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This video reminds me of nothing so much as anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda. Yes, I went there. Because this is by far the most egregious anti-gun agitprop I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing. It’s part of Cosmopolitan magazine’s war on men with guns, launched in their March issue in conjunction with anti-ballistic billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. The issue comes complete with an editorial pull-out section, an attendant website (“Singled Out”), a new term of anti-gun owner derision (“gunsplainer”) and a fresh SMBD (something must be done) problem (“the boyfriend loophole”). All because . . .

“Lax gun laws put single women at risk.” Here’s Cosmo’s/Everytown’s take on the aforementioned “boyfriend loophole”:

You may already know our gun laws have a few problems. But you’d imagine that, at the very least, there’s no legal way for an abusive boyfriend to buy a gun, right? Wrong.

Domestic abusers are supposed to be prohibited from buying guns, and they can’t pass a federal background check when they buy a gun from a licensed dealer. But there’s a big catch: An abuser is only prohibited from buying a gun if he’s currently married to, formerly married to, has a child with, or lives with the victim.

That leaves a gaping loophole for dangerous abusive boyfriends and stalkers to walk right through. Simply because they haven’t been married to or lived with the victim, they can pass a background check and buy a gun.

You might think that a violent man (or woman) could get a gun somehow anyway. Or that someone in danger of abuse should get a gun to defend themselves. If so you’re an insensitive, sexist, insurrectionist pig. Apparently.

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  1. I nabbed the @Gunsplain handle on the tweets back in October. One could say I was gunsplaining before it was cool.

    And the best thing about “Gunsplain” being an insult is that people who use it as an insult are literally saying “I prefer ignorance.”

    • The math certainly checks out there. You can make a game out of trying to correct an anti-gunner’s misconceptions, and then seeing how long it takes for them to try and terminate the conversation once they realize you won’t just be repeating the straw arguments they read up on in The Onion that morning.

  2. Gah….. I clicked the Singled-Out link! How do I get the stupid off of me? Seriously, how do I get the stupid off of me!

      • Actually I think Edward Bernays would be disappointed. The “PSA” is really bad PR/Propaganda, as it is poorly done and boring. It does look like they spent money on the technical aspects of cinematography but it is a dead lifeless video. The attempts at humor are bland and are for the desperate “true believer”

        Since Nazis and Propaganda was brought up, Leni Riefenstahl really knew how to do a propaganda film. Looking at her films of the 3rd Reich are chilling and worth watching for perspective on history and an explanation of how the Nazis were able to trick the German people and the world.

        • Considering he got women to smoke, I suppose your assessment is correct. Although they try to channel his vision, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I suppose good propaganda actually accomplishes the goal it sets out to do.

  3. I see they disabled comments at U-tube for this vid, priceless, they dont like the Second or the First.

    Liberty must be a trigger word they need a safe space from.

    • Smart move on their part to disable comments. Likely 99 of 100 would be mocking the video. It is pretty pathetic. Wouldn’t do to have the gullible that think it is “deep” have to see what people with normal IQ would say about it.

  4. Typical leftie propaganda. Comments and voting disabled. Reported for promoting terrorism. Gun companies should hit these clowns with copyright strikes every time one of their products appears on screen without their permission.

    • I chose “Bullying” because at 1:39 a derogatory label is applied to someone of different beliefs that this video’s billionaire executive producer.

      • Anyone else notice both parties in the video had drinks, and the “responsible” one admitted that they were carrying at that time? Looks like they’re suggesting it’s “responsible” to drink while carrying, which is commonly illegal.

  5. Imagine these b#!$he’s faces when they realize men nowadays would rather pron than deal with their 3rd wave harpy crap. “Ummm… maybe we didn’t bust their balls enough?…” they tell themselves as they feverishly flip through the pages of this ancient publication, wondering where chivalry went as their filthy blue hair offgases dandruff into the wind of their sad, bonerless lives.

      • Market value of the common female anti-gun type is nil. Dump her and cut your losses, the fact that no one else will want her is her problem, not yours!

  6. You know it’s almost like they are all working together to accomplish the same goal.

    What is that called? A conspiracy?

    That’s my theory at any rate.

  7. And to make matters worse, the law also fails to protect women from dangerous stalkers, despite the fact that nearly 9 of 10 victims of attempted murder by an intimate partner were stalked by their attacker in the prior year.

