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Dear Mr. President,

I appreciate that today at the White House, you spent a few moments of silence for those killed in Tuscon. It was meaningful and undoubtedly appreciated by all who were at the shooting. I also appreciate that you are indicating that you will attend memorials or services in Tuscon. I believe that would be appropriate.

But in 2009 and 2010, during a week of remembrance, you couldn’t even attend a moment of silence for peace officers who have been killed or also murdered doing their jobs. Just a few blocks away from the White House. Minutes by motorcade.

I would suggest that for 2011, also make a public display of a few moments of silence for those killed and murdered for simply doing their job. Would that be too much to ask? Seems that would be a teachable moment as well.

I look forward to seeing you at Police Week 2011 in Washington D.C. Especially on one night of that week. Or, in lieu of that, you and your lovely wife standing on the lawn at the White House having a very public moment of silence for those peace officers killed.


Officer Morris
A veteran peace officer

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  1. Holy misleading headline! Obama was praised for his observance of the Tuscon massacre. He was upbraided for not showing the same regards for the peace officers’ remembrances in 2009 and 2010. That’s a big diff.

  2. Effen snore.

    LEO is not in the even in the top 10 of dangerous occupations.

    Does the US Taxpayer spends ten of thousands when a landscaper/steelworker/fisherman dies on parades?

    Being a cop is safer than working at a 7-11. Spare those who know the drama – cop is easy and safe work compared to a lot of US jobs. Yeah I know firsthand as I have relatives that were cops.

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