OK then.

      “and PoCs are rarely found walking in to open spaces opening fire on people.”

      You don’t live where I do. You don’t know jack about it.

      The way you preen over how educated you think you are is typical progressive false-pride boasting. I’ve got more education than you do, I’ve got a higher IQ than you do, I know more about history than you do, and I READ more than you do. I also live amongst PoCs, FOR DECADES, unlike you. Stick to the argument, instead of repeatedly crowing about how “educated” you are.

    • Here, I’ll help you with some statistics. Google “The Color of Crime.” You’ll find LOTS of statistics in there.

      I can already hear your objection: “Oh no! I won’t read _those_ ‘DISCREDITED’ statistics of evil ‘RACE SCIENCE!'”

      You won’t read anything that challenges your world view, and like most progressives, you refuse to accept the evidence that you can see with your own eyes in daily life, rejecting empiricism completely when it disagrees with your dogma. You’ll crow you believe in science and evolution, yet INSIST that evolution in humans stopped cold sixty thousand years ago.

      PoC crime is a matter of life and death for people all around the world. To you, it’s just an opportunity to deride other peoples’ “education,” and to virtue-signal your supposed superiority to others.

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