    FBI scores attempted murder as “aggravated assault.” In 2012 a firearm was involved in 136K aggravated assaults. “Other weapons” involved in 213K and bare hands in 176K.

    Firearms, their ownership and relevant laws have not one thing to do with stalkers or attempted murder.

    Now let’s get back to this months “35 shocking sex secrets!” article. I bet it’s totally different from last months “50 tips for great sex now!” article.

    • well one could assume that the intimate partner would qualify as a stalker. it’s kind of like saying all children that drop out of high school will do so before they are 18.

  8. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that not one of the consistent Cosmo readership will have their minds changed by such as this, as this is where their minds (such as they are) are already set.

    • Yeah, the biggest problem right now is that too many guys are putting the Ds in crazy. I say let these third wave feminazis die childless and alone. It’s about damn time that men stood up for our rights to be men and not horsewhipped sperm donors.

        • Yep. Divide and conquer. That tactic has been used for all of recorded history. It was that tactic the early americans used to defeat the American indian tribes.

          Those with power are compulsive in thier driving need for more power. But they didn’t get the power they have by being stupid.

          Create a conflict between the sexes, and make the government as the ally women can use to defeat the men.

          Rather ingenious.

        • I thought the tactic the early North American non-natives used to defeat the natives was best summarized as “showing up after diseases had mostly wiped them out.”

  9. So….
    Worn out stereotype of douche bag with bad pick up lines = OK
    But if I use ANY stereotype of a woman, I get labelled a sexist & misogynistic.

    Misandry (a hatred of men) *IS* a thing. Misandrists exists readily on the left. While I won’t go as far as labelling ALL cosmos readers as such, I am sure there are PLENTY who are.

    • What shocks me most is that there are so many femnazis who are loud and proud about their misandry (to the point of calling for the elimination of men), and no one takes them to task for it, decidedly the opposite of the remonstrations heaped on misogynist men.

  10. I’ll be honest; I kind of like how they used the beaver tail and back strap to make a heart at the first link.
    ” Cosmopolitan magazine’s war on men with guns”

    Near the bottom they have a list of “red flags for gun violence”. I’m pretty sure that it is time to ditch the relationship if just about any of that stuff happens with no gun in the picture.

    • Exactly. Abusers are gonna abuse, and most abuse is with words and fists long before the violence becomes attempted murder with a firearm. I suspect that the latter occurs after she tries or succeeds in leaving her abuser.

    • I know. Cosmo should stick to queefing and donut BJs. They are just not qualified for a serious discussion of anything else.

      • Were I to have all sorts of time on my hands, it would be fun get about 10 years of Cosmo, and then catalog the “great sex/ the trick that’ll drive him crazy/best orgasm ever!” by month. Then see how often they repeat.

        Is there a mix? Is it that the reader ages out every 3 or 4 years, so they start the list over? Is there a “wheel of sex tricks” that gets spun to pick the content for a month, or is it just ‘It’s July, so it’s the reach-around-handyj-in-the-shower issue’.

      • Following the dual introduction of highly effective birth control and legal abortions in the 60’s and 70’s the natural desire of (most) women to carefully choose their mate due to the high probability of pregnancy evaporated over the succeeding generations. The result has been that they have artificially attained the status of “sex for fun and without long-term consequences” that men have had naturally through the ages.

        While women used to, by necessity, choose men based on their ability and willingness to provide for them and support an inevitable family, usually by being perceived as good homemakers and suitable mothers to their children, they are now relegated to the status of being a better whore than their neighbors, since this is the only thing that gives them an edge in the competition for a sexual partner.

        Cosmo has appropriated this “best whore” meme for commercial advantage.

  11. “When the facts are against you, all you have left is propaganda and lies. So that is what we shall do.” — Mikey Bloomberg

  12. This video is just as much anti-male, and especially anti-white male as it is anti-gun. But let’s keep the politically correct anti-Jewish and Nazi references at the top of every TTAG discussion.

      • Well i can’t say too much if you can’t see this against the backdrop of the anti-white, anti male social conditioning that is prevalent in today’s anti-gun and anti-freedom propaganda tactics.

        • I take the rest of the stuff as a given…

          They’ve been at this for so long it’s really comical (albeit dangerous). The PC has run off the rails, and now you start getting backlash like Trump becoming relevant. People have long since figured out the double-speak, and I have my doubts that any but a single-digit percentage believe in “trigger words” and “safe space”.

