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  1. Didn’t someone on a thread earlier say just how little “critical training” cops actually do?…

  2. For some reason I don’t feel bad for the government when the government can’t get ammo because the government is threatening to ban or tax heavily.

    I also don’t feel particularly bad that the government’s enforcement arm can’t fit it’s twice a year live fire exercise in time. It’s clearly worthless since cops are such terrible shots, unless they’re shooting puppies then they’re freaking Robocop.

    Just keep a box or two around so Barney Fife can refill his magazines after plugging a black kid in the back 6 times because he was fleeing aggressively and you’ll be fine.

      • You know they did right… DHS doesn’t actually have many armed personnel. Some of the agencies that work under DHS do, but DHS itself. No.

        DHS provides huge quantities of support to state and local emergency response agencies. Your local PD or fire dept most likely has DHS funded gear or training.

    • Her flying monkeys and green faced cossaks!

      But be prepared to throw a bucket of water and she will melt, guaranteed!

      • Hey, leave us cossacks out of this one. Most Russians who live in the US would be more than happy to help you guys out against the likes of Barry and Feinstein. We’ve lived under a dictatorship once, we’re not eager to do so again. (We also know a little something about making tyrants a head shorter, or introducing them to a terminal case of lead poisoning.)

  3. I find this very hard to believe. Maybe some smaller agencies, or agencies in large, urban, anti-gun cities that are broke, but I still see ammo on LGS shelves every day…9mm, 45, 40, etc

    • True, but it’s the real expensive stuff that is all that’s left. The winchester white box is long gone.

    • I cant find .40 at any LGS’ or WalMarts. Time to learn how to reload but hell I can hardly find reloading dies for .40

      • Good luck finding pistol primers. I put my reloading press purchase on hold when I realized I couldn’t find a supply of the appropriate pistol primers anywhere.

        Which REALLY sucks because I’m not going to be competing in any pistol matches this spring unless I can start reloading, and I’m not going to be able to reload if I can’t get primers.

    • funny but i went to the local ‘Law Enforcement Supply’ gun shop that is open to the public. I found out they were an RCBS dealer, and i asked if they had any RCBS dies. NOBODY knew what the heck i was talking about. Then i found one .45 die in the clearance boxes.

      I realized that they don’t have to reload, the taxpayers pay for the practice ammo.

      • The only custom loads you might, possibly, find in a local LEO armory would be rifle rounds for the SWAT designated marksmen. Everything else is factory loads to keep the liability lawyers at bay.

  4. Why did the cops have a shelf full of what looked like Uzis or something similar at 1:23?

    BWAHAHA cops, thats why I bought a reloading press.

  5. I’ll find it highly amusing if we get a bunch of LEOs coming out as being on our side just to calm down the carbine/ammo supply situation. They’ll have to, if only so their department can actually spend their 2013 firearms/training budget money.

    • I’m trying to remember the time a govt agency didn’t find some way to spend it’s budget allocation.

  6. A lot of this is because the DHS has bought up and is continuing to buy up so many rounds of common ammunition…that’s right the Department of Homeland Security bought 1.4 billion rounds last year and just ordered another 200 million recently. Just think about why they would need so much ammo – what are they stocking up for…?

    • They were stocking up because they knew this was coming. The ultimate buy it cheap stack it deep (since they had insider info).

    • that is a interesting point because the daily ammo consumption in iraq was something like 20 million rounds a day.

      thats a lot of ammo. over a billion is even more.

      • Even more scary is a lot of it was hollow point rounds, which by the Geneva Convention cannot be used in a foreign war, so it must be used domestically

        • Actually, after more research, I am not convinced my last post is correct…I have not found that in any ove our Geneva Convention treaties, however many on the web state it as fact…still its a lot of ammo for a domestic security group

        • The feds train with hollowpoints…because its our tax dollars paying for it so who gives a fvck about cost right?

