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I’m not sure what country singer Faith Hill (above) wants the National Rifle Association to tell the The Truth About Guns. Stop hectoring us for not reaching out to minority communities? Don’t slate us for legitimizing and empowering ATF bureaucrats? Shut up about our support for the NFA? Not gonna happen…the NRA’s PR flacks blacklisted TTAG a long time ago.

Anyway, in a highly edited Q&A Billboard cover story, Ms. Hill reacted to the Las Vegas spree killing by calling for a new “assault weapons” ban . . .

In reference to the tragedy in Las Vegas, we knew a lot of people there. The doctors that [treated] the wounded, they saw wounds like you’d see in war. That’s not right. Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including the government and the National Rifle Association, to tell the truth. We all want a safe country.

Ms. Hill’s partner, country singer Tim McGraw, had this to say about that:

“Look, I’m a bird hunter — I love to wing-shoot . . . However, there is some common sense that’s necessary when it comes to gun control. They want to make it about the Second Amendment every time it’s brought up. It’s not about the Second Amendment.”

Which is another way of saying “pay no attention to that natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms behind that curtain.”

Generally speaking, country singers support the RKBA — if only because their rural audience does so with a passion undimmed. Hill and McGraw’s willingness to promote gun control probably reflects a deep personal commitment to civilian disarmament that flies in the face of their commercial interests, rather than a shift in their audience’s support for firearms freedom. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Timmy is one of those dummies that thinks the second was written so he could shoot ducks with his two-shot shotgun. Sorry, Timmy. You’re wrong. The English gun bans tell us exactly where this leads. All you have to do is look at Australia. In both cases, the murderers kept on using what was available, the banners kept banning, and in the end even the ‘wing-shooters’ were left with nothing.

    • “and in the end even the ‘wing-shooters’ were left with nothing.”

      OK, let’s list the ‘nothing’ in the British laws.

      Section 2 SGC:

      Shotguns. Single barrelled, double barrelled; semi auto shotgun & pump action shotgun (3 round magazine)

      Section 1 FAC:

      Pistols, rifles – bolt action, straight pull, lever action, semi auto (including AR-15) – semi auto shotguns, pump action shotguns

      Let’s check out the ‘common sense’ gun laws in Britain. No regulations on the following: barrel shrouds, pistols grips, folding stocks, magazine size. Yes?

      Seriously. The main reason why I can walk down to the local shops in Britain without carrying a handgun is because we license gun owners, which takes a few months, once every five years. You guys want a three second background check & then even that doesn’t always happen. Every time the media talk to relatives and friends of the US shooter there is a mountain of blatant evidence. See the problem?

      PS: I live in Britain, not England. England is a region of Britain. Be a little kind to yourself, and buy yourself an atlas.

      • OK, even if we took your comments at face value and assumed there is some parity of rights afforded between the UK and the US, what is the use of being allowed to own a defensive tool that you aren’t allowed to defend yourself with?

        Many see guns solely as offensive (smirk) but they are defensive tools, as well, and that is primarily the reason many are gun owners in the US to begin with. Please, tell me more about concealed carry in the UK!

        … and thanks for the geography lesson. That made a huge difference to the conversation.

      • “I live in Britain, not England. England is a region of Britain. Be a little kind to yourself, and buy yourself an atlas.”

        Yes, yes. English flag, British flag, and all that. That still does not tell us much about the country from whence you hail. Wales? Cornwall? From our perspective, looking at an atlas, we generally conclude Britain (as you like) is located in Europe (though RAF officers I served with hated that presumption).

        Always wondered why the British are not located in Brittany. Your entry today caused me to begin reading the history more closely. Thank you for being the catalyst.

      • “The main reason why I can walk down to the local shops in Britain without carrying a handgun is because we license gun owners”

        That’s interesting. Because, I can walk down to the local shop with or without carrying a gun in most places in U.S. One of the places where it would be extremely dangerous to do so would be Chicago – the city with the strictest gun control in US.

        You are also conveniently ignoring all the knifings and clubbings that have replaced shootings in Britain.

      • 1) The United Kingdom has a slightly higher rate of murder of non criminals than the US has.
        2) The UK’s own studies have shown firearms ownership in the UK is CLASS based and associated with very very high income inequality. Very wealthy “landed” classes own firearms, middle class have virtually none.
        You must have a “reason” to own a shotgun.