  13. Young men, I am not one of you anymore. But as you are, I once was. As I am, you will become.
    Read the wisdom that flows from the grey in my beard..

    Don’t date women under 30.
    Feed her early and often.
    If she brings you coffee in the morning without you asking, sell whatever you own to buy her an engagement ring and lock that down mos riki tik.
    Don’t bother with anyone who isn’t interested in being on your team, as you are, right now.

    • Probably wise advise, the poor under 30’s are so socially engineered that they have little chance of living normal, productive lives, especially if they want to have children.

    • By 30 they are all fat, single mothers, or mindless corporate drones without an ounce of femininity left in their bodies. Its not worth it.

      Excellent advice about the coffee brother. Young men take notes.

      • I disagree. Waiting shows you which ones were able to resist BECOMING the drone you seek to avoid. Mine has seen the real world, worked in it, thrived and prospered in it and is all the better for it. It’s not what the world offers you that makes you who you are, it’s how YOU choose to deal with what the world has to offer.

      • A goodly cross section are certainly the worse for wear by 30, but that’s not really “old” per se. Hell, if the woman went to med school, she’s pretty much guaranteed to be 30 by the time she finishes her residency. Or does absolutely anything with her career – she won’t be a VP much before 30 unless she’s really lucky.

        Also if you lock that deal down at 21, there a few scenarios that I’ve seen about a hundred times – you are a different person by 30 and leave. She is a different person by 30 and she leaves. You hate each other and have to stay together for the kids. Or neither of you changes and you live a mundane existence (if that’s what you want, who can criticize?).

        There’s a downside to any age.

    • You are so off, I don’t even know where to start. To all men out there, for the love of god, do not EVER date a woman over 30 with the intent of entering into a long-term relationship with her. If she was too busy crotch hopping during her 30s or didn’t know how to keep a man before then, you sure as hell do not want to be the one that she settles for. And if you intend on having children with her, her best years are behind her and fertility will rapidly decline. Over-the-wall has beens are very bitter about their fading looks, and the loss of the attention of the opposite sex. Stay away!

  14. Last I checked, a violent, abusive boyfriend doesn’t need a gun in order to hurt/kill a woman he likely has complete physical dominance over to begin with. Does it make it easier? Sure, in the way it’s easier to go buy a frozen lasagna instead of making one from scratch. It’s a little more involved, but only impossible if you’re totally incompetent, and if you really want a lasagna, it’s not going to come close to stopping you from having lasagna.

    • Still have to smile about that “Everytown” video that was supposed to make women scared of guns, but instead made them scared of strapping big males that can effortlessly kick in their locked doors.

  15. The misandry is really out of control here. This 3rd wave feminist man shaming stuff is going to hurt women in the long run. Young men I work with are already checking out on dating. They are choosing porn and video games instead of dating modern women. The more men are shamed and trained to be effeminates, the more miserable women will become.

    • For those of us who didn’t buy that the 3rd wave was selling, life is REALLY good. Do not ever enter a woman’s frame. Be a man. Act like one. Lead like one. That’s what women really want, regardless of what comes out of their mouth. Take control. Everything in life flows from that. Take control of your health, take control of your career, take control of your dreams and aspirations, and take control of your mate. She will thank you for it.

      • “…take control of your mate. She will thank you for it.”

        And remember, fellas: Sometimes you don’t have to kill one of your concubines just to teach the others a lesson!

        Up to that part, though, it’s pretty good advice. The best way to find a good woman is to simply focus on being a good man… which is a separate and distinct entity from the much-reviled “Nice Guy,” it must be noted.

        • “the best way to find a good woman is to simply focus on being a good man… ”
          That’s wisdom there, kids.

    • My son who is a alpha male first responder and physically fit cannot find a girl who is wanting anything resembling a long term relationship. He can find hookups all day, but commitments, most of the women in his age demographic have zero interest. This is the result of the cultural shift in our society that demeans marriage and emphasizes selfishness.

      • Nah, it’s the result of women having other options than getting married, becoming live-in maids and baby factories. Oddly enough, most smart attractive women want something a bit more interesting for themselves. Especially in their twenties. Nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom (though few can afford it), but they still want a life too.

        Equality for women (although we’re never really the same) means that they’re going to sexually be a lot more like men, whether you like it or not. They really always have been, it’s only the possibility of pregnancy that’s held them back. (Thankfully) women like sex. A lot, if you do it right.