        • yes, those rounds can be used because they are not intended for military consumers (at least conventional). Purely federal law enforcement.

          being optimistic, you have to calculate total federal law enforcement agents, divide the quantity of ammunition, training, etc. and it would sound relatively reasonable.

          still, one cant help but wonder.

  7. Wait till they do what they did with gas stations after Sandy. You sit in line for hours but cops roll up with their personal vehicles and their families cut the line and take all the gas.

  8. Buy as much and as often as possible. Because the police won’t be able to shoot at the BGs. I’ll bet the BGs don’t have any shortage of ammo.

  9. @2:05 “Law enforcement agencies are coming in buying ammunition off the shelf”.

    The horror. The King’s men must buy ammo like a common peasant. That is as bad as The King coming in and buying it himself.

    * Is it just me but those shelves in the store and at the station did not look all that bare?

    • Was just going to say “maybe this is a good thing”. I think you’ve got it right, bro. Couldn’t agree more.

    • That is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. And that includes everything Yeager-related, so that’s quite an accomplishment.

    • I disagree. I actually like cops and respect them for what they do.

      I do believe, however, that if more citizens exercised their right to carry, we could get by with fewer cops. But disarm or defund them? No way.

        • Hm.

          I dunno how much of a difference requiring federal agents to call on local law enforcement if armed backup is necessary would make.

          Anyone have thoughts on the matter? IMO, the idea of disarming ATF agents is kind of appealing, but I don’t know if having local SWAT doing the door-kicking would be an improvement.

  10. So multiple Federal agencies buy up a massive amount of ammunition just before one of the biggest shortages in history? I think my tinfoil hat is slipping off….

  11. So I am supposed to give up my guns, especially “assault weapons”, and have faith that the police will come and help me if I am in trouble. But the well run police department can’t even comprehend that they should probably have a couple extra boxes of ammo laying around, you know in case something happens! I am sure glad that PD are advertising this shortage that way all enemies, foreign and domestic, know our weakness. I think I just figured out the new gun ban. They will just talk(since they know they cant pass it) and talk and talk about the ban until all of the guns and ammo is gone.

  12. Naw…the DHS bought all that ammo so they can supply the Po-Po when SHTF.
    Yeah right! THAT’S got to be the dumbest thing you’ve read all day…right?

    • There’s dumb (disarming the local cops) and then there’s crazy (see conspiracy theory above).

      I like defense in depth, and I rather appreciate that I have a local police force that patrols the street and actively interdicts jackholes from nearby urban areas who are here on “business”. I also rather like the fact that since we have an armed police force, I don’t have to round up a posse once per week and risk my own life to go check for warrants and probation violations at certain local motels.

      More to the point, once a Federal civilian agency has their hands on toys or ammo, good luck getting them to share it with other Federal agencies, much less local LEOs. That whole idea is chuckle-worthy to anyone who’s ever seen how territorial Fed agencies are with their stuff.

      • DHS throws money and gear at other agencies… They actually don’t actually have many armed personnel at all.

        • I am willing to reconsider my position that 100% of this ammo is for DHS consumption.

          Applying Occam’s Razor, however, the simplest explanation is that the DHS accountants ran a 10-year projection and decided that a single large contract every 3-5 years would be the most cost-effective way to meet their ammunition needs. DHS has a horrendous history of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on equipment then warehousing it, so this would fit their habits to a T.

  13. Well, it sounded like they had enough for live-fire training in Dublin, CA today. I’m working in the hills above an army base, county jail, and police training range. I heard some full-auto, lots of 3 round bursts, but only a few single shots.

  14. Next thing you know the local SWAT team will be using lever-actions and revolvers.
    Then when that runs out what will happen?

    I see three possible outcomes of a shortage in which we dont really recover
    A. Martial law is declared
    B. People riot and then martial law
    C. The armed become piece keepers

    Im sorry (kinda) but when I see Timmy “Ban All Guns” Libralisky getting threatend by some gangmember with a Glock useing mexican imported ammo im not gunna lift a finger.