  2. “they saw wounds like you’d see in war”
    Because the wounds made by a shotgun are so much less devastating that a 556 round.
    (I will give it to you that a shotgun is range limited)

  3. “Country Singer Faith Hill: “The NRA Needs to Tell the Truth About Guns””

    faith hill needs to “tell the truth” about her hair, we all know it’s not real…

  4. I’d like to hear the truth about her super secluded home in Franklin and all the security cameras and alarms they have. Not to mention all the times that she is covered by security personnel, especially the ones armed with bullet shooters.

    Elitist hypocrite.

    • The same house Tim and Faith had an ENORMOUS closed door fundraiser for Hilary in 2016. The democrats actually out raised republicans in terms of dollars in Tennessee last election cycle, no doubt thanks to country music’s rhinestone cowboys.

      • I wondered how Faith and Tim got their own segment on CBS’s “Sunday Morning”. It is a “coming out” party. They must be “closet Democrats” aka “Dixie Chicks fanbase”.

  5. Tim McGraw is a podunk fudd. Maybe when he learns how to read he can read the 2nd Amendment and realize it doesn’t say a damn thing about hunting or sport. It’s tyranny insurance, nothing less.

  6. Seriously, I think SO much of the thoughts on public matters of ordinary-looking showbiz people who talk funny and sing bad poetry for money, one of whom dresses like a street whore and the other of whom wears a plastic ‘Gangnam Style’ cowboy hat that would get a real cowboy driven off the range in shame, that I’m going to call The Authorities to come get all of my guns and ammunition to have them destroyed, vote straight Democrat from now on, and later today I’m going outside to scream at the sky until the 2nd Amendment is repealed.
    Cucking Felebrities. . .

  7. Just another couple of people who think their opinions carry more weight because folks know their names – but haven’t the sense to keep ignorant opinions to themselves to avoid demonstrating their lack of actual understanding of the topic. 🤠

    • Proverbs 17:28
      Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

  8. As ther support gun control, they can lead by example. Little Timmy can get got PR by turn his guns in at the local police office. Oh yes, his ammunition, knives and such. He and faith can then disarm their sucurity people. Come on when was the last time one of them stood over them and ended a deranged gun carrying mental case?

  9. “Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians.”

    This statement tells the tale. Anyone who claims the second amendment is not about weapons of war understands neither the intent, nor the breadth of the second amendment. The second was not ratified so people could put food on the table. It was not ratified so people could defend themselves wherever they were situated (which would be a natural and logical bonus benefit). The second amendment was ratified so the citizens (militia) could engage in all out war with the government and its standing army.

    The founders depended on an armed populace to protect not only themselves against personal attack (or rogue bears, or early occupants of the land, or highwaymen), but personal and community attack from government forces. The founders began with an armed citizenry (who used their weapons for personal use), and prohibited the central government from interfering with the ability of the citizens to present an opposition militarily equivalent to the standing army and other armed government forces. The militia is not the local hunters mutual admiration society, nor the the fraternity of paper killers at the local gun range, or even gun collectors. The militia declares its purpose in its name…”mil” (from military).

    The purpose of the second amendment is to ever present the risk of total war should the government decide the people pose a dangerous threat to the ever-encroaching power of the central government. The only way to present the risk of war with the central government is through a populace possessing (for whatever other purpose) the weaponry of war.

    • “Anyone who claims the second amendment is not about weapons of war . . .”

      Is purposefully attempting to obfuscate (their own agenda) and the true intent and purpose of the Constitution in order to sow communism and tyranny.

    • “Military weapons should not be in the hands of civilians.”
      sig P320
      beretta 92
      mossberg 590a1
      are “Military weapons”

      They will not stop until all guns are restricted. Except for the ruling class elites that have armed bodyguards. Just look at how any socialist utopia ended up.

      • And the guns they are talking about (the AR platform and those that look like them, including the AK) aren’t even weapons of war. NO military uses them in combat.

        Doctors in combat hospitals see wounds like any made by any gun. As well as wounds from falls, falling debris, and every other type of wound.
        Ask an ER doctor after a major crash with several victims, and they see wounds like war wounds, too.

        The words these people put out isn’t from ignorance, it’s from the idea that they think we are too stupid to know that they are lying.
        And, unfortunately, for a lot of their listeners, they are right.

    • “The second amendment was ratified so the citizens (militia) could engage in all out war with the government and its standing army.”

      No. What you are advocating is insurrection, which is an act of treason according to your constitution.

      You may earn a length of rope. You will not receive a medal.