    • To my knowledge drinking and carrying a gun is generally not illegal, whereas being drunk and carrying a gun is illegal. Significant distinction.

    • It just depends. In no state is it legal to carry in public while intoxicated. Just having some drinks, not to intoxication, usually isn’t illegal. “Intoxication” is legally defined, but that’s a matter of fact to be determined by a jury based on the evidence. There’s a legal presumption of intoxication, usually at .08 BAC, regardless of your personal state of inebriation.

      All that aside, in most states, but not all, simply carrying within a bar is itself a crime, even if you’re the designated driver drinking nothing but water.

      As always, laws vary by state. So confirm the legality of conduct specific to your situation with competent local legal professionals.

      • And that doesn’t even address the “brandishing” issue.

        He would probably have had better luck, and less legal ramifications, if he had just gone ahead and unzipped and brandished his “gun”.

        And interestingly no one so far has mentioned the very obvious “compensation” component – he is compensating for his small penis by not only carrying a big gun, but carrying (at least) three of them.

        • The male stingray actually has two penises (penisi?). I can give props for that, but three would just be perverse.

    • I can’t wait for the inevitable train wreck like what’s happening in Europe right now. Heir far left is so far gone that actual neonazis are starting to look reasonable to a good chunk of the population.

      • ^^^This.
        Its amazing to see the backlash from countries that the SJWs caused to be overrun with Muslim Jihadi “refugees” is so strong that it’s started to bring white-supremacy groups back into the mainstream.

        Its not a good thing, but an impressive indicator of how badly F’d the country is.
        I feel like Trump’s popularity is a smaller version of that – it takes a bit of a monster to fight the real monsters.

        • There are many who have been warning about this for a number of years, the thinking classes then completely understand the problem, knowing that they are the enabler for the return of the far right parties to relevance.

          Then do nothing, and keep rolling with ‘progressive’ policies. Really does boggle the mind.

  16. I am a man. Hell, I’ll see your Y chromosome and raise you another ! Firefighterparamedicranchingwarherohunter. And I care a lot.

  17. I’m glad I’m past the age of having to worry about this shit. This is a magazine that caters to women that tend to enjoy dating douchebags and encourages the practice. Essentially any man that isn’t a douchebag, Cosmo and it’s loyal readership would find uninteresting and undateable. So the message I’m seeing coming through is, go ahead and date a douchebag, he might be beat hell out of you but at least he won’t shoot you.

  18. The fact remains that Cosmo programs a lot of women. They programmed them to want men to shave their chests, hence why the fools do it.

  19. always has been a war on men by the Fem-Nazi’s, Ever since the so called women Lib Movement!
    Most of these women have never lived in a true oppressed state! Never lived out of the country and want control and power!

  20. They didn’t finish the video. It ends with her;

    Scenario 1- Getting raped in the back in some guys car and the idiot good guy with his gun saving her.

    Scenario 2- Her going home or to a motel with a serial killer dressed in a suit. Meanwhile this idiot, he is an idiot lives next door. When he hears her screams he breaks in and saves her life from the wacko in a suit.

    Scenario 3- Her telling him that he seems like a nice fellow but if he wants to score with women he has to change his tactics a lot. He’s coming off like a jerk and most women are turned off by that.

    There is no need for her to be snarky and bitchy. He is a jerk and does not represent people who carry at all. This is a typical propaganda video and for people to not recognize it as such goes to show how well the media does the job of misinforming people.

    • Another realistic ending would be for her to exercise her sexual freedom and have a 1 night stand with a “alpha male” who has no job, get pregnant, and then marry the white guy and have him raise and pay for the kid.

      • More likely she would just have an abortion. Failing that she would NOT marry the (ugh) man, would insist on a paternity test, then gouge him for child support without visitation rights until the kid was 18.

        Both such scenarios have happened to friends of mine.

  21. I like their myths vs facts sections. Hilarious. Just a bunch of snarky come-backs. Yes, as a matter of fact, you CAN say whatever you want.

    That quote from ColionNoir is odd choice. He’s making a positive comparison between the HK MR556 and a beautiful woman. How is that gunsplaining? How is that in any way offensive? I watched the source video, I don’t see how that was gunsplaining.

    • Guns, according to their hype, are ugly, barbaric, and better at suppressing women than liberating them. No telling how they’d react to Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

    • Mostly teen girls and women in their early 20’s who never matured emotionally out of childhood.
      Basically its the lady Gaga crowd.