    If someonee is dumb enough to think armed law abiding citizens are the problem, then ill laugh when your sitting scared holding a butter knife while im cleaning my rifle. Because when SHTF wolves thrive and the weak get eaten.

    • Holy cow. You’d think someone had blown up the ammo factories. Yeah… no.

      The reality is going to piss off the 2A community something fierce: even if Congress fails to pass a single restriction, the government agencies are going to use their market power to preempt access to any new inventory of firearms and ammo that they have on their shopping lists.

      This is the downside of owning firearms in LE/military calibers: when supplies get constrained (e.g. wartime or panic buying) the civilians get whatever stock that’s in the supply chain, then everything else goes to LE/military buyers until their needs are met.

      It’s the best argument I know of for owning firearms chambered for civilian-only ammo. Last time I checked, DoD wasn’t buying .30-30 or .357. (Shut up, JWM.)

      • those two are damn good calibers to have precisely for that reason. my 25-06 ammo is also widely available and comparatively cheap!

      • I never said a fracking word. But since you brought it up. .30-30 rocks at urban distances. hard to beat a shotgun also. .30-06 and .243 are winners too. Russian 7.62x54r should remain available too.

        For handguns I don’t know what to do. Any commonly available caliber that’s effective enough to use is going to be scarce and expensive.

        Anybody know if Ruger is still making the stainless steel cap and ball revolver?

  15. dicks in west detroit suburb has 9mm,40,and 45 . saw it returning a chridstmas gift there tonight.

  16. Maybe they need to have an ammo buyback. Ya know, get all the ammo off the streets that’s in bad guys’ hands!

    • Last time that netted LAPD an expended single-use Vietnam-era rocket launcher. Maybe this time they’d get someone bringing in rockets. I’d pay money to watch that show.

  17. I’m calling BS on this. Police departments buy in massive bulk, so much so they often have to dump old stock and replace it for their own standards in keeping new ammo available and also to keep their budget where they want it. I know people with police friends who have reaped the benefits of getting free ammo due to these dumps. I have a hard time imagining that there are departments that are running low unless you’re telling me they’ve been in mass sieges recently.

    What I think is that this is one more scare tactic by the gun control crowd to get people on their side. How? Simple, tell people that the gun crazies are hoarding the ammo and not allowing our police to have any, so the boys in blue can no longer protect them. That would garner support to stop ammo sales to you and I because we would be considered to be escalating an unsafe situation for the peace keepers.

  18. Why dont you all SHUT THE F**K UP!!. and write a letter! see what the gun grabbers and the media have done here! now even some of the pds dont have ammo.and, neither do we. now dont go and say I’ll go out there and protect the citizens to your buddies and family.YOU WILL GET YOUR ASS BLOWN AWAY ! and look like “another one of those gun nuts. get off your ass and do something!!

  19. I’m sure that the Average Joe will be blamed for the ammo shortage because they are “Hoarding”.

    But attention should be placed on the DHS and Federal Government with their purcahse of over 1.8 billion rounds!

  20. Makes me chuckle.
    Citizens tend to pick up ammo anytime they find a good price, and do it all year long. Two-three boxes of ammo a day for 365 days tends to add up.
    PDs order maybe once or twice a year, and many buy from the same sources the citizens do.
    Same thing happened four years ago when PDs could not source ammo. History repeats and bureaucrats never learn from past mistakes.
    Don’t blame the citizen for your lack of ammo — reflect on your inability to plan ahead.
    Tip to PDs: The lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.

    Regards. Keep your powder dry!

  21. They said that they had ammo. They buy ahead. What they said was that there was currently a 6 month wait for more, and that if they’re stuck with only what they have for six months, they’re going to get low.

  22. Does anybody realize that all the government has to do is nationlize the ammunition manufacturers and restricted public purchases. Boom, the police have all the ammo they need, and we’re essentially unarmed!

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