      • Ummm, sorry Francis King. That is exactly what our founding fathers did when they declared war against Great Britain, as British citizens. But only after their redress of grievances were not satisfied and as a last resort, to keep from being enslaved by their own government, they declared and won a revolution.

        Just look at the Federalist Papers and their description of how no tyrannical central government could ever become powerful enough to become tyrants, with a well-armed, trained and equipped militia of the many states.

        And finally, the Second Amendment directly speaks to this of how “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the defense of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

        Of course, if they had lost, the Founding Fathers would all have been hung as traitors and for committing treason against their government. Which they were fully aware of. So would go the same situation if we had a second revolution against a tyrannical central government. The winners would write the history books.

        • Benjamin Franklin is reputed to have said, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”
          They all knew exactly what you say, Thomas.
          This is Francis’ ignorance (or possibly blind allegiance to the Crown), in that he believes he must suffer any indignity his Crown puts on him, because the Crown is infallible.
          We, on the other hand, know our government, if left to its own resources without check, will assume more and more power until it assumes control over everything and everyone.
          Something up with which we shall not put.

      • “No. What you are advocating is insurrection, which is an act of treason according to your constitution.”

        Yes, indeed. A nation born in insurrection recognized the likelihood that government would do as all governments would do, and a new revolution (insurrection) would be required to conquer and dissolve the government gone rogue. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution recognize the right of the sovereigns (“the people”) to throw-off tyranny.

        In the Declaration, the founders stated, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…” (insurrection, eh?). While the DOI is not a constitution, and is not the source document for the law of the US, the Constitution is such, and provides for the means of implementing the phrase from the DOI quoted above.

        One could conclude that the people of the US intentionally put on notice the government to which the sovereign people delegated specific powers. That notice is emphasized by the Second Amendment. A genius of a statement, the Second provides for personal, community, and state means of defense against “enemies, foreign and domestic”

        While, as a nation, we have not been particularly faithful to the founding principles, titularly we still maintain that government is the servant, not “the people”. That government derives its power and existence at the pleasure of “the people”. Never the other way round.

      • The early US government did not intend for there to be a standing army. They’d just finished up with kicking the English/British/Limeys and their standing army out of our country, and had serious misgivings about raising such a thing, even staffed by American patriots.

        • Rather difficult, don’t you think, for the President to be “Commander-In-Chief of the Army and Navy”, if there is no standing army? In addition, “The militia” can be called-up to enforce the laws of the nation. The Congress can “provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union..” Congress also has the power “for governing such Part of them (the Militia) as may be employed in the Serivce of the United States.”

          Thus, “the government” (including Congress and the President) have the power to launch military force against the states, and “the People” in pursuit of executing the “Laws of the Union”. It is this contingency for which “the People” shall not be deprived (by the central government) of the right to keep and bear arms.

          The second amendment is militarily oriented, a guarantee “the People” have the military means (through weapons of war held by “the People”) to check, defeat, or overthrow a rogue government.

          The founders did not envision a nation with zero standing army, but a central government with a small standing army (another check to ensure the militias of “the People” would not be neutralized by a standing army larger than the combined military force of not only the states, but “the People”.

  10. “The NRA Needs to Tell the Truth About Guns”

    We see your lips moving Faith, but all we hear is you saying, “submit to our tyranny”.

    Ahole says “What?”

  11. I’m not sure what country singer Faith Hill (above) wants the National Rifle Association to the The Truth About Guns.

    Your joke would probably have been funnier if you proofread your articles before publishing them.

  12. Back in the day, Faith was a fresh-faced, honest sounding young country singer, entertaining a traditional country fan base. About the time she had to start writing lyrical excuses for why she really wasn’t a stuck-up Hollywood elitist (Mississippi Girl) was the time I dumped her music from my playlist. Although not as much of a snake as Taylor Swift, she’s totally converted to a pop singer. Whiny-assed Tim McGraw is cut of the same fabric.

    • 1. Liberte Austin
      2. Kirstin Joy Weiss
      3. At least a few others on my YouTube feed whose names escape me.
      So no, pretty does not correlate with dumb. But unfortunately being an overpaid celebrity seems to.

  13. “common sense (gun control)” is TYRANNICAL COMMUNIST POD PEOPLE code speak for “COME AND KILL US BEFORE WE SPREAD!”