  22. What’s the legal term for a boyfriend who you aren’t engaged to, have never been married to, have no children with, and do not live with? I’m thinking it’s “acquaintance”.

  23. That leaves a gaping loophole for dangerous abusive boyfriends and stalkers to walk right through.[citation needed]

    I’m gonna need to know approximately how many legally owned and obtained guns were used in this illegal situation. I’m guessing it’s in the range of little to none. But hey, Cosmo, congrats, you found a hypothetical situation that can be exploited, but I get the feeling you’re the one doing more exploitation here than any dangerous, abusive boyfriends or stalkers have.

    • Given Cosmos dating advice, there is a very good chance the target audience of women with limited intellectual capacity and flexible morality (ok skanks, they started the stereotypes) are going to have the doors open wide for a string of abusive relationships (one night stands) that are going to end badly. But that’s all ok, as long as they don’t own any guns.

  24. Men who spend all their time worrying about other people’s right to bear arms are 90% more likely to use heavy flow tampons for their period.
    True story…

  25. I actually love this. The more the leftist propaganda machine spews out anti-male media the more women lower their standards.

    Yes, women do date (a.k.a. copulate with) mansplainers, gunsplainers, and all other kinds of men. The dogma, dialect, and language shown here is for the academic and the corporate world.

    For the rest of the time, when and where women want to get laid, there is the dialect and dogma of the street, reality, and biology. Socialistic academia cannot undo biology. Women want blank but on certain terms. If those terms are not met they have a choice: no blank or lower terms. The unrealistic expectations many women have isolate them to the point where they settle for any blank (on the DL) of course.

    Women cheer on bitchy behavior because it isolates a competitor for blank. But when women are not around the dissenting voices of their hoebag friends, who themselves hoedown on the lowdown, they succumb to their own hoeish (biology) desires. Tinder and kik don’t exist despite the machinations of man-hating profs.; they exist because of them.

  26. That video portrays not just a gun owner stereotype, but a right-wing conservative stereotype as well. Although I am curious, is this video encouraging women to become armed and trained?

  27. The Bible warns, “do not be unequally yoked”, speaking of Christian to non-Christian, but i believe that statement also applies to attitudes of less eternal importance, such as views on guns and gun ownership. Cosmo mag on your girlfriend’s coffee table or in her apartment bathroom is a giant “GET OUT NOW WHILE YOU CAN” type of red flag.

    • ^^^THIS.
      Watch carefully how she treats her father and brothers – once you are married she will treat you the same way.
      Disrespectful? Rebellious? Demeaning? You can expect the same treatment once she knows she doesn’t have to put the “dating” show on anymore.

      On the other hand, if she is kind, industrious, respectful, and nurturing – MARRY THAT GIRL!

      PROV 31 women DO exist – I married one. 🙂

      10 A woman of valor who can find?
      She is worth far more than rubies.
      11 Her husband has full confidence in her
      and lacks nothing of value.
      12 She brings him good, not harm,
      all the days of her life.
      13 She selects wool and flax
      and works with eager hands.
      14 She is like the merchant ships,
      bringing her goods from afar.
      15 She gets up while it is still night;
      she provides food for her family
      and portions for her handmaids.
      16 She considers a field and buys it;
      out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.
      17 She sets about her work vigorously;
      and makes her arms strong.
      18 She sees that her trading is profitable,
      and her lamp does not go out at night.
      19 In her hand she holds the distaff
      and grasps the spindle with her fingers.
      20 She opens her arms to the poor
      and extends her hands to the needy.
      21 When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
      for all of them are clothed in scarlet.
      22 She makes coverings for her bed;
      she is clothed in fine linen and purple.
      23 Her husband is respected at the city gate,
      where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.
      24 She makes linen garments and sells them,
      and supplies the merchants with sashes.
      25 She is clothed with strength and dignity;
      she can laugh at the days to come.
      26 She speaks with wisdom,
      and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
      27 She watches over the affairs of her household
      and does not eat the bread of idleness.
      28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
      her husband also, and he praises her:
      29 “Many women do noble things,
      but you surpass them all.”
      30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
      but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
      31 Honor her for all that her hands have done,
      and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.

      Proverbs 31

  28. Whenever someone’s argument relies on cheap tricks like caricatures, slippery/elastic definitions, excessive emotion, etc., it’s instantly clear that they don’t really understand the topic enough to speak on the basis of straightforward facts, or they’re just trying to deceive you.