  14. What a couple of PHONY rat ass elites. Oh, I got my shotgun (joe biden approved?), I hunt birds n stuff. Every thing else should be banned, except of course, my body guards. As for Faith, move to N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela. Them have strict strict strict GUN CONTROL. B-ich.

  15. Another Hollywood…..
    -Yup, you guessed it: Elitist.
    The most eye opening thing when Trump won the election?
    Hollywood’s reaction. That they “didn’t get what they want”, etc.
    THAT was eye opening.
    As is the unending media bias.

  16. Sooooo…… little Faith wants the NRA to tell the truth about guns. Do we blame drugs, alcohol or both? Is a comparative intelligence test with a bag of hammers in order? Did that little princess receive a Certificate of Merit for walking and chewing gum simultaneously?
    Tell the truth about guns? Child, there is a web site for that.

  17. (Said in the most white-trash backwards hillbilly accent) “Eye supert tha seknd amnment cuz eye lik ta hunt wif muh shotgun” STFU, you and your plastic pop trash wife.

    P.S. (Taylor swift, You’re not a Country Music Artist. Piss off pop trash)

  18. Faith Hill is NOT a “country singer”. A standard programmed new age “act” selected by a promoter for sex appeal/window dressing. Then handed music to sing. If they wanted/needed a “rap”, jazz, or _____ “singer” that week she wouldn’t be a “country singer”.

  19. They are free to leave the country any time… and their music sucks sweaty nut sacks or face rope…… their choice! I hear NKorea is just right for their treasonous coward asses.

    If you don’t like rights we can take ALL OF YOURS!!

    IF Liberals stopped shooting people we would not have these problems…..deport all liberals or face the rope….

    When we do a reset their kind will be gone quickly….

    • “They are free to leave the country…” This sort of statement is a crappy line spouted by people who do not want to face the fact our nation sometimes is crappy. Contrary to the silly and simple, “America, love it or leave it!”, we should be demanding that people who do not like this country, or whichever part of it offends them, should be prevented from leaving. Let them sit in “phew” of their own making. Don’t give them a free ride out of town. Make them stay here and live with things as they are. People who want to pervert this nation from what is was designed for should be required to spend a life with no hope of parole or freedom of travel.

      • Actually, we should tell them what I’ve heard all my life: If you don’t like the way this country is run, work to change it.
        We, unlike a lot of so-called “democracies” today, have a government that, at regular intervals, must submit to their constituents for re-election. At those times, we, the voters, get to voice our support or contempt for those elected, and those who want to be elected.
        During those elections, we actually have discussions/”conversations” about these people, and their policies.
        Not like Britain; half of the legislature is appointed by the Crown. Francis neglects to mention this.
        We even have “conversations” about guns. Well, we try to, but when we are presented with absurdities and outright lies, it’s kind of hard to do so. I have this problem on Facebook; a friend will make an absurd statement, I’ll call him on it, and he just never answers. When it comes to brass tacks, they have no answers that make sense.
        So tell them to get involved in more than posturing and calling those who don’t think like they do a “basket of deplorables,” and understand how to communicate what they believe in, and then try to communicate those ideas to others.
        That’s how our political process is supposed to work.

        • “Actually, we should tell them what I’ve heard all my life: If you don’t like the way this country is run, work to change it.”

          They are using a two-prong attack: bitch about everything; work to undermine freedom and liberty. I realize forcing the malcontents to remain in what they consider a hell hole means they stay here and continue to bitch and undermine. But, they have to do it in the hell hole. A punishment I believe is justified.

  20. Each one grew up poor white trash. He sang cover songs and a racist Indian song to make his name. She slept her way through record executives and song writers to make her name. Between the two of them, tbey have about two years worth of community college, which they flunked out of. Why shouldn’t we hang on every constitutional pronouncement uttered by either one of them?

  21. I reckon what she is really saying is that she is tired of selling records.

    That’s okay. I am tired of hearing her voice.

  22. Pull trigger gun goes bang. Rinse and repeat often. We as civilians dont own any military weapons. Simple thruth.
    Real truth. I don’t care what Timmy and Faith want or believe in also truth.

  23. Another rich white woman who says I don’t need guns but as an important country singer she needs her armed private security.

    • “Another rich white woman who says I don’t need guns but as an important country singer she needs her armed private security.”

      Of course she needs armed private security. There are millions of gun owners, and millions and millions of guns out there in the hands of people just on the edge of “going postal”. If all the guns held by lawful gun owners were confiscated, she would still need armed private security because there will always be us gun nuts with 3-D printers who might make a gun, and be a risk to celebrities. POTG are just a threat, doncha see? Besides, Tim and Faith sing songs about country people, who Tim and Faith just know shouldn’t have guns, because those people they sing about are not too swift in the head, and are always doing some sort of crazy sht. And the circle be unbroken.

  24. She and her husband are wacked out democrats who loved Obama. And he wants to be Governor of Tennessee, God forbid. Hopefully they will never ever get close to political power.

  25. I wonder if Faith and Tim screamed at the sky this past week? I tend to doubt it unless they were getting paid.

    These two are like the fools who have destroyed the NFL. The corrective action for both situations is to immediately stop buying anything they sell and stop attending or watching any presentation where you have to pay to see either one of them. This includes your cable television which pays CNN for example even if you absolutely do not watch CNN. Stop giving them your money; they do not deserve it.

  26. Correct, the doctors seeing wounds similar to war………glad they weren’t hollow points huh. Tim McGraw, buddy I like country but that shotgun shit just won’t fly around here .WWaiiiiiit he’s saying what he thinks needs saying to save his fan ratings, no true convictions besides monetary gains . . Vermin of the worst kind

  27. This is no worse than Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley mocking the POTUS. I’m not saying everyone needs to love Trump, but mocking him is essentially taking a knee during the anthem. I am a country music fan, but with artists like these, Classic Rock is sounding better and better

  28. They are so rich they don’t care about the little people anymore. They want to loved by the Harvey Weinsteins of Hollywood.

  29. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw do country music? When did that start?

    Anyhow, you have to be somewhat impressed at staggering degree of self-regard displayed by these celebrity types. It seems they truly believe it’s their place to pontificate to the peasants.

    • “It seems they truly believe it’s their place to pontificate to the peasants.”

      Of course it is. They do not live among the peasants, and must prove themselves acceptable to the “beautiful people”.

  30. cisco kid says:

    November 11, 2017 at 07:25

    The real facts are that any criminal that just walked out of prison or any nut case (the latest mass murder) who just walked out of mental institution can simply go to the nearest gun show and buy all the weapons and high capacity magazines he wants no questions asked. This is pure insanity. All other civilized nations have vetted all gun purchases long ago as well as requiring safe storage to prevent theft and accidental child shootings which amount to over 10,000 a year which includes maiming’s and deaths.

    True the latest nut case did not go to a gun show but if the Neanderthals in the U.S. Military had done their jobs and fed his record into the data base it would have made no difference as he simply after being denied would have bought an assault rifle out on the street or at the nearest gun show showing the insanity of living in the U.S. of Hey which has become the Nation of Right Wing Fanatics who put unrestricted gun ownership over the lives of the Nations people and even their children of whom over half were the victims in the latest example of mass murder and pure insanity in the U.S.

    Its interesting to note that when the Ignorant Right Wing Hill people scream about mass shootings in other Nations they conveniently ignore the fact that they have way less of them and when they do have them its almost always not private citizens that do the deeds (like in the U.S.) but the people who do them are sponsored by foreign governments that give them money and weapons which are out and out acts of war. Now there is the difference the Fanatics on the Far Right ignore every time.

    Of course all this is a moot point as the public at large will demand and get a complete ban on large amounts of semi-auto weapons and probably ammo bans as well when the Democrat’s get back both houses of Congress. The Republicans have made such a mess of things already in the short time they have been in power that both the 2018 and 2020 elections will be a shoe in for the Democrats and a corrupt Supreme Court has voted against the 2nd Amendment in all of the latest assault rifle bans and confiscations in the last 10 years.

    Since nothing was ever done about criminals getting guns by letting States with lax laws funnel 10’s of thousands of second hand guns and stolen guns into States with strict laws the inevitable result will be simply a permanent fix of simply banning guns altogether along with the right to own more than 1 box of ammo a year.

    • And I forgot to add the Supreme Court save for one time has constantly trashed the Second Amendment along with many other Constitutional Rights for decades. In other words you can take the Constitution and wipe your ass with it for the Supreme Court has never voted on what the Constitution actually says but rather what “they say it means” and their explanations as to their rulings or lack of ruling would not fool a retarded money in a zoo. But that is what we get when we had a Revolution that never should have been and resulted in us missing out on forming a Democratic Government rather than a Representative Government controlled and run by the filthy rich. The success of parliamentary governments shows how the American people got shafted by the biggest swamp rats in history, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.


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