    Sometimes, somebody with the facts on their side will still resort to these unethical maneuvers, just because it’s quicker and easier than making the legitimate case, and it gets you to the same conclusion, anyway. That’s uncommon, though. Typically, if someone can make a legitimate argument, they will. If they can’t, they’ll pull some of these stunts.

  29. This isn’t new. I mean it is but it’s a line the antis had on the ready for a while.

    Back before 2012 even, I remember when, I was driving to work and heard a radio spot that was in the voice of “a girlfriend”. It went on for a while and ended something like “You may think that gun makes you manly, but it doesn’t. You want me? Lose the gun.”

    I don’t remember who it said sponsored it at the end but I want to say CSGV or Colorado Cease Fire.

    Even then I remember thinking it was a really weird tactic to take. I’ve been trying to find a recording of it on the internet to figure out who put it out but I haven’t been able to. (obviously wasn’t the Moms as it was before their time.)

    But the gist of it was “if you want a girlfriend, get rid of all of your guns, since all women hate guns, and you have a penis problem.”

    I can’t imagine it ever working, but this stuff isn’t cheap.

    I only heard it once. This was before Newtown, maybe in 2009 or so.

  30. jokes on them, im using the gay man loophole huehue

    the only gunsplaining i do with my spouse is explaining why i spent money on a new gun 😛

      • Ayup.

        Modern women are why I decided to settle down with a trans-woman. I was expelled from high-school in 2004 for asking a girl out nicely and telling her that she looked great in her swim team suit. After that I didn’t even “play the field” or even want to until I met who I’m with now.

        We don’t seem to have the problems most couples today have. 10 years in, sex all the time. A hole is a hole and the BJs don’t stop after commitment. No crotch fruit to worry about! More money for guns, exotic vacations, and old muscle cars. Shes never asked me to get rid of anything I loved, or wanted to change anything about me.

        At 30 I feel and live like a 17 year old college kid and it’s awesome. Show me a “real” modern American woman who would live like that with me and not sleep with everyone in town and I’ll show you a unicorn.

        All an American woman wants is to squirt out a couple of kids, leach the life out of her husband, and act promiscuous with impunity knowing that even if shes caught she’ll get the house and all of his assets in the divorce.

        At least in my relationship I can control the promiscuity with BDSM master & slave play and I get included in it.

        • Meh. Until “she” has the banana split into the faux vag, it’s still a “he” that you’re banging. (Even after, but we’ll let that slide).

          As the one time owner of a predominantly lesbo martini bar (with a certain percentage of gay dudes in the mix) I know the non-hetero pretty well. And when they pull stuff from fantyasy land, I do call them on it.

          I’m glad you’re happy, but you’re effen a dude (maybe with tits), regardless of what it claims to be. Quit lying to yourself, it’s a guy. I don’t care, but quit calling it a woman. It isn’t.

  31. Calling someone a gunsplainer is just a way to shut down the “conversation” they keep complaining we won’t have because they actually prefer to remain ignorant. It’s just a less self-aware way of saying, “I don’t want to hear what you have to say because I don’t want to run the risk of having to accept it if it turns out to be true”

    You can ignore reality all you want. You cannot, however, ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

  32. I think this is a Win/Win! You want the vapid ones taking life advice from Cosmo and the anti-gunners to reveal themselves as soon as possible. This could be one of the best argument for open carry, yet. No chance of suffering the emotional pain of realizing you just bought some everytownie dinner. Thanks Cosmo!

  33. Holy cow that video and my god that flow chart.

    The first one that got me was:
    “How did you get it?” I f’ing bought it that’s how! Is the first thing I thought that would come out of my mouth; what an asinine question. First it implies distrust of the gf and criminal activity on the bfs parts at worst and at best it implies complete ignorance of the topic by the gf. Next what better way to put yourself in a dangerous domestic situation than asking for an admission of guilt to goading, pressuring, or nagging an admittance of criminal activity from someone whom I take it you don’t know very well yet.

    This one really got me though, I’m just incredulous.
    “So if this guy is indication that he needs that gun to prevent him from being attacked, that means that he considers violence a reasonable response.” First and foremost we are distilling an incredibly complex question and answer to a very sensitive and complex topic down into a sound bite sized response that does nothing to address the greater philosophy of life in general and personal protection in specific that may or may not be behind it. Second, violence is automatically an answer to every problem now because I carry a gun for defense against someone who attacks me, my gf, or my family?

    I try to visualize how someone can have this logic and the only mental picture I can come to is someone trying furiously to pound a too large square peg into a too small round hole while frantically screaming “IT FITS!!!!!! SEE?????!?!?!?!!”

  34. I’m confused.

    Is there a BF carve-out? Do violence, but if the GF says you’re OK, you pass the background check? “Hey, he’s been convicted of 9 different kinds of battery in the last year, but never even yelled at his GF, so let him pass the background check?” As I understand it, a boyfriend (or other kind of friend, or non-friend for that matter) convicted of violent abuse, can’t legally buy a gun. Violent felony, “No gun for you.”

    So, who are these gun-wielding “abusive boyfriends” who can still get guns? I say we close the BF carve-out. If we have violence un-reported, under-charged, without conviction, that’s a different problem, and one more step removed from “guns” than the usual conflation.

    I’m also confused about “BF” here somehow negating agency. If someone seems sketchy; don’t deal with them. If you’re already dealing with them; dump-em. If somebody stalks, threatens, harasses; charge em. Anybody gets physical, run if you can, shoot them if you must.

    So, once “he’s” a BF, you can’t do any of that? How does that work?

  35. No way I call foul! This video depicts a white male gun owner hitting on a “woman of color” not possible everyone knows white male gun owners are RACIST, sexist, homophobic.

  36. I like how in the “What you should ask” gun conversation flow chart, the question “Where do you keep your gun?” Doesn’t have an option for dealing with the response “Well, maybe you just thought I was happy to see you….”

  37. Man I’m glad I’m old(Not that it’s fun). I’ve screwed up many a relationship with the fairer(?) sex. But NEVER hooked up long-term with an anti-2A be-otch. And +10000000 on the Proverbs 31 woman…I got one. She just told me she wants a new gun from my SS check LOL.

  38. Cosmo girl is out with her boy friend. A guy, armed with a knife, tells him, “Get lost. I’m gonna have some fun with your bitch.” Which would Cosmo girl prefer?
    (1) Boy friend takes out the would be rapist, perhaps with a gun.
    (2) Boy friend replies, “She’s all yours, man. Just don’t hurt me.”

    • Guy she says she wants on a Cosmo survey and the guy who actually gets a date with her are two totally different things.

  39. Well statistically women are far more likely to use a weapon during a domestic assault… wait sorry. I forgot who I was talking too. Men and guns are bad because feels.

  40. As I noted earlier, when logic and reason fail, appeal to hysteric women…. Looks like Big Gulp is catching on, and killing two birds with one stone, by putting on a pair of high heels.

    Very unrelated, but a Trump/Sanders general, leaves an uncomfortably open middle, for a certain gnome to run straight down….

  41. “I’m licensed to carry a gun” .. and then “how would you know who is a good guy?”

    Uhhm.. why did you get licensed to carry a gun if you’re against carrying them? Did they proofread this shit?

  42. Yeah, tell that to my fiancée. She might not be a gun nut like me but she’s at least not so much of a sheep as to not see the utility in her Glock 42 and a concealed carry permit. And not too much of one to fall for this bullshit propaganda.

    And I guess the antis think that since they managed to find a handful of vets that agree with them that they can use us as a propaganda tool. Go ahead Everytown, run a survey of veterans of their opinions on gun control. You’ll find the majority of us miss shooting belt fed weapons and wouldn’t mind being able to do it on our own time as opposed to Uncle Sam’s. And if you want a veterans opinion on guns go find one who actually had to use them, not a f***ing admin clerk or box kicker. No offense to you guys reading this but your military background as a POG isn’t sufficient qualification to comment anything firearms related (if you’re reading this you’re probably learned more as a civilian anyway.)

  43. Yes, I’m an unapologetic gun owner and fanatical second amendment supporter. Label me a “bad guy.” Ask me if I give a flying f*ck. The mental gymnastics required to make gun ownership and defending oneself with a gun a shame crime are extraordinary in light of the right given by God Almighty. We live in America, home of the Free and the Brave, for heaven’s sake. Pound sand, Cosmo.

  44. Cosmopolitan: Portraying itself as a champion for women when literally every other page is an ad telling women that there is something wrong with them. Gotta love it.


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